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> Brittany Williams, The Lil Dream Machine
Kate Steele
Posted: March 20, 2018 12:29 pm

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Wrestler Information:

Name: Brittany Williams (Hilton)


Nickname(s): Princess Brittany, B-Brat, The “Lil Dream Machine”

Gimmick: Daughter of Crystal Hilton. Spoiled Brat, Actress in training, Wrestling prodigy. She’s the future and with wrestling in her blood she knows she is destined for greatness.

Pic Base: JoJo Offerman

Height: 5’2

Weight: 103 lbs

Hometown: Los Angeles, California

Theme Music: Jump by Kriss Kross

Common Entrance: “Jump by Kriss Kross” begins to blast across the speakers. As it does Brittany Williams begins to emerge from behind the curtain being accompanied by Crystal Hilton. Brittany offers a wide grin as Crystal’s paparazzi following begin to snap photos of the two girls. Brittany grins taking in all the cheers as she walks down the aisle wearing her tiara with a cape around her back. Her attire a glittering red and black mix. She slides into the ring moving her hands through her curly (nappy) hair. She takes off her tiara, and her cape. As she waits for the match to begin.

Alignment: (Face/Heel/Neutral) Face

10-15 Common Moves:
‘Springboard Hurricarana
Springboard Anything
Hair Toss
Body Slam
Small Package
Leg Sweep
Tornado ddt.
Top Rope Hurricarana
Spring Board Moonsault

Trademark Moves: (3 Max With Descriptions or Video links)
Boom Headshot! –Roundhouse Kick to the temple
Stay Down Noob! Lionsault

Finisher: (2 Max with Descriptions or Video Links)
Coronation (Jumping Impact DDT)

Hollywood Hills (Frog Splash)

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