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Post all roleplays for this match in this thread.
Limits: 1 roleplay per week, 7,000 word limit.

Good luck!
Post by: Andrew on March 09, 2022, 09:32:23 AM
* Senor Vinnie and Pete the Cactus used by permission of Gerrit *


Narrator:  Bill Barnhart told everyone once he became Sin City Wrestling’s Roulette Champion he’s going to hang onto it for a long time. His upcoming Championship defense match is no exception. Bill told me there’s no way in Hell Alexander Raven is going to defeat him for the Roulette Championship.


The scene changes and we are taken to the Burger King restaurant located at 5900 Sugarloaf Parkway in Lawrenceville, Georgia, which is about five miles from Bill and Bea’s home in Lawrenceville. We see Bill standing between two gentlemen while Bea remains off to the side. Many of the restaurant employees are also standing off to the side. We’re not sure what’s going on but we hope we find out soon.

Jose Cil:  Bill I’m Jose Cil and I’m the CEO of Restaurant Brands International which owns Burger King.

Tom Curtis:  And I’m Ton Curtis President of Burger King.

Jose Cil:  Bill you’ve proven yourself to be a tenacious wrestler, dedicated to the sport of wrestling, and you are the current Sin City Wrestling Roulette Champion. We want to honor you so we came up with something special.

Tom Curtis:  We came up with a special Burger King burger to honor your reign as Roulette Champion. This special burger will be available in our restaurants until the end of 2022.

Jose Cil:  We came up with a large burger we customized to honor you and we are calling it the Bulldog Bill Barnhart burger also known as the BBB Burger. Tom please explain to Bill Barnhart what the BBB Burger consists of while we put up an image of the burger on the screen.


Tom Curtis:  Burger King’s BBB Burger is made with a three quarter pound flame-grilled beef burger. However for a very small fee we will make it a full one pound of flame-grilled beef. The large beef patty represents not only your Bill Barnhart’s physical size but also the size of the success of your entire wrestling career. It is topped a generous amount of American cheese which represents you being an All-American wrestler. The other items on the burger consist of onions, pickles, lettuce, and Burger King’s “special savory sauce” and it comes on a toasted sesame bun. These items on the burger represent your various angles, accomplishments, and dedication to the sport of wrestling. This special burger honors you because the Bill Barnhart Burger, also called the BBB Burger is what everyone wants, and more, in a burger and you, Bill Barnhart, is what everyone wants in a wrestler and more. The kicker is that you are their Roulette Champion.

The staff at this Burger King restaurant wheels out a cart with several BBB Burgers on it. Most are the three quarter pound variety and the remaining are the one pound variety.

Bill:  Wow! Thanks! This is a great honor. I appreciate you doing this for me.!Nice to know that until the end of 2022 when customers order the BBB Burger they’ll honor my accomplishments in the sport of wrestling.

Those in attendance at this ceremony cheer and clap and everyone is invited to devour a BBB Burger. Bill picks up one of the BBB burgers, the one pound variety of course, and he devours it. The smile on Bill’s face shows how satisfied he is with this special burger honoring him and his wrestling accomplishments.

Bill:  Thanks again for making this special burger to honor me. I can’t help but think what someone would do to try to honor the accomplishments of Alexander Raven who is my next opponent at Blaze of Glory X. I mean he has performed at an average level. He earned a chance to challenge me for my Roulette Championship then he lost his match to Matthew Knox in a match before he had to face me. Then Alexander lost to me in his desire to de-throne me at Roulette Champion. Then he won another qualifier match to get another shot at my Roulette Championship. I mean, come on, how average can a wrestler be and still squeak by and still get another shot at my Roulette Championship. Oh well. Guess not every wrestler can be as awesome as me.


The scene shifts and we are taken to the home of Bill and Bea Barnhart in Lawrenceville, Georgia. The camera person is set up in their living room and Bill takes the center seat to air his comments for his upcoming Roulette Championship match against Alexander Raven and Bea and Iris are sitting one on each side of Bill.

Bill:  Have you watched videos of people who saw a Hornet’s nest and decided to attack it? Maybe they whacked it with a stick or threw rocks at it. Maybe they tried to build a fire and smoke the Hornets away. Maybe they turned a water hose on it and drenched the nest figuring the Hornets would leave. Some even tried using fireworks or other explosives. Want to know something Alex? All those attempts failed and the perpetrators got the shit stung out of them by the Hornets due to their stupidity in trying to take on and chase the Hornets away.

Bill makes a buzzing sound like that of a Hornet and then he makes a motion with his hand like a Hornet diving down and stinging the shit out of someone by slamming his hand into his arm.

Bill:  Alexander you’re obviously uninformed about general things, and even more uninformed about the sport of wrestling and the fact that you cannot defeat me. So I’m gonna tell you some valuable information. Did you know that once you attack a nest of Hornets, and they come out and see you, that your face is ingrained in their brains and the next time they see you, even if you aren’t attacking them, they remember your face and they’ll attack you because they remember what you previously did to them. Why did I tell you that information? I told you because you attacking me, whether verbally or physically, to try to get me to run away from you is not going to work just like all the stuff I mentioned that people attempted to get rid of Hornets didn’t work. I took your ass out and defeated you when you had your first shot at my Roulette Championship. Do you remember that match Alexander or have you conveniently downed enough alcohol and drugs to remove the memory of our match from your brain? It was on January 23, 2022, at Inception V. I successfully defended the Roulette Championship against you. The Roulette Wheel was given a hefty spin and it landed on the spot marked SUBMISSION ONLY. What a great spot for the Roulette Wheel to land on since I’m a master of submissions. And what did I do to you Raven? I made your pathetic self submit to my Barnhart Shoulder Breaker Flying Hammerlock. When Blaze of Glory X takes place on March 20, 2022, that match you lost to me on January 23, 2022, will have taken place 56 days before Blaze of Glory. Raven you’ve had 56 days to think about that loss. You’ve had 56 days of running the loss over and over in your mind, trying to figure out what you did wrong to cause your loss to me. Want to know what you did wrong Alexander? You showed up for the match! The only way you could have avoided a loss to me was to me would have been. . .oh. . .wait…there wasn’t any way you could have avoided a loss to me in that match. Simply put I kicked your ass and then put you in a painful hold and made you submit. Yes the answer really is that simple. Do you honestly believe you’re much better now than you were then? Do you think since our last match where you couldn’t take me out that you know have the audacity to think you can take me out at Blaze of Glory X instead of me taking you out again? Dream on punk! I’ll turn your dreams into nightmares!


Bill:  Alexander the saying goes: "Be careful what you wish for as you just might get it." It is meant as a warning that something someone desires might look great at first but then it proves to be problematic, undesirable, and possibly hazardous to their health, if their wish were to come true. Shall we examine that further?

Bill grins into the camera.

Bill:  Alexander you defeated two wrestlers at Climax Control 323 and you have another chance at me and my Roulette Championship. Shall we review your recent matches? You won a match to earn a shot at my Roulette Championship. However before your match against me you lost to Matthew “The Raven” Knox. How appropriate that one wrestler nicknamed RAVEN defeated you, with the name RAVEN, in that match.  After that loss you faced me for the Roulette Championship and you lost to me when I made you submit with my Barnhart Shoulder Breaker Flying Hammerlock. Now you face me again. So you failed the first time and now you believe you have a chance of winning this time? Nah! You failed the first time because you’re a pathetic wrestler compared to me. Since our previous match I’ve become more awesome in the wrestling ring while you’ve continued to deteriorate in your wrestling abilities. You’re going down in defeat at Blaze of Glory X. There you have it Raven. That’s what the main concept of BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR AS YOU JUST MIGHT GET IT is about. You wished for this match. . .now you’ve got this match. . .and you’ll again lose to me.

Bill flashes a larger grin into the camera.

Bill:  Alexander I’ve heard people, including you, talking backstage, during interviews, and during the time they present comments for their upcoming match. My friends also tell me what they’ve heard others say. The main item in their comments is they want to know why, in my Roulette Championship defense match against you, it took me so long to defeat you. They want to know why, if I’m as awesome as I claim to be, shouldn’t I have been able to defeat you quicker than I did? Good question and here’s my honest answers. I could have easily defeated you in less than five minutes. That would have been very amusing and fun for me but I’m not going to screw the fans by ending the match by defeating you in less than five minutes. The paid money to watch the wrestling matches and they want to be entertained and I entertained them at your expense. Alexander have watched a cat confront a mouse? You would expect a cat would be able to confront and destroy a mouse quickly. But what does the cat do? They know they’re in the superior position against the mouse. They know with one swipe of their claws the mouse is finished. They know if they pounce and bite the mouse that the mouse is no more in this life. The cat enjoys being entertained so they play with, and manipulate, the mouse to make the confrontation more enjoyable for them. Yeah, Alex, that’s what I did to you in our last match and that’s what I’m gonna do to you again at Blaze of Glory X.


Bill:  I hear the behind-the-back comments people make and most are made by fellow wrestlers in Sin City Wrestling. I turned 38 years of age on November 14, 2021, and people say I’m too old to wrestle. These same morons who make that statement are the same ones who watch professional wrestling and cheer on wrestlers who are over 50 years of age. You know who you are who do this. You know who those wrestlers are that you continue to cheer for even though they are way older than I am. You support wrestlers who are over 50 years of age and claim to be the undead and the undefeatable. You support wrestlers who are in their late-60’s who wear an outdated style of  moustache and rips off a thin tee-shirt to act tough. You support over-50 wrestlers who wear face paint probably because they’re too ugly to show their real face to the public. The list of wrestlers who are older than 50 years of age is a long one and you hypocrites cheer them on all the time. And yet you want to disrespect me for being 38 years of age.

Bill throws his hands up as a show of disbelief at the hypocrisy of others.

Bill:  Then you look at me and claim that at 38 years of age you feel I’m too old to continue wrestling and I should retire? To hell with that bullshit! I’m the Roulette Champion and to date nobody has been able to defeat me for the Championship. As I stated a moment ago you all are hypocrites as you’re not consistent in your behavior. If you think I’m too old to wrestle effectively I have a question and a challenge for you. The question is why you support and cheer for wrestlers who are over 50 years of age while at the same time you disrespect me for being only 38 years old? Here’s a challenge for you. If you honestly believe I’m too old for wrestling then try to do something about me legally earning the Roulette Championship. If you think you’ve got what it takes to take on, and defeat me, because I’m 38 years old, then bring your pathetic ass on and challenge for a shot at my Roulette Championship. You’ll regret your decision!

Bill motions with his hands in a gesture that says BRING IT ON.

Bill:  Bea would you like to make some comments before I start my Zoom meeting with Anthony Amey, the Sports Anchor at WSB-TV Channel 2 in Atlanta?

Bea:  I don’t want to take up much of your air time Bill. I’ll simply state what an honor and pleasure it is for me to serve as your Manager for your upcoming match and the extreme honor serving as your wife. To be in your corner as your Manager is a privilege and honor that I take seriously. It is my pleasure to be at ringside to watch you destroy Alexander Raven.

Bill:  Thanks for your comments Bea.


Anthony Amey the Sports Anchor at WSB-TV Channel 2 in Atlanta starts the Zoom call and the feeds from both Anthony and Bill show up on the screen so viewers can see both sides of the conversation.

Anthony Amey:  Thanks for accepting my invitation to do a Zoom call for the benefit of our viewers.

Bill:  Always a pleasure to have a conversation with you Anthony.

Anthony Amey:  Viewers have been sending me questions they want you to answer. You’re one of their favorite wrestlers. Many of the our viewers put you up there in the same category as other Roulette Champions such as Kristopher Ryans, James Tuscini, Griffin Hawkins, and Alex Jones, when it comes to obtaining and retaining the Roulette Championship. Are you ready for their questions?

Bill:  Let’s do this!

Anthony Amey:  Are you left handed or right handed?

Bill:  Right handed.

Anthony Amey:  Do you like Coffee or Tea?

Bill:  Coffee. But let me add this to my answer. I want my coffee black, straight up, no cream, no sugar, no additives. I want my coffee with a caffeine level so high that it reaches out of the cup, talks to me, and slaps me across the face. Nothing like a strong straight up coffee to start my day.

Anthony Amey:  Your answer gave me a great mental image. Do you prefer dogs or cats?

Bill:  Dogs of course! That’s why I have my baby girl Iris the English Bulldog.

Iris perks up when she hears Daddy Bill mention her name.

Anthony Amey:  Do you prefer Standard Rules wrestling, Hardcore Rules wrestling, or Anything Goes No Rules wrestling?

Bill:  It depends on my opponent. If I have someone who is trained in Standard wrestling it is nice to face them in a match that fits their style of wrestling as I’m a great all-around wrestler. If my opponent is primarily a Hardcore style wrestler then having Hardcore Rules or an Anything Goes match is easy for me as I can wrestle in any type of match and be successful.

Anthony Amey:  Burgers or Pizza?

Bill:  Since Burger King just created the BBB Burger, which stands for Bulldog Bill Barnhart burger, I would say burgers. But as you know, Anthony, one of the fundraising contests I do against Iris is a Pepperoni Pizza eating contest. Hmmm. Maybe I can bring in a new event where me and Iris compete in a burger eating contest, using my BBB Burger, to raise funds for good causes.

Anthony Amey:  Do you like sports such as Football, Basketball, and Baseball?

Bill:  Not really. I prefer wrestling.

Anthony Amey:  What is your go-to comfort food?

Bill:  Wow! I have so many My main go-to comfort foods include Pepperoni pizza, hamburgers with all the fixings, burritos, tacos, and enchiladas.

Anthony Amey:  We’re at the last question from our viewers. What is your thoughts on Alexander Raven?

Bill:  I noticed the question from the viewer was stated as what are my thoughts on Alexander Raven. I’ll interpret their question as they want to know what I really think about Alexander Raven so that’ll be the context of my response. Alexander Raven is an over-rated bratty punk. He won a match to get a shot at my Roulette Championship then he lost his match against Matthew Knox before his match with me to challenge for the Roulette Championship. Then Raven lost to me in his bid to earn the Roulette Championship away from me. Then recently he won a Triple Threat to get another shot at my Roulette Championship. This upcoming match for Alexander will have the same result as our previous Roulette Championship match which is I win and Alexander Raven loses.

Anthony Amey:  That’s all the questions from our viewers. Do you mind taking some questions from me?

Bill:  I’ll always take your questions Anthony.

Anthony Amey:  Do you have any concerns about Pete the Cactus dating your English Bulldog Iris?

Bill:  Only that I think Pete often takes advantage of Iris in the dating department. Iris is fixed so she cannot get pregnant so I don’t have concerns about that. My biggest concern with Pete is that I feel he’s a playboy and that he might be misleading Iris and might try to corrupt her. If that turns out to be the case Pete will get a stern talking to from me.

Anthony Amey:  Are you and Vinnie continuing on in the Mixed Tag Team Division where your Mixed Tag Team consists of either you and Bea or Senor Vinnie and Bea or do you have other plans?

Bill:  I like the idea that we can mix it up in the Mixed Tag Team Division. However, Anthony, I’ve heard Vinnie talking about one of the Bombshells showing interest in teaming with him in the Mixed Tax Team Division. I wouldn’t mind that but if it ended up that me and Bea had to face Vinnie and his partner it would feel awkward.

Anthony Amey:  Here is my final question. Do you feel bad that for a long period of time Sin City Wrestling hasn’t allowed Iris to be involved in stuff going on in the arenas and do you hope they will lift that restriction soon?

Bill:  I feel bad for Iris as she’s feeling lonely when me and Bea leave our hotel room and go to the arena for wrestling events. She doesn’t know we’re working when all she wants to do is get attention and love from us. I assure you once the restrictions on having Iris in the arena with us is lifted Iris will be back at ringside when Bea is serving as my Manager.

Anthony Amey:  Thanks for taking questions from the viewers and from me Bill. Always a pleasure to have you on my program.

Bill:  The pleasure is entirely mine Anthony. Thanks!

The Zoom video call with Anthony Amey ends.


Bill returns to looking into the camera.

Bill:  Alexander I’ll make my closing comments short. Not really much left for me to say to inform people you suck but still it is nice to make closing comments. You suck. You’re pathetic in the ring. I defeated you by submission. You can round up every good-luck charm on the planet and that wouldn’t be enough for you to win this upcoming match against me. You can visit a Voodoo lady and have her cast a spell on me to make me falter but that won’t work. If Satan couldn’t take me out there’s no way some Voodoo lady can get the job done. We will not know the rules and stipulations of our Roulette Championship match until the Roulette Wheel stops spinning and lands on one of the spots to inform us what type of match we’ll have. I don’t give a damn what the Roulette Wheel lands on because I’m an awesome wrestler who can deal with anything, at any place, at any time, and come out the winner. I hope you’ll still have enough courage to show up for our match at Blaze of Glory X and actually start our match when the bell rings. I’ll accept a default win over you if you chicken out and fail to show for our match but I’d rather you show up so everyone can watch me destroy you. That’s it. Thanks for joining me today.

Bea gives the CUT sign to the camera person and they call into the Network and the Network tells them to turn off their camera and they do and our screen goes dark.

Post by: Andrew on March 15, 2022, 12:14:51 PM
* Senor Vinnie and Pete the Cactus used by permission of Gerrit *


Narrator:  Bill Barnhart is more than a wrestler. Bill Barnhart is more than a great wrestler. Bill Barnhart is more than most other wrestlers combined. Bill Barnhart is a legend in the sport of wrestling. Bill Barnhart is also far superior to many superheroes you’ve heard of.


The scene comes into focus at the hotel room of Bill and Bea Barnhart near the Galen Center in Los Angeles, California. Bill is sitting on a large overstuffed chair ready to give his comments on his upcoming Roulette Championship defense match against Alexander Raven. Iris is curled up on the floor near Bill’s feet. We don’t see Bea so she must either be out of the hotel room or in another part of the room and she is out of camera view. Bill looks into the camera to begin his comments.

Bill:  I have a lot of things to say to my opponent, Alexander Raven, concerning our upcoming match. Alexander I want you to know. . .

Bill is interrupted when Bea casually walks between Bill and the camera and she is singing to herself. Bill watches and listens as Bea passes between him and the camera.

I love it when you call me Senorita
I wish I could pretend I didn't need ya
But every touch is ooh, la-la-la
It's true, la-la-la
Ooh, I should be running
Ooh, you keep me coming for ya. . .

Bea was so into the song she was singing she didn’t realize she walked between Bill and the camera but when she realizes what she did she suddenly stops her singing and she apologizes to Bill.

Bea:  Oops! Sorry Bill. I didn’t realize you were already broadcasting.

Bill:  Not a problem Bea. In fact I love the song you were singing as I hear it on the radio in my Hyundai Santa Fe a lot. That song by Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes is a great song. In fact I’ve been working on a parody version of that song to use since I’m Sin City Wrestling’s Roulette Champion. Want to hear it?

Bea:  Sure!

Bill stands up from his chair and launches into his version of Senorita.

Bill:  Instead of calling it SENORITA, as the original song is titled, the name I selected for my version is ROULETTE CHAMPION. And since I’m the King of Parody, in addition to being the King of Roulette Champions, I’ve modified the lyrics to fit my amazing reign as Sin City Wrestling’s Roulette Champion as follows.

Bill begins singing his version of the song.

I love it when you call me Roulette Champion
And my reign as such has been amazing
But every blow I land on you
Will turn you black and blue
Ooh you should be running
Ooh you should be running from me

Bill is done with his parody version of the song so he takes a bow then returns to sitting on the chair.


Bill:  Since we started with a song I’ll continue with a song. Most people know the Tom Petty song titled I WON’T BACK DOWN. The lyrics to Tom Petty’s song fits me, as Roulette Champion, perfectly. I’ll sing that song for you now.

Well, I won't back down
No, I won't back down
You can stand me up at the gates of hell
But I won't back down

Bill flashes a huge grin into the camera then he takes a seat in his chair again.

Bill:  Yes, Alex, you’ve heard the stories I’ve told of how Satan and my half-brother Chris Shipman couldn’t take me down and couldn’t take me out. That tells you all you need to know. If Satan failed to take me out, and he’s banned for eternity from challenging me for my soul again, what in the hell are you doing thinking that you can take me out? You’re an amateur! And when you take into consideration that I took Satan out you know I’m light years ahead of you in talent and ability. I don’t need to go into the details concerning my half-brother Chris Shipman as most people know the story and Chris is long gone and he knows better than to come after me again!

Bill reaches over to the table next to his chair and he picks up a sheet of paper.



Bill:  On this paper is printed the lyrics to the song SUNSHINE SUPERMAN by the singer Donovan. I won’t read the entire song lyrics but I will read one line of the lyrics to give you an idea how awesome I am. The lyrics go Superman or Green Lantern ain't got a-nothin' on me Did those simple lyrics hit home Alexander? I’m more than a mere man. I’m more than a mere wrestler. I’m a hell of a lot more talented than half the Sin City Wrestling roster combined. Do you think you can be the Kryptonite that takes me out like it takes out Superman? HAH! Dream on kid! Do you know what the one weakness of the Green Lantern was? FEAR. Yes, that’s it, that simple. Can you imagine being a superhero being taken over by fear when their job is to get into the face of fear and subdue the villains? I fear nothing so do you honestly think I fear you Raven? HAR HAR HAR!!! Without Kryptonite you cannot take out Superman. Without fear you cannot take out the Green Lantern. No matter what you bring with you to our match you don’t have Kryptonite or fear to try to take take me out!

Bea:  Well stated Bill.


Bill: There are two types of people Alex. One is the type who says something but they either can’t back up what they say or they back down from what they said when the going gets tough for them. From my research, Alexander, I believe you’re dumb and could be legally classified as a moron. With me carrying a Genius IQ of 130 you need to believe what I say. I’ve said a lot leading up to our match and I know you’re asking yourself what I mean in the things I say and that’s expected as you’re too dense to understand what I’m talking about. Just as we have words in the English language that are spelled the same but pronounced differently so we have wrestlers who are classified as wrestlers but they perform differently. Take me as the perfect example. I’m an outstanding wrestler and I say what I mean and I mean what I say. Everyone knows what they’re going to get when they get assigned to a wrestling match with me. No fake stuff. No bullshit. No surprises. Just promises fulfilled. Just like having words spelled the same but pronounced differently is dumb so are wrestlers who can’t back up what they say and end up looking stupid and clumsy. Sorry I had to break the news to you like this but someone had to do it.


Bill:  I attended Frankfort of Kentucky University and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and another Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice. We also had great sports teams at Frankfort of Kentucky University especially in baseball and football. You know how some organizations use an acronym for their business or organization names? Examples are NBA for National Basketball Association, MLB for Major League Baseball, and NFL for National Football League. The acronym for Frankfort of Kentucky University was FOKU which we spelled as FOK-U. When we had sporting events and cheered on our team we would yell at our opponents FOK-U! FOK-U!!  FOK-U!!! The other teams, and the sanctioning organization for College sports, tried to ban us from using that acronym but they failed as it is the legal acronym for our school. So I say to you, Alexander Raven. . .  FOK-U! FOK-U!!  FOK-U!!!

Bill is unable to hold back his laughter. After a short time, though, he regains his composure and continues with his comments.


Bill:  Here’s some information for you Alexander. If the Roulette Wheel lands on a spot where only non-Hardcore wrestling is allowed I have the advantage as I’m a better wrestler than you are and there’s no way you can out-wrestle me. If the Roulette Wheel lands on a spot where it is Hardcore Rules then I have an even larger advantage as you’re not able to stand toe-to-toe with me and go blow-for-blow with me and survive in a Hardcore Rules match. If the Roulette Wheel lands on a spot where there are no rules and we fight it out until only one of us can still stand up I’ll easily win. Hell, Alex, if the Roulette Wheel were to land on the stipulations that me, the Roulette Champion, has to wrestle blindfolded and with one arm tied behind my back, while you’re not required to be blindfolded and with one arm tied behind your back, I’ll still whup your ass and walk away as the Roulette Champion.

Bea:  That’s the way to feed the truth to Alexander Raven.

Bill:  Alexander for damn sure when I get done with you there’ll be no need for you to go to the bathroom and take a dump for a week because I’m going to beat the shit out of you! Don’t think I can do it? Then you’re damn sure not thinking!

Bea:  Bill you sure are fired up when it comes to defending the Roulette Championship.

Bill:  Even more so when I have to defeat Alexander Raven again. When Blaze of Glory X takes place I’ll defeat Raven and lay the claim that I defeated his pathetic ass twice in 56 days. Gotta suck to be Alexander Raven to take a loss to me twice while challenging for the Roulette Championship. Good thing I’m not Alexander Raven.



Bill:  When you attend school, whether Elementary, Middle, or High School, you are taught how to find the answers. You don’t have teachers just handing you the answers. They teach you the skills to see an equation, situation, or event, and figure out the correct answer. Well, Alexander, I welcome you to Bill  Barnhart’s School of Hard Knocks. When you step into the ring with me you are the student and I’m your Master Teacher. The education session isn’t long so I have to get you to understand how to solve the equations and situations quickly. I already know you will fail to do the proper calculations and you’ll lose the match to me like you did in our previous match. As your Instructor in this match I’m not here to hand you all the answers. I’m not here to hand you half the answers. I’m not here to hand you any of the answers. I’m here to beat you down so hard that maybe, just maybe, somewhere in the future, you’ll enter a Championship match and be fully prepared for whatever might come your way during the match. Welcome to the Bill Barnhart School of Hard Knocks where I whack you with a stick and give you knots on your head in addition to your Diploma.


Iris gets up and walks into the other room. Curious to see what Iris is doing Bea walks to the other room to check on Iris. Bill is getting ready to continue his comments concerning his upcoming Roulette Championship match when Bea returns from the other room. We notice she has several magazines in her hand and Iris is following her back into the main area of the hotel room.

Bill:  Wow that was quick! What was Iris doing?

Bea:  She was flipping through the pages of these magazines.

Bill:  What’s wrong with Iris flipping through magazines?

Bea:  These are Cactus magazines. They are full of photos of Cactus plants.

Bill:  So it is a crime for Iris to look at photos of Cactus plants?

Bea:  Bill. . .these Cactus magazines are more than that. They’re for people, and I guess dogs like Iris, who want to have romantic fantasies about the Cactus. There are photos of Cactus in swimsuits lounging at the pool. There are photos of Cactus coming out of the shower with a towel wrapped around them. There’s more but I’m not going into those photos while we’re on camera. And to top it off I just noticed Cactus spines around her doggy bed. How in the hell did Cactus spines get in the room where her doggy bed is located?

Bill:  I guess you have to ask Iris.

Bea:  I figure either Pete the Cactus snuck into the room while we were out or he and Iris had some close encounters somewhere other than our hotel room and some of the spines stuck to her hair. What do you plan on doing about it?

Bill:  I’ll have a talk with Senor Vinnie and Pete the Cactus. I’m sure we’re not getting the entire story. To be fair I imagine Pete has doggy magazines with photos of English Bulldogs. Just a little bit of harmless stuff. I guess we can set up security cameras at home and when we’re in hotels to see if we can catch video of what Pete and Iris are doing when we’re not with them.

Bea rolls her eyes at Bill’s comments but she accepts his explanation and the actions they can take to try to catch Iris and Pete doing something they are not allowed to do. Bill returns his gaze into the camera.


Bill:  No, Alexander, you can’t have possession of my Roulette Championship. Well, okay, that’s doesn’t mean a total ban on you having possession of my Roulette Championship but I’ll explain that to you and the viewers. Concerning you winning and taking possession of my Roulette Championship the answer is not only NO but HELL NO!!!  I’m going to defeat you and you have to live with that second loss to me. However, Raven, I’ll make an agreement with you if you’re a good boy and do what you’re told to do. If you want to temporarily hold my Roulette Championship in your hands I can make that arrangement for you. All you need to do is get a polishing cloth and clean and shine my Roulette Championship so it shines so brightly that people have to put on dark sunglasses to keep from having their eyes burned out from light reflecting off it. I’m willing to give you the assignment of being the official Roulette Championship cleaner and shiner. In your position as the official Roulette Championship cleaner and shiner you’re not permitted to place the Roulette Championship around your waist and pretend you’re Sin City Wrestling’s Roulette Champion. Don’t think you could get away with doing that as there are security cameras everywhere. So if you wish to clean and shine my Roulette Championship we have an agreement. If I don’t hear from you I have many people waiting in line offering their services in that position.

Bea:  Damn! You sure are in one of those in-your-face moods Bill.

Bill:  Only because I have to face the same wrestler I already defeated in a successful Roulette Championship defense. I’m sure Management will soon figure a way to ensure my next challenger after Alexander Raven will be someone who can actually give me a good performance in our match. Oh well I can also wait for Hell to freeze over. . .HA HA HA HA HA!!!

Bea:  Bill you need to take a break as you’re too in-your-face right now. Iris you need to get back to your room and stop looking at suggestive photos of Cactus. I need to continue to play Referee around here to keep both of you in line. We’ve come to the closing comments for this presentation. Thanks for joining us today. Remember to come to Blaze of Glory X, or if you’re a long distance away to watch the even on television, so you’ll watch Bill successfully defend the Roulette Championship. . .

Bill:  . . .You mean MY Roulette Championship!

Bea:  Thanks for the correction Bill. Ahem. As I was saying either come to Blaze of Glory in person or watch it on television so you can watch Bill successful defend HIS Roulette Championship a second time against Alexander Raven. Remember I’ll be in Bill’s corner as his Manager and I’ll make sure nobody interferes in the match.


Bill:  I’ll be done with my comments shortly but I need to clear something up for Alexander Raven and the other viewers. Just because our match is the first match on the Blaze of Glory X card doesn’t mean we’re a low-card no-interest boring match for the fans. Do you want to know why they placed our match as the first match to start off Blaze of Glory? Because Management knows I’m awesome and my performance in our match will set the tone for the rest of the matches at this event. They know the fans will be so shocked, amazed, and thrilled, to see me perform that their excitement will carry throughout Blaze of Glory all the way to the final match. But, Alex, before you think you’ll have anything to do with firing up the crowd in our opening match you need to sit back and shut the f*ck up! You’re nothing more than the target I’ll be destroying in our match. The fans will thrill to my outstanding wrestling abilities in the ring. The only thing they will be thrilled about concerning you is how badly I beat you down. I’m the Roulette Champion Wrestling God and you’re the sacrifice sent to me to devour and destroy. Damn your life sucks Alex!

Bea:  Well stated.

Bill:  Alexander there’s a saying that when you’re downwind of a pig farm you can smell the shit due to the wind blowing in your direction. Let me tell you something whelp. The other day while you were running your mouth talking nonsense bullshit and crap I was standing upwind from you and the stench from your lies came upwind and the smell was horrid. What the f*ck? You’re managing to talk a lot of shit but there’s a hell of a difference between talking shit and backing up the shit you say.

Bea:  You always back up what you say Bill.

Bill:  Alex there’s another thing I wish to admit publicly so that you’re fully informed and you understand that I say what I mean and mean what I say. With the current Sin City Wrestling male Roster there are three wrestlers I honestly don’t feel I could easily defeat. I’m not saying I could never defeat them because everyone can be defeated by someone. However since I’m an honest person, unlike you who is a liar, I admit that those three wrestlers would be the three toughest I’ve had to face since having to face my half-brother Chris Shipman. I assure you there’s no wrestler in the world today who is more disgusting, mean, vicious, evil, and violent, than my half-brother Chris Shipman. And with the fact that I’ve defeated my half-brother more times than he’s defeated me tells you that I can defeat the three wrestlers I’m speaking of in Sin City Wrestling. I’m sure, Raven, you want to know who those three wrestlers are right? I won’t tell you who those three are but I will tell you that you are not ten percent of what those three are.

Bea:  You’re being very generous stating Raven is ten percent of what those wrestlers are. In my eyes Alexander Raven isn’t one percent of what those three wrestlers are. Thanks for joining us today. See you at Blaze of Glory X on Sunday.

With Bill done with his comments Bea motions to the camera person they are done with their comments and the camera person cuts their camera feed and our screen goes dark.

Post by: Alexander Raven on March 18, 2022, 07:19:32 PM
The Ebb and Flow
Scene One | Off-Camera | 05/03/2022

“It’s been a long time, Alex. What brings you back to us?”

A slender gentleman, a purple tinged suit clinging tightly to him. Pinstripes running the surface, the pristine black of the leather shoes almost shimmering in the low afternoon light. They found themselves sitting out the front of a quaint and quiet bar, Alex in the usual scruffy attire. Skinny black jeans, a regular crew tee, all black vans. A stark contrast to the well-dressed man that accompanied him.

“I’m surprised the both of you are still around. It’s been a long time, Sullivan.”

The short laughter, the crackle of a lighter, a cigarette placed upon the well-dressed man’s lips. Almost in a delayed mirror movement, Alex pulled one from his own pocket, placing it to his own lips. The offer of a flame from his companion.

“Of course we are, Alex. We’re your Conspiracy, are we not? Pleasant and Rines, the left and right hands of the Raven King. We do not forget our friend so easy. Even if you might have forgotten us.”

The sound of heavy wood sliding, the door opening. A larger man, imposing, heavy set emerging, also adorned in a suit. His a deep maroon colour, a deep black undershirt to stand out against it, three pint glasses in his hands. He strides over, placing one before each of them, then in front of an empty seat that he settles himself in.

“Poisonous words, ever the snake, Sullivan. I did not forget, so much as I needed to be free. Do not mock me, I’ve come to you with a deal.”

“Your deals are hardly even beneficial to us. Last time, you got beaten so badly you went into hiding. Last time, you didn’t pay up. We collect on our debts, bird boy. We collect, and you pay.”

“Ever the humourless one, Harrison. Please, Raven has his reasons. I suppose the memory of our dues leaked from his skull with the blood that ebbed from it. What do you need of our humble services, Raven Lord?”

Harrison grunted in irritation, raising his own glass, matched by the other two men. A cheers, the clinking of glass, and then the rapid drinking, all three draining their glasses in moments. Harrison’s eyes were hard and irritated. Deep circles belayed a troubled man who did not know good rest. Firm, to match the man who always seemed uncomfortable in his suits, yet never wore anything else.

Sullivan’s eyes were happy, and glimmering. Deep, deceptive blue hues. A snake hidden behind a happy mask, his face almost as rubbery as his morals. Alex always knew where he stood with Harrison. He was never quite so sure with Sullivan.

“I need you to find me, Leon Trucose. If you can’t find him, I need you to find out what caused James to lose his cool. James would never tell me, but I know him. I know that he wouldn’t hide it for no reason. I need to know why. Why it hurts him so. Why it is related to me. He said it was for my benefit.”

Mocking laughter, the leaning back in their chairs by his suited friends. Harrison lifted a finger, and shook it at Alex. Just the one, waggling back and forth.

“No. We’re not detectives. We don’t do dirtywork, and we don’t betray paying customers. No deals on this one, Alex.”

“I’m afraid my short-tempered friend is correct. We were involved with James and Leon, and alas. We cannot help you. You’ll just have to ask him again, I’m afraid. Now, my liege. Is there anything else?

Alex huffed in frustration. Of course they were involved. James was the one that introduced him to them. He’d trained with them for years, as had James. Veterans in their own right. Harrison the big man meat, who bulldozed through any who stood in his way. Sullivan the sly technician, the man of unlimited suplexes.

“I need some training partners.”

Harrison crossed his arms, leaning back in his seat once more. His eyes locked with Alex’s. Studying him, working him over. Sullivan raised a hand, and placed the back of his palm against Alex’s forehead. Alex went to brush his hand away, before Harrison’s hand rapidly shot across the table, grabbing at his wrist. Alex grimaced at the sudden sharp grip, Harrison’s fingers digging into his wrist. Sullivan tapped his hand against Alex’s cheek a few times, a smile spread wide across his face.

“Of course you do. The One True King needs a helping hand from his own left and right. The Conspiracy back together once more. Isn’t that right Harrison?”

“He’s better than he was. Still sloppy. Still no explosive power. Can throw a punch, but no force behind it. Talks about being a fighter, yet can’t fight through the pain. Oh, this one needs us, Sullivan.”

“What do we get out of this?”

“Come now Harrison. Tonight is a tonight for celebration and libations. No need to taint the good spirits with talk of business. I will think of some way Alex can pay us back. He owes us a debt, after all.”

Harrison released his grip, his arms crossing over once more. Sullivan leaning back, tapping the ash off his cigarette. That insipid smile fading from his face finally, placing a $50 on the table.

“Our shout, Alex. We’ll be in contact.”

Sullivan gave a half smile, before standing up. Harrison huffed somewhat as he got to his feet, his knees giving him some trouble these days. Alex nodded and closed his eyes. The sizzle of flesh sparked him back to life, as Sullivan put his cigarette out on Alex’s forearm. He knocked his hand away, the cigarette scattering to the floor. He held his arm where there was now a burn.

“Learn to fight pain, Alex. You’ll never succeed otherwise.”

“Toughen up, little bird.”

Alex just inhaled sharply, as his friends smiled and bowed ever so slightly to him, before turning on their heels and leaving. The thud of their dress shoes echoing, the disparity in height still an amusing sight. Alex groaned gently as he looked at the rather nasty cigarette burn on his arm.

The Opening Act
Scene Two | On-camera | 07/03/2022

“Are you ready for this, Bulldog?”

A desolate, empty arena. House lights were on, illuminating the ringside area. Empty seats, half set up, half packed away. A raised ramp. Almost eerie in his devoid quietness. A spotlight shines down on the centre of the ring, a small podium sitting in the middle. A red velvet cover over the top of an object, a hooded figure standing beside it.

“The opening act. The pace setting fight. A championship to be determined, a chance at redemption. We are the ones that will set the night on fire. That will ignite the blaze of glory that all will seek to claim on this fortuitous night. I wonder, Bulldog. If you feel as confident this time, entering into this second round. I do, Bulldog. I actually feel more confident this time. Things become more apparent as you get used to yourself. The more rust shaken off, the more the wings spread. Connections, old friends. I find them all, and I remind myself of who I am. I remind myself, of who the hell, Alexander Raven is. Do you know who I am, Bulldog? Have you been listening? Have you been following? I need you to understand me. I need you to listen.”

“I am the god damn True King of Sin City. I am the god damn True Messiah of the broken and beaten. I am the voice of those who cannot stand. I am the voice for those who cannot lead. I am the leader for those who want to be led to a better place. A silencer of the mocking elitists who litter our sport. I am a man who is focused. I am man who does not lose twice. I am a man who reconnects people with their reality. Do you need a reality check, Bulldog? I think you do. I learnt a lot about you, Bulldog. I learnt a lot about who you are. What kind of wrestler you are. What kind of fighter you are. I learnt who I am standing against. I learnt many things, Bulldog. The one thing beyond all others that I learnt, is this.”

“You’re as lost as I am.”

The hooded figure throws back the hood, Alexander Raven beneath. His hands gripping either side of the covering of the object on the podium. His eyes gazing over the empty arena around him. His eyes fixating on something far into the distance. The lights click off, darkness engulfing. Silence and swirling blackness filling the area. More and more time in nothingness, before the lights come back on. The ringside seats all now occupied with people. Nameless faces, a variety of clothes. Alternative metal-heads, suited up business types, typical jocks. All walks of life.

“The broken come in many shapes and forms. They walk all aspects of life. Those disconnected are in all areas of the world. They wear the faces of your neighbours, your co-workers, the person who makes you your coffee. Nobody is immune from becoming disconnected. Nobody is safe from the dangers of the world. Like you and I, Bulldog. There is a world of people who just as lost as we. Who fight their internal demons, who share a variety of names. Envy, Sloth, Gluttony, Greed, Lust, Pride, and Wrath. The seven deadly sins, as deigned by long held tradition. The cardinal sins, the capital vices. Wrath and Pride, they hold power over us, don’t they Bulldog? A very proud man you are. A very wrathful person. Yet in your pride, you are lost. In your depths of rage, you too are lost. I know this, for I am lost too. I am disconnected from reality, and seeking more. My ambition borders of greed. My ambitions border on envy. My ambitions are almost lustful in their pursuit. I am a proud man, and I am a wrathful man.”

“Semantics, isn’t it, Bulldog? Words of illusion. There is one consistent in the words those who’ve faced me have used. Knox, Fenris, the Branded Hen, and the soon to be neutered Bulldog. All have acknowledged the venom in which I speak with. The dripping of potent disillusionment. The bending of the mind. The manipulation of thought. The crawling into your skin. I do not pretend to be anything but that. A man, who knows their words can win the battle. A man who assures his odds, by fighting the mental war. Powerful men, with weak minds, will fall to the smallest of breezes. Tacticians of war have been deciding factors in the entirety of human history. The silver tongued serpent has forever bent the knees of the most powerful kings to their whims. Suggestion and thought, manipulation of sin. It’s a reality, Bulldog. It’s a reality that I know all too well, for it is my reality. No word is without its place. No word is without its meaning. Symbolism, metaphor. These are things you pride yourself on, are they not? A man of genius IQ such as yourself would know. He would know the power that such words hold. He would know the history that leads to the ends of these roads. More powerful men than you and I, have fallen to the serpent’s suggestion. Weaker men than us, have climbed that mountain and donned the crown. Sin, Bulldog. Sin is what separates us. Focus of our sin, is what guides our paths. Both lost, yet with only our truth guiding us. Do our roads end at the same place? Are we simply at a crossroads, refusing to budge, to give way to the other? Where are we, Bulldog? What are we?”

Alex releases his grip and holds his hands up. Palms to the sky, stretched above his head. The people sitting around the ringside area beginning to stamp their feet. A steady drumbeat rhythm. Boom… Boom… Boom…

A smile spreading across Alexander Raven’s face, his eyes closing as he tilts his head back. Appearing to be soaking in the behaviour of those around him. Soaking in the world around him.

“The Conspiracy are my lifeblood, Bulldog. Men, women, children and persons. Any who are lost, yet wish to be guided. Any who are disconnected yet need that guidance. Any who are broken and need a voice. I am, a king, amongst the birds. I am the lord of my flock. I am the One True King of Sin City. You are holding my crown, Bulldog. A cracked crown, with a fate dictated by odds and gambles. A cracked crown dictated by the whims of the wheel. I like the odds in my favour, Bulldog. I am not a gambling man, we’ve discussed this. For I do not enjoy the aspect of potentiality. Yet there is truth I know all too well. One truth that cannot be ignored. One truth that remains true. There is only a select few men who hold two victories over Alexander Raven. Two men, in fact. The Stygian and Alexander Remington. The odds are you will not join that list. The odds are, you will not become the third of that list. The odds are, that Knox will not become the third of that list. The odds are, that Fenris will not become the third of that list. The two men that hold that prestige are far and beyond any other I’ve ever stepped in that ring with. They are far and beyond any other man who has ever squared off with Alexander Raven. They are far and beyond you and I. Men who knew this sport in and out. Men who knew the business better than any other. Men who would move in, and take the world by storm in their first few breaths. You are not one of those men, Bulldog. Yet we owe receipts to the same men, who threaten the same spot you do. I owe a long held receipt to Griffin Hawkins. I owe a new found receipt to Fenris. Men you dreamed of matches with. Men you requested matches with. We are similar in so many ways, even if you are little more than a scared, old man. I will get my receipt on Griffin Hawkins. I will get my receipt on Fenris. Knox will get his receipt.”

“I will get my receipt on you, Bulldog.”

He reached down to grip the fabric covering the object once more. With a sharp tear away, and a final echoing stomp from those around him, a skull sat upon that pedestal. It’s sharp features reminiscent of that of a wolf’s. It’s snout blunted short, an over-size bulldog skull by the looks. Engraved into the centre of the forehead was the red and black of the roulette table. He lifted the skull, and placed it upon his own head. The eye sockets resting perfectly over his own, the blunted snout squashing his own features somewhat.

“Just like the lord saviour of many the world over, once wore a crown of thorns. I too, wear a crown of relentless and unabating violence. I wear a crown of bone, to sit upon the throne of flesh and blood, Bulldog. I wear this crown, to remind myself of the beating heart and pulsing veins that flow beneath the surface of every man. For every man will bleed, and I will be the one that lets the blood flow. I will ensure your demise, Bulldog. I will ensure that you collapse beneath my boot, for the reality of everything is this. I won’t fail again. I cannot fail again. For in failure there is total loss of self. My mind cannot allow for Alexander Raven to fail again. Collapse, reality, disconnection. Disconnection, Bulldog. Are you too, ready to be disconnected from reality?”

“I only ask, for the end game is clear in front of us, don’t you think? The odds to be played, the games to be won. Another loss, puts me back to the bottom of the heap. The heap that does not deserve Alexander Raven’s blessing. The heap that does not deserve my presence. I will not be the building block upon which another star emerges. I will not become the building block of your career, Bill. It blows my mind, that someone so young, can be so old in mind. It baffles me, that you Bulldog, possess the mind of a genius, yet cannot see the truth beyond your nose. Failure, Bulldog. Failure is not something that is allowed within my kingdom. If I am to fail, then I shan’t be granted the crown of bone and ash that I so deem myself worth of. You will fall short, Bulldog. I can guarantee it. For this time, there is no argument to be had. For this time, there is no excuse. For this time, Bulldog. I will lift you up, and bring you down for the final blow. The Raven’s Spine will break yours. The Conspiracy, my murder, my flock. We will choke you out. We will choke your life essence free.”

Alex raised his hands above his head, the lights dimming further. The stomping of the feet resuming again. The rhythmic drum beat of feet hitting the floor. More light fading, until only the spotlight upon Alexander Raven remains. He clapped his hands together above his head, and raised the skull off his face, holding it aloft. Slamming it down rapidly, it split in half, as flames erupted from around the edges of the ring. Their flickering light illuminating him from every angle, sharpening his features. His eyes focused, angry. The beat continuing.

“I will burn you down, Bulldog. In the flames of my ascension, all will be burnt to the ground. All kings will perish in the inferno that I bring. All lords will bow and kneel. Take the knee and accept that the One True King of Sin City has arrived, and with each week, focused. Focused and watching. Listening, understanding. Are you listening to me, Bulldog? Are you following me? Do you understand me? I need you to listen, I need you to follow. I need you to understand me, Bulldog. For in understanding, you will realise the truth. That this is not a mere game to me. This isn’t just me standing across from a man who lives his gimmick. This isn’t a joke to me. I lose myself to the disconnect that I allow into my life. For there is only the one truth for, Bulldog. You will be the building block to my success. I promise you that. I promise everyone that.”

“I will neuter this bitch.”

The smile stretching across his face, his right hand raising. The click of the fingers.

Silence, darkness.

“I’m coming to engulf you, Bulldog. You will be my Blaze of Glory. I promise that.”