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> Sam Marlowe v Daniela V Rodgers, Singles match
Mark Ward
Posted: July 19, 2020 11:14 am

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Post all roleplays for this match here.

Limits: 1 RP per week, 10,000 words max.

Good luck!

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Blessed is he who in the name of charity and goodwill shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brothers keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger, those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know my name is the LORD, when I lay my vengeance upon thee

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Sam Marlowe
Posted: July 25, 2020 09:58 pm

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The suburbs of Vegas speed by as a redhead leans against the passenger side window of a car. Her eyes take in the houses as they flash by. Driving the car, Colton Myers spares a quick look at Sam who sighs.

“Sami, you ok?” he asks with his eyes still on the road but his hand moving to caress the hand resting on Sam’s lap. “You look a million miles away.”

Sam’s attention turns to Colton and a slow smile begins to cross her face. Looking down at their hands that are entwined, she softly replies. “Not a million miles Colton. But I guess I am a bit nervous. For the past few months, I have lived at the Saxon hotel and yeah, it is a luxury hotel but it was more prison than home. And given just how dangerous Covid can be for me,” she says before stopping to suck her lower lip between her teeth.

“That’s why I am here, to take care of my girl,” replies Colton as he tightens his hand around Sam’s. “You worried me when you took that tumble and from what you have been telling me, you were feeling a little cabin fever. So that is why I am glad that they said we could leave the hotel. As much as you have been smiling since I got back, I noticed that you aren’t like you were before the pandemic.”

Sam ducks her head, a worried look hidden from Colton. “I can’t shake it darlin’. Since my injury and me going to HR at SCW to ask for help, I have felt the need to escape but couldn’t. And now,” she states as she looks out the windshield as she notices that the houses are starting to look familiar. “Now I will be back home but will I feel the same if I am stuck inside like at the hotel?”

Offering her a sympathetic look, Colton nods slowly. “We’ll just have to keep getting you out and about then,” he replies. “I have been reading up on what we need to do to move around the city. But first, back to your house and get unpacked. Oh and Pussy called when you were busy earlier and she said that you need to cut a promo for your match coming up. Something about Daniela needing to be reminded just who you are.”

Sam’s soft laughter fills the car which brings a smile to the face of Colton as he turns on the turnsignal before turning into the driveway of Sam’s house. Sam looks at it, her smile fading only slightly as she unconsciously leans towards it as Colton parks the car. Once he puts the car in park and cuts the engine, Sam reaches down to the door handle and yanks it open. Sliding from the seat, she puts her hand on the frame and then looks at Colton who has gotten out of the car.

“Welcome home Sam,” he calls out softly.

The pair close the doors and Colton moves to grab Sam’s suitcases from the back of the car as Sam moves towards the door and then stops to dig into the small purse over her shoulder for the keys. The tinkle of keychains ring out as she slides the key into the lock then twists it. The audible click seems to surprise her as Sam reaches down and turns the doorknob to open the door. Before she can cross the threshold, she is swept up by Colton who had come up behind her.

“COLTON!” she squeals in surprise as he carries her over the threshold. Once inside, she tells him to let her down to which he winks but shakes his head negatively.

“Not until you pay the ransom Sami,” he teases.

“Ransom?!?!” demands Sam with a confused look on her face. “What exactly is the ransom?”

“One kiss,” vows Colton with a determined look. His arms hold Sam closer as she giggles. “Oh and some of your family’s barbeque and tater salad.”

“Deal,” answers Sam as she leans forward and plants a slow kiss on the lips of Colton. Neither of them sees the elderly lady who raps on the doorframe. Sam looks over the shoulder of Colton to see her neighbor in the doorway, a plastic recycling bag of mail in her left hand, a small box in her right and her face covered in a leopard print face mask.

“Welcome back Sam,” says the neighbor. “I have your mail and I also have some cookies for you. I wasn’t sure when you would be back but this young man told me he was bringing you home and so I did some baking. I hope you enjoy them,” she says as she leans in only to set the bag down and then places the box on the table just inside the door.

Sam fights her way out of the arms of Colton and moves to the door as the lady backs away with a nod of her head. “Thank you,” calls out Sam as she waves then opens the box to find the cookies. Taking one, she bites into is, a look of happiness on her face. The lady waves as she moves around the half fence between the properties.

Sam moves to take another cookie while Colton gets her suitcases. “Hey, save me one!” he shouts as Sam picks up the box and moves towards the living room as the scene fades out.

The image of a room can be seen on a window of a computer that hums softly as Sam appears into the camera lens and smiles. From the looks of it, it is a home office with title belts and wrestling posters on the wall. Dressed for comfort, Sam is wearing light blue denim shorts overalls over a half tee and her hair pulled back into a long curling ponytail. Looking right into the camera, Sam is surprised by the ringing of an incoming Skype call from Pussy Willow that she answers.

“Sam Marlowe, I told you that I wanted to get a promo from you. Didn’t that man of yours tell you?” demands Pussy as she leans into the camera.

“Hello to you too Pussy,” answers Sam. “And before you start, yes Colton told me and I’m sorry but we took a couple of days to ourselves. Speaking of promos, I was just about to record one so if you are up for it, we can make it an interview instead.”

Pussy shakes her head. “Oh no you don’t Sam,” she begins. “I am on the call to make sure you do one, not to interview you. That will be next week. So while I sit here, let’s hear what you have to say to Daniela about your match coming up at the supercard.”
Sam can see Pussy lean back once more and then begin to tap her fingers on her arm that she has crossed over her chest. Sam holds up her hands in surrender then straightens up and looks at the webcam.

Sam Vlog:

It is that time of year again and we are getting ready for Summer XXXTreme. Now normally I would be getting ready for a title defense of a title challenge but this year is different. This year I am in a match with no special stipulations and not a title in sight. But that doesn’t mean that I am going to be slacking off this year, oh no, not at all.

This year, I am facing Daniela Rodgers in the ring with nothing to prove except how dangerous I can be. See, when it comes to matches at supercards, I tend to go all out to prove just how much of a threat I am and this year is going to be no different. I have to say though that given the year I have been having, everyone is talking about how much of a loser I am. Yeah, can you believe it…lose six matches in a row and I should be contemplating retirement. At least that is what my sister would be saying. Others just talk about how I am nothing but a loser and no threat whatsoever. Normally right about now, that would have me doubting myself but this time, it is more motivational than disheartening.

I don’t know if you have been keeping up with me and my record so far but I want you to know that I am riding a bit of a winning streak and that means that I am coming into Summer XXXTreme looking to continue that streak. The only obstacle is going to be you Daniela.

I do think that you are a very capable competitor and believe you me, I am not going to underestimate you. You have been challenging for titles before and I am sure that if you didn’t have to face me, you would probably be going for a title at the supercard. I want you to know Daniela that I am coming with confidence that you are going to be giving me a real challenge and for that I want to thank you in advance.

Now you are probably thinking that I am being cocky by saying that and I swear that I am not. I really want to thank you because if I get into the ring with you and given how strong of a challenge you are, it will prove a couple of things for me. One, that I am not slipping with my skills. Two, I still have what it takes to keep up with the other bombshells and three, that I am ready to start my way towards a title shot in the future.

However, to do that, I have to go through you to do it. And my promise to you Daniela is that I am bringing everything that I can to beat you on the Sun Princess. And should you underestimate me in that ring, that will be the last thing you do before I leave you on your back looking up at the sky or ringlights after I come for the win. So, before I sign off, good luck Daniela, see you on the Sun Princess. I will be the one across the ring from you with the look of determination.

Sam stops speaking then looks at Pussy who is clapping in her window which makes Sam laugh. “How was that?” she asks.

Pussy nods affirmatively. “That rocked, now all you need to do is live up to it.”

Sam takes a slow breath and winks. The image of Sam fades as she begins to chat with Pussy over Skype.

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Trenton Tigers
Posted: July 31, 2020 01:27 pm

Enter The Dragon

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Exploring the Sun Princess
Off Camera
Featuring Daniela V. Rodgers and Char Kwan

This past Saturday was the first time Daniela V. Rodgers had ever stepped foot onto a cruise ship. She had dreams of taking a cruise ever since her college days in Hawaii. After spending a couple of days in her room, she decided to stop lounging inside her cabin and get some fresh air. Before leaving her cabin, Daniela fixed her hair up into a sharp ponytail before pulling out her brand new Trenton Tiger neck gaiter face mask. She slips it around her head and lets it sit across her neck. Then she slips on some fingerless gloves before pulling the gaiter up around her nose. She steps out of the cabin and takes a nice deep breath. The air was cool and refreshing as she took a few steps down the galley. Before she can make her way onto the top deck, she runs into her good friend and teammate Char Kwan. She too was wearing a Trenton Tiger face mask.

“Char, what are you doing here?” asks a confused Daniela.

“You didn’t think I’d miss out on a chance to be on a cruise ship,” answers Char.

Daniela chuckles underneath her breath as Char playfully smacks her friend on the shoulder. Daniela casually screams while rubbing her shoulder. Char just laughs as the two friends continue to make their way onto the top deck. Char stops midway up the staircase and notices a Sin City Wrestling poster with Daniela vs Sam Marlowe plastered all over the wall.

“Hey, you are famous,” Char states while pointing her right index finger at the poster. Daniela shrugs her shoulder while climbing up onto the top deck.

“I want to explore this boat before I step into the ring,” Daniela replies.

Char and Daniela take a moment to look at the scenery from the ship. The horizon was so beautiful as Daniela pulled out her phone and took a snapshot of the backdrop. Char pointed out a few unique areas as Daniela and she continued to move around the deck.

“Have you ever seen anything so beautiful?” Daniela asks as Char just shakes her head. Both women are so enthralled with it before them as Daniela looks away and towards the pool where a cable is stretched over it. Char looks at Daniela with a look of mischief as Daniela looks back at her.

“What are you thinking about right now?” she asks her best friend.

“It’s still pretty warm out here, why don’t we go cool off inside the pool?” Char returns with a question of her own.

“Are we even allowed?” wonders Daniela.

“I don’t know.” responds Char.

Daniela’s curiosity was starting to get the better of her as she made her way toward the poolside area.

“Excuse me miss,” the pool attendant says while standing up straight with his arms crossed in front of his chest. Daniela stops with at least six feet between them.

“What seems to be the problem?” Daniela asks, confused,

“This area is off limits at the moment,” says the attendant.

“Why is this area off limits?” asks Daniela.

The pool attendant doesn’t answer right away as Char stands six feet next to Daniela. Daniela looks over at her friend as the attendant looks at them both. “You will have to vacate the area ladies,” he says in a stern voice.

“I thought everything was available to us,” Char implores as the attendant just keeps his stance. Daniela places her hand on her friend’s shoulder.

“We will just have to find something else to do on this big boat,” Daniela suggests as Char nods her head.

As they walk away from the area, Daniela pulls out her phone once again and proceeds to film them walking along the boat deck.

”Hello everyone on the mainland, this is your neighborhood tigress Daniela V. Rodgers. I am here on the Sun Princess. I don’t think you know how excited I am about being on this boat. I think everyone who knows me, knows that I’ve dreamed of taking a cruise. Thanks to this pandemic, I have had to put those dreams on hold until now. My dream has finally come true. One dream has come true but my second dream hasn't come true yet.

Not only have I dreamed of being on a cruise but I have dreamt of being involved in the biggest party of the summer. Summer XXXtreme is Sin City Wrestling’s biggest show in the summer and I have the opportunity to stand across the ring from the biggest bombshell in SCW History. Yes, I am talking about Samantha Marlowe. The lady is an absolute monster when it comes to big time matches. She has won multiple singles titles that I only dream about on the daily. However, I am not going to be so starstruck about Sam that I completely let my own guard down.

I know what you are thinking Samantha. What do I have to prove in this match? I have everything to prove in this match. In my first match on the main roster following my call up from the Sin City Underground roster, I competed against former Bombshell champion Amanada Perez where I beat her soundly. I did it even though everyone was betting against me. They saw my record in SCU and thought I wasn’t good enough in the ring.

I proved on that night that I can hang with anyone on the roster. It was also on that night I became Mark Ward’s favorite character on the bombshell roster. Now I don’t take anything I have accomplished for granted. There are days I wish that my team had more wins than losses on our record but at the end of the day. I am more than proud of how well we have worked together as a solid unit.

Now I heard what you said Samantha. You are expecting me to underestimate you. Think again Sammy. I don’t underestimate anyone. I can see that you have talent all over your body but I also know you are not one hundred percent. I know how tough it is to compete with a rib injury. I have done it multiple times before and each time has been difficult.

I know for a fact that you were a half step slow during your last match with Violet Amelia Holt. I know that she gave you everything. Unlike Violet, I am more than capable of taking you through the ringer. I know how quick you are Sam but know this. I am just as quick and agile as you are inside the ring.

I am not afraid of mixing it up on the canvas. I can fight through the air or on the ground. I guess you can say I am a jack of all trades. Now don’t get me wrong, I am looking forward to facing you on this magnificent boat. I’m sure we will be the match that steals the show. However, you had better not treat this as some sort of stepping stone to your next big title opportunity. Because I will be the one who plays the spoiler.

It’s time for the Throwback princess to reclaim her crown. See you on Sunday.

Daniela ends the video recording and looks over at Char. “Hey, they have a mini golf course,” she says.

“You are on,” Char says as the two enter the golf course as the scene fades.

Trenton Tigers

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Sam Marlowe
Posted: July 31, 2020 09:37 pm

SCW Elite!

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Tradition…something that happens with regularity. Most people have traditional holidays like Christmas or Easter. Some people make it a tradition to attend season openers for their home town teams. And there is a tradition that happens at Summer XXXTreme…

Sam Marlowe stands looking into the mirror of her room as Colton lounges on the sofa watching her. She is dressed in a light cotton half blouse under a pair of floral print overalls. On her feet are a pair of gladiator sandals that give a glimpse of a pedicure of light blue nailpolish.

“So, tell me again about this tradition,” says Colton with a concerned look on his face.

Sam turns and smiles at him as she walks to join him on the sofa. “Each year, Ben and I have a date for Summer XXXTreme. The first year he was actually my ‘date’ because I won him in an auction. And ever since then, we have a date night in the run up to this supercard. And it is sounding like you are jealous,” she teases before laying her head on Colton’s shoulder. “Y’all don’t have to be you know. He is a married man after all and we are just friends.”

Colton shoots her a side glance with a smirk but then lets it fade as Sam looks up at him. “Friend huh?” he queries. “So, you have a date with a married man? Just what is it that you do on this date?”

Sam shrugs as she stands up and once more moves towards the mirror where she picks up a brush to run it through her long red curls. Looking into the mirror at Colton, she responds with a tossed comment over her shoulder. “We usually go and see a movie under the stars which usually runs every night when the ship is cruising. I don’t know what will be going on this year since we are sitting in port.”

Before Colton can answer, a knock is heard at the stateroom door which has Colton slowly rising and Sam rushing to answer it. As she opens it, Ben Jordan can be seen standing there.

“Ready Ginge?” he says before offering a smile and a hand to Colton. “Ben Jordan, nice ta meet ya.”

“Colton Myers,” replies the Texan with a slow drawl. “Y’all take care of my girl tonight and bring her home before midnight,” he warns before grinning as he continues. “She turns into a pumpkin ya know.”

Sam standing between the two just rolls her eyes and shakes her head. “Wonderful,” she mutters before moving to spin Ben around and push him out of the room. “Thanks Camo, I’ll see ya later. As for you Prat…giddy up go man.”

Colton laughs to see Sam trying to push Ben down the hall but he digs his heels in and then spins around Sam who staggers forward. “Is she this pushy with you?” asks Ben.

Sam points at Colton. “Don’t encourage him.”

Colton shakes his head and then backs into the room. “Good luck Ben, y’all going to need it with Ginge here.” The door closes as Sam straightens and points to the elevator to growl at Ben. “Move it mister.”

The pair arrive at the movie theatre under the stars to find that a few people have settled down, social distancing of course, to watch the movie. Sam moves towards a table where a small reserved sign is as well as a cooler with beer, some snacks and blankets hanging over the back of the deck chairs.

“What are we seeing tonight Sam,” demands Ben as he sits himself down and grabs a frosty bottle from the cooler. Sitting on the other side of the cooler, Sam pulls out her own beer to open it and take a long drink from it. “There must have been quite the choice,” he continues. “So, romantic comedy, superhero action or horror?”

“No, no and aww heck no,” replies Sam with a shudder at the mention of horror, her least favorite genre of movies. “This time I wanted to see one of my fave movies so I kinda talked to the people that run the movies under the stars and asked ‘em if they could play American Outlaws which is my favorite movie. Luckily, when you have someone who is a fan, you can get what you want.”

Ben takes a drink from his bottle. “Speaking of getting what you want,” he begins, “didn’t you want a title shot?”

Sam leans back and looks upward in thought before turning her head to look at Ben. “You know, I don’t really care about the title picture Ben, I am just lucky to be wrestling still. Besides, those matches were already set when I got my clearance to come back. Besides, ain’t you tired of hearing everyone say that they deserve the title shots. I’m fixing to work my way back up to them. Hellfire, do you really think that they would put me in a match for the title this soon?”

Ben nods. “You hold the records Ginge. You could challenge for any title.”

“Even your wife’s?” teases Sam.

“Well then, not the Bombshell title,” he replies with an open eyed look around in case his wife might be listening which only makes Sam laugh. Hearing it, Ben responds, “Haven’t heard that in a while.”

“I know, not much to be laughin’ about I guess,” answers Sam as she turns away so he can’t see her face in the growing darkness. “Been a bit of a rough go if I am honest.”

“Sorry to hear that Ginge,” Ben responds. He is about to say something else when the screen lights up. The sound of the start of the movie interrupts the pair and Sam offers Ben a somewhat teasing apologetic smile before sticking her tongue out at him.

A couple of hours later, Sam and Ben can be seen walking towards Sam’s room. “Thanks Ben, I had fun tonight,” says Sam as she moves along the hallway. “So what do you have planned once you see me home?”

“Well…” he begins as he rubs at the back of his neck. “Was having some drinks with Max and taunting O’Malley who just happens to have the room between us. I have a wager with Max as to when he is going to break and just which one of us will drive him to the breaking point. I gave it two days…”

Sam had reached the door to her room that was opened just as she reached it. Standing behind her Colton sees Ben smile as he stops. “He’s smilin’,” says Colton which has Sam just shaking her head.

“Ohhh lord…” mutters Sam as she watches Ben head back down the hallway after offering the pair a wave. “That’s never a good thing.”

Sam and Colton watch Ben out of sight then enter their room allowing the door to close behind them.

Sam Marlowe can be standing at the bow of the ship, her back leaning against the rail where she is looking at the person holding a camera pointed at her. Dressed in a light silver halter and matching tights. She looks prepared to wrestle as she addresses the camera.

“It is almost time for Summer XXXTreme and within a few days, I will be stepping into the ring with Daniela Rodgers,” begins Sam. “Now most people are saying that Daniela is a force to be reckoned with and trust me I have seen what she is capable of. But that is all well and good in the mind of anyone else. To me though, that means that she is going to be a challenge for me and I like that.”

Sam looks over the sea side of the ship to look towards the meeting of the sea and horizon and continues. “I can tell you right now, given that I am newly returned to the ring from injury, everyone is going to be seeing me as the underdog. I see myself that way because I am still working off the stiffness of my ribs and I am pretty sure that Daniela knows and will target that. So you need to know that I am going to have to counter anything she could do. Which may be difficult because she is just as fast as I am and she does have skills.”

“The question that you have to ask yourself now is just what I am capable of in that ring. I have skills and I have the training to be the best. Even injured, I can fight through the pain and deliver the win. Given the fact that I was, even though I don’t wear the title anymore, the face of the Bombshell Roulette title. You look at the record books for that title and my name is all over it,” offers Sam as she turns back to the camera once more.

“Speaking of fighting through the pain,” says the redhead, “I have to say that yes I was injured and you may think that I am not one hundred percent and you would be right. I am not one hundred percent; I am so much more. I am ready to give one thousand percent in that ring. Sadly, what that is going to mean for Daniela is that I do not see myself losing this match.”

Sam sighs and then moves towards the camera at a slow pace. “Daniela, I want you at your best and when we step in the ring, I want you to challenge me. This match may not be for a title and this match may not be the main event but this match will be one of the highlights of the night. Are you ready for that?”

Sam smiles and leans in close to the camera.

“Because I am.”

Sam’s hand comes up and reaches for the lens sending it to black with three ominous words.

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