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Title: The Return of one Sam Marlowe
Post by: Sam Marlowe on April 01, 2022, 11:18:48 PM

What is the difference between the words resigned and resigned?


One means to have given up or quit and the other means that Sam Marlowe is back in Sin City Wrestling with a new contract.


Tagline:  The return…is on the road again 

Soft country music is playing as the sun slowly begins to set over the skyline of Vegas.  Bathed in the reddish gold glow is Sam Marlowe, her hair pulled up in a messy bun with one lone curl caressing along her cheek as she moves past the window dressed in a pair of denim overalls and a light purple tee.  On the left of the big bay window the image of Colton Myers appears to recline against the pillows of a rather large bed, his shoulders resting along the funky tex mex style headboard.

“You look to be packin’ for a long trip darlin’.  Ain’t you gonna be coming back on Monday?” he inquires as he taps at the open suitcase on the bed that has scattered clothing all around it.  “You can’t tell me that you aren’t going to tire yourself out with all that travel.”

Sam peeks out of the closet where she has grabbed a handful of hangers with light clothing on them.  “About that Colton,” she begins before once more ducking into the closet to grab a few more pieces of clothing.  “It’s a tour so I am not going to be returning Monday…”

As Sam’s voice trails off, Colton straightens in surprise.  “You ain’t comin’ back?” he asks in surprise.  “What the hell do you mean you ain’t coming back Monday?”

He leans forward angrily as Sam drops the clothing on the bed by the suitcase.  She reaches for a long white button down that she straightens out and holds it up to hide her face while she folds it.  “It means that when I go on tour with Sin City Wrestling, I tend to stay very close to where the shows are.”  Her voice rises ever so slightly with a nervous laugh ending her comment.  She manages to finish folding the shirt and sets it into the suitcase before looking up to find a very not impressed Colton glaring at her.  She has a bright blush crossing her features as she reaches for another article of clothing only to have her wrist grabbed by her husband.

“The tour is in Greece Sammi,” Colton states in a low tone.  “What am I going to do with you half way across the world and me here in the States and up in Canada while I am shooting the show?” he asks.

“Why don’t you come with me,” Sam urges with a smile as Colton guides her around the corner of the bed and pulls her between his legs.  She rests her arms on his shoulders, leaning into him with a soft sigh as he shakes his head slowly.

“Y’all know that the shooting schedule won’t let me just up and disappear for however long your tour is,” Colton answers.  “Besides, I see all the others coming back home each week so why don’t you do that darlin’?”

“That’s not how I do things when we go on tour.  I tend to pick a central location and that is where I stay during the tour.  That way I am close to all the shows and I don’t take myself out with jet lag,” offers Sam as she turns slightly and sits on the thigh of Myers who tilts his head to look at her quizzically.  “This time I decided that since we are in Greece, I leased a small house in Athens for the next two months and I figured that when shooting was done you could join me there for a honeymoon since we really didn’t get one before.”

Colton continues to gaze at her, his eyes narrowing slightly as he thinks about what she just said.  Sam begins to teasingly kiss along his cheek to his lips before melting against him and feeling his arms wrap around her.  She pulls away only slightly with a smile.  “So, Camo…want to join me in Greece in our own little loft apartment.  The sea, the view of the Acropolis…” Her voice fades out as she gently kisses along his jaw towards his ear to whispers more things that bring a grin to his lips.

“Y’all don’t fight fair darlin’ and yes, I do want to join you,” he replies.  “I won’t be able to right away but in two weeks I can.”  Sam shrieks as he is quick to roll her over and lay her out on the bed before leaning over her with a smile.  “But before you go, I want to remind you just what you are going to be missing for the next little bit.”

The room darkens slightly as the sun fades out.  The only sounds heard are a bit of giggling then a loud thump which causes the pair to break out in full laughter.  “Y’all are going to have to repack Sammi…tomorrow,” says Colton as his body’s shadow melts into the body laying on the bed. 


It’s a small world after all…

A queue of people are standing on the gleaming white tile of the airport, their carryons set beside them as a counter agent is looking over a skymall magazine with disinterest.  Among the crowd is a familiar redhead who is dressed in a relaxed pair of jogging pants, a snuggly sweater and red canvas high tops with a set of rainbow laces.  Sam Marlowe is busy checking on some last minute items while a pair of earbuds has her moving to unheard music.  A rather unkempt person rushes up the counter with an apologetic smile for the person sitting there who looks up from the magazine.  He straightens his tie and picks up the small microphone.

His crackly voice can be heard over the speakers as the other counter agent folds up her magazine.  “We are now boarding those travellers in flight to Athens Greece.  We will be boarding business class and first class momentarily…”

Sam looks at her ticket and then rises slowly to move towards the counter while dragging a carry on and a rather large shoulderbag.  She sets her passport with her boarding pass tucked into it as she smiles at the counter person who pulls the small set of papers towards them, sliding the boarding pass across a reader then give Sam a once over while holding her passport up to compare.  A bored smile is offered before the passport is handed over to Sam.

“Thanks,” says Sam as she reaches for her carryon and heads down the skyway and towards the plane.  Reaching the door, she is greeted by a young woman in the airline’s uniform.  She smiles as she boards the Airbus 380 and moves towards the upper deck on a spiral staircase.  Once on the upper deck, Sam is guided towards the business class seats and is shown to a seat near the front by a window.   

She stows her carry on above her head and then sits to tuck the shoulder bag at her feet on the floor.  “Wow, it has been a while since I have been on one of these planes,” she says to herself as she leans back and closes her eyes.  Lost in thought, she is surprised by a man dropping a briefcase on the seat near her.

“Did I wake you?” questions the man with a rather rude glare as if Sam didn’t belong.    Shrugging she shakes her head negatively then once more focuses on something else.  The man looks around and then looks back at Sam.  “Excuse me miss, I am wondering what you are doing on this flight.  You don’t look like you belon…I mean are you sure you are supposed to be in business?”

Sam notices him looking at her and her outfit then begins to laugh as she realizes that she isn’t in the right “dress” to sit in business.  “Oh yes sir, I bought the ticket as a treat since it has been a long time since I flew anywhere for work.  So, my name is Sam Marlo…”

“My god Gerald, who is it you are speaking to?” says a voice in a rather nasally sound.  A tall blonde moves into view as Sam is reaching up to offer a hand to the gentleman.  The blonde’s mouth falls open as she realizes who it is.  “Sam Marlowe…of the Houston Marlowes?  My dear, you look just like your mother.  How is she?  Oh where are my manners, I am your mother’s friend from a long time ago, Regina Forsythe of the Denver Forsythes.  We attended the same boarding school you know.”

“No, I didn’t know.  Moms never talks about that much,” offers Sam with a confused look.  “Besides, I don’t think she mentions me that much in society considering what I do for a living.”

“Of course, she did mention she had a daughter that was a…boxer or wrestler or some such nonsense.  Is that you?” asks the woman as the man’s face begins to change from a smirk to recognition.

“SCW Sweetheart Sam Marlowe?” he exclaims in excitement.  “I am a fan.  I am sorry, I didn’t recognize you.  Hey, are you headed to Greece?  I tried to get tickets to the supercard in Athens but it is sold out.  Say, you wouldn’t happen to have any spare tickets do you?  For the husband of your mother’s old friend Regina?”

His enthusiasm is cut short by a slap across the shoulder by his wife.  Sam smiles and shakes her head.  “Listen, why don’t I get your information and I will see what I can do about tickets but I don’t promise anything.”

She pulls out her phone and then opening the notes app, she takes down the name and number of the man and with a smile and nod, she moves out of the way of the pair as the wife drags him to their seats and begins to berate the man angrily motioning at Sam who hears the words ‘young enough’ and ‘daughter’.  Hiding her face as she giggles, Sam puts on her seatbelt, returns the ear buds to her ears and leans to look out the window at the flurry of activity on the tarmac in preparation for taking off.


Can you believe it.  Sam Marlowe has resigned with Sin City Wrestling.  Is this the moment I ask if you missed me or not?  Just kidding because I know that there have been those that have missed me and others that were crowing they made me quit.  And trust me I know who they were and are.

But I digress.  Just before Blaze of Glory, I negotiated a new contract and believe you me, some of the signing bonuses and specifics of the contract just has me shaking my head.  Some of it boggles the mind and I have to say, with what was negotiated, I am definitely going to have to have my negotiator ready for when my contract expires.

So here I am preparing for my first match after being the referee at Blaze of Glory for the Blast from the Past finals.  And I am sure there are people that were saying that I didn’t call it down the middle but the funny thing is…I called it straight down the middle considering there were times that I could have come down on the side of my friend and times when I could have disqualified people.  The winner of that match was the team that definitely won even though I might not have been happy saying that.

Two weeks out from Blaze of Glory and we are starting our first tour in a very long time and to say that I am excited is putting it mildly.  To quote a famous musical…Greece is the word.  Okay, so I am just as bad as Christian Underwood with the whole Grease references but you have to admit they are keeping with the whole tour location.

Greece, the place of history, philosophy, architecture, mythology.  And now, the superstars and bombshells of SCW.  And the first stop is Corfu and my first official match under this new contract.  And who did I draw as my first opponent might I ask.  None other than Chloe Benton.

I can’t tell you much about Chloe Benton as I have not really seen her wrestle much.  But I do know one thing, she is just like me…a record holder.  And I am not being mean when I say that.  She holds the record for fastest knock out elimination and I hold the record for the shortest world bombshell title reign.  Just because both of us hold dubious records, it doesn’t mean that both of us can’t shine in the ring. 

Now I get it Chloe, I really do.  You don’t seem to have a great win loss record but you aren’t afraid to get in that ring and mix it up with everyone and anyone put in front of you and that is something I have to respect.  I have seen you time and again step into the ring with some really tough opponents and I am sure that you could have won if you had the experience.

Now you get to step in the ring with another big name wrestler.  Or so some people think.  You get to step into the ring with me and I have to say that I am looking forward to it.  See, I want to have a good opponent who is going to give me a fight but isn’t going to underestimate me.  I suspect that given you are still looking for your first win in twenty twenty two, you aren’t going to underestimate me, as a matter of fact you are going to be looking to spoil my return in any way you can.  And honestly, I want you to try to.

Walking into that ring, I am going to be rather rusty and if anyone could be a good test for me returning to singles wrestling, I would have to say it is you.  You have what I am looking for I suspect and that is a hunger to finally get a win.  I want you to try your hardest for getting that.  I don’t want you to let the past cloud your mind.  I want this match to not only be my return, I want it to be yours too Chloe.  You might think that I am being facetious but I am not.  This is going to be a beginning for the both of us and I want to make it memorable.  I want you to erase your record elimination with giving me the fight of the night.

That being said though, I have to say that I am coming to reignite my wrestling career and it is starting in Corfu when I face you across the ring.  I hope that you can realize that just because I have been away for a while, it doesn’t mean that I won’t be ready to fight my hardest in Corfu.  I am coming back and there are a lot of bombshells that I want to prove that I can still be a challenge and then when I have proven that, then I can put my name forward for titles.  And it will all start at Climax Control this week.

Chloe Benton.   In mere days, you will step into the ring with me.  Let me give you an idea of what to expect.  I am known as a high flyer and reckless.  I have a reputation for being someone who isn’t afraid to put things on the line in my desire to win a match.  I have been in matches you couldn’t imagine and came out the other side with a wealth of experience.  My suggestion, win or lose, take what happens in the ring and add it to your skill set and experiences.  Take what I can teach you in the ring into your knowledge bank of wrestling techniques and skills.  Because like you, I used to be a novice when it comes to wrestling but each match I was in was a learning experience and it got me to where I can now claim to be someone that can teach you new things in the ring.

So, Chloe, let me offer you this one piece of advice.  Be prepared for what may happen in the ring because I will be prepared and ready to pull out the win and if you don’t prepare, you might just set another record with the fastest pin in Climax Control history.

See you Sunday.