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> Killing a loser, Amanda rp
Amanda Cortez
Posted: May 17, 2019 09:46 am

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After her last loss Amanda took a week free from wrestling and training and, together with her wife Rose, she had made a little vacation. The couple had made boat trip and they have spent most of their time with doing nothing and relaxing. The biggest action has been to make food or to have some funding the bed. But sadly now the nice time is over and they are back at the harbor where they live. Amanda isn’t much online on social media anymore, but she still reads her emails. She doesn’t get as much anymore as in the past, but sometimes she still gets one from SCW, the wrestling company where she still works, and so she sees that she is booked in a new match again and that her opponent will be Jessie Salco. A few years ago she would have been happy about such a match, because she already won against her and probably this will be an easy win, but now everything has changed and she is a bit frustrated. It seems that the bosses now have seen that she really isn’t as good anymore as in the past and that it’s useless to put her into a title run again. All she is good for now is to be in some filler matches and realizing this hurts a bit. Ok, she has already seen that she isn’t as good anymore as in the past, but she hasn’t seen that it is that bad. Damn, she feels like one of these rookies again, and this after she had won a few titles. That’s really frustrating.
Again she look at her phone and reads the mail again, hoping that something has changed, but it still has the same content. A bit angry she throws her phone into the corner of her room and growls as Rose enters the room.

„What’s wrong?“

Amanda glares at her wife.

„Better ask me what’s not wrong.“

„Ok then, so what’s not wrong?“

But even though Rose smiles and seems to be in a good mood, Amanda still is angry.

„What a stupid question.“

„But you told me to ask you this.“

But Amanda instinct the mood for such games and growls again.

„Ok, I give it up. Everything is wrong and I hate this crap.“

In some way Rose understands that it has something to do with Amanda’s wrestling job, nutshell still doesn’t know all the details. She only looks at her wife and waits till she continues.

„I’m booked in such a fucking filler match.“

Rose has realized that her wife isn’t that motivated anymore and so she doesn’t see a problem there.

„And what’s wrong with this? I think that should be an easy match and an easy win for you, so you should be happy, but instead of this your wining like a lil kid..“

„Damn, I‘m not wining, I‘m just sad and hurt. I’ve been champion a few times and now I’m in such a match, like a rookie.“

And now Rose becomes curious.

„And may you Tell me who your opponent is?“

„Yes, it’s Jessie Salco.“

Hearing this Rose starts to laugh.

„Wow, now I get you. That would frustrate me too, to face such a loser. If I remember it right you’ve already won against her a few times. Damn, this fucking chick is really a joke, a disgrace for the whole wrestling industry.“

Again Amanda glares at her wife.

„Do you think this is funny? You should feel sorry for me. I’ve been a champion, I’ve been one of the best wrestlers at scw and now I have to face this fucking loser,Jessie. That’s frustrating. I’ve already wiped the floor with her and now …“

This time Rose interrupts her.

„You See, it’s not that bad. You already won against her and you will do it again. So just see it relaxed, like a trainings match.“

„Initial would be a trainings match, I would se it relaxed, but it isn’t, it’s a real match. They think all I can do is doing such rookie matches. And ….. prolly they’re right.“

Now Rose looks up and it seems that she understands the problem. It seems that Amanda is worried that she could lose this match too.

„Oh god, you are scared that you lose against Jessie.“

„Shit no, I‘m not scared.“

Amanda clenches her fist and sighs, but then she admits it.

„Ok, ok, you’re right, I am scared. Damn, if I lose in this match, I really look like an idiot and my career is over. I will never get the chance again to get a good match or even a title match. Damn, that sucks so much.“

Amanda sniffles a bit and Rose puts her hand on her shoulder.

„Aww, don’t worry about that. You won’t lose against her and even if you do, who cares?“

„I do care.“

Rose puts her finger on Mandy’s lips to shut her up.

„I know, but you shouldn’t. It’s only a match and nothing more.“

But Amanda shakes her head.

„No, it is more. Wrestling has been my first job and I loved it. It has been my life. So it’s prolly understandable that I’m sad when I see that my career is over. And this after all these years. Damn, I did that job for more than a decade and now I end up as a fucking loser.“

„But you are no Loser, even if you lose against Jessie.“

In some way Rose’s nice words can’t calm down Amanda.

„It’s nice that you say this, but I know what I am, a fucking loser who doesn’t see when her best times are over. Everybody will laugh at me.“

„I know that this hurts, but don’t worry about it. Nobody will laugh, not even if you lose against her, but I’m pretty sure that this won‘t happen. You won against her before and I know that you can do it again. There’s no chance that you will lose this match. It will be a great win and nobody will be disappointed. Haha, maybe one person will, Jessie Salco. So just go out there, kick her ass and wipe the floor with her, the same way you did in the past.“

It’s good to see how confident Rose is and now Amanda smiles a bit, even though it’s a weak smile.

„Maybe you’re right and it won’t become that bad. We will see how all this develops.“

Now Amanda wraps her arms around Rose and kisses her.

„Thank you that you’re here for me.“

„Aww, Theres no needa Thank me. Im your wife and I love you and I always be here for you, especially Inyo have problems.“

Amanda smiles happily and then she winks at her wife.

„By the way, is Jessie a problem? Probably you’re right and she isn’t worth my time. Ok, I have to deal with her in the ring, but again you’re right, that won’t be too hard. In the Past I could defeat her with ease and I will do it again.“

Slowly Amanda’s spirit comes back.

„Yes, it will be a good match and my first win since my comeback. I might not be as good anymore as I have been in the past, but I will show them that I’m still a threat.
So Jessie, be warned. You already know how it feels to lose against me and if you forgot, well, then I’ll remind you next week how it is. There’s no chance that you will leave the ring as the winner. Probably I’m not good enough anymore to go for a title, but for you it still will be enough. You’re nothing more than a stupid fat cow who trips over her own feet when you stumble through the ring. You’re laughable, a joke, a fucking moron who’s too big for her boots. Not me, but you should have retired years ago. Why the fuck don’t you see that nobody wants to see your crappy performance?“

Amanda takes a deep breath.

„So it seems that it needs me to show you that you’re a fucking sore loser and it’ll be an honor for me to do this. Ok, and now seriously … I don’t take all this wrestling stuff really personal, but with you it is personal. I could never stand you, no, I even hated you, and these feeling haven’t changed during all these years I have been retired. You always have been a pain in the ass and you still are one. Damn, fuck off you bloody fucking bitch.“

Another little break and then Amanda continues.

„Normally I don’t talk like this. I’m a kind and friendly person, but seeing you turns me into a furious monster. I wanna beat you, I wanna defeat you, but there is more. I also wanna hurt and injure you, I wanna see you cry, beg for mercy, I wanna ….“

Amanda is really freaking out, but then she calms down again.

„Damn, now I don’t know anymore what to say. It’s really hard to describe in words what I thing about you and what I wanna do to you, but anyway. Next week I will show you.“

All the time Amanda was talking, Rose has been quiet and only watched her, but now she applauds.

„Yay, that’s the Mandy I love and know, my Goddess.“

It seems that Amanda is in her dominant mood again. She winks at her wife.

„Oh yes, I am the Goddess.“

She giggles lightly.

„And today you will be the one who obeys and who worships me.“

The pretty redhaired Rose raise an eyebrow.

„I think you just forgot something, darling, I’m your Mistress.“

Instead of answering Amanda pins her wife down, but Rose fights back a bit. The two wrestle on the bed and Rose grabs a pillow and slams it into Amanda’s face and Mandy growls.

„That was a fucking mistake.“

She grabs the other pillow and fights back. Pretty soon the pillows are destroyed and the feathers fly around in the room. The two look at each other and start to laugh.

„Hell, what mess ….“

Rose sighs.

„And these pillows have been so fucking expensive.“

Again she giggles while she winks at Amanda.

„And now you see that it’s really good that you still have this wrestling we have at least enough money to buy new ones.“

„Indeed …“

Amanda looks around at this mess and smirks.

„By the way, all these feathers remind me of something …“

She grabs Rose by her wrist and Rose tries to shy back, but it’s too late.

„Don’t you dare …I’m the Mistress.“

„Keep dreaming.“

Still holding Rose down, Amanda winks at her wife.

„I think slowly we have to change something. From now on I’m more gonna show my dominant side. In the ring and ….haha, in bed.“

The petite pretty Rose still struggles and looks a bit worried.

„In the ring it’s ok. Go out there and beat that stupid bitch Jessie up, but …“

Now Amanda gags her with a kiss and smiles.

„This I will do. I‘m gonna beat this slut up. She will learn how dominant I can be, but not in a nice way. Hehe, the nice way is for you.“

Amanda has changed her position a bit. Now she sits on Rose’s hips and holds her wrists down with one hand. With her free hand she lightly strokes over the sides of Rose’s breasts and the petite tattooed redhead squirms and giggles.

„Hehe, that tickles, but it feels nice.“

Amanda smiles.

„That was the Plan.“

Her hand moves down a bit and she lightly pokes Rose’s flat tummy and her ribs and roses giggling becomes louder.

„You still like it?“

And even though she squirms, Rose nods.

„Hehe, yes ….“

„Well, then it’s time to intensify the whole thing here.“

Rose looks puzzled and Amanda licks her lips.

„I mean, that I’m gonna tie my cute little mistress up and then I’m gonna show you, how much fun it is to be submissive and on the receiving end.“

With her free hand Amanda takes a piece of rope and ties Rose’s wrists together and to the bed post. She looks down at her wife and smirks.

„And now let the games begin …“

Then the scene fades to black.

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