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Christian Underwood
Posted: October 28, 2018 06:45 pm

TAFKATPF aka The Artist Formerly Known As The Pink Flamingo
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Post all RPs here!

Word limit: 10k per character per RP period

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Austin James Mercer
Posted: November 01, 2018 04:57 am

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Prologue - “The highest of highs, the lowest of lows.”

It was meant to be my most important moment.

I stood in the ring and I heard the roars of the crowd around me. The pressure that had built throughout the match bubbled and overflowed at the top. When the end came, when my music hit and the Hellsgate title was handed to me the emotional came from myself and the fans. They knew someone who wouldn’t give up on them was now a champion.

And I knew I was right. That this was my calling.

That being a professional wrestler was what I was put on this earth to do. And to be.

The pure elation I felt holding the championship, knowing my wife was at home with our newborn son, knowing the rest of my family was watching me. It was something not easily described. A feeling of pride and happiness. My heart beating so fast and full of light. It was a feeling only beaten by the marriage to Lisa and the birth of my son.

I was on top of the world. I had all I wanted. A great home life, a successful career and the rift between myself and my father had been healed and we actually liked each other.

I should have seen it coming.

I should have known those good times couldn’t last.

But never in a million years would I have guessed what dark cloud was about to come over my family and my life. I never even thought of it. First was the break-up. I was blindsided. They were so happy, so perfect for one another. I saw in my father's eyes the pure love he had for Elena. I saw the same from her. I saw Isabella look at my father like he was one of the greatest men in the world.

But the break up could be handled. The separation was not the end of the world. But his death?. That brought the walls crashing around us all. The sun that shone on all our lives and the happiness we all had disappeared into the darkness in seconds. I went from on top of the world to buried underneath it.

I watched part of my family disintegrate and my father pass on….

But I’m not going to let it end me, I’m not going to let it stop my momentum or my career. He wouldn’t want that. And with my wife and son behind me, while they sit at home I want to give them both something to be proud of, something to care about. Because they are what I fight for.

My family will not fade away into the night.

Even without our patriarch….

Rest in peace Christian Mercer…..your memory will never die, as your now my own

Scene One-Generations
Off Camera
Garrison New York
A few months ago

No one could escape the mood in the apartment. An apartment once filled with laughter and happiness now seemed dark and heavy. It felt claustrophobic. Lisa walked through the kitchen and down the hallway, her beautiful face normally done up in dramatic makeup to reflect her personality was now natural, her face showing the weight of the world on her shoulders. The sadness inside at the loss of a man she thought of as a father. A man who offered guidance and love. The glue that held the family together.

She was numb, numb to the world and numb to the people who loved her and that she loved. But a voice seemed to cut through the fog, it came from inside Marcus’ bedroom. A small beam of light coming through the crack in a straight line dancing across the dark hallway floor. As Lisa got closer she could see through pushing the door lightly to open it finding Austin standing inside, their young son in his arms, his deep voice in a small whisper.

“I’m sorry Marcus.” His hand cradled behind Marcus’ head, his little body resting across his large forearm as Austin moved around the room. His son looked up sleepily at his father, his little eyes studying his face. Austin couldn’t help but smile slightly. The look of unconditional love warming him. Lisa listened closely wondering why her husband apologized to their son. Austin sighed heavily and took a deep breath in trying to hold back tears.”He loved you. He really did. The day you were born he stood there in the hospital with a smile I had never seen…”

Austin trailed off, his voice heavy as his heart as he cleared his throat and bounced Marcus a little to calm him down. Austin’s eyes trailed from his son to a small frame sitting on a chest of drawers next to Marcus’ crib. “I never got to know him as well as I wanted. I always thought I had more time. And when your mom got pregnant with you, well, I thought we could get to know him together.” A lump formed in Austin’s throat as he sighed heavily. Lisa grabbed the door biting her lip but resisting every urge to step in and hold her husband.

“I won’t make his mistakes Marcus. I won’t leave it too late. I won’t let time slip away.” Austin couldn’t hold it, tears started to stream down his cheeks as he lowered Marcus into his crib, the newborn staring up at his father making little noises. “I’ll never take you for granted. And you’ll know every day you have a father that loves you….just like I loved your grandfather…” Austin slowly looked back up at the picture. A photo of Christian and Elena together, both smiling and happy.

“And I still love you….Mom….”

Scene Two-The Advice I never had…
Off Camera
New York, New York
A few months ago.

They all stared, the whole group of trainees and trainers at Wolf's Lair. This had been his father's idea. A place for training the next generation. Christian Mercer had been a silent partner, working alongside Alex Jones and his wife Sonja. A few months ago in preparation for his return to the ring Austin had turned up, Alex agreed to help him train. It felt like home. A place where his father had put in so much time, money and effort. But now they all stood looking at him. Austin's blood boiled. He had felt nothing the last few days, he had been numb.

But now with all the looks of pity and sadness, he felt the anger rise in his heart. His long hair tied away from his face as he tilted his head sideways staring back at them all. A glare that could end them if looks could kill. Before Austin could say anything a voice perked up from behind him. An angelic female voice. That of Sonja Jones, one of his fathers best friends. It was lower than usual with a weight of sadness that Austin knew too well. “Baby boy what are you doing here?”

Austin turned and smiled lightly before offering a hug, Sonja wrapped her arms around him and let out a deep sigh. Austin pulled back and looked down at his workout bag. Sonja sighed and shook her head slowly. “No, not today, not now. You should be with your wife and son…” He let out a deep sigh and looked away. “Sonja, I just...I needed to get out. Lisa and I had a little fight, tensions are high...I need this…” Sonja looked into his eyes and gave a small nod motioning towards the locker room. Austin grabbed his bag walking in and after a few minutes coming out in his gear, everyone again stopped and stared as silence filled the large gym. Sonja whispered to Alex Jones who looked up and called Austin over to an empty ring in the corner.

“You sure about this kid?” Alex’s voice was soft and calm, Austin popped up onto the apron and gave a small nod, Alex stepped back and moved around. “Alright, you can work with me…” The tension and silence was almost deafening. Alex and Austin squared up to one another, Austin towering over Alex. They locked up and Austin tried to use his anger pushing it into his strength, but as he pushed Alex back Alex relaxed and turned using Austin's own body weight against him throwing the much larger man onto his back.

“You can’t wrestle angry kid.” Austin growly and powered out throwing Alex off him, they got to their feet and went to tie up, the other trainees all watching now as Alex ducked under grabbing Austin’s arm into a hammerlock, he kept himself behind Austin who tried to use his power to get up, this time Alex tripped the bigger man to the mat and held him there. “Strength doesn’t always mean an advantage, Aus.”

Austin relaxed and Alex let him up, Austin swallowed and looked ready to go but Alex just shook his head before turning sharply to the others standing around “Don’t you all have drills to do?” His voice was full of authority and a little anger as they all sprung to life. Alex leaned back against the ropes and sighed heavily running a hand through his hair as Austin stood silent and stoic. The anger seeming to disappear slowly. “Kid, you shouldn’t be have to deal with the grief…”

“Sonja is here…”[/colo] Alex smiled slowly and shook his head. “She was close to your dad, but she’s throwing herself into work and see over there in the office?. Dylan is in there, asleep. She has me and our son close at hand.” Alex paused for a moment putting his hand on Austin’s shoulder. “You need ti-” “How would you know?”

Austin blurted out and Alex sighed with a shake of his head before swallowing and lowering his voice in a whisper. “I was 17 when I left home. The last thing my father said to me was “good don’t come back.”..” He sighed again trying to build up the courage to say more. “My father was a piece of shit Aus, and I never saw him alive again, four years later I finally walked through the door...and he was gone. I never got to say goodbye, I never got to mend that fence. You did….” Alex takes a deep breath. [color-red]“Your dad wasn’t perfect, he and I had a lot of history...but he tried...and he was so proud of the man you had become…..he loved you…”
Austin took a sharp breath in and wiped his eyes as Alex moved around and locked up with him to hide the emotion Austin was showing from everyone else.

“It’s ok kid…’s ok….”

Scene Three-Legacy…
On Camera
New York, New York
A few days ago.

The cold spring breeze blew across the street as Austin James Mercer stood with his arms crossed over his large chest. His long brown hair flowing down over his shoulders and back. His piercing brown eyes staring ahead as they seem to blaze in anger.

”SCW, a new company taking over the one I signed with after my WWH tenure ended. I was one of the hottest free agents on the market. Honor came to me and said they wanted a new star. A man with a legacy, a prodigy. Someone who would get in the ring and fight with respect and honor, excuse the pun. See, for years I was the youngest member of the Mercer clan. My family ran the Northeast in the early days of the last century, my great, great grandfather, his sons and daughters and so on and so forth all the way to my father Christian…”

“Christian Mercer is a name that should have been huge. With the global expansion of professional wrestling and where this sport was heading my father should have been the biggest star or one of the biggest stars in the early 90’s through to the mid-2000’s. He should have been a multi-time world champion. The first in a list of names from my family to be that bright shining light. My uncles, my aunts, they were all too old to make the impact needed but my father was the right age, the right look, the right skills to become “the man”. But, he didn’t….”

“So, what went wrong?. Why is it that he faded away and never realized the potential he had or the dream of our family?”

“It wasn’t something he wanted. See my father wanted to be successful but also saw what this business had done to members of our family. Drug addiction, corruption, injuries. He never wanted that for himself or for me. He took consulting jobs, got his MBA in business and went to work for Athos corp, one of the biggest companies in Vegas, managing casinos and all sorts of businesses and he was good at it. But the itch was there, the business is in our blood and for a time he trained younger wrestlers. He then stepped into the ring after I had started training…

Austin laughs to himself, his mind flashes back to those early days, teaming with his father, working out in the gym, Growing closer despite Christians reluctance to step into Austin's career.

”He teamed with me in IWF, he managed me until we left the company. I joined Honor the first time, he fell in love with Elena DeDraca, one of the most talented women this business has ever seen. He was still involved with wrestling but in a way he enjoyed. He helped manage Wolfslair training facility. And as I took charge of my own destiny and career I saw the smile on his face. I saw a look of pride. He finally realized that our families name and legacy was going to live, and thrive and grow. But it would be under MY watch. I would be the Mercer to stand above all and reach the heights and levels that he should have.”

“Just as I had reached the first ceiling, just as I knocked on the glass, smiled and broke through tragedy struck. Just after I won the WWH Hellsgate championship my father passed away. He left behind a wife who loved him, a stepdaughter who thought the world of him, a grandson who was robbed of the chance to know him, a daughter in law who looked at him as a father. And me, a son who needed his guidance and love. A son who just wanted to make him proud.”

“Since his passing, I have had so much to be grateful for. I have Elena in my life as a mother, I have my wife Lisa, our son Marcus and a daughter on the way. I signed a contract with Honor wrestling and from the time I stepped into that company, it felt like home. And I started to beat EVERYONE they put in front of me. From winning the mayhem survival match to beating the former Honor champion, Kevin Hunter. The fans around the world were reminded of the monster that I can be. And look at me. I’m six foot six, two hundred and sixty-five pounds of bad news. I’m a natural athlete with this business in my blood.”

Austin growls the last few words and seems to stand up even straighter pushing his chest out to show his broad shoulders and large arms not being hidden very well under the black and red “Wolfslair” shirt that clings to his body.

”But, natural ability and a second nature only gets you so far. I also have the heart and soul needed to be successful. The drive to be the best. It’s a drive I see in Mickey Carroll's eyes. I was familiar with Mickey when I came to Honor. I saw his tag wars, I saw him stand side by side with the Bad Boys until he stepped out on his own and claimed that spotlight. I saw him go to war with the best Honor wrestling had to offer including Alex Jones. I also know this isn’t your first merry-go-round in SCW.”

“In Honor though, in Honor, you reached the potential many thought you had and now you still stand on top of the mountain. You hold a title that many others tried to make matter. Alex did somewhat but you have been able to keep it at that level. You and your reign are something to aspire to. I’m not here to shit on it or call you names or disrespect you. You have earned the right to look at everyone else from Honor or in SCW and say that you are the best and you are the measuring stick. You might even be better than Fenris. But here we are, ready to face each other for the said title and I can promise you I will fight tooth and nail for this. I will get in that ring and I will do everything I can, within the rules to walk out as the champion. And hey you might just be that damn good and hand me my first loss in six months. You might just be that good that you can slow down the rise and legacy of Austin James Mercer…”

“Or….you might not.”

“I’m not like anyone else you have faced Mickey, I’m sure you’ve been in the ring with some truly great wrestlers. Alex included. But I’m special. It’s not even ego when I say something like that. There are very few people on this earth who come close to bringing to the table what I have. Strength, size, speed, technique, knowledge and I’m even entering into the prime of my career. It’s not a certainty I’ll beat you, Mickey. Not at all. But you are facing an uphill battle as you return to SCW and I make my debut. Win or lose let us make this match one to remember.”

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Austin James Mercer
Posted: November 07, 2018 04:59 am

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A failure. A failure to my lineage. A failure to my name. A failure to my family and the profession I was born into. A failure in the eyes of my wife, my son. It’s like a piece of jagged metal in my chest that I can’t rip out. It wasn’t supposed to be like this, It wasn’t supposed to feel this way. My father told me I would be tested. He told me that I would look in the mirror and question if I was meant to be in this business.

But he was supposed to be beside me.

He was supposed to be there to guide me, to help me. He was supposed to help me realize a dream he gave up on and walked away from. But now he’s gone. He’s gone and I am lost. At the top of a mountain with people all around me trying to shove me off and take my spot. Trying to take a title I earned even though many said I never would.

They all come after me and now I know why good men resort to the things they do, why egos grow in the soil of being humble. When you have a target on your back you can’t trust anyone. You have no friends, you have no acquaintances to watch your back. But everyone else. Everyone is so ready to team up and tear you down. To destroy you instead of helping you build by being respectful, honorable and trustworthy.

I trust no one.

I hate everyone.

I stand alone to take the championship. To prove I was good enough. I sit at home holding my son in my arms telling him that I’ll always be there to protect him, to watch over him. I tell him that all he needs to be is a good man.

A lie I don’t need to tell….

My own father never lied to me. He never sugar coated the world and its flaws. He never hid who he was or his own shortcomings. I hated that. I hated his arrogance, his blunt nature. The fact he was so cold. As a child I never really got it. But now I do. Now I understand. The world is a cold place, full of pain and liars. Full of people who will tell you that they will always be there, that they’re family or friends. But then when the shit hits the fan and the world goes to hell…

You turn around and those promises are gone, as well as the people who made them.

I can count on two people. Myself and my wife. And the fact I include her means I failed my father's lessons. Never count on anyone else. Never count on family. Never count on your wife. It seems I was never a good listener. And now, now I’ll never have another lesson…

Scene One-Lineage and Tradition
Off Camera
Las Vegas, Nevada
12 Years Ago

The entire house was silent. Austin wasn’t used to it. His feet made small noises that seemed to move in time with the small ticks from the clock on the large wooden desk facing inwards to the room in front of large double doors that moved out onto a balcony overlooking the Vegas strip. The walls seemed to keep all the noise from the street below out. He was shocked at the size of it all. Everything looked expensive and old yet somehow new. Like it had been restored to its original version through someone’s hard work and a hell of a lot of money. Even the small clock that he had noticed at first looked to be an antique in style but could have been brand new in a store.

It’s clear glass dome sat over the gold workings, the pure ivory clock face looked perfect as did the well-crafted hands ticking the seconds, minutes and hours away. They were black and interwoven metal. Austin seemed in awe as he studied it, he moved around the old desk to see all the picture frames. People he didn’t know. All but one. His father. At Least he thought it was his father. He stood in a suit, he looked to be about Austin's age. He stood with three men all older but who looked similar. All of them identical in their clothing, look, and hairstyle.

Austin couldn’t help but pick the picture up and study it. It was in color but faded. Taken in the late 70’s or early 80’s. The frame it had been slid into was silver and sturdy. A small insignia on the corner. He put the picture down and noticed the same symbol on all the frames. A shield with three iron crosses on the top with a knights helmet with feathers moving along it, a small banner at the bottom with his last name “Mercer” across it and beneath that a few words in Latin. “Crux Christi nostra corona” He read them out loud his head tilting to the side unable to comprehend or understand the meaning.

“It’s Latin…” Austin jumped as he looked to the door. His father Christian stood leaning against the frame. His hands in the front pockets of his black business slacks, his buttoned white shirt tucked in but the first few buttons loosened with no tie. His hair short and dark, a five o’clock shadow making his face look more aged than he really was. He moved through the office and stopped next to Austin looking across the pictures with a small grin. “It’s the Mercer family motto. The cross of Christ is our crown…..”

He paused for a moment and looked at his son. Austin looked interested and eager to take in the history of his family. Christian looked down at his desk before taking a small golden key from a chain around his neck opening the upper right drawer taking out a leather-bound book. The crest and motto inscribed and cut into the rich brown leather. Christian set the book down between them, his fingertips lightly touching the front. “This is the entire family lineage going back centuries. Back to Scotland…” He paused Austin's eyes widened as Christian smiled opening the first page showing the full version of the crest in all its color, the rich red on the canary yellow shield.

“We made our way to England, then from there the first Mercer’s came to America. In this book is everything up to myself. And now you….I need to get your page added.” Austin took a step back and tilted his head finding his voice slowly. “Me?...I’ll be in that book?” Christian laughed to himself opening it to the final page showing it to Austin, Christians date of birth, time and accomplishments, his father and mothers names, his siblings. Austin’s eyes flickered over the words, noting the annotation marks. Dec sat next to Christians father and mothers names. Austin raised an eyebrow as Christian suddenly closed the book, he swallowed hard and set it back in the desk.

“If you want to read it or know anything ask me beforehand. You may study it only in this room….understand?” Austin gave a small nod as the small clicking sound of the lock echoed through the office. Christian replaced the key back around his neck and placed a hand on his son's shoulder leading him out of the room closing the large door behind them.

Scene Two: The Stoney Brook School
Off Camera
Stoney Brook New York
11 Years Ago

The grey clouds circled up and over the lush green trees surrounding the campus. Austin sat in the back of the shiny black town car. His eyes studying the students and faculty. Their clothing sharp and almost military-like in its precision and attention to detail. Austin groaned and looked over at the bag sitting next to him. All his belongings he was allowed to take fit in there, it was a sick feeling in his stomach. A horrible feeling. His father walked around from the front of the car and opened the door. Austin sat for a moment, a little longer than he should have as Christian cleared his throat. Austin stepped out, his head rising well above the car.

Even at 14, Austin was a giant of a human. He was about the same height as his father. 6’3, tall and lanky. But he had started filling out faster than anyone had expected. His hair was cut short and slicked back and slightly to the side with a part. He wore a navy blue suit very similar to his father’s as they walked up the stone pathway. The grass on either side was lush and green. Each step made a crunching sound that seemed to get louder as they got closer to the front door and to the admissions office.

As they stepped in the first thing Austin noticed was the silence. Everyone seemed to be talking in hushed tones or not at all. Even students who were in there, boys the same age as Austin, some younger, some older, all of them seemed silent as they went about their lives in a stiff regimented manner. Austin swallowed hard as a crushing feeling came over him. He could feel each part of him being pushed down. He knew soon he’d be like that. Soon he’d have no choice but to live his life by their rules, by their own list. His heart sank deeper into his stomach as he held down the urge to throw up. Christian whispered to the small woman at the desk, he turned and pointed slowly to a seat. Austin sat as Christian went into the headmaster's office.

For what seemed like an eternity Austin say there, no one talked to him, not one introduced themselves. The woman being the desk said nothing, teachers and others seemed to move by him like he didn’t exist. The only way he knew he wasn’t invisible was the students, while silent stared at him. He clenched his jaw as he felt the anger bubble up inside him. What was their problem?. Why were they staring?. Why did no one talk to him or introduce themselves?. His hands closed into fists as one of the boys seemed to sneer looking down at Austin, but before Austin could get up the door swung open and an old man called his name.

“Austin.”. He snapped out of it and stood up moving towards the door, Christian stepped out and stood to the side with his arms folded. “I’m going to go, son. I will see you in the first visit period. It will be in three weeks. I expect exceptional marks.” Before Austin could say anything Christian shook his hand and gave a small nod to the headmaster making his way to the car still waiting outside. The headmaster gave Austin a little tap on the shoulder and made his way up the hall to the grand staircase that wound upwards. Austin followed holding his bag tight as they made it up to the landing. The headmaster stopped and turned to clasp his fingers together. He was a tall man, a bit taller than Austin. He gave a small smile and tilted his bald head to the side.

“Master Austin James Mercer.” He had a very calm but proper accent, his eyes were magnified by the lenses in his black thick-framed glasses. “Welcome to Stoneybrook Academy.” He smiled slowly and turned continuing to walk down the hallway, the doors all open to each dorm room, all of the rooms inside looking the same. The same layout, identical rooms, and color. All of it seemed so depressing. Austin took a deep breath before stopping at the fifth door on the left. “This is your room…”

Austin looked inside. Two beds one against each wall. One made with fresh blankets and a dark blue sheet and one white pillow. A black footlocker with a padlock shut tight. The other bed not made at all, everything sitting at the base of the bed with another foot locker, unlocked with the padlock and key sitting on top with the name “A.Mercer” in white on top, the other also with a name Austin hadn’t yet seen. “This is where you’ll be staying. And something you need to know about this Academy. Our motto is Character over Career. Meaning we value making you into a man before we think about the career you’ll have….”

After a few moments, Austin stepped inside putting his back on the footlocker. “Now, make your bed, when you’re done come downstairs, I will introduce you to your dorm-mate and you will have dinner….”

Austin gave a small nod and realized he needed to actually say something. “Yes, headmaster” he smiled and stepped back as Austin started to unpack. The footlocker opened as Austin started putting away clothes and his personal effects. He pulled out the uniforms already inside placing the shirts, slacks, and ties on top. The blazers hanging now as he gave a deep and heavy sigh. A group of boys walked by, one of them stopped in the doorway, he seemed almost as big as Austin, his blonde hair cropped short, he sneered and laughed talking to his friends before they all laughed. Austin simply shook his head as he finished unpacking, realizing he’d never felt this alone.

Scene Three: A champion
On Camera
New York, New York
Present Day

His eyes slowly trail up, all we can see is the deep brown and pearly white and a small part of his face. His long brown hair seems to frame his eyes like a curtain hanging down as he tilts sideways with a small deep chuckle under his breath.

”It’s been over a week since this match was announced and as of this recording there has not been anything substantial from my opponent. Now, I talked before about how I respect Mickey and what he has accomplished and I do, I want to make that clear. But at the same time there seems to be this myth with him and the Honor title. See when Honor changed their business model and separated the gender divisions Kevin Hunter beat Eyesnane for the title and went on a yawn inducing horrible run that no one, and I mean NO ONE cared about…”

“Honor and the championship for that company didn’t get the respect it deserved until Alex returned and went after the title he never lost. He beat Kevin who ran away like the scared child he is. He failed and walked out. And it wasn’t until Mickey was able to beat Alex that Kevin came back and started spouting off about how bad he wanted “his” title back. Right there shows the kind of attitude some people had about you Mickey. I saw you and Alex go at it. I saw you show the world just how good you are and you walked out with that btitle and you proved it wasn’t a fluke when you beat him again….”

“While you were proving yourself as a champion, I was destroying the rest of the roster. I was winning every match I was put in and I was living up to that potential people always said I had.”

“I went into a match with Kevin Hunter and he stood there and went on about how I wasn’t on his level and how he was going to run through me and he was the real champion. See in Alex you had a guy who had a rightful claim to being a champion, he got that title back and proved Kevin wrong, you beat him and while he wanted that title back he still admitted you were the man. I have never laid claim to any title, I’m not about to stand here and say that the title you hold is really mine. To be a champion you have to beat them and you and I have not stepped in the ring together but you have beaten some of the best of the best…”

Austin laughs to himself and shakes his head as we pull back to find him with his arms crossed over his chest.

”But then again, so have I. I took a championship no one cared about in another company and took it to the top of the company, all the while you were in Honor as it’s champion and you were floundering. Almost by your own admission Mickey. I mean we heard it in your promos in your final matches. You were worried no one cared about the Honor championship. And it perplexed me. See I could of sworn someone like you who had such a change in attitude and perspective would see that a championship doesn’t make the man. The man makes the championship.”

“You have a very little presence. You’re great in the ring Mickey you are, you have a great attitude and since your split from ther Bad Boys you have shown yourself to be a man of your word.”

“But, as a champion, as a visible leader of the locker room, you have fallen flat. You have failed. The reason why people don’t care about your title reign isn’t because of other people like GIFT, or Shinjiro, or Alicia, Or Jesse. It’s due to one person. The man in the mirror. And again, it’s not because of the wrestler you are. It’s just the truth. And the truth is that I am a prodigy, I am a product of this business. My family lineage, my natural athletic ability, my confidence and my respect for anyone willing to put their bodies on the line is obvious. And it’s also what I’m all about. And now the time is drawing closer. The SCW pay per view known as High Stakes is the biggest of the year and what a time for us to be having this match.

Austin smiles and laughs to himself.

”The SCW fans know you, but they don’t know you as a champion. They haven’t seen the man you’ve become and as for me?. They don’t know what I did in Shoot Society, in WWH or in Honor. In Shoot I beat Lex Collins and Ana Hayden, in WWH I was a champion and I destroyed everyone they put me against and in Honor. Well, you know what I did Mickey. But here in SCW we’re a guy who9 wasn’t a top star and an unknown entity fighting for a title they only know of by name.”

“You and I can change that.”

“You and I can step in that ring and go to war.”

“I know whichever one of us is going to walk out of the match with that title will have earned it. I know whoever holds that belt high after the bell rings will be worthy of it. If you beat me I will gladly raise your hand in the air and I will applaud you and celebrate you as a champion, and if I win I hope you do the same. But, if you are able to beat me Mickey I would ask that you be a visible champion. Do the maximum, not the minimum. Be the face of Honor, be the face of the Honor championship and be the champion you want SCW to see you as. See I remember when you faced Alex Jones you talked about there being no worthy competition left. Yet here I am, I was there then and I’m here now. And come High Stakes you’re going to see what real competition looks like…”

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