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> Fenris v Jake Raab v Travis Levitt v Alex Jones, World Heavyweight Championship
Mark Ward
Posted: February 24, 2019 04:07 pm

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Blessed is he who in the name of charity and goodwill shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brothers keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger, those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know my name is the LORD, when I lay my vengeance upon thee

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Alex Jones
Posted: February 28, 2019 04:25 am

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Chapter Five-When My life went to shit
Off Camera
Athos Corp Casino, Las Vegas Nevada
3 Years Ago

There was easy listening music playing throughout the restaurant. Alex sat by himself leaning against the bar. A small suitcase on wheels sitting next to him. A bottle of tequila sits open next to him with two shot glasses only one currently being used. His phone vibrates and he looks down at it typing a quick reply and downing a shot. He grabs the bottom, pouring another.

Alex downs it again as he looks up to see the giant Athos Corp logo over the mirror. He sneers as his mind flashes to Ana. Her yelling echoing in his ears, he closed his eyes and swallowed hard before taking another shot. All he could see was her. His eyes sprung open as he looked at his phone. A picture of himself, Ana and Harley stayed on the lock screen.

His heart dropped, his brain seemed to be on fire and it sent shockwaves through his body. He remembered seeing her, the look of disappointment in her eyes, the pain that quickly turned to anger. His eyes sprung open as he heard a voice. “Alex!”

Jean Jonez walked across the bar. Her athletic body wrapped in a beautiful dress, her long blond hair flowed down as she let out a light hearted giggle.

“I was so surprised when you sent me a message after...after what I caused…” Alex takes a shot and trails his finger along the top of the shot glass, he turns to Jean with a smirk and a shrug before patting the seat next to him, she sits down and puts her purse on the bar with a smile, Alex pours her a drink and slides the shot glass over.

She picks it up and giggles again with a smile. “What are we drinking to?” Alex picks up his own glass and for the first time says something, his voice deep and course, almost monotonal. “Freedom….” Jean raises an eyebrow and gives a small nod, the shot glasses clink together and they drink, she slams hers down and Alex immediately grabs the bottle pouring another two.

“Um Alex...why….why did you come here to see me?” He smiles and they drink again, he makes a face and lets out a short sharp breath clearly out of it. “Well uh...Ana kicked me out and see I figured if I’m going to get in shit for being a cheater and “fucking” you...I might as well do it…” Jean looks around and seems a little shocked. “That’s all you came here for?”

Alex shakes his head and sighs. “We had something. I don’t know what but we did and if I’m going to be dropped by my wife...why shouldn’t I come see you?”Jean blushes and sits back, obviously infatuated by her trainer. “As long as you’re sure-” Before Jean can finish her thought Alex leans forward and kisses her, his hand sliding up the outside of her thigh in her short dress.

As he slowly pulls away he whispers “Your hotel…” Jean moans a little after the kiss and breathlessly replies. “Yes daddy…” Alex checks his suitcase to be taken to the room later as Jean grabs her purse on one hand and Alex’s hand in the other, they make their way to the elevator Alex getting shoved against the wall as Jean kisses him roughly, an elderly couple watching on in disgust as the elevator door opens.

They stumble into the elevator and continue in the corner as the couple on the elevator try to ignore it, the elevator dings and Jean pulls Alex out and down the hallway, she opens the door and as they get in she claws at his shirt. Alex smiles and winks. “Don’t want or something first?”

Jean shoves him down on the bed and straddles him looking down “I have to get this out of my system….”

Life is a roller coaster…..

You ride along through the calm and you climb and climb, and just when you get to the top and you can see the sun shining, the calm wind and you can feel peace. You want the moment to last forever. You want that feeling to never leave and you’ll do whatever it takes to hold on….

You grab it with both hands. And even if the happiness kicks and bucks and tries to get away you hold on harder. You can either let it go, or strangle it. For the longest time I strangled that happiness. I looked in the mirror and I saw a different man. I actually believed my life was perfect.

But I wasn’t, and neither was my happiness.

She stopped caring, it made me miserable but to the outside world we just had issues. We argued, we split, we made up and life went on. But that isn’t any way to really live is it?....

I looked for a way out. And one night I found it. A very young, willing girl. But then I couldn’t bring myself to do it. To lose myself in her. Instead I broke down. I told her how much I loved my wife. I told her how I just wouldn’t be able to live with myself.

Then I told Ana what happened.

I looked her right in the eye and tearfully confessed to what I did, I told her I wanted to be honest and that I loved her. And then it happened….she threw me out… I was told to gather my things, to leave my home, to walk away from my wife and daughter. And in my misplaced hurt and anger I finally gave in to my urges, I went to a bar, got drunk and then foolishly lost myself and everything I am inside Jean Jones….

And that’s where the real nightmare began….

A few weeks later. Unnamed hotel room, Las Vegas

The room felt condensed as the walls closed in. Alex sat on the edge of the bed, his breathing laboured as he stared at a half drunk bottle of Vodka. And not the usual Grey goose special reserve triple distilled he was used to. This was stuff that could run a lawnmower. The type of Vodka they drank in the wilds of Russia that was made from potato skins and gasoline.

The room spun around him as he tried to hold it together, his wallet sat on the dresser, his hand shook reaching out for it, as he opened it he could feel his heart sinking and his eyes welling up with tears. The picture stared back at him. He studied it as his fingers lightly touched the plastic window that protected it.

Ana, Harley and himself. Ana was the picture of happiness. A smile coming across her perfect features as Harley to smiled, a miniature version of her mother. Alex to smiled, content with his life. Content with it all and happy. His eyes shut as he closed the worn leather and threw up back on the dresser.

The mirror caught his eye. His hair was tied back but some had escaped and was frizzy, his beard was un trimmed and wild. His eyes bloodshot and red.

He got up and moved towards it with a snarl opening his mouth to speak and hearing the graveled remains of his own voice, a once proud and booming voice now reduced to a cracked whisper. “You’re a fucking idiot….” The words rang true as he stared at himself, or the man that he had now become.

His body had suffered, his once tanned skin had faded to a white grey, his muscles seemed smaller and his once chiselled six pack had before just a flat stomach. Alex shook his head and looked down grabbing the dresser the mirror was attached to, he let out a growl and spun around sliding everything off the dresser to the floor.

The door opened and she stood there, wearing yoga shorts and a sports top, a pair of sunglasses over her eyes with her lips out and pouting. Jean tilted her head staring at him, she sighed and closed the door. “What is it baby?” Alex shook his head and calmed down looking down at the mess. His eyes trailed back up to her as she beamed staring at him like he was still the greek god she had fallen for and seduced.

“Nothing Jean….just went a bit stir crazy…” Jean smirked and set her bag down before walking straight through it all up to Alex, she curled her hand up and around the back of his neck pulling him down into a kiss her hands gripping his arm and holding him in place.

She pulled back and smiled. “Don’t worry baby boy...i’m here to make you feel all better and get you well…” Jean turned and grabbed the bottle of Vodka popping the top and taking a drink of it before pulling Alex into another kiss this time pushing the vodka into his mouth from hers. She pulled back again and laughed.“Get on the bed….”

And now my nightmare continues…..

The elusive number 10
On Camera
Wolfslair training facility, New York City
Present Day

“Countless championships….”

Alex Jones gave an arrogant smirk, his long hair tied back away from his face as his right hand slowly stroked his beard.

”Nine of which have been world championships. I have been one of the most prolific professional wrestlers of the last ten years. Not that you’d know if you ask Fenris. But in SCW I have been able to remind everyone of that, tag matches, singles matches, triple threats. I have won everything I have been put in and Mark, Christian and Brooke have realised the commodity they have. My main issue in not signing sooner was wondering if I wanted to do this anymore. Or if I would be treated as the star I am...but those fears have been put aside as I stand here now as a contender for the SCW World title.”

“Put simply, I want that belt…”

“I want that to be my tenth world title. I want to be able to look at it and defend in front of all the fans in SCW and for the entire world to know that Alex Jones is still one of the best in the world. I walked down to that ring and showed my dominance by taking out longtime SCW stars Caleb Storms and Josh Aquin. I showed that I am a step above them. When I stand here and look into the camera and say that I’m on another level away from most of the roster, it’s not gloating, it’s not arrogant posturing. It’s facts and truth. And the fact is I am the man to take SCW to that next level. I am the man to take that SCW title and be the franchise player….”

“My track record speaks for itself.”

“My history shows what I can do.”

“And now I head into Blaze of Glory to take my rightful place and to stand my ground and on top of that pedestal. And I get it, some fans and others are standing there wondering just who the hell I think I am. Asking about my arrogance and confidence. I’m not here to make friends, I’m not here to show respect. Respect is earned and taken not given. I will admit Fenris has been a great champion, I can admit Travis has shown he’s more than just a guy to lose to me, and I can admit Jake got lucky and beat Austin in a match that should never have happened. But aside from that?. It’s not my job to shake your hand, it’s my job to beat you down, to get a win and to take a title or championship and make it my own through sheer force and skill...the end…”

Alex scoffs and shakes his head with a sigh.

”There was a time when I talked about honor and respect. There was a time I stood above everyone and shook my head at unearned arrogance like that of Kevin Hunter. It made me sick and I watched how the world burned. I watched how everyone fell apart. But, when I joined the Dogs of war, I knew they were right. I knew that respect and honor only gets you so far and it doesn’t work when you’re in the ring and it’s all on you, there is no respect, no trust, no honor. It’s about you and what you want. And as I said, I want that SCW title.”

“But to get my hands on it I have to get in the ring with three other men and fight for it. I’m not going to stand here and dismiss them cause they are all athletes and are all talented. I’m just better. But, I’d be remiss if I didn’t point something out here. Fenris, is the champion so of course he has to be in the match, myself and Traviss Levitt earned our place here. But why the fuck is Jake Raab here?. Why the fuck are SCW constantly shoving this MMA dickbag who is an untalented version of his family members at us?. You don’t belong in this match Jake and the fact it got fucking HANDED to you makes me sick. But what do we expect?. Everything gets handed to you. You got handed a title match against Austin you didn’t deserve to get into a match with Fenris you didn’t earn and now here you are again like some horrible form of herpes that just flares up every few weeks that we have to put up with…”

“You’re pus spewing itch. And I’m going to do more than scratch you. You are such a disingenuous lying piece of shit.”

“You complained and whined and bitched about not getting opportunities when you didn’t earn them, quickly backtracked on that then backtracked on your backtrack and had the nerve THE FUCKING NERVE to call Austin a crybaby?. What are you going to say about me Jake?. Your family members, especially Konrad should take you out back and beat the shit out of you. “Not knowing” about the wrestling business is no excuse for you having multiple personalities like Crystal Hilton. And what’s worse is after admitting you’re “new” to wrestling you shit on your opponent a few weeks ago, you shit on Todd Williams a guy who if he cared would have fucking killed you...I’ve faced the real Todd Williams..and trust me Jakey boy, if Toddy wanted to turn up tomorrow and actually MEAN BUSINESS he would have broken you in half and stuck your MMA gloves so far up your ass you’d be coughing up leather…”

“You, a guy from a wrestling family who happened to leap into MMA wants to go after people who have dedicated their lives to this and think you’re somehow better?. Bitch you’re a poor man’s Fenris, only with no personality or glorious head of hair...Austin James Mercer is a fourth, fifth fucking sixth generation star. He grew up to be a wrestler, he has it in his blood and in his DNA and you want to talk shit?. You are a whiny child. Sure, you’re an athlete and a good one, you can even wrestle better than most but as a person, a human being an anyone with something approaching ain’t anything special…”

Alex sneers and turns his head with his arms folded over his black and red wolfslair shirt.

”But at least you know the name of the show. Unlike Travis who I must have hit so hard he got confused. See Trav, you beat Lachlan and Austin on “Climax Control”..not “Climate Control” you special fuck. But hey just wondering, since we apparently have two names for the show now and possibly different universes does that mean Pandora is single?. Or is she still fucking Chris Matthews behind your back?...”

He chuckles to himself with a smart assed look on his face before continuing.

”Again, I’ll admit you are a talented wrestler, you just won your first world title after 16 years doing this so, congratulations man. Really that is awesome, everyone develops at their own pace and I’m glad you found a company with such horrible competition you were able to finally win something. But back here in the real world and in SCW you’re a loser who lucked out and won a match no one expected you to. In fact they all kind of overlooked you and booked you and gothy mcgotherstein in a tag title match. Forcing you into double duty and lucking out cause if we look at your SCW record you really are just here to make up numbers. Lachlan Kane is a great wrestler, one half of the tag champs and a guy who would have done double duty just like you, Austin is a beast of a human being and would have been great in this matchy but you were able to beat him and Lachlan...but you know who you didn’t beat?”


“You had a one on one match with me, you talked about how great I was, thank you by the way and you talked about your title like it means something to me. As I already mentioned, the SCW world title will be my tenth, TENTH world title in the same amount of time it took you to win ONE from a company none of us have heard of. At Least the Honor title is a part of SCW, at least the WWH title is well known despite being passed around like a hooker in vegas or...well..Pandora in the wrestling world. But stepping back from that, I want to address something you said prior to our one on one match. You said you were as good as me, as good as Fenris and as good as...that St John Cross idiot...that one is probably true, but me and Fenris?. No Travis, no you’re not. But you should feel happy because despite your shortcomings, despite how you have floundered in SCW you still lucked out and earned your place in this match. You did better than Jake Raab so I’ll give you that. And hell..maybe luck will be on your side in this fourway…”

“After all, you could pink Jake and somehow walk out as champion…”

Alex shrugs and moves across the gym floor looking over at all the equipment.

”And let's face it, that might happen with the way this match is set up, but before I get a little further into it with Fenris lemme just say the addition of Griffin Hawkins as a referee is pretty funny. I mean, I can admit Griffin is the type of guy who will call it fairly cause he is a good hearted guy and I’m friends with him, he has lovely hair a lovely smile a great taste in music and cheekbones to die for. But, are we really going to rely on him for this?. I mean Grif, I love you bro but you have trouble remembering what day it is let alone being able to count to three…”

“I kid...for the most part…”

“One guy who I know won’t be kidding though. Is Fenris…”

Alex pauses for a moment, his mood going from joking to more serious as he clears his throat.

“July twenty second of last year Fenris captured the SCW title by defeating his now significant other Ty West. And since that day Fenris has held onto that championship with an iron grip. Senor Vinnie, Jake Raab, Austin Mercer. Just some of the names he has been able to overcome in the last seven months. And it’s a good thing cause that title needed a champion strong enough to stand up and be counted. There is always a danger when a champion has to vacate the title due to injury like Kristopher Ryans did that it could fall into disarray around different transitional champions. But you, Fenris have stopped that….”

“You have attacked wrestling and that title with the same dedication and ferocious nature that you did your MMA career that earned you the white wolf nickname. Just like I earned mine. I’ve been called many things Fenris but one of them is the black dragon. Cause I’m rare, unforgiving, brutal and I leave a scorched earth behind me…”

“But, did you see what I did there with the respect and the facts?. That’s called research, that’s called being a student of the game. Maybe you should try it…”

“And yes, I’m still pissed off that I came into the company and your first reaction was “who are you?”. And at first, well, at first I thought you were just being facetious. I thought that you were doing that lame ass bullshit others do where they act like your accomplishments and past mean nothing. But over time it hit me that you really are or rather were clueless. Being from Iceland and coming from the MMA world you really didn’t hear about me. And then my anger faded and I realised that you’d learn. You’re confident Fenris and you should be. You’re a talented guy and you showed it against Austin….but now...well…”

“Do you know who I am?....”

Alex tilts his head with an evil smirk and a wink.

”Multiple titles, multiple halls of fame and someone who makes history. You’ve been great here Fenris, I’ll give you all the respect in the world for that but, I’m still better. Jake and Travis aren’t your real opponents, it’s me and one on one this should be a dream match. Legend vs dominant champion. The white wolf vs the black dragon. At Blaze of glory it will be just that. You will be going down in a blaze of glory and I will rise. I will be standing above everyone and I will end your incredible reign, I will take the throne and refresh the title scene by dominating it just as you did….and I’ll do it with style..and by being a perfect ten…”

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Posted: March 02, 2019 09:25 pm

The White Wolf

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New York City -

A brief respite. That was all it was supposed to be, and yet it almost was not. It all started on Christmas morning of 2018. The family of Kristjan and Aron Baltasarsson had flown in all the way from Reykjavik, Iceland, and along with them, Ty West guested at the brothers' Las Vegas condo so he would not be spending the holiday alone. Ty had gone to great lengths to figure out what would be the perfect Christmas gift for the man who had captured his attention when none had done so before. It was a task far easier said than done, as Kristjan was not the most open of people where his likes and desires lay. He enjoyed sports, the random video game here and there, and anime. That was all that Ty knew, but it would not do.

It would not do at all.

Ty couldn't just get him just any gift; he wanted to get him something that Kristjan would remember, and would cherish. The man meant that much to him. That was when Aron had mentioned in passing that his brother had a voracious appreciation for a certain Irish musician that had topped the charts the world over. It was a fandom that happened to come from out of nowhere, but he enjoyed the man's music, listened to his music and watched his appearances whenever he had the opportunity. That was when the light bulb lit up above Ty's head and he put in a call to his best friend, Effie Bingham.

"Here." Ty said on Christmas morning, as he sat on the sofa beside Kristjan and passed an envelope over to his hands, red in color with a gold trim. Kristjan glanced at it with a slight frown, and then looked at Ty who just rolled his eyes and laughed, "Will you just take it?"

And he did so, accepting the envelope into his hand and as his family gathered closer to have a look see for themselves. His mother, Eva, leaned against the back of the sofa with a steaming mug of coffee in one hand, and her fingers lovingly caressing the back of her oldest son's neck with the other. He opened it and removed four slips, two concert tickets, and two other. He looked them over and blinked back his surprise, then looked at them again as if he weren't seeing them correctly. He then glanced up at a beaming Ty and said in Icelandic, "Tickets to see Hozier and VIP backstage passes?"

Ty only smiled in answer and said nothing. He didn't have to. Effie came through with flying colors and he knew he had nailed that gift perfectly. Kristjan then looked back down at the tickets in his hand and switched to English, perhaps so that his family would not understand the following, "You are so getting laid!"

That did not stop Ty from blushing a bright, colorful pink -- nor Aron from quickly retreating into the kitchen to get as far away from that exchange as he possibly could!

Effie had done him proud with helping him secure that perfect gift, even though Ty knew Kristjan was not really materialistic. Ty had instead found something that meant something to Kristjan, and went from there. That was what made the effort extra special. Plus, Aron had confided to Ty that his brother had never before been to a concert so this would be an entirely new experience.

Manhattan was alive. Anyone who had lived there or even just visited the famed city could tell you no different. Even at this hour as the sun had already started its descent, the lights on all the streets, and on all of the buildings, all over the city started to turn on and illuminate the famed "City of Dreams." Kristjan had been here only once before on a promotional appearance for Sin City Wrestling and his heavyweight title reign, but the experience had left him with a sour experience. Perhaps it was due to the fall-out he had experienced previously with Aron and had to visit the city alone as a result. Or perhaps it was because he hadn't taken the time to actually see any of the famed city around him. As soon as he had finished his business the previous time, he simply grabbed the first flight back to Las Vegas.

Yet even now the cynical and cavillous Kristjan could not deny his amazement at the way New York came alive as he rode side by side with Ty West in the back seat of one of those nefarious New York City cabs. His eyes were on the lights that surrounded them as they traveled down West 34th Street towards the famed Manhattan Center, but his mind? That was elsewhere.

"Okay," Ty spoke up from his seat beside his boyfriend. "What's going on with you?"

Kristjan tore his gaze from the window to find Ty's own look piercing him, and he shook his head and said simply, "Nothing." In answer. But Ty was not so easily fooled. He just leaned his head back and chuckled, saying, "Don't give me that. You've been looking forward to this since December and now you've acted like you don't even want to be here."

Kristjan shook his head and rested his chin on curled fingers as Ty frowned, "What's wrong?"

Kristjan did not answer right away. He paused, unsure of how to express himself, or if he even wanted to. He did not like sharing things, especially his feelings, even though it was a prerequisite when you were in a relationship. The trick was, however, that this was the first time he was ever actually in an adult relationship, and all the rules and expectations were lost on him entirely.

He finally said, "Part of me feels like I shouldn't be." Ty frowned, but did not say anything as he let Kristjan find his own words in his own time. "I feel like I should be back in Vegas, training."

"You've been training non-stop since I met you!" Ty tried to reassure him with his charm and sense of humor. "Hell, when you found out about this defense, you even upped your time at the gym! You've beaten everybody they've put in front of you..."

And Kristjan finally looked away from the passenger window to his man and shook his head, stating the fact, "One on one. I never wrestled three men at the same time."

"Is that what has you worried?"

"Not worried." Kristjan contradicted. "Concerned. Ever since Gabriel explained to me I could lose my fucking title without even being beaten! I could be busy with Alex or Raab on one side of the ring when one of the others beats the other guy before I can do anything!"

Ty sighed, knowing that everything his man was saying was absolutely true, and if he was to be honest, there was not much that he or anyone else could say or do about it to make the stress of the situation any easier.

Kristjan then continued, almost mumbling, "Feel like they're doing this shit just to get the title off of me."

That caused a frown to crease Ty's handsome brow and he turned his head to stare at Kristjan, who picked up on 'the look' and he returned the look and shrugged, "What?"

"You don't really think that, do you?"

"I don't know." Kristjan huffed. "Why else do they book this shit?"

Ty shrugged and leaned back against the cushioned back seat and answered as best he could, "I don't know, to up the excitement? To draw more interest to the men's title match? The women are in the same spot, Dani is in the same spot. They promote the two world titles equally so they probably just wanted you and Seleana to be in the same situation."

Little comfort, as Kristjan shook his head and stared ahead as they neared their destination. Ty went on, "Not to mention SCW only looks strong with strong champions. How serious can they be taken if there was a title change every other week? They're not going to try and sabotage you by sabotaging themselves."

Okay, that made more sense and Kristjan yielded to his reasoning with a nod, but just a small one mind you. As the taxi slowed to a crawl right outside of the Manhattan Center. As Ty reached for the handle to his door, he turned to his man and offered one piece of advice, "Besides, you thrive on challenges, and this is your biggest yet. Why shouldn't you thrive on this and come out ahead?"

He winked, and Kristjan just shook his head with a smirk as he reached for the handle, "Smart ass...."

Inside of the Manhattan Center was the Hammerstein Ballroom, a two-tiered, twelve thousand square foot ballroom. And inside of that Ballroom, was over two thousand fans of the artist Hozier, as he stood onstage with his guitar, singing his special hybrid blend of indy rock, soul and rhythm and blues...

"Take me to church,
I'll worship like a dog at the shrine of your lies.
I'll tell you my sins and you can sharpen your knife.
Offer me that deathless death,
Good God, let me give you my life!"

And right there in the front row, center stage, was Kristjan and Ty, huddled together and standing like all around them as Hozier belted out perhaps his greatest hit of his career thus far, "Take Me To Church." Ty had never heard of Hozier before Kristjan introduced him to his music, and as a lover of all forms of music, Ty took a liking to the artist's unique style. Ty glanced from the corner of his eye and almost did a surprise double-take, as he could not believe what he was seeing;

Kristjan's lips were moving along to the music, as he was (silently) singing along to the artist's top hit. The evening continued, and other top hits continued, from "Someone New" to his newest hit, "Nina Cried Power" featuring a surprise appearance by R&B and gospel singer, Mavis Staples, which would have brought the crowd to their feet had they not already been there! Never the less, everyone, Kristjan and Ty included amongst those numbers, openly applauded the great Ms. Staples. Most appropriately it was this song, and this very special appearance, that closed the evening out for Hozier's fans, giving the stars onstage a rousing ovation that seemed never to end.

Then once the curtains fell and the stage lights faded, only for the Hammerstein to be illuminated in itself, Ty took Kristjan by the wrist and with a twinkle in his eye, whispered, "Come on..."

And only moments later, that special added surprise in his gift to Kristjan, those two VIP backstage passes, came into play as a staff member of the concert itself escorted both men through the annals of the backstage area, weaving between various men and women, employed by both Hozier as well as the ballroom, to bring this evening to life.

And there, standing against the wall backstage, with his guitar still draped around his six foot-five frame, was Hozier. And to make the timing even more special, Mavis Staples was standing in front of him, dwarfed by his stature but it was clear who was being deferred to given Hozier's respectful mannerisms while they spoke privately.

"Maybe we shouldn't...?" Kristjan frowned, when the stage manager spoke up and said, "Hozier?" Drawing the attention of he and Mavis as they approached. With a hand gestured toward the pair, the man said, "We have a couple of special guests..."

That was all that need be said, as Kristjan and Ty stepped closer and the stage manager introduced them, "This is Ty West and Kristjan Baltasarsson. Ty has done movie work and Kristjan worked in MMA, but now both are working as professional wrestlers?" He looked to them for confirmation and they nodded.

"Nice to meet you." Hozier stood upright and the lanky artist surprised Ty by meeting his eye to eye, perhaps a single inch taller than the former Roulette Champion and a good four inches taller than Kristjan himself! He offered up his hand and first Ty, and then Kristjan accepted.

"Likewise." Ty said as Hozier guided Mavis forward with a gentle hand on her shoulder. He said, "And you know Mavis Staples?"

Kristjan almost brushed before Ty, surprising him with his manners and respect as he took Mavis's hand and gave her a respectful nod, saying something in Icelandic. Mavis and Hozier both blinked, and the gospel legend said, "I beg your pardon?"

Ty closed his eyes and chuckled as it took Kristjan a moment to realize what he had done. He shook his head and said, "Sorry. I slip sometimes back into Icelandic without realizing."

"Especially when he gets nervous." Ty smiled, earning him a reproachful look from his man, but a playful one.

"Iceland?" Hozier exclaimed. "I've been there." He then looked to Mavis and asked, "Have you?" Tow which she shook her head and replied, "No. The name sounds too cold for me." Earning a few chuckles from the men.

Kristjan said, "Ty got us tickets for this night. We took time off of our training to fly here from Nevada."

"Well I hope it was worth the trip." Hozier looked between them. "Did you enjoy the concert?"

Ty nodded, answering in the affirmative, as did Kristjan who also added, "I had hoped you would have sung "Better Love" but I did like it for my first show. It's how I discovered you."

"Really?" Hozier asked, and Kristjan nodded, "I watched the Tarzan movie and the song came across the credits. I liked it so looked it up when I got home and it was you, singing "Better Love."

"Tell you what..." Hozier offered, "Next concert you come to, I will. Deal?"

"Deal." Kristjan agreed, and Ty found himself smiling at how successful the evening had played out, and how well it had served to distract Kristjan from his wandering mind concerning what he was facing on a professional standpoint.

Hozier then said, "Well I'll tell you what. For two important guests, those passes there won't be much good if I don't do something a little special. Mavis here and I were going to the Rainbow Room for a late meal. Would you care to join us?"

First a concert, but actually dinner with Hozier and Mavis!? Even Ty could not have seen this coming! Kristjan was all smiles at the prospect, but Ty's bashfulness came into play as he briefly stammered and asked, "You don't mind?" His eyes falling upon Mavis.

"Shoot no!" She answered back. "Dinner out with three fine looking men? I'd be more insulted if you said no!" Earning her more than her fair share of laughter from all three men.

"Then it's settled." Hozier said amicably. "I'll get everything settled on my end and we'll be off."

That being said, Hozier guided Mavis down the hall, with Ty and Kristjan bringing up the rear. And perhaps for the first time, Ty was startled to find Kristjan's fingers intertwined within his own as they followed...

Later that evening...

Few know this, but the Empire State Building had extended hours far past the norm for tourist attractions. They did not close at nine or ten like most places, but remained open clear until two in the morning. It was not nearly that late, but just near midnight, when the elevator doors on the Observation Deck of the ESB slid open, and Kristjan and Ty stepped out. The deck was clear of tourists at this hour, especially for a week night. They had spent two glorious hours at the Rainbow Room with Hozier and Mavis, eating a high class meal and sipping champagne, until they had to most regrettably call it a night.

It was a memory that Kristjan would carry on for a lifetime, and Ty knew it.

The two men walked along the deck, gazing out into the night sky where the stars had nothing on the bright lights of the city far below.

"Look out there. Do you see it? From here it looks as if you can see the entire world, and that world is at my fingertips. I find myself in unfamiliar territory for once, and this is the first time I am not walking into a match with any advantage. My training in both wrestling and MMA has carried me so far, but it has not yet carried me to an experience like what I am about to have with not one opponent, but three."

"Three men who are each looking to outdo the other and accomplish what no other has; take away my World Heavyweight Championship. Three men who are fighters, each proud and confident in what they intend to accomplish, and all three have me in their sights. I don't care if they say the match can end without me being involved in the decision. Jake Raab? Alex Jones? Travis Levitt? if they have to, I'm sure they'll take the win over the other of that's what it comes down to. If that's what it takes to walk away from Blaze of Glory VII with my championship, but not if they can help it."

Fenris, not Kristjan, stepped up to the fenced in rail of the deck while Ty took a moment to slip a coin into one of the many sets of 'binoculars' so he could get a bird's eye view of the vastness that was surrounding them. Fenris rested his forearms on the deck and looked out, and then straight down, one hundred and two stories below where they stood.

He smirked.

"No, all three men have pride, and that pride is what is going to make me as big of a target as the championship itself. They want no excuses from anyone else, the fans or especially me. They want to be the first one to put my shoulders down for the count and end my unbeaten streak. But more importantly, they want to simply beat the champion. Not the second or third man in the match; the champion. You have to admire that kind of determination, but you also have to ask yourself, 'Is this the smartest tactic I can use in a match against someone like Fenris?'"

He shook his head.

"It is not. Oh I have no doubt I'll get ganged up on at some point, probably even at the very start and beyond! Bring. it! But when one of them gets me down and tries for the win, does he honesty think the other two will just stand there and let them win?"

He shook his head and tapped a forefinger to his temple.

"That is where Gabriel explained to me the fracturing of such strategy ends, and where my own opportunities begin. One will keep the other from getting the win, even if he helped put me down, and the in fighting will begin. And while they engage in their own confrontation, that is where I can begin to do what I do best,. and the White Wolf will begin his hunt. Let them fight and get lost amongst themselves. A predator knows how to pick apart at the bodies and walk away with his prize!"

"And these three hunters?"

He turned to the camera and smirked, giving us a wink.

"One I know very well, but two? Entirely new experiences for me and I do enjoy new challenges!"

"I faced and fought a number of men since I debuted last April. One or two started bullshit claims about having MMA experience, but nobody could prove themselves with that claim until I met Jake Raab face to face at Inception III in January. Now I admit I was not happy about facing him, having thought since the start it should have been Austin James Mercer I should have been in the ring against, but the Norn play with fate, and it was Jake who was the Honor Champion at the time, not Austin. And Alex and even myself have made our jokes about earning spots, but when I walked away from that match, I did not do so completely under my own power. I needed help for the first time in my career because Jake and I beat the holy fuck out of each other! Raab got first blood, I am man enough to admit that. That fucker beat me senseless and I loved every damn minute of it! I think it was Mercer who claimed I got a rise out of having that kind of beating because it served as the type of challenge that I love, and he could not have been more right!"

"Senor Vinnie may have given me my toughest matches to date, but right here and now? I will tell everyone that Jake Raab gave me the toughest fight that I ever had! He bloodied me. he beat the shit out of me, but just like Mercer said, all that did was push me harder and take me to even more extreme lengths in order to beat him! He made me fight harder than I ever had to before, and Jake? I'd like to think that you're taking time away from your pity party to be watching this. I'd be insulted if you weren't. You claim to have hurt me, and I am man enough to not dispute that. But..."

He held up a forefinger.

"You neglect to mention the fact that everything you did to me, I also did to you! You may have caused me to have over a dozen stitches in my head, but I was not the one who had to have two different surgeries after that match! I was not the one with a separated shoulder or damage to my hand! I warned you once that when I get pushed hard, I fight back even harder! Can your body really stand up to trying that again, and suffering the same? or worse?"

Ty called his name and Fenris walked over to where the binocular stand was and as Ty placed a hand on his back, Fenris looked into it and saw for himself the amazing view offered. He guided the binoculars up, and looked out across the top of the city's landscape.

"I've heard enough about the legend of the Phoenix to become quite familiar with it. I am Nord, born and bred and proud of every drop of my bloodline. I look to Odin and Baldur for guidance, but it does not defer me from knowing of other beliefs. The Phoenix may not lay within my own, but I know enough. There is something magical, almost mystical, about the story of a beautiful bird that becomes engulfed in flames before it rises again, born anew."

"Would that be your recent experiences, Travis? You came into SCW in your own blaze of glory, no pun intended. You were on a roll when you stumbled, but only briefly. A loss here and there, and they say that is a better learning experience than any win can provide."

He winked.

"I'll have to take your word on that. But the simple fact is, although you stumbled, you started to rise again. And look at you now! Back on the winning track with not just one, but two championship matches next Sunday! You would not be in this spot if you had not earned your place. Now some might have thought Austin would have won that Triple Threat match to get a second chance at me. But after watching what happened inside of that ring?"

He shook his head.

"Even I can't deny you earned this chance. And I will not stand idly by and allow anyone else to deny it either! You got past Mercer and Caleb Storms for this spot. You could actually walk into this match with us, with a championship of your own. And you have the rare opportunity to leave Anaheim with two championships. I'm told that doesn't happen very often, so you must be proud. You're strong, proud, and best of all, intense! You fight inside of that ring, and that is exactly what you need when you're up against me. But here's the thing about you, Travis. And it's a simple fact of life concerning the Phoenix itself, your very own namesake."

"Before that Phoenix can rise again from the ashes, first and foremost? It must first burn!"

He pulled away from the binoculars and as Ty slipped his hand in Fenris's own, they walked along the perimeter of the deck, looking out.

"Which brings us to the last, but not in any way, the least. Alex Jones, the man who I have never met in the ring, but still have a history with, thanks to Twitter. Alex, you signed your contract to SCW and it meant something. I heard noise backstage the moment the ink started to dry with your signature. But ..."

He shrugged.

"I admit at the time I did not know who the fuck you were. I admit I will probably never live that down, but I was not asking who you were out of spite or some childish schoolyard intimidation tactic. I literally did. Not. Know! I was not a student of the sport at the time, and to some degree, I am still not. I came straight from MMA with no experience and if truth be told, no interest, in professional wrestling. But when it looked to be Mercer and myself to meet at Inception III, you chose to speak up from out of nowhere in support of your teammate. That I can not find fault with. It's actually a commendable trait, loyalty. But in speaking up for him, at the same time you spoke down on me. And that is something I was unable to just stand by and ignore."

"You stood tall and proud as the Honor World Champion, the first as I understand it. That is a commendable achievement, all in itself. But that was then. This is the now, and compared to me, what exactly is it that you've accomplished? A few wins, yes, but the one that impressed even me was the one here you became the second official entrant into this match, second only to Raab himself. That cemented your standing above even your past in Honor, and told me that you belonged. It told me you were someone to watch out for."

"And it made me want to beat you all the more. Deep down, I think I can relate to you, Alex. You're strong, successful, and one cocky bastard. Just like me! But this time, it is you that has something to prove. II have a one in four chance at walking out of this match as the champion, and as anyone will tell you, when the challenge is against me, it just makes me fight even harder to be the man that walks out of that ring with his head held high! And if I have to go through three men this time to do it, and it looks like I do, then I sure as shit will!"

"It's just a damn shame that this match isn't just between us, Alex, because if and when that inevitably happens..."

He winked.

"You can be damn sure you and I will tear the fucking ring apart! But for now, we have two other men in there who want the exact same thing that we do, but only one of us is going to get it."

Fenris paused and pointed toward himself.

"The White Wolf alone against three hunters?"

He scoffed.

"Please! Against a wolf, the hunters will never have stood a chance!"

And as Ty and Fenris stood at the highest point in New York City, looking out on the nightly world that offered them infinite possibilities, the scene closed out with a long shot of the New York skyline.

"Where wolf's ears are, wolf's teeth are near."
~ Volsunga Saga, c.19

World Heavyweight Champion - 1x - current
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Jake Raab
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Needing to change things up with the surname. Huntington Beach, California. Wednesday 27th February.

It's one of the days where the pressure of having the surname got to Jake, even if some of his apartment has holes in with punching with his right hand to the walls. His acting coach told Jake to head home after a bad day of trying not to feel pressure but does as he screams this out.

Jake Raab: “I'm sick of being treated like fucking shit. I have to get rid of my last name cos the pressure is killing me.”

Jake completely lost it as he then goes on the floor on his knees, having a breakdown because of the last name of Konrad and Markus being the successful ones. Suddenly while he was on the living room floor in tears dripping down from his cheek, the doorbell rang, and Jake stood up on both of his feet and came towards the door. When Jake opens the door, it was one of the trainers in SCW and Jake allows the SCW trainer in before closing the door behind him.

The trainer noticed holes in the walls and sees Jake had some tears dripping down to the floor and the trainer from SCW sits on Jake's sofa as Jake manages to scream before sitting down next to the trainer and he says this.

SCW trainer: “So I'm aware of the fact you want to live up to Konrad and Markus legacy, right?”

Jake Raab: “Not anymore. I am sick and tired proving to these people I'm as good as them, but I'm not. I want some fucking help.”

SCW trainer: “I also think you could benefit me with adjusting your wrestling skills as well. What your doing is fine, but if you want to stand out, be yourself.”

Jake Raab: “That's what I want to do is stand out from Konrad and Markus.”

The trainer from SCW hasn't mentioned his name yet but seemed to know Jake very well from what he has seen in the wrestling ring. He saw Jake needed help, but the trainer hasn't forgotten one little thing Jake did in a segment recently, and he says this.

SCW Trainer: “You like Arrow?”

Jake Raab: “Yes. I want to hold the bow and arrow, but I haven't been able to use the character more because of my shoulder.”

SCW Trainer: “How's your shoulder doing?”

Jake Raab: “Said it's on the way of being fully recovered now. I want to do more arrow stuff on SCW shows. If I didn't have a busted shoulder, I would've appeared on TV more.”

SCW Trainer: “I think that's what you should do. Be the German guy who acts like Oliver Queen, but using a bow and arrow to your targets with the archery instead of people. You're acting coach has done well to help you develop the character you want to be.”

Jake nods as he was gasping for a drink and he asks the trainer.

Jake Raab: “You want a drink?”

SCW Trainer: “I have a coke please.”

Jake Raab: “What's your name, sorry?”

SCW Trainer: “Sorry for being rude. I'm Justin Mountain.

Jake now knows the trainer's name and was glad to give it to him as Justin's very tall and a big guy. Jake goes to the kitchen and gets the bottle of diet coke out of the fridge. Jake pours himself and Justin Mountain coke before putting the lid on and placing diet coke back in the refrigerator. Jake brings the glasses of diet coke to the coffee table.

Justin Mountain: “Thank you.

Jake nods as he takes a seat, wondering what Justin wanted out of this experience. Jake was curious about how he knew about Jake's acting school classes, and he asks a question.

Jake Raab: “So how do you know I do acting classes?”

Justin Mountain: “You're acting coach told me.”

Jake Raab: “He has helped me so much getting into my character. So when are we starting to go to the gym together?”

Justin Mountain: “Considering of your shoulder injury and the title match as well, we'll start two weeks to get you to improve on your wrestling and also finding your last name to be used in wrestling. Nobody can take your surname away, but wrestling is different. You'll have to find what your wrestling last name is.”

Jake seems to understand Justin on a lot of things, and it was to help him get stuff sorted with his pressure problem he faces a lot. Justin who was going to start promoting the best he could for Jake along with getting used to him on being Jake's trainer, as well as Justin, took a sip of his coke

Jake Raab: “I'm facing against Fenris, Travis and Alex for the title and do you think my shoulder should hang on in the match?”

Justin Mountain: “That I can't say because I don't know, although you should be glad it's not a cage match of some form. After all, you were put in the match because of you being a former Honor champion.”

Jake Raab: “Yeah and I don't really like being handed title matches at all whatsoever. However, they must've given to me because I was the honour champion like you stated.”

Justin Mountain: “Well, I have to go, got some friends to meet up in LA in two hours. I'll see you sometime next week to get things started to change some things around with your wrestling moves and the last name change.”

Justin gets up and shakes Jake's hand before they walk towards Jake's front door, and Jake opens it to let him out as he closes the door before Justin leaves, while Jake goes to watch Venom movie he recently brought as after the film finishes, he goes upstairs and sets up his own camera to promote the match.


My quest to win the SCW title. Jake's camera (On camera)

“It's about time for the showdown of the four titans going at it with Griffin Hawkins being the special guest referee for the match. I've been looking forward to this match for many weeks now, and I'm excited to face Travis Levitt who's the only wrestler in this match I know very little about compared to the other two big dogs.

Fact is that I know Alex Jones has a lot to say about me because of me winning the title from Austin and I don't understand why he didn't whine about the loss he had against Fenris, but yet cried about losing to me? A loss is a loss man, deal with it. I also know you'll stick up for the things I said about Todd Williams. I wasn't wrong when he lacked dedication to SCW when the only time he's showed up to wrestle was against me. He gave up and didn't have any will to compete to want to win an SCW title.

Sorry if you moan and bitch about something like that because you didn't see he didn't show up to face Dimitri for an SCW title opportunity. At least I'm here every single time I've been booked, even with a busted shoulder still from a brutal and blooded battle from Fenris. Fact is you can call me every name under the sun, but I will do anything to overcome you because you and Austin are still stuck like on the stuff I've done in the past. Have I bitched and moaned about anything since that time? No, I haven't so get within the times, Alex.

Fenris, I don't know what to say, to be honest. I did trash on you poorly, but that was because I didn't believe the hype of you being champion. Fact is I respect you enough to know that I understood the hype of you after that match and you earned my respect. I also aware you've received mine also. I did fuck you up good as you did with me. However, you have three hungry individuals who are ready for you, and it's going to take a lot of effort and hard work for you to retain the title. No hate this time around, regardless if you do with me.

Travis is unknown to me mainly because we have never crossed paths until now. You have worked your way the quickest, and that's cos you are an excellent wrestler who's primed to do big things in the SCW title division. That you are talented, but you are still an unknown factor that could clinch the title if me, Alex and Fenris overlook you. You are getting attention the right way, the way I should've done to be completely honest with you.

But if there's one thing you have against us in all of this is you have another match on the supershow. You'd already be worn out from the mixed tag title match you'd have with others, and that could play a huge factor in the match from you being too tired to put out your best against me, Alex and Fenris.

Because I deserve this opportunity to win the SCW title just as much as the three of you do. Just as much as Fenris deserves his title reign and I will bust my ass, giving each one of you everything I have to defeat you all because I am going to be a champion for this company. It will be down to me learning a lot of things since I've been here and I'm going to continue to learn. More on this next week.”

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Alex Jones
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But you asked me to love you and I did
Traded my emotions for a contract to commit
And when I got away, I only got so far
The other me is dead
I hear his voice inside my head

Prologue: The way of the warrior.

I think back to my younger days and it’s hard not to lament on the true waste of time. Sure people can look at my overall body of work, the matches, the titles the moment s and be impressed even awed by it. My name is recognised globally, my face on t-shirts and merchandise. But when I was a younger man the truth is that I was on a path to failure. Despite the acquired skills I had and the god given natural talent I possessed the truth is that I was too arrogant to properly use it.

Do you know where being that cocky gets you?. You feel unstoppable, bulletproof even. But then as you lose you break down and have no idea how to properly take it. See, if you’re unbeatable. If you’re undefeatable, how can you ever grow and learn as a true warrior?. I take every loss as a lesson, I used it to grow and to become better. I used every setback as a way to step forward instead of back. And that is why most of the time I stay humble, in defeat...and victory.

But, if there is one thing I’ve learned in the last 15 years, it’s that I belong here. I belong in that ring with fans screaming. If it was two thousand years ago I would have been in the coliseum in Rome.

This is in my blood. Being a warrior. I have the will to win and be the best everywhere I go and to not stop. But there was a time I lost that. A time when my rage just took over and I didn’t care about others. I just had to be the best in ways that didn’t make sense to me. I lied, I cheated, I used people and I insulted all without looking any further.

I was a shell of my former self.

And even though I can’t lay blame on anyone for that but myself I will say that I fell under the spell of someone. A woman. A woman who got me to turn my back on everything I was and everything I could be in the selfish pursuit of money and broken bodies and promises. I lost friends, I lost trust and it has taken me so long to rebuild that with people. I let myself believe in what she believed, feel what she felt. I argued backstage I used my name and sway to push others out of my way. Instead of being the best in the ring like I should have been I let myself become corrupt behind it by her cancerous influence….

I have done everything to rebuild it. And I have done everything to remind people how good I really am.

I am Alex Jones….and I am a warrior

Chapter Six-Dead Memories
Off Camera
Las Vegas Nevada
3 Years Ago

He knew it was a mistake. The whole idea of it was. He knew there was no way it could be true. That this could ever actually happen.The door opened and Jean walked in with a nod. It has only been a day ago she left in anger, Alex had left her for Sadie Wilson….

She stepped in a looked around the house, a mean snarl coming over her lips as she looked down to see something that was clearly Sadie’s. She strutted through the living room, trailing her hand along the black leather of one of the couch’s she picked out for a place she considered their home.

She looked into the kitchen and rolled her eyes a variety of cook books on healthy eating and cleansing the body had replaced the home cooking soul food ones Jean had brought. She turned and leaned against the counter with a seductive grin

“So, where’s my replacement?....” Her voice was filled with an annoyance and anger that she tried to downplay, Alex scoffed and moved across the room towards her shaking his head. He stood far enough away to be able to move but close enough that he didn’t have to raise his own voice.”Sadie isn’t here, she’s at her place….”

Jean rolled her eyes and ran a hand across her stomach. “I’m not here to give you a hard time, or to try and win you back. I’m here just to tell you what you’re missing out on…”

Alex stayed silent and didn’t move, his arms folded over his chest, his expression unchanged. His eyes a steely blue as he watched Jean move closer. “See inside me...right YOUR child….” Alex flinched, his eyes moving to her stomach, a few doubts raising up as Jean stepped forward with a piece of paper, he reached out taking it before reading over the blood test record confirming a positive.

Alex softened a little but looked away. Jean continued closer. “Must have done the trick first time...lucky you Daddy….”

Alex shook his head as she emphasised “Daddy” He sighed and stayed silent as Jean got closer. “I’m keeping it but don’t worry OUR child will know what kind of “man” their father is.” She did the air quotes and snarled with a tilt of her head, Alex ran a hand through his hair and then took a step to her reaching out, Jean stepped back and pulled out a semi automatic pistol.


She yelled with such anger Alex was startled. Her hand shook with the gun and Alex put his arms up in a defensive stance. Jean shook her head and laughed in an almost maniacal fashion “You don’t know what it’s like you son of a bitch….I fucking loved you and you threw me away and people blame ME for everything...for breaking up professional wrestlings fucking golden couple….”[.color] Her hand and voice both shook, she broke a little in her eyes and stepped back.

[color=pink]“Slutty bitch Jean did this..she broke up Ana and Alex….well...doesn’t have to be that way now does it Alex?”
Jean slowly turned the gun towards herself and Alex swallowed hard, he quickly leapt forward and grabbed the gun moving Jean out of the way as it clicked but nothing happened, she laid under Alex and her sadness turned to...something else….

Alex slid up and shook his head, Jean moved towards him with the gun and just laughed before pointing it at him clicking it twice. “Bang bang….” she breezed past him and walked to the door humming before turning around. “Don’t worry daddy...we’ll be fine….” Another click is heard as the door closes and Alex closes his eyes with a deep breath. “Fuck….”

And the nightmare continued.

The Next Day: Sadie Wilson’s home. Las Vegas Nevada.

She tapped her foot with her legs crossed over one another. Her arms folded, her hair tied back in a high ponytail. She stared at him with a scowl and a hurt expression of broken trust and anger. A dozen roses sit on the edge of the table as she looks them over, a card with a hand written note sits open and as her eyes trail over it she tears up.

Alex looked at the floor, his eyes right at his feet. He had hurt her, broken her. She had been visible with her pain, taking it out on her friends, family, the house. All the while proclaiming she knew the truth. She knew the real Alex not the one who had been parading around with Jean Jones, the woman he was still technically with who was at home asleep in their bed. He was there...with her…

“You...were right.” The words seemed to want to explode out but were held back to a near whisper. Sadie softened a little not enough just a small amount, her body language changing as the tapping stopped and her arms went from angrily folded over her chest to lightly hugging herself. Alex stayed staring at the floor, his expression not changing as he didn’t even look up to her.

After a few moments Alex continues, his voice was calm, soft and steady. Overly so in an almost uneasy fashion becoming monotone. “I went back with Jean because, I felt that’s what I deserved. To be unhappy…”

He sighed deeply pausing for a moment trying to hold back the emotions that bubbled to the top. Sadie swallowed hard and held her hands together, a twitch showed she wanted to reach out to him. But she sighed and kept it in check. “You keep telling me you know the truth, you keep telling me I should be here with you…”

Sadie slowly nods and tilts her head. “As I said, i don’t care if you’re with just shouldn’t be with her…” He looked up at her for the first time, her long blond hair was tied back as her bright blue eyes just studying him, they were warm, inviting and full of love. Her lips twisted into a small smile seeing him finally look at her.

Alex moved towards her, unable to control himself her kissed her, his hand moving up to lightly stroke her cheek. Sadie was taken back by the kiss but melted into it, after a few moments Alex pulled back and sighed. “I’m sorry” Sadie just shook her head and laughed. “Don’t be...I told you...I’d be here….”

Alex gave a deep breath and smirked with a laugh he gave her a nod and sat back down on the floor bringing his knees to his chest. “So what do we do now?..” Alex threw his hands up and shrugged. “I go back to Jean...figure this out…..then come home to you….” Sadie’s eyes lit up and she smiled wide for the first time in days. “Home...I like that….see me anytime Alex...I don’t want to be apart from you…”

He gave her a small nod and stood up grabbing his keys, wallet and phone. Sadie stood up and met him with a hug and then a small kiss.

And the darkness of the nightmare faded just enough for light to break through.

Repetition and Replication
On Camera
New York, New York
Present Day

“I have a riddle for you all. If a tree falls in the woods, and no one is around to hear it, did it fall?. Too hard?. Here’s another one for you. If you don’t cut a promo before Jake Raab, and he has nothing to watch and reply to, can he cut a promo?”

Alex Jones sits in a leather chair overlooking the New York skyline out of the window of his apartment. A small smirk on his face as he interlocks his fingers together.

”You need to stop doing a Donald Trump and pretending like my promo’s are performed by Michelle Obama buddy. “Borrowing” quotes in wrestling just shows that you couldn’t come up with an original idea if we replaced your brain with Thomas Edison...oh..wait...I guess Nikola Tesla would be a better analogy in this situation. In fact if we’re going by this analogy I’m Tesla and you’re Edison, but that wouldn’t be right either, Edison made money, you can’t draw a dime…”

“But, if we’re going to play the he said he said game Raaby let me just throw this out there…”

“Travis Levitt and I had to battle through two vicious triple threat matches. Mine had two former champions, even if Acquin was questionable at best and Levit had to beat Austin a guy who once he had a fair one on one match with you fucking murdered you and Lachlan Kane one half of the current tag team champions. You didn’t have to do shit Jake. But it’s not whining, it’s straight up facts. You go on about Austin whining and why he didn’t whine when he lost to Fenris. It’s simple, he lost to a better man in Fenris, he didn’t lose to a better man in you, he lost to a backwards whining loser snake in the grass.”

“If you were a man of honor like you said you were, you could have gone to Mark or Christian and said “hey I want to earn this spot, so please put me in a match with my spot on the line.” But you would never do that Jake, you’d never do that because it’s not advantageous to you. And Austin didn’t complain he lost to Travis either and wouldn’t of if it was Lachlan. Cause he felt like he let himself down. It was you. Because he shouldn’t have been put in that situation, just like Fenris shouldn’t be put in this one.”

Alex leans back in his chair looking up at the ceiling with a chuckle.

”I don’t mean a multi-person match. Those happen from time to time and with such a dominant champion he should be defending the title against people who earned it. But again, you didn’t earn it. You got it for stupid reasons, whether that reason is you held the Honor title for a cup of coffee or that you gave a nice handjob to Mark, you ended up in this match and I can guarantee you, if you somehow, someway fluke a win out of this, Fenris, Myself and Travis will all groan and roll our eyes along with the entire wrestling world. Cause...just between us Jakey…”

“No one likes you….”

“I don’t care if you haven’t bitched or moaned for three months and you have a fucking AA chip to prove it. The truth is you’re a disrespectful little prick who shouldn’t be let within fifty feet of an SCW title match. I may be an arrogant, self righteous asshole. I may have a huge ego and a loud mouth, but the difference Jake is that for over a decade I have earned that. I have earned the right to run my mouth like a true warrior. You on the other hand haven’t earned anything and you walk around with an air of arrogance. But when called out on it you act like that isn’t you at all. You backpedal and go backwards then forwards and you have no idea who the hell you are…”

“You have no identity. You don’t know if you want to be Lord Raab or Konrad Raab. Flip flop up down whine, cry, argue. Pick one and stick with it or go pay for the psychiatrist to help you. I9n fact, after I win the SCW title and get that fat champions bonus, I’ll cut you a check, go get your mental health sorted out on my whiny bitch…”

Alex scoffs and rolls his eyes.

”Oh damn, all this and I almost forgot that Travis Levitt was in this match. It’s ok. He apparently forgot he’s in SCW and needs to actually promote his appearances to help us get fans in the door. I wonder if he’ll even remember to turn up, or maybe he’s too busy trying to find a place to bury Pandora after confronting her about cheating with Chris Matthews. Also...does he remind you of anyone?”

Alex tilts his head and looks over at a mirror before shaking his head.

”Nah. But legit though, Travis has been quiet as a mouse. All bluster and anger in the match against Austin and Lachlan, but when it comes to a match that matters, a big match that people care about. It seems like he does his disappearing act. Wish I could say I was surprised. I’m sure he’ll turn up with some excuse like he was training or had nothing important to say. But then again..he never does and it hasn’t stopped him since he walked into this company. And while Travis did in fact earn a shot and a spot in this match he’s almost as bad as Raab…”

“Someone who goes on about titles and destiny when he spent 16 years sucking harder than the casting line out the front of Harvey Weinstein's office…”

“And now here he is on the cusp of winning a title that matters, and he’s choking, like an 18 year old actress in...look you get the point…”

He pushes up to his feet and takes a few steps to the glass, his hand travelling up to press against it as he looks down to the ground below, ten stories up, Alex lets out a small sigh and shakes his head.

”The truth is while Fenris doesn’t bat an eyelid at defending his title in a fourway, I know that this match should be one on one. It should be Alex Jones against Fenris. One on one. And I’m not going to bring up the whole not knowing me thing, I found it disrespectful at the time and as I said it then dawned on me that you’re from a small town overseas and not even a student of wrestling. The thing is Fenris I admire you.”

“Yeah, It’s true. I do.”

“See I was born to love this business. Born to be a professional wrestler. You and Jake both came from another world but while Jake has made a fool and an ass of himself you have grown and prospered. And truth is I see the love and passion for wrestling in your eyes and I know how hard it is to gain that love as you become an adult. As you had another love in MMA, your first love. But here in pro wrestling you have become a world champion and a damn fine one. I won’t discredit you, against the current crop of SCW wrestlers, you Fenris have proved yourself time and time again…”

“But I am unlike all of them…”

“I am not a reject from other companies or someone inexperienced. I’m not like Vinnie, Ty, Jake or Austin, as good as Austin is. I’m not like them. I’m not even like Travis, cause while he has been at this for as long as me, I’ve been successful. I have held world mtitles, I have started at the bottom of the mountain and dragged and clawed my way up more than once. You have done it here in SCW and you have done it well. But I have done it more times than I wish to admit. This business has taken so much from me. Two marriages, time with my children, time with my current wife who thankfully is a goddamn saint.

Alex folds his arms over his chest and relaxes.

”As I said, I wish this match was one on one. No Travis to lazily fumble in front of us, no Jake Raab to sneak in and be a snake, just you and me on on one. To find out who is better. The young white wolf or the wily veteran black dragon. You know why they named me that Fenris?. In Japan I wore black tights and fought with such intensity they decided to give me that name. It wasn’t one I came up with it was one that young lions in different dojos and companies called me. It was a sign and mark of respect. And it was also because of the policy I had with enemies…”

“Scorched earth….burn all in front and behind me, leave nothing for anyone to feed off.”

“Todd Williams, Crystal Hilton, Mercedes Vargas, even our referee for this match, Griffin Hawkins knows it. Anyone from Honor, WWH, VWS, NGW, Hybrid, Portland Pro. They all know, they’ve all seen it and they all know it. And I get it, in this world where everything is so open but still closed it can be hard to know who to take seriously. Someone can waltz in here with a thousand title reigns from regional companies no one cares about and get exposed quick. So it’s hard to know, just who is the real deal?. Well, Fenris, Jake, Travis. The three of you should know by now, seeing what I have done and who I have done it to….I am most definitely..the real deal. And at Blaze of glory I will set the world on fire. I will end the reign of Fenris, I will hold that SCW title over my head and I will carry that championship with all the respect it deserves….cause honestly...that’s what I do...and I dare any of you to stop me…”

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"There is a time for work and a time for play. I have been accused of being single-minded in my pursuits, even before my time in wrestling when my world revolved around Mixed Martial Arts. I trained, and when I wasn't training, I was training some more. Or at least that is how my personal trainer in MMA, Maksym Petrov, would phrase it. He believed, as did my brother, that there was such a thing as too much where training was concerned."

"I disagreed. I believe in commitment to what you have laying on the road ahead. When I am not competing, I keep to my schedule. But when I had a fight scheduled in MMA, or a match here in SCW, all thoughts of recreation were pushed to the back of my mind and I had but one goal; to win. But it was the whisperings from Gabriel Stevens that made me realize the threat of burnout. It hadn't happened yet in either career but given how mentally stressful and physically hazardous both professional wrestling or MMA could be, I came to understand the value of when and where to take it easy."

Las Vegas
The gym that served as a training facility for the future stars of the world of professional wrestling has become quite the familiar site for Fenris, especially over the past two weeks. With the exception of his venture to New York City last week alongside his man, Ty West, Fenris had surprised even those closest to him with the intense dedication that he was showing. Every morning after his usual jog, he would arrive for a workout with the state of the art equipment housed within this facility. He would then return after lunch for a sparring match, but Gabriel and Odette both insisted it be against either a graduate of their gym or someone else who made their respective sport their calling card; Despayre, Synn, even Gabriel himself.

Simply put, he was too intense to put in the ring for a sparring match against their students and thus risk injury.

And in the evening, before dinner, Fenris would engage in another training session, but this time with Maksym Petrov at the helm so as to keep his skills in the world of MMA sharp and focused. It was a small wonder why at the end of the day, Fenris always crashed heavily into bed, sleeping soundly until it was time to rise once again the next day to begin it all over again.

Now, it was morning, still early with the sun still freshly risen over the Vegas skyline. Soon the colorful array of pinks, yellows and oranges would fade to the clear blue sky expected. Gabriel was already present, up and wide awake, coffee in hand as he went about his usually opening rituals, getting the facility ready for the students who would be showing up within the hour. He himself had asked Fenris to meet up with him beforehand, earlier than their usual training time, so that they could have an important talk about his upcoming match. Since there was no Despayre or Angel yet at the reception desk this morning to buzz any visitors in, Gabriel sat there himself, reviewing a previous day's training session on his laptop when the front door opened, drawing his attention up.

In walked Fenris, who appeared tired and even crankier than he might usually be accused of. He too possessed a large cup of coffee in one hand, and in the other hand was a leash with his beloved Kyssa trotting in alongside her master, tongue hanging out and tail wagging a mile a minute. Bringing up the rear, and carrying his brother's gym bag, was of course Aron, who seemed unusually disgruntled. The two brothers were engaged in a heated exchange in their native tongue, and Gabriel smiled, privately thankful that he had taken the time to learn the basics of the Icelandic language.

"I don't see why you had to wake me up to come along." Aron argued. "Gabriel asked for you to be here early, not me."

"Tough. Shit." The hot headed Fenris replied through gritted teeth before he took a draft of the life giving java. "You're my manager. If I have to be up early then so do you!"

"Jesus you two look like shit." Gabriel joked, observing them both, and judging by their surprised facial responses, Gabriel hazarded a guess this early hour caused them to almost forget that he could understand every word.

Fenris, however, was ready with a reply as he said, "Well it is your fault, making us get up this damn early just to talk."

"Correction," Aron spoke up. "But it was your idea to get up even earlier so that you could go on your usual morning run."

Gabriel added, "And I only said I needed to talk to you. You didn't have to drag Aron out of bed." To which Aron gestured toward Gabriel with a silent 'See?' that Fenris ignored. Gabriel had gotten to his feet and walked around the desk and lowered himself to one knee so he could ruffle the snow white fur of the husky. He couldn't help it, being such an animal lover.

"Did mean ol' Kristjan make you get up early too?" Gabriel gushed at the canine and she answered with a loud bark that reverberated off the hallway walls, prompting a laugh from the Hall of Famer. He stood up and asked, "Why'd you bring her, anyway?"

"We just came from our run, straight here." Fenris answered. "I take her with me every morning."

Gabriel nodded, saying, "Well that explains that..." He then wrinkled his nose. "And the smell."

Fenris and Aron frowned, then turned their noses to their clothes and bodies but Gabriel grabbed both men by their shoulders and steered them toward the open door that led inside to the gym itself, saying, "I think you both need to hit the showers before we have that talk."

"It's not like we're not going to work out anyway and get sweaty all over again..." Fenris protested but Gabriel would not hear it.

"Think of my nose, man!" He said with a grin on his face, to this day enjoying busting the chops of one of his top students.

With mumbled protests, the two brothers were herded into the gym and toward the offered men's showers, when Gabriel reached down and grasped the leash from out of Fenris's hand. "Not you!" Gabriel mused as the dog looked up at him with her pale, blue eyes. "I'd rather the gym not smell of wet dog."

Kyssa huffed and Gabriel shot back, "Yeah, same to you too, sister!"


After the morning workout, Fenris and Aron sat on the ring apron of the six-sided ring, the one of two wrestling rings inside of the gym, while Gabriel stood in front of the pair with his arm folded.

Gabriel said, "Okay, before the new kids on the block show up, I just needed to talk to you, Kristjan, before we call it a day."

"Call it a day?" Fenris frowned. "I'll be back later..."

But Gabriel interrupted, shaking his head, "No. You're not going to have time. You have that interview scheduled later and after we have this chat, you're going to have enough on your mind to keep yourself occupied. I know you always work out right up until Friday evening, but you'll be fine."

Fenris looked like he was about to say something, possibly in protest, but Gabriel stalled him with a hand held up and he said, "Kristjan, you've been a goddamn machine about this match. More than usual. With the exception of your little jaunt to New York last week, you've been going at it, non-stop. After everything that Maksym and I've put you through the past two weeks, if you're not ready by now..." He shook his head seriously. "Then you won't be."

Fenris paused in thought, and finally yielded, shrugging his shoulders. It was the most Gabriel could want or expect given his student's stubborn nature. Fenris then asked, "So what is this talk about that will have me thinking?"

"Just the actual workings of this match against Alex, Jake and Travis." Gabriel answered. "We haven't had time to discuss how this is actually going to go, so that's why I wanted to do this early. Give you time to rest and recuperate from your physical workout while you let your mind do the rest."

Aron snorted back a laugh at that, to which Fenris delivered a sharp elbow to his brother's arm.

Gabriel continued, "Now, outside of tag team matches, you haven't been in anything like this before. Triple Threat or Fatal Fourway. Nothing outside of an individual opponent."

"Yeah, so?" Fenris replied. "End goal is still the same."

Gabriel shook his head, "But not as easy to achieve. You do know that pretty much anything goes in these matches, correct? I mean, you have to win by pinning or submitting an opponent, so it's almost impossible for a match like this to end in a disqualification or count out."

Gabriel's words were starting to sink into the stubborn mindset of Fenris and the teacher saw the moment the student started to understand the implication of what he was saying. Gabriel went on to say, "You've always competed in a structured environment. Rules and regulations. In a match like this, you have to throw that out the door and be prepared to improvise in case one of your opponents decides to fight dirty. Use a weapon or have someone on the outside lend a helping hand."

Aron observed, "I don't think any of them would go that route. Jake and Travis seem legit. I mean, maybe Alex would but he seems to want to win this legit too."

"That's all we can hope." Gabriel acknowledged. "But your brother needs to be ready, just in case." he then turned his undivided attention to Fenris and went on, "Not to mention, like I said to you as soon as this match was announced, almost half of your arsenal won't be as effective. The vast majority of your skill set is submission based. Given the stakes and the numbers game, none of those three men are going to sit back and watch while you slap on a submission hold. The moment you do, one or the other will be there to break it up. I told you then to come up with a solution. Have you thought about what you'll do then?"

Fenris answered, "I guess I'm just going to have to knock their asses out so they won't have the chance."

Gabriel smiled, for the first time since this talk started. Fenris understood, and the answer itself was simple, even if the match itself would not be. That was when they heard the tell-tale sound of the buzzer go off, and the door leading from the hall opened and a small group of young men and women walked in, carrying gym bags. Behind them was Gabriel's wife Odette, carrying their daughter while Lucas ran in after. The child's bright eyes lit up when he saw his dad and the two Baltasarsson brothers.

"Okay, go on." Gabriel said. "Take the rest of the day for yourselves so you can be ready for your interview. Preferably before Lucas asks for a rematch!" Referring to the "title defense" from earlier this week in Charlotte Elliot's promo. (And if you haven't read it yet, then shame on you! )

Fenris stood up from the ring apron and smirked, "I won, didn't I?"

"Only because you held the lad down and tickled him until he cried uncle." Gabriel laughed.

"Hey," Fenris shrugged. "Whatever it takes to win!"

Later that evening -
World Web Wrestling

Several small scenes cut across the computer screen, vertically and horizontally in film format, of the host, Dwayne Carter, interacting with professional wrestlers at sporadic events and on stage in his interview setting. As the music played slowly subsides in beat and tempo, finally fading away completely into the background, the screen shifts to the WWW Studio stage where two chairs are the main prominent feature.

In the first chair on the left of the screen, was Dwayne Carter, host of the program. In the remaining chair to his right was the reigning SCW World Heavyweight Champion, Fenris.

The final notes of the music vanish and Dwayne leans forward in his chair and speaks into the camera;

Dwayne says, "Hello everyone, and I want to welcome you to another edition of 'World Web Wrestling' the premiere online source of entertainment for your professional wrestling needs! My special guest this week will be defending the SCW World title against three men in a Fatal Fourway at this weekend's Blaze of Glory VII, the 'White Wolf' Fenris! Fenris, welcome to the show."

Fenris stared at the man beside him as if he were in pain, but he finally found his voice and answered, "I'd say it was a pleasure, but I really don't want to be a liar." He shook his head. "I never was one for interviews. Meeting fans can be fun though."

Dwayne says, "But as the World Champion, a title that you've now held for over seven months, public appearances, meet and greets, and interviews are all necessary evils."

"It's hell being the best." Fenris smiled, and Dwayne chuckled. "I can only imagine." He said. "But I was warned how you felt so I promise to make this as painless as possible. In fact, I thought it might be fun if this time around, the fans were to interview you for a change. We've opened the phone lines early, and we've already got the lines tied up with fans of yours who would like to ask you a question."

Fenris thought about this for a moment, then nodded. There was even the faint wisp of a smile on his face as if he believed this experience would be more comfortable than your average interview.

Dwayne then said, "Now before we take our first caller, this weekend you are scheduled to defend your title for the eighth time in Anaheim, California, at the ACC Arena against three other men. Jake Raab. Travis Levitt. And Alex Jones. How are you feeling going into this match?"

"Ready." Fenris answered straight away. "Gabriel and Odette Stevens, both who trained me for this sport. My MMA coach Maksym Petrov. They've been running my ass ragged to make sure I'm ready. Hell! I've been running my own ass ragged! This is first time I defended against more than one man at a time so I can not afford to not be ready."

Dwayne asked, "Now you debuted on April 15th of last year, and have yet to suffer a loss. What would you say is the secret to your success?"

"Simple." Fenris smiled. "I'm better than everyone they put me against."

Dwayne chuckled, "Well it's hard to dispute that. Now, let's get to our first caller, shall we? This is Aidan from Chicago. Aidan? You're on the air."

Aidan asked, "Hey Fenris! I was just wondering who has the worst music tastes at Gabriel and Odette's gym?"

"Lucas." Fenris answered with a smile. "Kid switched the usual music with the soundtrack from Spongebob Squarepants once and I was ready to tear my hair out by the end of the day!"

Dwayne said, "Alright, next we have Noah from Winnipeg, Manitoba!"

Noah said, "Fenris! Who's the hardest worker out of Gabriel's students?"

Fenris just gave the camera that cocky smirk and held his arms out as if to silently say, 'Duh!'

Dwayne said, "This is Riley from Fort Wayne, Indiana."

Riley said, "Hey champ! What is your routine before a big match?"

Dwayne observed, "That's a good question."

"My routine?" Fenris repeated with a light hearted shrug. "Once a match is announced, starting Monday I do my usual routine, working out wrestling in morning and MMA in evening. In between, usual weight training and cardio. Until Friday night, as I usually take Saturday off from training."

Dwayne asked, "And is there a reason for that?"

Fenris shrugged, "If I'm not ready after all that, I might as well not be. So I take the day before the big match off to rest and prepare mentally."

Dwayne said, "Thank you for that. Now we have Mark from London, England! Wow! That's a loyal fan."

Mark asked, "Not really. Pub call. Anyway, do you have any superstitions or pre match rituals?"

Fenris shook his head, "Not really the superstitious sort. But pre match rituals? Well, you see me kneel and cross my heart on the stage. That is my prayer to Balder, the fallen god."

Dwayne asked, "Do you still practice the Norse religion?"

Fenris said, "I do. Too many people believe the Norse religions went out with Christianity. Not true. It is still going strong, even a thousand years after the Vikings."

Dwayne said, "Interesting. Okay, now we have Quinn from Columbus, Ohio."

Quinn asked, "Fenris, if you had to pick a tag team partner, who would it be?"

Fenris answered, "Ty West. But if I have choice, I'd prefer not to choose at all. I do not like tag team matches. Never have."

Dwayne said, "Fair enough. This is Elliot from Patna, India."

Elliot asked, "Do you have any Blaze of Glory VII Predictions?"

Fenris took a moment to think about this one before he answered, "Dani will win the Bombshell title a second time. Ty will win the Roulette title. And of course, I will retain. Obviously."

Dwayne, "Next up we have Grayson from... wow! Buchares, Romania!"

Grayson asked, "Do you have any hobbies?"

Fenris answered, "Besides training? I do not have much time for hobbies. I have my dog, Kyssa, I care for. Watch the occasional movie, or British sitcoms Gabriel got me into or some anime. Drinking?" He smiled and Dwayne laughed.

Dwayne said, "I suppose drinking could be considered a hobby. Now we have two more callers. First, it's Gene from North Las Vegas."

Gene asked, "Fenris, who would you say is your hardest opponent?"

Fenris frowned and looked to Dwayne and said, "That is rather personal question."

Dwayne said, "I think he means who was your toughest opponent to date."

Fenris nodded with a silent, 'Oh!' before he answered, "In that case, is toss up between Jake Raab and Senor Vinnie. Vinne took me to the brink of my first loss, but Jake busted me up like nobody had done before."

"Hi! This, Ted ... E.! Yeah, Ted E.... Bear! Yeah that'll do... Anyhoo, First time caller, long time... well I can't say long time fan because that would be a fib and Santa is watching." This caller has Fenris and Dwayne exchanging confused glances when the caller asked, "Hey Fenris! Do you know where Angel put his Universal remote for my TV? I can't find it and we wanna watch TV before bed."

Fenris frowned and then finally said, "Despayre? ... How would I know where your TV remote is!?"

The caller said hotly, "First of all, it's Ted E. Bear! And second of all, Dwayne said we could call in and ask any question! **huffs** Never mind!" There was a brief shuffling sound and a click, when the caller then said, "Boy it's no wonder nobody likes him! So. Rude!"

Fenris's eyes narrowed when the caller said indignantly, "No, Angel! I did so hang up! .... I think I know the difference between hanging up and putting myself on speaker pho-oh! Oops!" And with a nervous giggle, the call was promptly ended.

Dwayne said, "Well that was certainly interesting... and informative. Now before we bring this evening to a close, I wanted to ask the hard question. Fenris, after what happened several months ago with Kris Ryans..." Dwayne ignores the sudden frown on Fenris's face. "... have you noticed any difficulties in your career?"

"Difficulties?" Fenris frowned. "Like what?"

Dwayne said, "Such as, has any of your fans or colleagues treated you any different when it was revealed to the world that you preferred men?"

"What? No!" Fenris growled. "It was as Gabriel told me, nobody cares! And if any fans who liked me before, decided they do not like me now?" He shrugged. "Fuck them!"

Dwayne asked, "And you don't feel like you did the gay community who supports MMA or wrestling a disservice by not coming out sooner?"

"Excuse me!?" Fenris turned in his chair to face Dwayne directly. "What the fuck is that supposed to mean!? How is what happened to me in my personal life doing anyone any kind of disservice!?"

Dwayne blanched momentarily before he answered, "Well it's just that as a gay role model, many believe that you should have come out sooner."

"Says who?" Fenris asked hotly. "Hm? Who says I should have? And who the fuck business is it of anyone when or how I came out in the first place!?"

"Well as a gay role model..."

Fenris interrupted, "Back up! That is second time you call me a gay role model! Why the hell are you labeling me!? Why can't you just call me role model who just so happens to be gay!?" His stare has Dwayne frozen and speechless, but Fenris does not ease up.

"First of all," Fenris said. "I am only 'out' because of that fuck up I pulled with Kris! Would I be out now if that had not happened?" He shrugged. "Who knows? Maybe. maybe not, but it sure as shit isn't 'owed' to anyone! What? Now me putting my body on the line every god damn week isn't enough!? Bleeding like a fucking stuck pig isn't enough for them, they have to know what I do in the bedroom too!? Well shit! If I had known that then maybe that sex tape should have been made public! Because apparently now I 'owe' it to everyone to let them know who the hell I fuck!?"

Dwayne started to say, "Well..."

"BULLSHIT!!!" Fenris bellowed, startling Dwayne and causing the host to push back into his own seat in a subconscious effort to get away from the hostile guest. Fenris continued on with his rant, "My personal life isn't anyone's fucking business! It was not before I was out, and it sure as shit isn't now! If a gay fan looks at me and says if Fenris can do this, then I can to -- then great! Fucking A! But they should have that confidence in themselves not because I say so, but because it is so!"

Fenris then stood up and pointed at Dwayne who flinched openly, "If they think they don't have a place in any sport just because of who they go to bed with, that's their fault! Not mine and fuck anyone who tries to say different!"

Fenris then stormed off the stage set, knocking his chair over and leaving the host very discomforted in his wake.

Across the city of Las Vegas, in the SCW offices... Co-Owner "Hot Stuff" Mark ward is staring at the laptop screen on his desk, having watched the broadcast with a noticeable smile on his face as he said aloud to no one in particular, "Well hello there Fenris! Where the bloody hell have you been?"

"You have questions, I have the answers."

The darkness was suddenly illuminated by a single spotlight over the ring where Fenris say on the canvas, cross-legged with the SCW World Heavyweight Championship strewn out across his lap.

"Have I ever been in a match like this, where I could lose my championship without actually losing the match? Been asked that question ever since this got booked and the answer is ... no. I have not, and I do not like it. I get why it was booked. SCW is all about equal chances. If the women are in this spot, then only fair the men are too. Does not mean I have to like it though. I prefer straight up fights, one on one. Man to man. Jut like when I won title by beating someone who wasn't the actual champion, I was not satisfied until I faced and defeated Kris Ryans. Now is no different. I'm pretty god damned sure that all three of these guys will be beating the hell out of me, or trying to at least, because they want to leave no doubts. They want to be the man who ends my streak. They want no fan or so-called experts saying they are not the true champion because they did not beat the champion."

Fenris chuckled.

"That strategy might work at first, but it won't last for long. Each man in this match, including me -- especially me, has an ego the size of Iceland! One will not stand aside and allow the other to get the win and the championship! Tempers will flare. Fights will break out! And then, that will be all the opening I need to lay one of their asses put and walk away with the world title still around my waist!"

"I'm no fool. I know that eventually their mindset will break down and soon they will not care who they beat, just so long as one gets the win and the title."

He shook his head.

"I even understand now that in match like this, no real rules to enforce since it can not end on a disqualification. That's fine. Even better! Does anyone out there actually think I can not handle myself in a brawl? If one brings friend to interfere and help him win, do you not think I can't do the same? I can, I would just prefer not to because unlike some wrestlers I have seen, I don't fucking need help in order to win a match! And I would like to think these three men I am against have the same moral code to want to win this on their own!"

Slowly Fenris uncrossed his legs and stood up, bringing the world title belt up along with him.

Fenris nodded as he said, "I know Jake Raab does. There has been talk, crude remarks about whether or not he should be in this match. Jake, if anyone says you do not, tell them to watch that fucking match that you and I had and what we did to each other! Tell them to watch what you did to me! You may not have won the match but you sure as shit won my respect! I will respect any man who can do to me what you did, and I will defend your right to be in that ring against me again! And what's more, I respect what the hell you came back from!"

"I know I went to all lengths to walk away the winner of our match because I knew damn well that you would do the same! Your hand, your shoulder? Both hurt. Both requiring surgery. And despite the fact, you just kept fighting, even if it meant risking further harm. You still fought Vinnie. You may not have won, but you had the heart to fucking show why you're going places! And hurt or not, here you are again. Against myself and two other men. And believe me, I have no doubt you'll want to answer back for what hell I put you through. Well, Jake?"

He leaned against the ropes.

"I wouldn't have it any other way!"

Fenris then stood upright, his blue eyes glaring straight into the camera/

"Have not heard much of anything from Travis, but that is alright. Even with no words can be enough of a warning of what type of man he is inside of the ring. They always say to watch out for the quiet ones. Well, Travis has been quiet, but his actions are loud enough. I mean, who out there thought it would be Austin James Mercer who was going to win the triple threat against Travis and Caleb? Hm?"

Fenris briefly raised his own hand in acknowledgment.

"I know I did, and Travis proved me wrong. He proved a lot of people wrong when he won and advanced to this title match. Here's a little fact for you, Travis."

Fenris beckoned the camera closer with a motion of his forefinger.

"I don't like being proven wrong about anything, so as a gesture of respect, I am going to be proven right when I say I am going to win, but I make no pretense that it will be easy. I've watched you. And while you have been silent so far where our match is concerned, all that tells me is that you are the wildcard. Nobody knows what to expect, nobody knows what you might or will do once that bell rings and, if you'll pardon the expression, all gloves come off! I like a little mystery, and I love a challenge! You'll provide that, I am certain, even if it does not go entirely the way that you would want it to."

Fenris approached the corner of the ring and draped the world title belt over the top turnbuckle and stared at it before he turned around...

"I think above all else, it is the Black Dragon that I look forward to facing the most. Now that I know of him, I can honestly say the reputation precedes him. One day it will be one on one, but for now Alex Jones? We will have to just make the most out of this situation. Hoping Jake decides to take up Travis's time and vice versa, leaving you and me to deal with one another."

He smiled.

"But we'll see. So ... Black Dragon? Interesting. It makes me think of other dragons you read about. Stories. Fairy tales. Mythology. Take Smaug for example. Perhaps most famous dragon in modern literature, from the Hobbit. A beast that laid waste to a kingdom and hoarded its treasure for decades until the smallest of arrows pierced it's heart."

"A little closer to my own heart would be Fafnir, a dragon from Norse tales. Originally a dwarf that was cursed into dragon form. The strongest and most aggressive of three brothers, Fafnir guarded his father's treasure of gold and jewels, using poisoned breath to protect what was his and instilled terror into the hearts of the Norse, human and dwarf alike. It was only an act of jealousy that brought his demise at the machinations of his own brother, Sigurd."

"Of course, there were others. Krak's dragon in Polish tales. Yamata no Orochi from Japanese mythology. Really..."

He held up a hand and shook his head.

"There are too many to mention, but do you understand what I am getting at? The reference and implication? Each of these dragons, just as you do now, coveted something. Whether it be a woman or something more... golden..."

His hand caressed the center golden plate of the championship belt.

"... in the end, was always the same result. The treasure was the dragon's downfall. The dragon's greed and desire cost them in the end. You want what is mine, Alex. I know you do and I can not fault you for that. You know what it is like to hold championship gold, many times over as a matter of fact. Some say I'm arrogant as fuck and you know something? I think I deserve to be! And I've heard Austin call you cocky, well after reading up on the shit you've accomplished, I'd dare say you deserve to be too! That just brings us to the here and now."

"The White Wolf in the ring against the Black Dragon. Sounds like something out of a fantasy tale, and for the raging beast that you are, for the damage that you will cause, just consider me the knight in shining armor that is the end of the fire breathing beast. After all Alex, I beat one Honor Champion."

He winked into the camera.

"I think I can take another."

"Where wolf's ears are, wolf's teeth are near."
~ Volsunga Saga, c.19

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Jake Raab
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Back to acting school. Huntington Beach, California. Monday 4th March (Off camera)

Despite still trying to recover from his shoulder injury, he was allowed to come back to acting school and continue where he left off, although most of the time, Edgar had to demonstrate the character Jake wanted to be, be a guy being looked at as an arrow target. It seemed like Edgar had a few ideas regarding Jake's portrayal of who he wants to be, even the nickname known as The Target.

Which was the first time he's got a nickname to himself because, in his small wrestling run career in the past, he was just called Jake without the use of nicknames? He was known as the eagle in MMA world but knew it wouldn't have worked in wrestling, knowing he wasn't that much of a high flyer to be labelled that.

When the class finished, people who were in the same group as Jake got a ton of respect from them due to his fighting nature of dealing with a sore shoulder and still being committed to being a wrestler in the ring with the character he may have picked for himself, but the nickname wasn't. He discusses this with Edgar who hadn't seen Jake in a few weeks while in the acting school hall after everyone went home.

Jake Raab: “The target?”

Edgar Davies: “I think it suits you. After all, you want to use arrows as a target to aim for the bullseye, right?”

Jake Raab: “To be honest, in the early run of my SCW career, everyone wanted to shut me up as I was a moaning fucking cunt back then.”

Edgar Davies: “Not anymore. You've grown and matured since then. You learnt from your mistakes and not repeat them. I can see you getting a bit more comfortable being this arrow character now, but the nickname of The Target? It's what I've thought about since you've been away, resting.”

Jake Raab: “I'm about to get more help from an SCW trainer sometime this week to make myself different from my cousins, in terms of my wrestling moves. I liked to call myself fire so what about The fiery target?”

Although it was Jake who now had ideas to be this character who is shy to talk to others backstage, but is comfortable backstage, firing arrows at the archery posts and picture target of his opponents. Even if Jake recently signed up to archery school to practice with his targets on the boards. Edgar nods, liking Jake's nickname.

Edgar Davies: “The fiery target? That sounds better actually, considering you are full of fire when you're on your game to punish people, and you're aimed as a target in SCW as of late, so it works well.”

Jake Raab: “If only I'm able to somehow come down to the ring with bows and arrows on my shoulder, that would be great. Not sure if SCW will allow me to do something like that for an entrance. I like to think that's something possible that can happen. I don't make the calls regarding that.”

Edgar Davies: “I can't see why not. After all, a wrestler has come down in ridiculous entrances, and they were fine. I did talk to Justin and told me what went down between the two of you, how you were frustrated about using the Raab name as extra pressure of you doing well.”

That hit Jake right on the button when he places his head down when Edgar found out why Jake's been pissed off before the injury Jake suffered. Jake says this.

Jake Raab: “It's true.”

Edgar Davies: “Sometimes in life, everyone needs help with wanting to change things around. Problem with that is what I said to you at the beginning of the course; you need to find your identity of the guy you will be. Maybe the way to do it is to find someone to go out with, get to know them and get married. Men can have their name changed if they want to.”

Jake Raab: “It's more for wrestling I'm looking for the surname change. I can't think of any surnames at the moment. I'm sure I'll get it figured out sooner than later.”

Edgar Davies: “Right now, it's getting the feeling for this fiery target nickname you'll forever cherish and ready to use in SCW. Does firing arrows make you feel better?”

It was a bold question from Edgar that if he enjoys firing arrows at archery targets or it's because of the Arrow film that makes Jake the way he is as he takes a long think at the question before he responds to this.

Jake Raab: “I think I enjoy doing archery, after all, I've signed myself up to do archery shooting sessions with the archery club every weekend, well not Sunday's obviously, but I'm beginning to enjoy firing arrows more than I thought. It makes me who I am and what will stand me out from the others.”

Edgar Davies: “That's the main thing to be comfortable, and I think you joining the weekend archery club is a great idea to get a bit more feeling for the character. I hope I can come to see you do archery in your wrestling clothes and be a master of archery.”

Jake Raab: “It will also help me get friends too. It seems to always be an issue with us Raab's, well apart from Konrad who's able to make friends easily, it seems to be difficult for me. Markus is because of his past, and I don't know why with me.”

Edgar Davies: “Not only you're new in town, but maybe it comes down to you being shy, and that's a must for you along with improving on your skills to grow not just as a wrestler and a character, but for yourself as well. I better go, my wife, is expecting me home soon. You deserve a rest before the big match you have. I'll see you soon.”

Jake nods as Edgar places the toy bow and arrow in Jake's rucksack before Jake heads his way back to his apartment to have a rest at least for a whole day. A few moments later, he got a phone call from Justin to tell him that after his acting lessons tomorrow, he was going to start gym training as Jake says out loud to himself.

Jake Raab: “Thank fuck for that. Sick of being home all day, doing no training whatsoever, especially for a big match for Fenris's title. Anyway, at least I get the opportunity tomorrow.”

As he texts Justin back about he accepting the deal and then Jake heads off straight to bed to get all the sleep Jake needs before both acting school and gym work Jake does on the same day tomorrow, having an early day to head straight to his acting lessons with the toy bow and arrow he had.


Discussing Jake's weaknesses and how to improve them. Huntington Beach, California. Tuesday 5th March. (Off camera)

Four hours after Jake walked in the gym and started working out, the clear signs were there that Jake's still struggling with his shoulder injuries when it comes to working out in the gym. You see Jake wincing in pain a bit when he has to work on his shoulder. He also did some wrestling as well, seeing how he does with throwing opponents. The good sign was it's nearly healed from the damage Fenris done to Jake's shoulder. The hand problem was no longer a problem for Jake as that healed rapidly.

The shoulder was taking its time, but Justin already wrote down what Jake's weaknesses were when it came to wrestling as Jake's currently punching the bag at the moment. Seemed like a typical Raab trait to continue training, regardless if they wore themselves or not as Justin says this.

Justin Mountain: “You need to have a break from working out in the gym as I don't want you to push too hard for victories.”

Jake Raab: “But I want to win the SCW title badly.”

Justin Mountain: “You also risk of having another injury to your body, even the other shoulder, popping out of its place.”

Jake Raab: “Yeah, you're right. The last thing I want to do is have another shoulder injury and having to place that back together.”

Jake was forced to stop, but it was for a good reason as he would punish and hurt his body if he continued so he stopped, and Jake walked over to the bench, discussing with Edgar where he was going wrong with his wrestling as of late as Edgar says this.

Justin Mountain: “Taking aside from your shoulder injury, you seem to need work on lifting wrestlers more than a short time.”

Jake Raab: “Yeah, I don't feel like I'm in that strong area either, much like the Cruiserweight wrestlers. However, Alex already has talked so much shit towards me. He won't shut the fuck up.”

Justin Mountain: “Take no notice of what's going on and focus on you. I can't comment on the SCW wrestlers. Your strength isn't as good as I thought. Even if your shoulder was fully recovered, your strength would wear out on you. You're speedy and quick.”

Jake Raab: “I have thought about gaining a few pounds so I won't feel the impact as much, but not completely overweight though. What else can I work on?”

Justin knew from that point on; he was expected to be asked questions from his training buddy who needed help. Justin saw more spots on Jake's wrestling he needs to address as he says this also about Jake.

Justin Mountain: “You need to jump from the turnbuckle to the match and other things you can fly on. Other than that, you're good to go. I even say you're closer to being one hundred per cent because your shoulder seems to be moving fine.”

Jake Raab: “Yeah, I begin to feel better. The pain is still there at times, but I don't think about it when I'm training for the biggest match of my life and being apart of the match as well. I fucked Fenris up good.”

Justin Mountain: “While he fucked you good with the shoulder and hand injuries.”

Jake Raab: “I can admit, Alex is starting to annoy me with the crap he said about me. I'm going out there to do anything it takes to win the title, even if it means fucking up Fenris again along with Travis and especially Alex who deserves a beating on Sunday night.”

Justin wondered about what Jake said the other day as Justin reminds Jake about it.

Justin Mountain: “Still want to change your last name in wrestling?”

Jake Raab: “Edgar called me the fiery target as I love to target and line up my arrows to the target and thought it'd go well with what I'm portraying as.”

Justin Mountain: “I think that's a good nickname for you. So you see, you can find your identity without my help already.

Jake Raab: “Actually, it was Edgar's idea of a wrestling nickname. With a name like Edgar, you can even use it as a last name which is something I'm serious of doing. Anyway, thanks for all the help and guidance today. I have to rest as I'm exhausted and want to watch more of arrow series to get the feeling for the character I want to be.”

Justin Mountain: “I am glad, and I agree, you do need to watch it. I'll see you around, and I will be back to help you learn where you are going wrong in wrestling. Save talking about your opponents later.”

Jake nodded as he agreed that it was best to save the trash talking parts to him for the night as Jake's been in and out of a gym a lot lately to get himself the best he could to beat a champion and two other new names, although one of them was aligned with Austin. He works on weights for a bit until he heads himself back home.


The title is coming to me this time. Jake's camera (On camera)

“This time around, my oh my the tables have indeed turned with Alex Jones being nothing more than a god damn hypocrite. Tells me I'm whining and moaning, yet that's all you've done since the match was announced. Do you honestly think beating Joshua Acquin makes you deserving of a title match? If I won a title contenders match by beating Joshua Acquin, I'd laugh at myself because it takes no effort to beat Joshua in the ring, despite nearly everyone in SCW has beaten him before, like myself.

I didn't mention Caleb because I never met him in the ring to know about him. If you wanted to earn it against wrestlers like Ty and Ben Jordan for an example, you would've said to the management, you deserve better opponents than Joshua, but you didn't. Pot meet kettle buddy.

In case you haven't noticed, I pushed Fenris to his limits and you see, he respects me in the ring because he had to work for it. I had to bust Fenris open to show him exactly what MMA fighters were born and bred to do. Just watch that match and then tell me if I deserve it or not. Like you haven't asked and demanded like a bitch for title shots in your entire career. You're just full of your hype because of your past title reigns which are irrelevant to this company.

Sure, you're a great wrestler, I won't deny the fact you are a threat, but I also speak with facts as well. You don't hear me mentioning my Honor title win every single time I talk on camera. It's beating a dead horse at that point.

If you think I wasn't going to shit on Todd because of his lack of effort, you're fucking stupid. Not my fault if you refuse to see the lack of passion with Todd when he'd meant to be facing against Dimitri for an SCW title opportunity and the fact he didn't show up for the SCW title opportunity where many wrestlers would kill for a chance like that makes me sick.

I can't say very much about Travis because he's been so quiet. Of course, I view him as a threat because he's the one who had to go through the toughest wrestlers he's had to face in a tough match Austin and Lachlan Kane. That guy is the one who deserves to be in this match. I'm not underrating him or anything cos he is the black horse in this match, and the quiet ones are usually the most dangerous wrestlers. I leave it there cos there's nothing bad to say about the dude.

Fenris well, I knew he'd point out the part of me neglecting the point of injuring me. I know I've spoken more about how fucked I've been than me fucking you up. You know exactly how much I've had to bust my ass to get to this title match through god damn injury. You know how much we put our bodies on the line to do anything possible to make it as brutal as it did.

Fenris I respect the hell out of you because you deserve the effort you've put into this sport and maybe, you've learned now I've changed, and I'm no longer moaning and bitching at you or the company. I admitted I was wrong on the things I've said. I'm glad you want to face me again because you can expect the same thing when we let loose on each other, fucking one another up big time and bust each other open.

Now here I go by saying despite my busted shoulder that's honestly nearly one hundred per cent now. I'm a fighter that never stops, regardless of my injuries because I'm not a coward and I prefer to push on to the top because this fiery target is targetting the belt with me firing all arrows in the ring to do anything possible to win the match. I will shoot arrows in the arena non-stop until I capture the title. I will pin one of you for the three count or by submission and walk away from Blaze of Glory in Anaheim, California as your new SCW champion. See you guys out there and may the best man win.”

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