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> Bella Madison Vs Amelia Hogan, Singles match
Mark Ward
Posted: December 01, 2019 03:26 pm

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Post all roleplays for this match in this thread.
Limits: 10,000 word max per character, 1 roleplay max per week.

Good luck

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Blessed is he who in the name of charity and goodwill shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brothers keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger, those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know my name is the LORD, when I lay my vengeance upon thee

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Posted: December 07, 2019 10:28 pm

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Japan at Christmas Time....

We as Americans have NOTHING on these guys.

We decided to stay behind for a few days just to relax and enjoy the time we get here before flying back to the states. Lord knows as many times as we have been back and forth over the Pacific Ocean in the fall alone has us so worn down, it’s just nice to stop and enjoy the sites. So that’s exactly what we’re doing. Hopped a train from Tokyo to Kobe because there is a lighted display we just all wanted to see, and when I say “We” I mean myself, Alanah and our friend Mattie. The boys came along because apparently we hold this unknown power over them. How do I know this?

They’ve been griping the whole damn way!

I just don’t understand what the hell is so special about this.

Can’t we just see the same shit back home?


LOOK GRINCHES! We deserve a bit of a nice break and enjoy this season, either deal with it and find coffee or sit down and shut up!

Not my fucking fault they tried to kill themselves the night before. Idiots. One upmanship. Only one that hasn’t been pissing and moaning is Jack. We have had such an amazing time no matter what, so just the group of us getting away from it all.

Then why the hell do I have this sense of dread? How many times do I have to come close before I break that ceiling? Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy for Candy, I hope she does amazing....

But I feel like I should be there.

Apparently somewhere I got lost in my thoughts cause I get a nudge at my shoulder and a hand reaching in front of me with a cup of coffee.

You know you really need to stop holding stuff in or you won’t enjoy what you dragged us too,” Mal smirkin’....he knows.

I sigh looking at Malachi, grabbing my coffee from him. “Thanks. You’re right. We’re still celebrating and I’m already in Vegas mentally.

Apparently your mom’s talk about keeping out of your head was in one ear and out the other?

No! I mean...kinda...


OK it’s getting to me! I’m just at a loss right now. I thought it’d be.....” I just shake my head, “I thought things would be different. I thought I was doing something that would help. Instead, I just feel like I’m not making any difference in anything.

Ok listen, I know how much you wanted that chance at Sam. That ditz...


Sorry... Candy got to Amelia before you did and now you are back to waiting. At least you got a match a December 2 Dismember and a chance to redeem yourself. Amelia is going to be just looking to bounce back from getting pinned!


And you laughing in your own head isn’t going to help!

*siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh* “....I hate you know me like that.” He just wraps his arm around me and kisses me on top of my head.

Deal with it love. I mean, what does a World Champ know?

Oh rub that in a little bit more...I feel like I’m just embarrassing myself now. I can’t get a title shot for the Roulette Title and lets not forget my epic fail at getting into that match for the Women’s Title. Or the loss after loss....OR BETTER YET, getting jumped by Bobbie Dahl after that loss. I’ve just so enjoyed getting my ass handed to me over and over and over.” the sarcasm at this point is just dripping like venom from my mouth.

Mal simply shrugs, “Then don’t let it happen anymore! YOU KNOW you can do anything when you simply put your mind to it. You did it when you went to Paris. You took a chance with me and look how that’s worked out. You did it when you took a chance and decided to go psycho on Levi.



You want to turn things around then you need to show people exactly what makes you are the one that always goes against the status quo and somehow it always works out in your favor. I mean, I wouldn’t have seen myself almost 9 months later standing in the middle of Kobe, waiting for a stupid fucking light display, but here I am because you took the chance.

Actually this was your sisters idea....

Mal just sighs in defeat, “You are impossible sometimes. I am trying like hell to make you see that despite the bullshit you got handed, a year later you have created this amazing world around you. A few losses in Sin City shouldn’t make a DAMN bit of difference because in every single one of those matches you came up just a little bit short...but you still shone like the fucking star you are. You are brilliant, you are beautiful and you drive me absolutely mad because you know everything I’m saying is true because you are smiling at me.” Yeah....I was.... I just got him to open up. ...he really hates that.

I’m cheekily smiling and grabbing his hand, “Sorry, it’s just nice to hear sometimes. I know! Ok...I know the losses don’t mean anything, I know those chances are then and this is now and MAN I want to beat Amelia. At least have some sort of shot at redemption for this year. Make this whole thing feel like I accomplished something for Sin City.

I hate when you do that to me...I’m not kidding, that needs to stop

What? Actually getting you to be something else more than a sarcastic bitter bastard and showing you care about something more than yourself?” I say with a raise of my eyebrow, “Nah, I’ll pay the price later, like I always do. That part is always fun anyways.

He just shakes his head at me and gives me a hug, “Alright sassy, that’s enough out of you.

GUYS IT’S STARTING!” Alanah says screaming!

Finally!!!” ....that’s Mattie.

Mal just stops and looks at me with a smirk, “....why did we have to come with these guys again?

I just shrug, “’s fun to have friends and family?

Well, when it comes to Vegas, lets just keep it just the two of us? Ok? It’s bad enough we’re getting shanghaied into the big family Christmas thing.

Not a Norman Rockwell fan?

Not by any stretch of the imagination.

Ok...Vegas...just the 2 of us.

Thank you!

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Posted: December 13, 2019 10:50 pm

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A year ago....this wasn’t even on the map. A year ago, I was in a very different place. The idea that I would be in not just one but two wonderful places, living a me, it was a pipe dream.

A lot of people say things can change quickly and in an instant. In my case, that moment was just a few days following Christmas.

Choices had to be made, I spent from age 12 to that moment doing what was asked or what was expected.

Or at least what I thought was expected of me.


I didn’t hate anyone and the one person I needed I hated.

And we know what a strong word hate is.

There are dislikes, like you dislike certain foods, or styles....OH And for those that wear sandals with socks....I REALLY dislike you. BUT for me to hate ME?!?! And why?

All because I let myself get distracted by other people and force feelings out and I got hurt. I should have stuck to my fucking guns....and instead I made an ass out of myself. The why and what happened is irrelevant...but I didn’t know how to deal with it. For the first time in...EVER, I felt completely alone.

I’ve talked about my mother Laura Phoenix being my hero, I’ve talked about my step-father Nick being my inspiration....they both for me have always set a bar so high for me as a standard. But there is one person that I never really touched on....that is my grandfather, Jeffery.

Now see, my Grandfather is one man that has been vilified in my mother’s world a few times. Because then, he thought he knew better for his children. He tried in vain to push them towards something he thought was good for them. Always had good intentions but just went the wrong way about it. ESPECIALLY with me. That is a story for another time, because I don’t want to paint him in the wrong light. Let’s just say when mom found out she was pregnant with me and then the family found out, Civil War was declared in the O’Neil household. Very historically AND Marvel-esque style....minus all the cool toys.

ANYWAYS, when my grandmother passed away a few years ago, my grandfather really had these moments of epiphany. But when I say he is my angel? I mean it. Every moment of it. Because there was one moment that NO ONE knew about until now....

~*~*~*~December 28th, 2018~*~*~*~

I found myself just wandering New York. School was out, family was busy and I was alone in my own thoughts. I owned up to my own stupid brain and now I found myself not sure what to do next. I seriously fucked this one up. Way to go Elizabeth.

I just kept my eyes down, I just kept walking. I was numb and if I got hit by a car, I wouldn’t give a fuck. I deserved it.

But something made me stop....

I looked up...and found myself on a bridge.

Well...hello Brooklyn” I don’t even recognize that voice.

Yeah, that one. I’ve never been on the Brooklyn Bridge before and I lived in this city since I was 12, curiosity got the better of me. I needed to look over the edge.

I stepped onto the ledge to get a better look down. And then the dark thoughts came.

There is not a fucking soul that would need me. What the fuck have I done to deserve a chance to even keep going.

You know...that whole jazz.

What I don’t see is behind me a car has been following me pretty much the whole way, they stopped, a door opened and as fast they could, they grabbed me by the arm.


I couldn’t stop myself, I struggled against whoever the hell had me. “LET ME GO!


I seem to step up and look up to the face of my Grandfather....his big brown eyes looking like he’s scared out of his mind.


“Yeah, yeah it’s...What the hell do you think you were doing?”

I- ...I was just looking over the edge.

“You were doing a lot more than that! Explain yourself!” I could hear it, he was completely frightened out of his mind. I never heard him like this before. “Why would you even think about that? Do you know what it would do to everyone?”

....I’m...” and I couldn’t stop it, the tears just flowed and I clung to him and I lost it.

I don’t know if he was caught by surprise that his granddaughter even gave a fleeting thought that she didn’t think she was worthy of anything...or that I just completely lost it into his expensive suit in front of God and everyone but he just wrapped me up in a hug and pulled me in so tight that suddenly the numbness was replaced by warmth. “I got you sweetie...”

I’m so sorry grandpa....I just....

“I know, your mother called me and told me most of the story....”

I feel so worthless.


Because I took a chance and ended up with nothing but pain. I don’t know what is going to happen next.” I look around and for the first time I realized what I almost did. “I don’t even know how the hell I ended up here! I am a mess, I am so lost right now.

“Ok ok...calm down. One thing for sure, you got your mother’s gift for the dramatic babble” he just sighs and looks at me “Your grandmother was so much better at this than I was, she’d know exactly the right thing to say. But when I see my beautiful intelligent granddaughter that I stupidly almost lost out on doing something like this, I can’t help but wonder if I could be doing more for you.”

I just shook my head, “Like what? You do so much for me already. I know you are trying to make up for things that happened...

“It’s more than that. Bella...I spent so much time worrying about the views of others that I lost out on a lot of things with your grandmother. When I had my heartattack...before your mom found out about...well let’s just say I had a lot of eye opening moments. I let my pride get ahead of things that mattered the most. Pride is a hell of a thing, it’s almost a drug. It will drag you into the darkest parts and it will...well it will fuck with everything.”

Grandpa! YOU SWORE!” I have never heard anything harder than hell or damn or even the occasional son of a bitch!

“Yeah I know...don’t tell your mother or uncle because they will never let me live it down....but you are so use to things falling into place that what happened a few days ago came as a shock. And you knew what you were walking in to. You set yourself up for failure almost on purpose, didn’t you?”

I just shrug, “I thought maybe...I don’t know. I just needed to see and I got my hopes up and got stomped on. Christian called me a damned fool, but I had to see. I guess things got really screwed up. I have no way of fixing them either.

“Well...maybe not, but time heals wounds. As does getting out of this city.” he smirks at me, “I keep hearing all this talk about you picking up and going to Paris...and are still here.”

There’s more to it than just grabbing everything and going. There’s money and a place to live....

“And you have a rich grandpa and I KNOW Levi has offered to help you too. But little girl...I think it’s time you ran away from home.” and with a smile he wraps his arms around me and leads me back to his car.

Grandpa....thank you. too grandma....thank you.

~*~*~*~I can too~*~*~*~

One year ago....I almost didn’t exist. I almost did something really fucking stupid.

I’m in Vegas....VEGAS! Yeah I know, been here once already this year....but...

VEGAS!!!! You just never know where the hell things are going to lead” pointing to my chest “I took a leap of faith instead of a leap off a bridge and where I ended up is here. What I’m saying is you never know what will happen when you give up so easily. You push and you push and you push. Things haven’t always gone my way but I’ll be a mother fucker if I am not extremely happy to prove A LOT of bitches wrong. Amelia Hogan, that’s your problem. You have been playing the pity party on social media and the moment you didn’t come away with a win, you are very much ready to just give up. Well, I’m not. I’m here. I’m here to prove things to myself,

I take a deep breath and sigh, “I’m also out to fuck with people’s pride. Yours is on my list. And 2020 has quite the outlook, don’t it? I’m one of the most talked about Bombshells since I came to SCW. All I had to do was take a leap of faith. That’s what you need to get. It’s a chance to not commit career suicide and actually fucking fight me! I’m done glad handing people. I can be besties some other time because I can’t be the prideful one anymore. I am done letting people fuck with my pride. I’m done having pride confused with determination. And that’s where I’m going to get you.

I just shrug, “I know, I know....I’m sounding a little pissed off right now....and I am. I should be on a different path because I let pride get to me.....well....fuck pride. It’s gotten me nothing but problems. NOW, I’m the problem. And I’ll make sure they know what is in store for 2020. I’ll see you out there Amelia....if your pride will let you.

And with a simple wink the camera fades to black.

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