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> Culture Shock, Jack Asher & Emmie Ward
Culture Shock
Posted: August 17, 2019 11:10 pm

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Combined Information:

Combined Weight: 290 lbs
Hailing from: Las Vegas, NV
Entrance Theme: "Unstoppable" - The Score
The arena goes dark and the titantron lights up, flashing with the words "Unlikely Heros", "We Can have it all", "We're here to save you." The song "Unstoppable" cues up as two figures appear on the ramp at the top, with their backs to the crowd, each in a black hoodie. When the lights go up both of the figures flip their hoods back and turn to the mixed reaction of the crowd.

Emmie smiles, giving high fives as she runs down the ramp while Jack walks nearly without emotion to the ramp. Once on the ropes, he waits as Emmie jumps up and dives in between the two bottom ropes, rolls and flips up to her feet to the cheer of the crowd.


Name: Jonathan Asherson King III
Ring Name: Jack Asher
Height: 6’0
Weight: 175 lbs
Hometown: Colorado Springs, Colorado
Alignment: Heel
Physical Appearance: Tyler Hoechlin
Wrestlers Gimmick: Arrogant rich boy who was a wrestling Jock in high school. He thinks he is better than everyone else
Ring Attire: Long Red & Blue tights with a yellow J on the sides. He wears a shirt to the ring but removes it before wrestling and throws it into the crowd
Wrestling Style: Technical/Submission

Favorite Moves:
1) figure-four leglock
2) Slingshot plancha
3) Diving elbow drop
4) Bridging dragon suplex
5) Discus elbow smash
6) Northern Lights
7) Running leg lariat
8) Sharpshooter
9) Superplex
10) Frogsplash

Trademark Moves:
1. Perfection Personified - Omoplata Face lock
2. One for the Road - Superkick

Eleven - Single Knee Facebreaker

Brief history:
In a nutshell, Jack is a spoiled rich boy that has never known true pain or loss. He believes himself to be more superior than any other person. And there is nothing that will convince him otherwise

4 x State Champion in wrestling
Awarded scholarship for sportsmanship (which he later declined)
Award for team spirit & dedication


NICKNAME(S): Emmie, Em, Sprite
WEIGHT: 115 lbs
D.O.B: November 19, 1999
HOMETOWN: London, England
BILLED FROM: London, England

ALIGNMENT: Neutral Good or "Face"

WRESTLING STYLE: High Flyer with some technical

1. Diving bulldog
2. Frog Splash
3. Springboard Dropkick
4. Moonsault Double Foot Stomp
5. Enzuigiri
6. Spring Up Hurricanrana
7. Springboard Forearm
8. Running Double Knee Attack
9. Spinning Back Kick
10. Second Rope Springboard Moonsault

"Emmie-rang" Tilt-a-whirl Headscissors Takedown
"Beast Girl" - Monkey Flip
"Kaboom" - Corner Slingshot Splash

"Kryptonite" - Shooting Star Leg Drop
"Super 'Emmie'" - Moonlight Drive (Corkscrew Neckbreaker)


Emmie is the daughter of Mark Ward's paternal cousin, Patrick Ward. Emmie has a good relationship with her cousin, often calling him 'Uncle Mark' out of respect.

Emmie is a charismatic sweetheart with an almost obsessive love of anything superhero or comic book related.

Emmie was finally able to convince her 'uncle' to let her join the ranks of SCW, granted she find a willing tag partner to continue her training. She was specifically given the name of the arrogant rookie, Jack Asher, her complete opposite.
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