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> Needing to bounce back, fast.
Jake Raab
Posted: August 09, 2019 08:10 pm

"The Fiery Target"

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An unexpected visitor coming to Jake's house. Huntington Beach, California. Tuesday, 6th August. (Off Camera)

Ever since Gary got Jake hooked up with Olivia, Jake's been spending a lot more time with her, especially when they had their first date a couple of weeks ago, going to watch a film in the cinema which both he and Olivia enjoyed. They were sitting on Jake's sofa, watching Arrow TV series, something they both loved to watch. Also to fit in Jake's persona as well he has for the sport.

Olivia: "You should be more like Oliver Queen."

Jake Raab: "There are things you can't completely rip off in wrestling. That's why I can't be more like him. Hence why I wear German flag hoodie coat with the usual bow and arrow stuff to be different from him."

Olivia: "I guess you're right, considering I still know nothing about wrestling. I know you had a bad week, but things will get better, or at least they will."

There was a ring from his apartment as he looks a little shaky, and he says this to Olivia.

Jake Raab: "Hope it's not Markus."

Jake kisses Olivia on her cheek before he gets up from the sofa with Olivia pausing the video as he looked through the spy hole and he says this.

Jake Raab: "Ben Jordan?"

He relaxes a lot, seeing it wasn't Markus at the door, but at the same time shocked at the unexpected visitor popping around Jake's house as he opens the door and they shake each other's hands as Jake closes the door behind Ben and they walk into the living room and takes a seat.

Jake Raab: "I didn't expect to see you here."

Ben Jordan: "There are things we need to discuss man. Who's this lady here?"

Olivia: "Oh, I'm Jake Raab's girlfriend, Olivia. Are you one of Jake's friends?"

Ben Jordan: "More like a family friend."

Jake knew he wouldn't be able to have a proper conversation with Ben Jordan with Olivia around and he takes the Arrow DVD out and places it back in the box and places it with the other Arrow DVD's he has. He looks at Olivia and says this.

Jake Raab: "I'm afraid you have to leave for today. Because Ben needs to talk to me, you can come over tomorrow or whenever you feel like it, alright?"

Olivia: "I understand; I see you tomorrow."

Jake gave Olivia a hug and a kiss on her cheek before she goes into Jake's bedroom and bathroom to get her stuff as she then went downstairs and puts her shoes on to leave Jake's home. Jake then turns the TV off as they sat down and Ben speaks.

Ben Jordan: "I never got the chance to thank you for defending me out there with Kedron stuff going on."

Jake Raab: "You're welcome. You don't deserve the treatment you're getting from this Kedron asshole."

Ben Jordan: "And his wife."

Jake Raab: "Yeah, her as well."

Ben Jordan: "However, there were points Kedron made about why you did this for me now than a lot earlier?"

That got Jake crunched up a bit with his whole body as he shows regret on his face, looking down and disappointed with himself. Jake then lifts his head and decides to let the beans out.

Jake Raab: "Because I didn't know how close you and Markus were. He got so pissed at me for not knowing anything about the friendship you have with him."

Ben Jordan: "Well, I could've made more effort to meet you backstage and say hey, me and Markus are close friends. Konrad is a close friend of mine as well."

Jake Raab: "At least we're meeting now, that's the main thing. Markus told me the day after Samuel's dad's funeral that you and he are excellent friends, and it gave me a wake-up call to get in contact more with you. Hence why I stepped up to Kedron after everything you and your wife have done with Markus."

Ben Jordan: "Samuel's dad is dead?"

Jake Raab: "Yeah, you friends with him as well?"

Ben Jordan: "Yes. Wow, I'm so sorry to hear that about his dad, what happened?"

It was a lot closer than Jake thought with the Raab family connections to Ben Jordan. It occurred that nobody apart from Ben had the guts to be friends with Markus, especially as he shuts everyone off in wrestling usually, due to his trust issues with people. Cos Ben was so close to the family; Jake was able to explain why on Samuel's dad's death.

Jake Raab: "He died of a stroke."

Ben Jordan: "I'm truly sorry to hear that. However, even though you may think we're good, there's an issue I want to talk to you about, the way you're so defensive and aggressive to Austin."

That got Jake boiled up, the name of Austin, let alone Austin James Mercer makes his whole body shaking with anger.

Jake Raab: "I don't want to talk about that overrated piece of shit champion. Fuck that guy."

Ben Jordan: "Mate, I know he's not said pleasant things about your family which I don't agree with whatsoever, I understand why you'd get pissed at Austin for trashing Konrad especially who's not even in SCW or SCU, but you were over the top of bashing him a couple of weeks ago."

Jake Raab: "After the cheap shots he's given me all this time on me being a nasty piece of shit, acting like I'm a shit wrestler and an undeserving title contender with a win over Senor Vinnie that meant nothing? Damn right, I'm gonna get pissed about that and call his bullshit out."

Ben Jordan: "But you went way too far with it."

Jake drops to the floor, having doubts on what to do in SCW now on his behaviour being pointed out from the show two weeks ago and he says this.

Jake Raab: "OK, maybe I went too far to bash Austin, but can you blame me, though?"

Ben Jordan: "I don't mate, but to tone it down a bit because trust me, it will get you nowhere with respect, bitching about things. Just wrestle like I know you can."

Jake Raab: "I wish I could, but since these idiots think I don't deserve title shots, I don't want to wrestle for them anymore or at least not for the time being. Every time I have one, I always get told I never earned them and having them handed to me. I'm sick of it and sick of Austin and his friends talking shit about me, behind my back like a bunch of cowards they are to talk publicly about me when it's only public to those who have twitter."

Ben Jordan: "Well, twitter is public, but yeah, I don't agree with them talking about you where you aren't even on twitter. It's how you said it, cowardly. All I'm saying is for you to relax on all of that and be a great wrestler I know you can be, just like your cousins."

Jake listens hard to Ben, he doesn't agree with him respecting Austin and he never will due to the amount of threats he's been getting from him to tone the bashing down on Austin, even if he will never respect him or even care for him. It was guidance he needed from Ben, who was the only person who wanted to speak to Jake on the SCW roster.

Jake Raab: "I will do my best to do that. I'm facing Joshua Acquin this week. I know what I have to do to turn things around, bit like him who is struggling solo's wise, but I will treat him as a threat equally."

Ben Jordan: "Yeah you should, considering he's been champion in the past and if Vinnie and Amy win the mixed tag title qualifier, he could be champion again."

Jake Raab: "At this point, I could careless on being booked for the Supershow, despite already, believe it or not, have experienced wrestling on a boat already, even in a style of the Roulette title type match. I entered myself in a battle royal over in a company called Emerge. I got more respect there than I got in SCW. It's the first time I felt wanted and liked from other wrestlers in the back."

Ben Jordan: "Well, I like you. After what you did to challenge Kedron because to prove to me you'd be there for me, I say you aren't a bad guy. It was a good thing Markus gave you a telling off for ignoring me, although as I said, I also should've approached you earlier as well. Nobody up until that point did anyone come to defend for me."

Jake Raab: "I'll gladly do it again."

Ben nods at Jake, he generally sees him as a good person, just a guy who's still new to the sport with barely any experience and was on a learning curve to learn from the experienced Ben Jordan, a guy that's been nice and calm to Jake on the issues he's having.

Ben Jordan: "I hope you can be a lot calmer from this point forward. Focus on your opponents, than the ones who aren't and not bash them so much."

Jake Raab: "I hear you, but I'm still gonna say something about the twitter thing later this week on video cos things do need to be said to those who talk shit about me. Everything else will be focused on Joshua Acquin. Thanks for coming by, you're always welcome to come over."

After Jake and Ben got off the sofa, Ben and Jake shook hands, getting into a bit of a hug before Jake opens the door and allows Ben Jordan out, and he leaves the house, leaving Jake with a lot to think about, even if he was able to do archery this week since the show was in California, so it wasn't too far for Jake to go to wrestle Joshua.


Need to bounce back to win matches again. Jake's camera. (On camera)

"Before I get to Joshua Acquin, I want to say this to people like Ty West and Griffin Hawkins. If you have a problem with me, have the decency to address me on camera directly where I can hear and see you both and challenge me for a match, not hide and discuss your thoughts to your friends on Twitter that's in public when it's only public to those who have a twitter account to see those comments. Considering I don't have a social media account, it's still behind my back to me so; therefore, you both are cowards.

Moving on, I'm facing against Joshua Acquin this week. I can say, well he's on a roll of losses, solo matches wise, like myself, but when it comes to wins overall, he's had more than me in these past few weeks, even if it's in tag matches. It's never easy finding a partner, especially a female one, willing to team with you. That's great to see how easily you can find partners to team with and I fail at doing that.

You're on a great run in the mixed tag tournament right now, and you could very well have a match at the Supershow for the mixed tag titles. It's pretty impressive as I know tag matches aren't an easy thing to tackle with. I think it's good you've got motivation with the mixed tag titles, and that should be the key.

The whole thing on liking to cause wrestlers pain and blood, you know damn well I have no problems getting my hands blooded if it takes me to win matches and if you want to fight that way. Bring it on because I won't be backing down from that fight. You always say you won't take things easy. I don't want you to take it easy on me or hold back, trust me because I want to bring that fire out of you and bring everything you have against me to motivate you to be more comfortable wrestling in a solo's match and I will do so.

But you've been around for quite some time, and sometimes, you need to change your style or find your wrestling persona. I have with The Fiery Target name; after all, I'm always full of fire and still a target for everyone, even yourself right now views me as a target. That's what needs to happen, Josh. Of course, we also need to bounce back from losses in solo's competition, especially in my case as I've not won a match since the Supershow.

It's time for me to make things right by beating the shit out of you, like you may want to do in this case and I got nothing against that. However, it's sad to say that only one of us can capture that pinfall or submission to get that win, and that will be me. See you in the ring tomorrow night, in California, Joshua."

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