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> Ms. [Evelyn] Welch
Evelyn Welch
Posted: June 24, 2019 09:52 am

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Birth name: Evelyn Ann Welch
Ring Name: Evelyn Welch; Ms. Welch
Nickname(s): -The Head Bitch in Charge
-Cold as Ice
-The Business Associate
Height: 5’1”
Weight: 101 lb.
Hometown: Henderson, NV
Resides: Las Vegas, NV
Billed from: Sin City

Picture base: Hayden Panettiere
Wrestling Attire:
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Alignment: Heel
Theme Music: “Obsession” by Animotion
Entrance Description:
Wrestling styles: Showman & Dirty

-Sit-out facebuster
-Hair-pull backbreaker
-Eye gouge
-Back rake
-Rear naked chokehold
-Mat slam
-Martial art kicks to cornered opponent
-School-girl rollup, usually with a handful of opponent’s tights
-Sleeper hold, often with bodyscissors
-Modified spear with head pounding, choking, and slapping
-Top rope diving crossbody, sometimes into a rollup
-Victory roll, counter from being lifted up by an opponent
-Scoop slam
-Throws opponent shoulder first into the ring post
-Ringpost figure-four leglock
-Hair-mare, followed by a shoot kick to their spine
-[standing] Hair-pull while yanking up on opponent's arms w/threatics (breaks before the 10 count)
-Low blow, from behind to male counterparts
-Bronco buster
-Relentless [front] stomach kicks to a cornered opponent, often followed by a corner foot choke to a seated opponent
-Several hip attacks to cornered opponent
-Running bulldog

-“Ladies’ Honor” (Double Underhook DDT)
-“Absolute Supremacy” (Guillotine choke, sometimes with bodyscissors)
-“The Executive Decision” (Bytch Slap into a side kick to the gut followed by a standing swinging neckbreaker)

-“Kiss of Death” (Snap DDT)
-“A Gentle’s Touch” (Top rope hurricanrana, sometimes to an opponent off of the ring apron)

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