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Christian Underwood
Posted: September 02, 2018 05:48 pm

TAFKATPF aka The Artist Formerly Known As The Pink Flamingo
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Casey Williams
Posted: September 08, 2018 07:17 pm

Freight Train Of Pain

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Casey arrives in Lancaster, California, site city of Violent Conduct V. Casey wants to check out the Hanger, as it is the host site for Violent Control, as well as the Lancaster JetHawks, the single A affiliate of the Colorado Rockies. He goes and buys a ticket and goes inside as Andrew Garcia calls, and Casey moves off to the side before answering.

Casey-Hey Andrew, what is going on my man?

Andrew-Not much, just wanted to check in with you and see how you are feeling after being defeated by Fenris for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Casey-Well, I am disappointed I couldn't beat him, and win my first world championship, but I have to look ahead to the future, and hope for another title shot in the future. For now, I can turn my attention towards Joshua Acquin, whom I know I can beat.

Andrew-Yeah, his mind must be all over the place as he is in that thing with both Amy Marshall or Santino, whatever she is going by these days, and his tag team partner in Jessie Salco. I think you can handle him.

Casey-Yeah, I am also contemplating retiring permanently, to focus on the services I am getting for the Autism, and not have to sacrifice missing meetings for it.

Andrew frowns when he listens to how Casey is contemplating retiring once again, this time for focusing on the services. Ivan chimes in.

Ivan-Hey Casey, its Ivan. I wanted to let you know that I am glad you are wanting to focus on the services, but do you think retiring is the best idea? I am sure that Mark and Christian can give you time off to focus on yourself if you ask. I mean, they are reasonable men, and given the circumstances, I am sure they would do it.

Casey-I know. I just don't know if I want to focus on the wrestling afterwards and ruin what progress I will have made with the services I have in place.

Ivan-Naturally, I can not say I blame you for thinking like that. Look, talk to Dawn or someone at Journeys Community Services and see what advice they could give you before you make any rash decisions before you retire.

Casey-You are right. I was planning on doing that anyways, I just have a lot of things going through my mind and I have to get myself organized.

Ivan-True. I would also talk to Becky, see what she can do to help you organize your thoughts before you meet with Dawn.

Casey-I was going to talk to her too. Look, I have to get going. I am at the Lancaster JetHawks game. I will catch you later.

Ivan-Ok, talk to you later buddy.

Casey smiles, blushes, and hangs up the phone and heads to his seat as the scene fades to black.

Casey is seen standing outside The Civic Musical Road in Lancaster, California, where the grooves in the ground recreate the William Tell Overture, also known as the theme song for the Lone Ranger TV show. Casey decides to call out his opponent for the Violent Conduct V show, Joshua Acquin.

Casey-Joshua, you can act all valiant all you want in your lady troubles with Amy and Jessie all you want, and we both know that they will distract you from our match. Yeah, I know my tag team partner Dani Weston is involved in the World Bombshell Championship match with Mikah, and naturally, I support Dani 100%, but she also knows I have a match, and that my match is equally as important to me as hers is to her, and we won't let the other's match distract us from doing what we need to do. I am confident I will rebound from my loss to Fenris and destroy you, as I am confident in Dani's skills to defeat Mikah. Nothing will stop me from destroying you!

Casey smiles, thinks of the punishment and pain he plans to inflict upon Joshua Acquin before he starts talking again as the scene fades to black.

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SCW Title's held (and reign)
1x Roulette title reign from 05/20/12 to 8/02/12
1x Tag team title reign (w/ Jordan Williams) from 3/18/12 to 4/29/12
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Casey Williams
Posted: September 13, 2018 07:22 pm

Freight Train Of Pain

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Casey Williams is arriving at the parking lot of his hotel, the Springhill Suites, in Lancaster, California. He is about to go get some lunch, and gets a call from his sister, Becky.

Casey-Hey sis, what's up?

Becky-I wanted to check in with you, see how you're holding up after losing to Fenris at Climax Control, and not obtaining the World Heavyweight Championship like you wanted.

Casey-Well, he is a great competitor, and I have the utmost respect for what he has accomplished in his young career in SCW. Yeah, he beat me, but that proves that he was ready for me, and I may not be as adaptive like he said.

Becky-I see. I also saw the promo you did last week, and how you talked about possibly retiring to focus on the services. I can't say I blame you for it, but can we at least discuss it first before making any rash decisions that you may regret later on.

Casey-Sure. When I come back to Las Vegas, we can sit down and have a heart to heart about my contemplating retirement, and see what my options would be if we decide that retirement is my best option.

Becky smiles as Casey agreed to discuss his retirement with her before speaking again.

Becky-It is ok to feel frustrated when you fail to accomplish something that you set out to do, like you trying to obtain the World Heavyweight Championship, but I don't want that to be the catalyst for you retiring.

Casey chuckles when Becky says that.

Casey-Let’s see, I have seen so many people do that very thing in all the years I have been in SCW, and when I have retired, it has not been to losing a match and quitting due to anger, but it was either a stipulation for the match, or I chose to retire to focus on myself, which is what I want to do right now.

Becky-I understand that, and we will discuss that after Violent Conduct V.

Casey-Ok. I am going to grab lunch and strategize my game plan for Joshua Acquin, I will talk to you soon. I love you. Bye.

Becky-Ok. I love you too, bye.

The scene fades to black as they hang up the phone and Casey goes to get lunch.

Casey is seen standing outside Master Plan of Trails and Bikeways in Lancaster, hoping to take a hike while listening to the Eminem song "Not Afraid". Casey decides to call out his opponent for Violent Conduct V, Joshua Acquin.

Casey-Joshua, like Eminem says, I am not afraid to take a stand. I am taking a stand against your cowardice and lack of interest in this match to this point. You may have your head too far both Amy's and Jessie's ass for all I know to even know we have a match at Violent Conduct V. Either way, when I soundly defeat you, and prove to the world that you are a pathetic piece of trash, you will have nobody to blame but yourself for getting yourself into this position by NOT PAYING ATTENTION. I will return to my former glory and winning ways. There is not a damn thing you can do to stop me from decimating you, and it will give me great pleasure to beat you from here to kingdom come.

Casey laughs maniacally while looking very confident in himself as he goes on his walk as the scene fades to black.

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SCW Title's held (and reign)
1x Roulette title reign from 05/20/12 to 8/02/12
1x Tag team title reign (w/ Jordan Williams) from 3/18/12 to 4/29/12
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Joshua Acquin
Posted: September 14, 2018 04:51 pm

SCW Elite!

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Joshua is seen in an interview room and is sitting across from the interviewer.

Interviewer: Joshua Acquin is my guest at this time and I have to say welcome and wanted to see how you are doing after that loss. Where you tapped in the middle of the ring.

Joshua sighs as he hears the question.

Joshua: You were sure to point that out first I see. However, I am doing alright as I am not trying to hurt myself before the big match that may or may not be my punishment for demanding a title shot for my friend Amy. Let me ask you if you have ever been in the ring where you have so much pain from one move that you must tap to get it to stop? No, I can say without the shadow of a doubt you have not.

Interviewer: No, I have not Joshua. How is your friendship with Amy after this turn of events?

Joshua: We have been friends for almost a decade where every friendship goes through ups and downs. Now we are in a down time, but we are going up since we are adults and we work through things using our words. Sure, she is upset at me but after talking to her we see each others point. I could have done it different, but she understands why I did it. People want to make an issue out of something that is nothing big at all. Look at the news where people want to complain about anything they can. Even if it was something said twenty years ago people wouldn’t have even blinked an eye. Such as don’t monkey it up. It is not derogatory but the news twist it to make it appears they said it about someone when it was just a phrase where it wasn’t directed toward anything.

Interviewer: Over the past year your personal life has changed how does that affect you as you go through matches for SCW?

Joshua: I will tell you this my personal life and work life don’t cross paths beside backstage. I am in love with my wife where she understands that anything I say or do out there means nothing. I go home with her nightly and that’s all that matters. She has that much trust in me and she knows I will not break it. She knows who my friends are and she is friendly with them as well. I make every point to try and have my wife with me wherever I go. That is because she is my rock when stuff is happening she can anchor me down and help me weather out the storms I come through and we go through them together.

Interviewer: What about your daughter we have been hearing she wants to go into the ring as well and follow in your footsteps?

Joshua: Madi is a sweetheart and as far as her wanting to come into the squared circle. It’s true she does and she is training and I feel when she is ready she will do great things in the ring. That and she is also talking about joining my LFL team I just moved to Vegas. That is a different story. I am not sure about this. But that could be the father in me.

Interviewer: Is it due to what they wear on the field?

Joshua: I am one of the only owners that try to make it where the uniforms are more than just what one would wear to bed. I am one that wants to see a respect for women’s football be it this type hoping it can change into other more organized like the NFL. Now if it takes me creating a league to do that I would be willing to do that. I mean we are trying to get the league to go with full pants to kind of steer from eye candy and give these women the respect they deserve with as athletic they are. I am daily impressed with them. I go out there and practice with them and they go all out and make sure I know I picked them for my team for the right reason.

Interviewer: Anyway, getting back to SCW how is your relationship with Jessie since it seems like you turned your back on her?

Joshua: It may seem like I am being like Judas to Jessie. I will tell you this I am on that will tell people that complain when people say certain things that they have that right to say it. That is why I backed her when no one else would. I was called every bad thing in the book by people. I was someone who was going backwards in the world with how I was standing by her. I wasn’t standing by her views I was standing by her right to do what she did and said. But that changed when she had to get the upper hand on Amy by any means. Screwing her out of a title shot by distracting her. Let me put it to you this way when I saw Amy beat Jessie I was celebrating when it happened because I was hopeful that it would contain Jessie but she snapped. She wouldn’t return my calls and was short with me. Jessie is the big reason why the Hell Raisers are dead.


Jekyll and Hyde by Five-Finger Death Punch Plays over the PA as Joshua Acquin comes out from the back and is greeted by a mixed reaction with the way he has changed the way he is.

Joshua: They like to think I have changed. Have I? Maybe I have maybe not. There is a fine line between work and friends and I am good at that line. While with Jessie it was purely work and the whole time Amy was and has been my friend.

Joshua thinks for a minute.

Joshua: Now was it wrong for me to barge into the boss’s office like I did and in not so many words ask for Amy to get another shot at championship gold? Hindsight is 20/20 and I could have done it differently. Would I change how I would do it? Maybe. Would I campaign for her to get a shot like there was for Ben? Maybe to a degree but her being the first ever to be a grand slam champion here in SCW, male or female, I think is enough for her to get a mulligan.

Joshua paces in the ring.

Joshua: Now at Violent Conduct I have a match against a foe I have wrestled in this ring before. He and I are kind of the same where we like to inflict pain and suffering. Was it planned to have it after the match of Amy’s or is that how the card gods decided it would be? I have no clue. Christian said she had win or else I would regret it. I still do not know what he means by that. Could this match be it? Maybe. Could he have something else planned? I am sure he has three moves planned incase something changes. He always has his own interest at heart. So is this my punishment to face Case Williams the one man on the roster that loves to take people he is in this ring with and make them bloodied and having to have the trainers out here to help them to the back.

Joshua takes another second to think of what to say.

Joshua: The one thing Christian knows is that I make matches an instant classic. I am a living modern marvel, one of the great wonders of the world, I would venture to say that I am the greatest of all the wonders. Joshua Acquin the instant classic. I am up there with the Ford Model T, instant classic. Gone with the Wind another instant classic. The steam locomotive, instant classic. Humphrey Bogart, instant classic. I am the greatest thing since sliced bread…No I am greater than sliced bread. I am greater than great. I am an instant classic. I am a two-time SCW Tag Team Champion, with two different partners. I am the one who made the teams that won the championship. The other two I tagged with destroyed the teams and lost the championships we or should I say that I won. It is kind of the same with the Hell Raisers, I was the main attraction that was the workhorse and then Jessie would go and lose the match for us. Be it on her back or tapping out in this ring. I was there to give her lip service to make her feel better about losing the match, but truth be told, it pained me to keep telling her you will get them next time. Jessie is a good wrestler but when put up against Bombshells like Amy she falters and loses.

Joshua waits for the reaction from what he said.

Joshua: Now I have come to terms with myself. I am not the best wrestler in SCW but I will give any of them a run for their money. I am the one who challenged the champion that most say is the best and I took him to his limit. Now I take on the “Freight Train of Pain” in a match I am sure he is in a mood since he couldn’t knock off Fenris. Just remember I am bigger than he is Casey. I still maybe giving up nine inches and close to 100 pounds to you, but it seems you have trouble dealing with people that are smaller than you which seems to be the whole roster. See you in the ring.

Joshua flips the microphone and walks to the back.

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