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> Take two
Joshua Acquin
Posted: August 09, 2019 04:56 pm

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Joshua is seen back in Las Vegas at his wrestling school wrestling with one student, stopping every so often to show him what to do or a better way of doing the thing that he was doing. It is a matter of time before the trainee is winded, so Joshua tells him to take a break as Joshua ask for another wrestler to come into the ring, but two of the top students got up and got into the ring.
Joshua: Well look at here we have Chris and Adam, I am not going to fight you both but this will help decide who will face who when we have our first show. Let’s get a ref in here.
While the match is ongoing Joshua enters his office to talk to his friend Justin, brother, and sister.

Ashlynn: So Joshua who do you like getting the shots at the first show?

Joshua: For the Heavyweight championship, I am thinking one of those two down in that ring. For the Las Vegas Championship, I was thinking of Joseph and Matthew. As for the women, I will leave that to Ashlynn since she is with them the most.

With that Joshua turns toward Ashlynn.

Joshua: Sounds good so far, what you got for me, Ash.

Ashlynn: Well I was thinking to do a four-way match. I say this because we have so many that I work with that seem like they can do. It is really hard to make it a one on one. With that said these are the four that I think we should place in the match; Jade, Jessica, Tara, and Melissa.

Joshua sits back in his chair and rocks back and forth a few times absorbing all that Ashlynn said.

Joshua: That’s what I like about you Ash you think outside the box. Everything sounds like it is good here, but I have to head over to the house and then back here for Jessie, Amy, and Vinny. We have to get some work in.

Ashlynn: Are you able to trust Jessie after what happened between everyone?

Joshua: You know what, wrestling is a business and what happens in the ring is an act you know. Amy and I have been friends for years. Jessie, I have known for a while, and Vinny is a good guy that I am trying to get a read on. But I really need to get to my house to change.

Joshua heads out of the office and out to his car.


So Jake Raab is my opponent this week in SCW. I may not have the best record against him in SCW. This week I think when I win I will pull even with him. People think there is a reason I am with the Metal and Punk connection. Truth is I want to help them win. With four of us, there is a time when the opposing team needs to get ready for us. But if there is four of us what two do they prepare for? So this week Amy and Vinny will win their match, and for people worried about Jessie complaining don’t. She is trying to make it seem as though there is an issue in the group the isn’t. When we get on the ship and win our matches we will all be walking off as champions. I just have to pin Jake this week.

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