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> “Metal Wars Episode 8 – The Last Dance!”
Jessie Salco
Posted: April 12, 2019 09:21 pm

SCW's Heavy Metal Bombshell

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Jessie and Andrew managed to pull off what many considered to be one of the biggest upsets of this year’s Blast from the Past Tournament so far when they eliminated Amanda Cortez and Jamie Staggs in their first round match a fortnight ago putting the pair through to the Quarter Finals, their Quarter Final Match was this week on Climax Control which was emanating from Cardiff, Wales and it seemed that Jessie couldn’t escape faces from her past as this week her opponent was her former Metal and Punk Connection teammate Amy Santino alongside the current Golden Briefcase holder Senor Vinnie, Vinnie and Amy won their first round match over Jake Raab and Keira Fisher in controversial fashion when Vinnie used the fact that the two Bombshells had crashed through the barricade as a distraction so he could hit Jake with the cactus tp secure the win, will Andrew and Jessie be able to stop history from repeating itself?

The Mythical West Wales Tour, Cardiff, England
Friday the 12th of April 2019, 11:00am

What can I say? We wanted to get away from the city for a bit.

We are here in west Wales doing the Mythical West Wales Tour filled with ancient history and myth, not to mention valleys and a shitload of farms, I guess I’d be more used to this if I had grown up in a rural area instead of a city (namely Miami, Florida) but I guess it’s kinda surreal for me either way and it has made for some killer photo opportunities for us.

But that’s not why you’re here, you’re here for the same reason I’ve been getting autograph requests once people realized that I’m a member of the SCW roster, turns out SCW has a lot of fans in Rural Wales, who’d have thought?

This week features the latest chapter in my long running series of matches against Amy that started with a Best of Three series when Amy last held the Bombshell Roulette Championship, that alone would be a huge match but there’s more, it’s also a Blast from the Past Match (making it the second mixed tag team match in the series coincidentally enough) as I’m teaming with Andrew Garcia and Amy’s got Senor Vinnie for a partner.

In other words, this would’ve been my idea finals match for this year’s tournament if me and Andrew made it that far.

All though honestly, what is there left for me to say to Amy without sounding like a broken record? Hell, Amy turned my back on me just last year and I feel like I’ve been repeating the same points on her for years on end! I want to reconcile my differences with Amy and move on, that’s what I’m saying, then again that won’t be easy.

And no, it has nothing to do with the recent Star Wars movie titles being hard to parody.

“Everyone say “Justin Bieber sucks!” Jake called out to me and Shane and we did so before he took a picture of us in front of the Norman Castle that the tour had taken us too, our next stop was too a Victorian Pub for lunch though we weren’t sure what came after that as the guidebook didn’t say. “Man, it feels like forever since we were last in Cardiff!”

“To be fair, we did leave Cardiff for this tour early this morning.” Shane pointed out with a shrug and I nodded in agreement before glancing around the area. “Shame that we’re only in these locations for a week, would definitely like to come back here for a longer stay.”

“And come to England for a reason other than Bloodstock? Have you gone mad?” I joked getting a laugh out of the boys. “Seriously though, this tour did allow us to attend Lords of the Land last weekend and I’m not complaining about that.”

“We got to see Tankard, Rotting Christ, Coroner and Belphegor in the same night for relatively cheap ticket prices, I’d consider that a good night.” Shane responded before shaking his head. “Even if Electric Wizard’s set featured a lot more sex and nudity than we were expecting.”

“Err, yeah, it’s not exactly often that I have to utter the words “is there a porno playing in the background behind the band?”.” Jake laughed as he thought back to that memory. “Maybe we should see if there’s any shows happening in London the week of London Calling II? I know we went to London shows a lot back in 2014 and stopped because our travel funds were suffering for it.”

“Yeah, but at least that money didn’t go to waste.” I responded with a grin as we noticed the rest of the tour group heading towards the Victorian pub. “I had a look online, Avantasia’s playing The 02 Forum in London next week but in the last week April Battle Beast are playing the Dome with Arion supporting, we’ll be in Manchester for the Avantasia show so it’s doable but not sure if we’ll be able to grab tickets considering how popular Avantasia are.”

“True enough, anyway, I think it’s time we headed to lunch.” Jake responded before we heard our stomachs rumbling. “And if that’s not perfect timing, I don’t know what is, you want to do your promo before we head in?” Jake asked and I nodded before trailing behind the boys as we walked towards the pub so I could do my promo.

“How many fucking matches have I had with Amy up to this point since that Best of Three series two years ago? Five? Feels like we’ve had a lot more matches than that and this Sunday’s Blast from the Past Match that also features Senor Vinnie and Andrew Garcia is match number eight in our series, I’m calling this edition of the Metal Wars “Metal Wars Episode 8 – The Last Dance”, not because I agree with the general consensus on the Last Jedi but because I’m sick of all of this shit.”

And I’ll explain what I mean as I address Amy.

“What do I mean by that? I’m sick of the bullshit title shot ban, I’m sick of having to resort to desperate measures to get around said ban and more importantly, I’m sick of being enemies with people I once considered friends and yeah, I know, what your going to say Amy, I brought this on myself and the bosses were right to put the ban on me, well fuck me for trying to advance my career! The bosses are idiots, we’ve established this by now but through exposing that, I’ve also established my motives for the tournament and most importantly this Sunday I’ll avenge my last loss to you and move on to the Semi-Finals!”

And as for Vinnie……….

“And I can’t help but find it hilarious how people call me a choke when Andrew will be facing the biggest choke in recent SCW history! The only thing Senor Vinnie has managed to do right since arriving is win the Golden Briefcase and who knows Vinnie? Maybe you’ll finally win the big one when you cash in on Austin James Mercer at Summer XXXTreme? Or maybe Fenris takes back the title and your back to losing over and over to him? Either way, Andrew will ensure someone else gets the shot this time around when he eliminates you from the tournament.”

Oh, and one more thing.

“Don’t think I wasn’t watching the other Blast from the Past Matches whilst I was waiting for my team’s first match and yeah, I know how you guys won the first Blast from the Past Match over Keira and Jake Raab and whilst I never thought I’d see a cactus used as a weapon in a wrestling ring I’ve talked to Andrew about it and he’ll be on the lookout for it, we won’t be allowing you and Amy to repeat history on route to the Semi-Finals because that spot has me and Andrew’s names on it!”

And with that I decided to wrap things up.

“As I said, after Metal Wars Episode 8 – The Last Dance, I either want a long break between now and my next match against Amy or for this shit to be put to bed already! And after me and Andrew eliminate Amy and Vinnie there’s only one direction we can go and that’s up, all the way to the finals! This is the “Heavy Metal Angel” Jessie Salco signing off and this week will hopefully be the week when I finally burry the hatchet by Amy, by beating her senseless!”

We went into the pub as the scene fades.

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