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> Bees.
Posted: June 07, 2019 10:33 pm

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“Hair versus hair.”

A loud chuckle roars as the scene burst to life. Kale Smith could be seen sitting on a large wooden rocking chair, his right foot rested up on his left knee as he relaxed into the seat without a care in the world. He was wearing his normal, Jesus sandals, knee length jean shorts, with his long-sleeved white shirt with a brown leather vest over it. His shirt was unbuttoned at the top just enough to give the female a fans a taste of what they liked. Bringing his hands up to his hair, her ran his fingers through the straw like consistently before he tossed it over his shoulders.

“I mean no doubt that’s how some one is billing this match, and yet I can’t help to see this match for what it is. One of the greatest moments in my career. For years I’ve sat back and watched Griff in the ring, I’ve watched him command the inner circle and watched him take ever challenge head on and for that… I’m most excited to share the same ring as him on Sunday night. I’ve wanted a match like this with Griff for years and to finally get it, whilst I’m on my oath to become the Sin City Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion. I don’t think I could have come at a better time. A match with Griff is a reality check and it’s one that’s very welcome.”

Kale dropped his hands down to his lap for a second thinking about where he was taking this next.

“I got cocky and complacent last time I was in the ring and that almost cost me my match with Jake Raab. A mistake that I have learnt from, a mistake that I have re-watched a thousand times over in my head. Knowing that I was just milliseconds away from losing to a Raab was enough to chill my bones, but I’m grateful that it happened for that match opened my eyes and well now I can say with full clarity that I will not allow the same mistake to happen again. So, on Sunday night I vouch to give Griff my all and when I’m standing across from him at Climax Control, he will have my undivided attention. I realised that I shouldn’t be looking to the future, I shouldn’t be focusing on Austin Mercer for now… right now my eyes need to be locked on the next target before me and that... for this week is Griff. I hope he doesn’t mind me calling him that, you see I’m a nicknames type of guy.”

Kale quickly shook his head; he was starting to get off track and he needed to remind himself that this wasn’t the time or place for witty nickname remarks. He needed to focus if he was going to have any chance at putting away the Sin City Wrestling Roulette Champion.

“So, Griff, the man with no doubt the second-best hair in wrestling… jokes aside, witty remarks about hair versus hair cast away… I look forward to seeing you in the ring this Sunday night. I have no need to pick your part, because let’s face it you’re a man without weakness when it comes to stepping between those ropes and I just hope that on Sunday night I can do this match justice. They reckon you should never meet your idols in fear of them disappointing them, and yet I can’t help to feel the shoe is on the other foot this week mate. Meeting you inside the Sin City Wrestling ring, will either crush me back into reality and screw my head on right… or I will slip, crumble and fall and at the end of the night I will know that I did the one thing I’ve never wanted to do in my life and that’s fail a legend. I’m just hoping on to the rope of hope, hoping that is doesn’t crush my wind pipes that when our match is all said and done on Sunday night and the dust settles that I’ve done enough to earn your respect and that I’ve done enough to spear head my campaign towards the Sin City Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship.”

He cracked his knuckles before he started to wrap this one up. Kale’s mind had been all over the place lately, but he needed to show that he was hell bent on showing Griff and all his doubters that he had what it took to be in Sin City Wrestling.

“I’ll see you on Sunday night and mate, I can’t wait to finally step inside the same ring as you. Let’s lay it all on the line, regardless of how it falls the end of the night mate, if we can’t get the fans talking about our match was it really worth it? So, for me… Sunday is the prefect time to reset and refocus on what’s ahead of me… while doing so I refuse to repeat the mistakes of my past match… it will not go to a clouded decision. There will be only one clear winner and if it’s Griff, that means that I have Mount Everest before me at Into the void when facing Austin, however it’s not uncommon for Mount Everest to be conquered… but if by chance it happens to be me that gets their arm raised on Sunday… then I know for sure I’m meant to be on this path… and my journey to the top wasn’t and isn’t just a fluke.”

With a that said and done Kale smiles towards the camera before waving it off. He rocks back in the rocking chair, before he clips his feet to the hard floor before him walking off on the scene. This week was going to be challenging for him, but he had faced worst realities before all he needed to do was get into the ring and see how things panned out once the dust had settled, only then Kale would know where he stood and how his journey towards the Sin City Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship would end.


It was normally quiet in this part of town but today something out of the blue was happening. There was a sound of screeching car tires and distant sirens. The clinging sounds rocks flicking up from the road as bike tyres peeled the pavement to come to a halt. The sound of the spikes in the bike tyres stopped spinning, as the choking sound of a mower dying mid lap.

The birds were chirping, the sun was shining it was a normal Friday in Las Vegas. That was until the sound of skin on skin slapping against each other echoed down the street, the hallowing sound of skin slapping the burning hot road sizzled as Kale Smith, the resident Aussie in Sin City Wrestling was a sight for sore eyes. He was running naked down his street, his banger and beans were covered by his hands whilst he was charging down the road as if his life depended on it. That’s because it did.

"Allllleeeeeeeeeeeeex” he screamed out.

Behind him his best friend Alex was running for his life as well.

“What have you done?” Kale screamed at him.

Alex was trying his best to catch his breathe as he ran after his friend.

“I just let your pet bees out for a walk.” Alex innocently replied.

Kale turned to look at him, seeing red. A swarm of bees behind him and his best mate.

“I don’t have any pet bees.” Kale was confused but he knew to keep running.

Alex just chuckled out towards him.

“I know” he giggled. “I got them for you so when you bring the ladies to your house on Katching Kale they think your a sensitive new aged man that likes nature... it’s a panty dropper.” Alex was pleased with himself even though he was being chased down my bees.

Kale just grinned he couldn’t be mad at his friend. He only had his best intentions at heart. Even if they were getting chased down by killer bees.

“Why are they so angry?” Did you get me killer bees?” Kale coughed out struggling to catch his breath.

“Nah mate.” Alex chuckled. “They are love bees... but come to think of it, that might of been the name of the shop I got them from.”

Alex chucked but that was cut short by a scream of pain. “One little bugger got me” he started to run faster. “Mean mean bees”

Waving his hands he took off at the speed of light while Kale was left for dead. Little did they know they were chasing them because the queen bee was trapped inside Kale’s beard. It was going to be a long day for the two of them, however silver lining the old duck at the end of Kale’s street was in for a surprise as a bare butt Kale rushed past her giving her a blush.

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