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> Not Your Punching Bag, All or One....I'm fighting
Posted: November 16, 2019 12:59 am

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Let me make one thing ABUNDENTLY FUCKING CLEAR: I am no ones punching bag.



You wanna guess how many times I heard that? Labeled like that when you put your heart and soul into as something that you knew was the right path for stings just a bit. But it builds character.

At least that’s the bullshit everyone tells you. Throw in the fact that everyone and their great grandaunt thrice removed knows who your parents are, and things tend to get worse. I have learned to deal with it over time. I spent years taking it on the chin...and then there was one day, I was just done with it.

5 years ago

I made a choice in my teens that to have the best experiences that I needed to buck tradition. I refused to let things change dramatically for me, I was going to a regular school for the longest time before I was reunited with my mom and fame be damned I wanted to continue that path. My dad (the man that adopted me when I was a baby...not Nick) decided to try and save me from what I could potentially face under the moniker of “O’Neil” or “Madison” to let me use his name. I thought MAYBE I would be safe....

That wasn’t the case at all.

I was on TV from the word go and when I got to school and my peers saw that I was quite the book worm, it just did not make things easy for me at all.

“HEY! O’NEIL!” ....I knew as soon as I heard it, that gratting across the chalkboard voice belonged to none other than some random ‘I’m dating the top jock’ bitch. ....her protect the stupid....let’s call her Missy. She was nothing more than a thorn in my ass, always trying to intimidate me. Today, she’s blocking my way out of the library....smelling something along the lines of bathing in that gross smelling Brittney Spears perfume. I’m going to be completely honest with you, last I heard...not a damn thing has changed.

Please Missy, I need to get to class.

“Oh listen to our top nerd! “I need to get to class”. LOOK! I’m offering you the deal of a lifetime!”

To write your 2 month late paper? ....not interested. I make more money babysitting the Russow’s kids and I’m not taking the potential risk of being expelled and losing my dignity in the process. Thanks but do your own work.

As I passed by she just could not stop herself and shoved me as hard as she could against the lockers across the hall. Thankfully after years of torment by her and her friends, I was ready for it, slammed as hard as I could but safely enough that I turned on my heels and stepped right up to her.

“Ohhhhh” her and all her friends “What you gonna do? Huh? COME ON!”

Nothing...because despite how much you put me through, no matter how many lockers you push me into, you know I am not going to endanger my ride. I take fact in the knowledge that when I leave school, I will be far better off.


Ok real quick I need to say this....Missy last I heard was at USC. Good for her....however, what happens next, let’s just say she had to learn this lesson the hard way. OK GAME ON!


I may be just something you think you can push around because you know damn well if I retaliate I have to pay the consequences of my actions simply because of who my family is.” Out of the corner of my eye I see someone come across and notice what is going on, before they can even do anything though, “But at least I won’t be a complete twat with fake friends that are very friendly with me while you are off because you are “sick”...and we all know what that means, don’t we girls.

They all back off from around her and she just looks freaked out. “Watch yourself O’Neil.”

The only thing I’m gonna watch is how you sneak off for your latest treatment for the clap and me going to NYU on a full ride scholarship....” this next word...I HATE...but when the shoe fits... “Cunt.”

That did it. She swung, I ducked, and she punched the locker so hard, you could hear her hand crack under the impact. Next thing I know, she somehow got caught up in the straps of my backpack, tripped and ate the locker....HARD. I stepped back and just blood....everywhere. Her nose was indeed busted and she was out cold. Her friends just looked around in shocked and I took off running.

I had never until that very moment stood up to someone like that. It was liberating and absolutely frightening at the same time. I found myself in an empty classroom, hyperventilating because I knew that the whole scene was witnessed.

Shit....” I whispered.

“Ms. O’Neil?” I turned and there stood one of the most respected teachers in the whole school. “Are you ok?”

Dr. Weaver?” .....Ba-ba-ba- BONED! “Yeah...I...I think.

“Bella, that was....well I can’t say that I agreed with how you handled it but I completely understand and witnessed all of that. I’m amazed it took that long.”

I just...I couldn’t take it anymore! She has done nothing but make my life a living hell for the last 3 years. All because I am who I am. The minute they found out my mom and my step-dad are wrestlers, they wanna see if I can fight because obviously a nerd like me can’t apparently stand up for herself or anything.” I just shove the closest desk in a direction so hard it hits the wall, “I don’t know what else to do! I could have easily dropped her. I know how. Instead I just....I’m sorry...but FUCK!

“Bella, listen, you know what you want out of your life...”


“...that’s besides the point, you are going to leave here and go on to do amazing things....girls like Missy....they fear for the future....more so now for her that she has a broken face.”

And with that I can’t help but laugh. “I guess....

“You’re off to see the world. More of the world. Question though? When did you learn to move so fast?”

....Russow kids. Need to move fast. Am I in trouble?

“Not if I have anything to say about it. You’ll be good. I highly doubt they’ll try something that stupid ever again.”

I just nod, “Thanks.”

“I’ll see you in class Ms. O’Neil. I’ll let Mr. McCullen know you will be late.”

And with that, nothing else was said. Nothing needed too.

I was never gonna let myself be bullied like that ever again. And I’m not about to start now. I’m the nerd with a hell of a right hook and I’m not afraid to use it. But only when I had too.

Present Day

I did not ask for this. I did not beg for this. In fact, I was content on waiting my turn.” empty arena, empty ring...but not an empty head. “In case you missed that let me repeat myself. I DID NOT ASK FOR A CHANCE AT ANYTHING! I will buy a fucking billboard if I have to to get it through your heads. I thank Mark and Christian for this chance but I know damn well I am not ready for anything this big. Not yet. BUT, that does not mean that I’m not going to try my damnest to actually try and get to December 2 Dismember to face Alicia.

I just lean against the ropes, “I mean....for anyone watching this at home, did you honestly think I wouldn’t? I have a chance to shock the world by possibly beating Sierra and Sam on the same night and somehow escape with nothing broken, busted or maimed. Not saying that I wouldn’t go as far to do that kind of thing to even win the match either! I’m the rookie, I’m the youngest, I’m the one that will probably be picked on the most but that doesn’t mean that I am going to let it happen.

Pure and simple, Sam already has a win on me and Sierra has it out for me. I AM THE LEAST LIKELY TO WIN! BUT....that doesn’t mean I don’t want to. Sam is great. So is Si. I can’t say shit about that. What I can say is that Sierra did her damnest to get into my head when this match got announced. She is pissed off that she has been passed over, losing and she is looking for people to blame. She has it out for Mal because he kinda cost them the Mixed Tag Titles. ....ok not kinda, he did. So since she can’t get to him physically, she is going to try metally. Throw whatever the hell you got, to get it out of your system Si. Because if you win this and go into that Fatal Fourway with a chip on your shoulder like you got, you better believe it’s going to get exposed. But LET ME MAKE IT CLEAR, I will not be your personal punching bag. And I fight back.

As for Sam, you got me the last time. I shook your hand. This time, it’s not about things to prove. I know I can do this. I know in the darkest part of my soul I can beat either one of you two on any given day. You got that Roulette Title to worry about. I...I have nothing to lose. I have no record to worry about, no title. I win, awesome, I’m on December 2 Dismember....if I lose....I’m bringing one of you with me and I don’t give a fuck who it is. So game on ladies....this nerd is going to get hers one way or another. Just a damn shame it was you guys.

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