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> Bounty Hunter Files
Devin Lockyer
Posted: December 25, 2018 01:37 pm

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Bounty Hunter Files case #2389 Gemma Frost.

Stewart answers his ringing phone.

Yeah, this is Stewart Mason.

Stewart walks towards the house.

5 grand is little low, hardly enough for me to bother with.

Stewart turns the knob of the door and enters.

Alright, send me the particulars.

Stewart receives the particulars and looks at the name attached to the warrant, he almost bumps into his girlfriend.

Gail: Something must be important.

Stewart: We got a case, its only 5 grand though.

Gail: Hardly worth our time and skills.

Stewart: Yeah, but a job is a job, even though this one is going to be a little awkward.

Stewart shows the case file to Gail.

Gail: this has to be a joke.

Stewart: Nope.

Gemma is standing outside in the backyard as Stewart and Gail walk out.

Gemma: Hey.

Stewart: Do you want to do this Gail.

Gail: Okay, I guess.

Gemma: What's going on.

Gail: Gemma I'm, sorry, but I have to put you under arrest, can you turn around, please.

Gemma: Come you joking.

Stewart: I'm sorry but we're not you missed a scheduled court date, and now we have to bring you in.

Gemma: You don't have to cuff me though.

Stewart: it part of the job.

Gail reluctantly cuffs gemma and they drive off to the police station.

Stewart: Don't worry we'll take care of this.

Gail turns Gemma over to the police officer.

Gail: Why did you take this case, there wasn't another agent in Vegas that could have handled this.

Stewart: Just our luck I guess, I think we'll give the 5 grand to Gemma.

Gail: Yeah, and make it up to her in our own special way.

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