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> Rinoa Williams, - wife to Kedron
Son of Salem
Posted: July 24, 2019 05:23 pm

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Rinoa Williams (née Mavropanos)


119 lbs.

Village of Lachania on the island of Rhodes, Greece

Rinoa possesses a graceful figure with a long neck. Her hair is dark brown and her eyes a blue-green combination.

Move list:
Rinoa Williams is not a trained professional wrestler, although she has been assisted in some in-ring skills by an as-of-yet unnamed source. She showed both incredible bravery as well as resourcefulness in stepping into the ring against the unpredictable and former World Champion Evie Jordan.

1- Hair pulling
2- Eye gouging
3- Kicks and punches
4- Rear chinlock
5- Standing surfboard
6- DDT
7- Clothesline
8- Choke on ropes
9- Running bulldog
10- Snap suplex

Poised, mysterious and utterly composed, this formidable and deceptive beauty maintains an air of refinement and inscrutability. Perceptive, she has little trouble reading someone from their body language but others have great difficulty in doing the same where she is concerned. And in stark contrast to her husband, Rinoa is a kind and compassionate woman who is very far from incapable of friendship and courtesy.

Most evident of her heart is her love for Kedron and that of her three feline companions; Achilles, Isis and Cleopatra.

Rinoa was born on the isle of Rhodes in Greece, in a long and distinguished line, claiming lineage from the ancient Greek witch, Circe. The "gift," as her family would call it, skipped every other generation, and those who bore it did not always practice or hone it. Rinoa did both. From her childhood, and taught by her grandmothers everything she knows, Rinoa took to her studies with relish, honing them to near perfection. Her grandmothers, who she loved dearly, insisted in instilling in her their own beliefs and virtues that what they were blessed with was never to be abused at the expense of another. While Rinoa did not always succeed in this mindset, she has more often than not.

Great things were expected of her by her family, until the day she vacationed in Athens and met the warlock Kedron Williams who knew her for what she was, and she him. After a very brief courtship, and against her family's wishes, Rinoa married Kedron and moved to the United States, joining him in his hometown of Salem, Massachusetts.

Rinoa was quite content in remaining in the background while Kedron fulfilled his duties in SCW, until the day Evie Jordan joined Ben Jordan in the ring following the attack on Kedron, declaring Kedron to be "hunted." Rinoa then made her first appearance with an attack on Evie, and following their mixed tag team victory at the expense of the Jordans, "Hot Stuff" Mark Ward offered Rinoa a contract to accompany Kedron as his valet.

Rinoa is a talented and skillful witch, evident by the fact she was able to use her abilities to prevent Kedron from bringing further harm to Ben Jordan, all in the name of gaining Ben's trust, and his help in reclaiming her husband's soul.

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