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"Third Time’s the Charm? I don’t think so!”
« on: December 06, 2021, 08:31:11 AM »
(Team Hero was used with permission from their respective handlers)

Despite losing her match to Kate Steele Krystal’s outspoken nature was undeterred, especially when you consider that she now had Matthew Kennedy and Marty McFarge in her ear! Her next challenger for the Roulette Title was set as Krystal was taking on Team Hero’s Keira Fisher in what the Aussie considered to be a dream match of hers at Inception V but before that, three matches were all but guaranteed to happen.

The first one was a challenge issued by Keira on Team Hero’s behalf, a tag team match between Krystal and a partner of her choice against Team Hero, that partner would end up being Jessie Salco, a good friend of Team Hero’s who was eager to go up against the legendary team again, the second match was another single’s contest between Jessie and Keira with Krystal and Roxi at ringside but the third? It was a clash of champions match as Krystal was taking on the newly crowned Mixed Tag Team Champion Mercedes Vargas for the third time in her career! The first time Krystal clashed with the Argentinian Bombshell was when Krystal was due to challenge Royal Purple and then they faced off again in Krystal’s third defence which also featured Bella Madison! Krystal needed to bounce back from the loss to Kate to prove that she was ready for the match against Keira, but can she win?

Backstage at Climax Control 318, Phoenix, Arizona
Sunday the 5th of December 2021, 17:00pm

Sit down for an interview, set off some bombs, somehow these two things are connected to each other!

I didn’t think much would come off the sit-down interview I did with Rocky if we’re being honest, the most I expected was some extra hype for the Roulette Title Match at Inception V and that’s that! But nope, instead Keira made a very interesting proposal to me.

A tag team match on the last show off the year, me and a partner of my choice vs. Team Hero, and frankly? I didn’t want to leave the arena without knowing who that partner was, and I had some options.

“Adrienne is impressive but she’s too new, Chloe was like a deer in the headlights against Johanna, how do you think she’ll far against Team Hero?” Matthew went through the possible team mates with me, and I nodded, like Ari I view Adrienne as a little sister I never had but whilst Ari and I have a loving sisterly relationship, the relationship between me and Adrienne is more on the mischievous side to put it mildly, and let’s face it, neither of them are ready for Team Hero. “What about Tempest?”

”Too volatile, plus she hasn’t been seen since she lost the Mixed Tag Titles so who knows what her mental state’s like?” I responded as I shook my head as I racked my brain for ideas. ”Amber would be too obvious and she’s already defending her title against Bella on the show, her sister’s an unknown commodity who literally just signed, and there’s no way in hell that I’m putting up with Andrea’s ego in a tag team match with her!”

”Would you settle for Andrea’s next challenger?” We looked up and saw Jessie approaching us with a grin on her face. ”Because I’m always down to throw down against Team Hero!”

“Bit presumptuous to assume that you’re going to win a Fatal Four Way that hasn’t happened yet.” Marty pointed out and as much as I hated the prick, he had a point. “Especially when you look at your competition.”

”Maybe, but there’s few on the SCW roster who know Team Hero better than me, aside from Team Hero themselves and Bombshells you can’t stand like Andrea.” Jessie countered, and I shared a look with my managers. ”So, what do you say? I have been helping train you.”

”I say we had better make this official before the show ends, let’s go grab a camera crew!” I nodded in agreement before we walked off.

The Stockyard Steakhouse, Phoenix, Arizona
Sunday the 5th of December 2021, 19:00pm

It’s been a while since I’ve had a meal out to be honest, much less one that wasn’t a date with Makayla.

And honestly? I did ask Makayla if she wanted to come but she had to decline due to looking after both Rachel and Garrus and having a headache on top of that so yeah, whilst this is a girls’ night out, it’s one with three of my co-workers rather than my fiancé.

And honestly? It’s a nice change of pace.

”Jessie’s challenging for the Bombshell Internet Title, I’m facing Team Hero in a tag team match.” I commented before raising my glass in a toast and once they got the idea Team Hero and Jessie raised their glasses as well. ”I’d say that calls for a toast, wouldn’t you?”

“Here, here.” Roxi nodded in agreement before we shared the toast and took simultaneous sips of our drinks. “Though I will admit that the “end of  the Team Hero era” comments did cause me to raise an eyebrow.”

”In the spirit of complete honesty? That’s the influence of Matthew and Marty, to an extent.” I admitted before I set my glass down. ”The reason I contacted Matthew’s group was because I thought someone with Matthew’s experience and knowledge would be the one to take my career to the next level, but I’ll be the first to admit that the loss to Kate had me rethinking the new alliance, at least at first.”

“Krystal. Matthew is a smarmy scumbag, always has been, always will be.” Keira responded as she shook her head and I turned to the blonde bombshell. “So is Marty but he’s a lot less subtle about it but you’re better than that, you have a daughter for god’s sake!”

”I know but since the loss to Andrea at the last cycle I had been having doubts about if I could hang with wrestlers outside the Bombshell Roulette Division. I admitted before the waiter came up to take our orders, Keira naturally ordered enough food to keep the kitchen staff busy for the rest of the night whilst the rest of us just ordered regular portions. ”I know I earned the Future Star and Most Improved of the Year awards, but I still feel like I need to prove myself to certain members of the roster.”

”Krystal, you will reach two hundred days as champion on Thursday, none of my reigns ever got that far.” Jessie assured me, and I turned to the shorter woman before nodding. ”Hell you’ve already set a new record for defences thanks to your competitor first, champion second mentality, regardless of what the likes of Andrea say the rest of the Bombshell Roster views you as a future star for a damn good reason!”

“Speaking of Andrea, Jessie how do you plan on preparing for the match against her at Inception V?” Keira asked as she turned to Jessie and Jessie paused for a second.

”I have a few options, I did consider asking Krystal if she could sweettalk Gabriel and Odette into letting me train at the Go Gym but, well, my relationship with them is rocky at best.” Jessie responded as she shook her head before glancing over at me. ”But it’s not like they are the only training school with ties to SCW around, what’s the facilities at Matthew’s place like?”

”I haven’t made use of them for one reason, my relationship with the other Go Gym graduates is on thin ice as it is and don’t want to take a sledgehammer to that ice by appearing to be disloyal.” I responded as I shook my head and the three veteran bombshells nodded as they got the idea. ”Gabriel doesn’t mind you helping me and Adrienne with our training Jess because you don’t run an official training school, you just have a wrestling ring and some gym equipment in your home’s basement.”

”Had to use that money I would’ve spent on the trip to Bloodstock 2020 somehow, that’s all I’m saying.” Jessie responded with a shrug  before taking a sip from her drink. ”Still haven’t figured out what I’m going to do with the money for Bloodstock 2021, in any case, you didn’t answer my question Krystal.” Jessie added, and I nodded once I realized that she was right.

”I was getting to that.” I nodded in response before shifting my weight. ”Matthew’s school has attracted a lot of interest but it’s basically the Go Gym from, the cheaper alternative to the superior product.” I explained, and the three veteran bombshells nodded as they got the idea. ”They have a green room where the students can practice their promo skills which was where I did my promo for the match against Kate but that’s literally the only advantage Matthew’s school has over the Go Gym.”

“If nothing else, that explains how dorky Adrienne came across in her first promo.” Roxi chuckled in response, and I had to admit, much as I like Adrienne, Roxi had a point. “Speaking of promos, I’ve been wondering and if you don’t want to answer feel free, but how much of that stuff about your childhood was true?”

”All of it,” I responded bluntly and being wrestling veterans, it normally took a lot to phase Team Hero, which is why I’m pointing out that it looked like Roxi, and Keira had seen a ghost. ”Hell, I was barely scratching the surface! Jessie knows the full story but it’s not one I’m comfortable going into detail about whilst in a crowded restaurant.”

”Speaking as a fellow child abuse survivor? Trust me, it gets ugly fast!” Jessie added, and Team Hero shared a look. ”She’ll tell you guys the whole story once she feels she can trust you but there’s a reason why Krystal Wolfe is her legal name.”

“Feel free to do that in your own time Krystal, but for now let’s just celebrate Jessie’s win.” Keira nodded sympathetically before the waiters came over with our orders, yes, plural, because Keira had ordered enough food to end world hunger twice over!

And whilst I sat there enjoying my steak meal and watched Keira devour her food, I had to remind myself that I was sitting across from a woman who was not only a wrestling veteran but my next challenger for the Roulette Title and that her friendly exterior would evaporate as soon as she got in the ring with me for our match.

And that fact just made me anticipate this match even more.

Local café, Tucson, Arizona
Monday the 6th of December 2021, 18:00pm

From one meal out to another, what can I say?

Though this one was a lot less celebratory than the one I had with Team Hero and Jessie, for one thing Makayla was on the day as well, and she wasn’t alone.

”So Francisco.” I said to Ariana’s Brazilian boyfriend as we made ourselves comfortable on a outside table, why outside? Because Garrus needs to socialize as we’re killing two birds with once stone with this double date. ”Ari says that you’re a massive wrestling fan?”

“Yes but I never thought that my first time backstage would be so exciting.” Francisco chuckled as he glanced over at Ari. “But Ari got me to safety before the purge officially started, at least she was the only one standing when the dust settled.”

”Admittedly the decision to get you to the parking lot ASAP was what led to Amy getting the jump on me, but I had the last laugh once the dust settled.” Ari admitted with a shrug before taking a sip from her drink. ”I don’t know what’s in store for me on the next SCU show but I’m ready for anything, even if it’s the match against Helena Jeckel that never happened for obvious reasons.”

“With that new attitude of yours, I have no doubt that you are ready for anything.” Makayla assured Ari and she grinned in response. “Anyway, Ari said that you are planning to train to be a wrestler Francisco.”

“That’s the plan, I moved to Las Vegas for that purpose.” Francisco nodded in response, and I had to admit, with his build he could be a decent cruiserweight wrestler with the right training. “The Go Gym was my initial idea, but I don’t want it to appear that I’m dating Ariana to have an in on the Go Gym, you know.”

”I understand, there are other schools with ties to SCW anyway.” I nodded in understanding before thinking for a moment. ”The Jet City Schools, Wolfslair, Matthew’s place, and that’s just off the top of my head, though I will say that Matthew’s place has the least prestige as it’s the newest school around and I didn’t even know he had a new school until I visited the Prime Time Associates HQ.”

”Does Matthew’s place even have an official name or is it just Matthew’s place?” Ariana asked, and I just shrugged, mostly because I had no idea. ”Speaking of SCW though, how are you preparing for the match against Mercedes?”

”Do I even need to prepare for Mercedes? I’ve faced her twice and she’s never beaten me!” I responded as I shook my head and Ari raised an eyebrow. ”I know that was before she won the Mixed Tag Titles with Goth, but she won those titles by doing nothing! I doubt her and Goth’s reign will last beyond the first defence either.”

“I have to admit, Krystal has a point.” Francisco nodded in agreement and Ari nodded reluctantly as she realized her boyfriend was right. “Any update from Adrienne and Katie? They are babysitting Rachel aren’t they?”

”They are, last update had Adrienne making baby noises at Rachel.” I chuckled in response before Francisco took a sip from his drink. ”I think babysitting Rachel is having a similar effect on Adrienne and Katie as it did on Ari, they might end up wanting kids of their own.” I added, and Francisco’s drink nearly ended up all over the table.

”Krystal, we literally just started dating, can you not put that much pressure on Francisco?!” Ari responded with a laugh before handing her boyfriend a napkin to clean himself up. ”Besides, I don’t know if I’m ready for that personally, much less Francisco!”

“Give it time, you’ll know when you’re ready.” Makayla assured Ari and she grinned whilst Francisco regained his composure. “It’s generally best to not rush into things like that, I know Krystal and myself are getting married only a few months after we started dating again but if you ask us, it’s like our relationship never ended.”

”That makes sense I guess.” Ari responded before the waiter came over with our food. ”For now, let’s eat.”

“Anything to distract me from that previous conversation.” Francisco laughed as we got ready to eat our food.

Local wrestling podcast, Tucson, Arizona
Monday the 6th of December 2021, 21:00pm

*promo time*

Yeah I’m doing a bit of hype for the show.

“Welcome back to the Sacred Ring podcast! Our next guest has wrestled all over the world and has come all the way from Adelaide, Australia to learn to wrestle from the best! She is the reigning SCW Bombshell Roulette Champion, please welcome SCW’s Krystal Wolfe!” Gus, one of the co-hosts of the podcast alongside his girlfriend Layla, introduced me and I grinned in response knowing that it was a video podcast. “Krystal, welcome to the show.”

”G’day, and thanks.” I greeted them as I rested the Bombshell Roulette Title over my shoulder. ”You guys agreed to let me cut my promo against Mercedes on your show, so do you mind if we get that out of the way first?”

“That’s fine by us.” Layla nodded in response as she shifted her weight. “This is the third time you’re facing Mercedes, second time as Bombshell Roulette Champion and first non-title match since winning the title, does that effect your gameplan going into your match against Mercedes?”

”Look at that, we have an American Mercedes Vargas right here!” I joked getting a laugh out of the co-hosts before I answered. ”No, it doesn’t! it’s like I said on Climax Control, I am a competitor first and a champion second and if Mercedes wasn’t the Mixed Tag Team Champion I would’ve happily put the Bombshell Roulette Championship on the line against her! Off course, much has been said about how she won the Mixed Tag Championships with Goth!”

“And that’s a great Segway into my question.” Gus responded as he adjusted his glasses. “Goth basically did all the work against Mercer and Tempest, yet Mercedes is acting like she did all the work, what are your thoughts on this?”

”It’s a classic Mercedes Vargas tactic, she did much the same thing during the heyday of the Mean Girls and that’s the only reason why she’s a two time Hall of Famer.” I responded before motioning to the Bombshell Roulette Title. ”My first match against Mercedes was a warm-up for the match that started my title reign,  if Mercedes thinks that this will be a bookends situation with Mercedes being my last opponent before I lose the Roulette Title, well, I think she’s forgotten about the challenge that was laid out at Climax Control 318.”

“That’s another great Segway, you were challenged to a tag team match by Team Hero, and you responded by recruiting the current Number One Contender to the Bombshell Internet Championship Jessie Salco.” Layla added and I nodded as I got the idea of where she was going with this. “That was obviously before Jessie earned her shot at Andrea, but does this effect the tag team match?”

”Far as I see it, the only way this could affect the match is if Andrea decides to get involved and Jessie has already made it clear to her why that would be a bad idea.” I responded before leaning back. ”That match is a warmup for me and Jessie in more ways than one, it helps me prepare for the defence against Keira, it helps Jessie prepare for her attempt at dethroning Andrea and it helps Team Hero prepare for their matches at Inception V, including my defence against Keira! As far as I see it, it’s win/win, regardless of the outcome and in a way, the match against Mercedes is serving as a warmup for that tag team match.”

“Here’s a question from one of our viewers. Krystal, if you lose the title, what’s next for you?” Layla asked and I had to admit, that one gave me pause.

”I haven’t really thought about that but it’s not like I’m short on options.” I responded as I shook my head and the co-hosts nodded as they got the idea. ”I could go after the Internet Title, Andrea or Jessie would be a good challenge for me, I could go after Amber because it’s like I said after Adrienne challenged Amber, the loss to Amber in the Blast From The Past Tournament is a black eye on an otherwise fantastic 2021 and I’ve been looking to avenge it or hell, maybe I’ll grab the first male partner I can find and set my sights on Mercedes, provided her Mixed Tag Title Reign lasts that long off course.”

“One last question before you move onto your promo, what is your New Years Resolution.” Gus asked and I had to think on that.

”You know, I could say “New Year, New Me” but I’ve been the Bombshell Roulette Champion for seven months and I’ve only lost twice, why would I change that?” I asked, and the co-hosts shared a look before nodding in agreement. ”My resolution is to do better in 2022 than I did in 2021, and I think picking up my last singles win off the year over Mercedes will be a great way to do just that.”

“Well, that’s a great Segway into your promo so let’s hear it!” Layla responded and I nodded as I got ready to do my promo.

”Guess I’m the Queen of Segways today!” I joked getting a laugh out of the co-hosts. ”I guess you’re feeling proud of yourself, aren’t you Mercedes? You, after months of trying to not give a shit about titles, finally found a shit to give and used it to win the Mixed Tag Titles but the fact that Goth did all the work for you speaks volumes, the cracks in your team are already starting to form, and this Sunday I’m applying a sledgehammer to them!”

“Strong words, but what makes you say that?” Gus asked and I grinned in response.

”What do you think?” I asked before turning my attention back to the camera because really, what else did you expect from Mercedes. ”Since your SCW’s resident historian Mercedes, let’s look at our history, shall we? In fact, let’s start at the beginning, when we had my tune up match ahead of the match that started my reign, you got cocky, and it cost you the match! Then in my third defence and first Main Event I pinned you to retain the title after driving you through thumbtacks with the Down Under Thunderbomb, painful memory I know but it does paint a picture of how you’ll do against me, doesn’t it Mercy?”

“She hasn’t had the best track record against you, that’s for sure.” Gus nodded in agreement before clearing his throat. “But since then, Mercedes has become champion.”

”Oh sure, she finally won a title after spending the better half of the year chasing them but not even counting the times she faced me? The facts don’t lie.” I responded before flipping my hair over my shoulder. ”And what are those facts Mercedes? Let’s start at the beginning, that Triple Threat against Bella and Violet to determine the third woman in the Bombshell Roulette title match at Into the Void X, by all rights you should’ve been the third woman in that match but no, you got pinned by Violet after being hit by Violet and Bella’s respective finishers, from there the picture is clear and pathetic, you are a Hall of Famer but you became complacent, you claimed that people would’ve rioted if you had won a shot at my title yet there were no such riots when you won the Mixed Tag Team Titles, tell me Layla, what does that say about her?”

“That she was mistaken?” Layla asked as I adjusted the title over my shoulder. “But why would she be mistaken about something like that?”

”A good question but I have a better answer.” I responded before chuckling to myself. ”I don’t need to be a shrink to tell that you are delusional Mercedes, you are blind to the fact that no one gave a shit about anything you have to say that isn’t related to SCW history and your record in SCW speaks for itself in that regard! I’m gearing up for the biggest and toughest challenge of my Bombshell Roulette Title reign and this match is nothing more than a tune up, if that sounds familiar, it should because that’s how I described our first match!”

I didn’t wait for a prompt from Gus or Layla because it was that simple.

”I’ve had one of the best years of any SCW Bombshell much less a champion, you on the other hand Mercedes have had a terrible year and it’ll end in defeat for you! By the time we face off on Sunday I’ll be over two hundred days into my reign and whilst your reign is just getting started, this match will be a good case study over who is the stronger champion between us, spoilers: it’s me!”

And with that I decided to wrap things up.

”My year has had its ups and downs and my plan for 2022 is to have a better year all around, to do that I need to keep doing what I do best and that’s win matches starting with you Mercedes and this Sunday you’ll fall before me again as you are struck down by “Down Under Thunder” Krystal Wolfe, third times the charm? I don’t think so! And that’s ready for Prime Time!”

I resumed doing the podcast as the scene fades.