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Title: SCU presents... Underground Ep. 114 (Results)
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SCU Underground Ep 114 Tag Team Wrestling

Marine Corps Recruit Depot, San Diego, Ca

The show opens backstage as we see Skag and Angel of Filth walk into the arena. BEfore they can get too far they get stopped by the WGN standards and practices, Tad Ezra.

Tad: Hey glad you can make it, you’re late but you’re here.

Filth: Skag and US Customs had a little talk that didn’t go their way.

Tad: Do I want to know?

Skag: Yes but not in front of cameras.

Tad: Well cool but for now. I wanted to tell you since I wasn’t able to get a referee to agree to call your tag team match. I decided to have a special referee, someone who won’t be taking any of your shit Skag.

Filth: Please don’t.

Tad: Don’t what?

Skag: Don’t tempt me to disappoint but it’s too late. Whoever it is better stay out of my way.

Tad: Well Eric Weaver will be calling your match so you better think twice.

Skag: Okay Tad, I’ll do just that. Now if you excuse us.

Tad: Go on, I’ll find you later.

Kandy Kaine and Jerry Cann vs Kelli Torres and Mz Holly Wood

Kelli and Kandy start the match off.  They meet in the middle of the ring with a handshake.  They back up and begin circling. Kandy goes for a tie up, but Kelli knows better and she ducks behind, hitting a couple well placed kicks to Kandy’s back. As Kandy kneels down, Kelli comes off the ropes with a Shining Wizard.  She hits a few stomps and then picks Kandy up from the mat. She flings Kandy into the ropes.  She goes for a Dropkick on the rebound, but Kandy twists out of the way and sweeps Kelli off her feet.  Kelli kips up and the crowd roars.  The two ladies look at each other, giving a nod of respect.  A tie up attempt, and Kelli ducks. Kelli hits a Superkick to Kandy as she turns around.  Kelli drops down for the cover. Jerry breaks it up quickly so Holly doesn’t have a chance to stop him.  Jerry helps Kandy up to her feet, and gives Holly a look.  The two nod, and Kelli agrees.  Double tag! Jerry and Holly rush toward one another as they begin brawling.  Holly takes a few good licks, and she does it like a champ. Brawling is not her forte, and it shows as Jerry gains the advantage, backing Holly into a free corner.  He then lays boot to Holly, one after the other. Holly goes down to the ground as Jerry stands there, victorious in the battle.  However, Holly buries her face in Jerry’s crotch, causing him to back up so she can rise. Holly does a Leg Sweep that takes Jerry down to the ground.  She then goes for a Lionsault, but Kandy shakes the ropes, causing Holly to fall.  Kelli is able to make the tag, forcing Jerry to tag out.  Kelli rushes Kandy with a Superkick and she goes for the cover.  Jerry tries to break it up, but Holly jumps on his back, clubbing at his head. Mz Holly Wood and Kelli Torres win via pinfall.

The show cuts to Chelsea LeClair who is sitting down on the couch in the locker room. She’s still in a mood that is far from happy as a shirt that she is wearing that has “Give Chelsea a Chance” written on it is quite prominent. A part of her is even giving off the vibe that she doesn’t want to be there. She is starting to look increasingly frustrated as she begins to express her thoughts.

Chelsea: So, here I am again on the outside looking in. I get that there is a tag team theme to this show and I am fine with that. But the fact that the best that i can get right now is a house show match is something that is incredibly frustrating. The fact that my requests to get back in there against Veronica Taylor are falling on deaf ears is incredibly discouraging. You see, I do know a thing or two about tag team wrestling. After all, I was a former tag team champion and I used to be Andrea Hernandez’s tag team partner. I was at High Stakes a couple of weeks ago in New York watching Andrea make history as she retained her SCW Bombshells Internet Championship. I was happy for her even though we aren’t as great of friends as she used to be. I saw her do something historic with her undefeated streak and everything. I saw my mentor, Myra Rivers, do something historic in her own right when she ended Jessie Salco’s Chamber of Extreme streak and did something that nobody has ever done before. And yet, what the fuck was I doing?


I didn’t have a match on the pre-show or the main show. I was on the sidelines doing NOTHING!

Tonight is the same thing.

Here I am, on the sidelines, doing NOTHING! It’s starting to feel as if this company just signed me just to brag about the fact that they have me on their roster. It seems like they’re just happy that I’m ‘just a name’. I’ve only had one real match where I had a true opportunity and that was against Veronica and we all know what happened with that. Yet, despite how I feel about it and despite the fact that I am chomping at the bit to get back in there with her, I’m STILL on the sidelines just rotting away. There are not a lot of people that put in the work and the dedication that I do. I bust my ass for my opportunity and you have an SCU Underground Champion in Cordelia Clark that just gets the same freaking challengers over and over again. I am by no means trying to campaign for a title shot. But GOD, I would at least like a CHANCE! Why WON’T they put me in there against Veronica to prove that I can beat her? Oh right, I guess it helps when you’re fucking the person on charge, RIGHT Veronica?

Well you know what? I’ve had it. If being diplomatic isn’t going to get me what I want, then I guess I am going to have to take matters into my own hands. I’m not going to be some sideline bitch that gets made an example of the way she tried to do against me when she choked me out and decided to get herself disqualified. Hell no! I deserve more respect than that and I am going to get more respect than that.

So… I’m going to make it real simple. I am going to get what I want no matter what I have to do to get it. This “Give Chelsea a Chance” thing isn’t just some fancy thing to put on a t-shirt. It’s a movement. It’s not just about Veronica, it’s about the fact that I’m the one that’s being overlooked more than anyone else. Veronica only scratches the surface of my frustrations with this company right now and I promise you that when I get my chance, it will be HER that gets made an example out of. It will be HER being humiliated. The best part of it is that she’d only be the first step of proving that I deserve BETTER than what I’ve gotten so far.

So Give Chelsea a Chance…

Or hell…

I might have to create my own opportunity at this point if that is what it is going to fucking take.

Chelsea gets up from the couch and angrily leaves the scene. This results in the scene quickly fading to black.

The Jeckels are within the Marine Corps Recruit Depot.

Raisa: Hello, by now you know who we are, and you know what we are capable of, Two Broke chicks it’s commendable that you choose to fight anyone SCU matches you with, this time however, both you and SCU have made a grave error.

Jake: An error indeed, we will not treat you differently than any team that has the unfortunate task of facing us, we will not show you mercy nor remorse, that dark cloud that awaits you tonight, is one you will not survive.

Jack: Ms. Harper, Ms. Sanada, it is regretful what must happen to you tonight, but that's the faith you have been dealt, and your faith will be sealed tonight, at our hands.

Jake: Your survival rests in our hands, but it’s already been determined.

Jack: It’s your demise.

Raisa: It is written.

Jack: So it shall be done.

Angel of Filth and Skag vs OTE

Eric Weaver comes out first to referee the match due to the boycotting referees against refereeing Skag’s matches. Rory and Skag put on a true classic to start. However, Filth makes her presence felt with a stomp fest on Rory. Dax comes in to take Filth to the outside. He and Filth go back and forth, with Dax fighting defensively. He watches until the distraction of Skag is enough and tags in from Rory. Dax finds himself overwhelmed by Skag until he is able to get a couple solid gut punches and a Roundhouse Kick. However, Skag tags Filth in. Dax bucks up, but Skag distracts the referee while Filth grabs Dax by the balls and squeezes, gaining instant control.  She licks his beard and laughs before taking him down with a kick to the balls.  Dax holds onto himself as the referee turns around.  Filth gets a two count.  Dax lifts Filth up and rushes her into her own corner, forcing a tag to Skag.  Rory instantly puts her out of the ring and goes to follow after.  While the referee is distracted, Skag pulls Hecate the rat out of his jacket pocket and puts her on Dax’s head.  Dax tries to swat at her, but she jumps around, avoiding it.  As Dax is spinning around, trying to get rid of the rodent, Skag jumps off of the top rope and nails the Mello Yellow (Shooting Star Neckbreaker) on Dax as Hecate scurries to the corner.  Skag offers Hecate a treat before dropping down for the cover on Dax. Angel of Filth and Skag win via pinfall.  Filth dives out of the way of Rory, as Skag scoops up his “manager” Hecate.  Eric Weaver stops him and inspects his hand.  He gives Skag trouble about the “interference”.  Skag laughs, but Eric is serious.  He threatens to reverse the decision, and Skag’s face turns to anger.  He hands Hecate to Filth and then grabs Eric’s head and immediately drops him with a DDT.  Skag reaches under the ring and pulls out a baseball bat with glass planted in it.  He hammers away at Eric until Dax and Rory come to chase him and Filth off, but Skag keeps the bat with him.

Recorded earlier.

Again we find Marissa Henry at the Redondo Beach residence of Stewart and Gail, outside on the patio Earl, Dahlia, and Stewart are sitting around the table with Marissa.

Marissa: Hello again SCU Underground fans I’m here once again with Members of Team Canada, Stewart I’ll start with you, at High Stakes, Hitamashii walked out as Underground champion.

Stewart: Yeah, and I have no ill will against him, He’ll be a great Underground champion, and HB Carter can enjoy the fact he eliminated me in the Warriors Brawls, because if we’re ever in the ring again, He won’t beat me again.

Marissa looks shocked at Stewart’s comment.

Marissa: Okay, upcoming at episode 114 you're teaming up with Winter Elemental to face the Dying Breed.

Stewart: Yeah, Winter is a great kid, and we consider her and Tatsu as honorary members of Team Canada, and she is one hell of a tough girl, and teaming with her is something I look forward to, Dying Breed they’ve been here awhile and are a veteran team and have the experience advantage in this match no doubt, Winter and I we’ll go out there and give everyone the best we have and give them a great match.

Marissa: Earl, Dahlia, at High Stakes you successfully defended your tag team titles against Skag.

Earl: Yeah, but not the way we wanted to, I mean I don’t know what Skag’s deal is with the ref’s, and honestly I don’t care, that between him and the ref.

Dahlia: That’s so true.

Marissa: So at 114 you face, N.F.G.

Earl: Yeah, they are a good team and two of the folks that battled us hard as members of GRIME, so we know what they bring to the match.

Dahlia: Marissa, we don’t to need to tell the viewing audience our credentials, the foundation of SCU and the tag team division has our DNA all over it, we held the tag team titles with pride and honor for a long time, we’re sure Javier and Omasa would love to be the team that finally takes the titles from us, and someday we’ll lose the titles and whoever beats us that will be a huge feather in their cap, but N.F.G know this upcoming match is going to be a war.

Marissa: Thanks for your time.

Joshua is seen in the backstage area holding his GRIME Championship.

Joshua: So things may not have gone to plan at High Stakes.  As you can see I am only holding one of my championships, which is fine.  But what is not is the cheap shot that Andrey hit me with.  Yes it was legal.  However I thought kickboxing was about sportsmanship where I was going to tap gloves and he had to do that.  He knew he got me the first round but he couldn’t keep it up.  He had to put me at a disadvantage and the cheap shot was how it was done.  So it pissed me off so I took matters into my own hands and of course there were people that cried foul when I planted him on the ground with a DDT.  Am I sorry for doing it, short answer no I am not.  I couldn’t let him get away with what he did because I know he would fight tooth and nail to never face me again for his championship.  So I took matters into my own hands and did what I did.

Joshua walks around.

Joshua:  Of course our great medical team gave out he had a head injury and then the update from his wife.  If anyone cares Andrey is back home is what the tweet should have said.  You didn’t need to put he is trying to put a baby in you.  No one care, you guys are married that what married people do.  This week is payback for me, and I get to have my best friend fight along side me.  Amy is a sister to me and we have shared a lot.  I have helped her out and she has helped me out when we needed help.  Now to put us together is interesting because we have great chemistry and we are both domanite champions.  Plus she is a SCW Grandslamer and a SCW Hall of Famer.  People say she is getting up there in age.  To those people I say shut the fuck up, she is still better than 95% of the roster and people just hate at her success.  I mean look at her carrerr she has her personal busness and that is booming for her.  She has held every bombshell championship there is.  She is a Hall of Famer, which is a great accomplishment.  To top it off she is a mother and a damn good one at that.

Three Way vs N.F.G.

Earl and Javi decide to give the fans what they want, and they take it up a notch to maintain focus inside of the ring.  They meet in the middle of the ring for a Test of Strength, and this goes on for nearly a minute, both men gaining and losing the advantage.  It ends when Earl puts Javi down to the ground for a one count.  Javi celebrates the kickout, but Earl takes advantage of the arrogance and gains and maintains the advantage with a Belly-to-Back Suplex, followed by several reversals turns into various suplexes.  Javi is forced to tag out to Omasa, and Earl tags in Dahlia.  Omasa throws several kicks and punches, and they start to wear on Dahlia after a moment.  However, Dahlia is able to catch one leg and falls back into a Release Suplex.  Omasa lands in the corner, upside down.  Before she can crumble, Dahlia hits a Hip Strike to Omasa’s midsection.  Both men watch guard as Dahlia goes for the cover.  She gets a two count.  However, Angel of Filth and Skag rush the ring.  Filth smacks Dahlia with a chair while Skag knocks Javi’s head with the glass embedded bat he took with him earlier.  The referee watches as Filth turns to knock Omasa down with the chair. The match ends in a double disqualification due to interference.  Skag ducks a Big Boot from Earl, and takes out his left knee with the bat.  He stomps on it repeatedly until security comes to chase Filth and Skag out of the ring while medics soon follow.

The scene opens backstage a little while before the tag team match of Amy Santino & Joshua Acquin verses Andrey and Esther Azarov, we see Amy Santino heading down the corridor with a purpose as the GRIME championship sits around her waist. Stopping for a second to talk to a backstage tech, it gives Marissa Henry a chance to pounce as she quickly moves in.

Marissa: Can I get a few words about your match tonight?

Amy shakes her head.

Amy: You missed your chance. I was heading over to Joshua, and he has some camera time planned. Sorry.

Marissa looks down hearted, but she tries to continue to the interview.

Marissa: So no chance about the match tonight… what about Winter’s mind games on twitter?

She queried and Amy rolls her eyes before speaking.

Amy: She thinks it’s mind games… I call it annoying and a waste of my time. I also have more important things to think about than her. So if you excuse me… I must find Joshua.

Amy smiles and begins to walk to her meeting point with Joshua, the scene soon fades out on Marissa Henry looking disappointed that she didn’t get more from her very short interview.

Camera’s cut to the medical room. Delia Darling and Orchid getting a check up.

Darling: You must really want main event attention, darling. You have no chance, I know it, Gianni knows it and you shall learn it soon enough.

Orchid: Hey, I was making small talk. Gianni happened to be around the corner and heard us. He then booked it. So don’t act like I asked him to let me kick your ass.

Darling: Oh please, no chance, not even a little chance.  Not even a crumb of a chance...

Orchid: You know, I think you know I’m going to beat you so you’re trying to convince yourself that I have no chance.

Darling: No darling, I am preparing you for what’s about to happen.

Orchid: You’re not going to get in my head, so you can keep it to yourself and repeat it enough times until you believe it. It will be better that way, it will be a sweeter victory for me.

Darling: Oh Orchid, Orchid, Orchid. You really don’t want z’is match.

Orchid: Oh I do, you know what I wouldn’t have wanted?

Darling: What’s that?

Orchid: Had Shorty been with Gianni, he would have asked for it to be a bra and panty match. I heard Shorty trying to get Gianni to book one.

Darling: Scared of showing everyone your lack of goodies Darling?

Orchid: Oh please, I don’t need to be in those matches and if I did. The crowd would be happy to see me win as they get to go Gaga for your Tatas!

Darling: They would love that, finally something we can agree on.

The medical room door opens up. We see Shorty walk in the room.

Shorty: I heard you two have a match next week. I have a great idea for your match.

Camera fades away as Darling and Orchid yell no at Shorty.

GRIME Tag Team Championship
2 Broke Chicks vs Jake and Jack Jeckel

In the backstage area, we see Jake and Jack Jeckel approaching referee Jade Pham.  From down the hallway, we hear Chi Chi hyping up Jane as they approach.  They take their belts from their shoulders and hand them over to Jade before immediately throwing punches at The Jeckels.  As the bell rings, Chi Chi ducks a punch from Jake and she picks up an extension cord and wraps it around Jake’s neck, jumping on his back.  He charges forward, taking the lights down and dragging them as he tries to buck her off.  Jane kicks Jack in the nads and then drops an elbow to the back of his head.  She goes to knock an equipment box over on top of Jack, but Jack rolls out of the way.  He pulls out a bullhorn and blasts it, stunning Jane.  He lifts her up and drops her right on top of the overturned equipment box.  Jake whips Chi Chi over right on top of Jane.  The two go for a dogpile cover, but 2 Broke Chicks kick out.  Jake walks over to another equipment box, motioning for Jack to come over and help him.  They lift it up and go to drop it right on top of 2 Broke Chicks, but they roll out of the way.  Jake hits a Big Boot on Chi Chi while Jack drags Jane along toward one of the locker rooms.  He throws her through the door, and is heard saying “Oh no…”  There is a couple bangs before the door slams shut and we hear Jane and Jack both shouting out in pain.  Chi Chi leaves Jake alone to go see what is happening, but Jake spears her right through the door.  He looks confident, but the look on his face soon goes to shock as Angel of Filth brandishes a chair, and Skag has the glass embedded baseball bat in his hand.  They swing in unison, catching Jake on both sides of the head and putting him down.  All four competitors are out on the floor as Filth and Skag take a seat on the bench.

Filth:  It’s always the ones that aren’t planned that are the most fun.

Skag:  Ja wol.  I guess we don’t have to go out hunting tonight.  We’ve met our quota.

Filth:  Exceeded, if you count Eric Weaver earlier.

Skag licks at his lips and does some odd combination of a sneer and a smile.  The medical team rushes into the room to begin checking on 2 Broke Chicks and The Jeckels as we go elsewhere.

The scene cuts to some pre-recorded footage that takes place in Brooklyn. Morgan Clark has the camera on her. She’s got her usual, arrogant vibe with that smirk on her face and at this point, she’s as confident as she can be as she begins to express her thoughts.

Morgan: I would LOVE to be at the show tonight. BUT, Cordy and I have some tag team titles to defend in our own backyard. That’s exactly what we are going to do, but that’s another company. I want to talk about this one. See, Cordy went out and had a HUGE career moment when she retained her SCU Underground Championship in OUR backyard in freaking MADISON SQUARE GARDEN on the biggest show in the universe: High Stakes XI! You would think that I am proud of her because she did such an amazing thing and trust me, as a sister, I am proud of her. And yet, at the same time I am disappointed. I am not disappointed in Cordelia necessarily but what I AM disappointed in is the fact that she could’ve done SO much better than freaking Helena Jeckel. Isn’t this like the second time she’s defended a title against her? I mean come on! Does the brain power in SCU lack so much creativity that they can’t find anyone else other than the same ol’ same ol’ to challenge her for the title? I mean come on! Who is the next challenger going to be?

ARIANA ANGELOS for the fifty millionth time?

ANGEL KASH for the thousandth time?

Some random wrestler from GRIME that gets a sudden title  shot?

HALO ANNIS for the hundredth time?

HELENA JECKEL for the tenth time?

Seriously, SCU! You should be given a humanitarian award for being such huge advocates of RECYCLING! And yet, despite my hot streak, you choose to recycle the same old challengers and…

Cordelia Clark comes into the shot and she’s NOT happy.

Cordelia: Are you serious, Morgan?

This causes Morgan to pause considering she’s been caught off guard. She looks back at Cordelia who maintains how pissed off she is.

Cordelia: You started a promo without me?

Morgan: Oh my god, why does everything have to be about you?

Cordelia: I should be the one asking you that.

Morgan: Why? Because I want a shot at your title? How come you don’t want to defend the title against me? Is it because you’re SCARED that your own sister is going to upstage you?

Cordelia: I think it’s becoming obvious that you are behaving the way you’ve been behaving lately because you’re sick and tired of the fact that all I’ve done is UPSTAGE YOU!

Morgan: EXCUSE ME?

Cordelia: Morgan, we’re sisters. We shouldn’t need to be doing this crap. I am not saying that you do not deserve a shot at my title or anything like that but what I am saying is, there is no reason for something silly like a championship belt to get in between us. You’re letting this Amy Santino thing REALLY get into your head. For God’s sake, the idiot even changed her tune about you on social media. I thought that would make you happy since THAT was the root of the problem to begin with.

Morgan: Cordy, you’ve got it wrong. The crap Amy said about me months ago is just the symptom, but not the disease. The real problem is the fact that I’ve never been given a fair opportunity in this business. You make championships look real easy with what? Three already? I’ve only ever won one… and the one that I have won is the tag team championships that we won together in our other company. Am I so WRONG to want my own spotlight?

Cordelia: You’re not…

Morgan: EXACTLY! Therefore, you should not be complaining! Why are you complaining about this?

Cordelia: You can get your own spotlight WITHOUT having to fight me for that. You can win the GRIME title from Amy and we can both be…

Morgan: NO! GRIME is beneath me! I want YOUR title! If you don’t want to face me, then maybe you should trade belts with Amy Santino.

Cordelia: That is a HORRIBLE idea…

Morgan: Hey, I heard of it happening in our business before…

Cordelia: I can’t anymore…

Cordelia has had enough of this and she immediately departs the scene.

Morgan: There you have it! Proof in the pudding! Cordy FEARS ME! Again, ‘powers that be’, don’t recycle challengers here! Give ME the chance! That is all!

Morgan just scoffs as she shuts off the camera and the scene fades to black.

From the concession stand area, we can hear a woman practically going off the deep end.  Aside from the workers, we only see the Azarovs standing, waiting for their items to be ready.  Andrey is listening, but not looking at Esther.  Esther is only looking at Andrey, but might as well be staring right through him.  Interviewer Marissa Henry approaches the couple with the microphone at the ready, though she is slow in her approach.

Marissa:  Hello, Andrey, Esther.  I…

Esther:  Now is NOT a good time, Marissa!

Marissa nods her head and tries to be soft and patient, but Esther screeches at her.  Andrey steps between the two, handing Esther her beverage.  He takes a sip from his and sighs in relief.

Andrey:  Good evening, Marissa.  How can we be of help?

His thick Russian accent is very present, but doesn’t cloud his communication too much.  Marissa also sighs in relief.

Marissa:  I was hoping to get a word with you both about your Main Event match this evening.  Any thoughts?

Andrey is about to speak, but Esther sloshes her drink around in the cup in a very annoyed fashion, and she immediately cuts him off.

Esther:  Oh, you just want to talk about our match later tonight.  Yeah, that’s a totally different story.  It’s not like that’s what I was over here YELLING about or anything… Good, are you that fucking stupid?!

Andrey puts a hand in front of Esther to quiet her, which she doesn’t take kindly to.  However, he turns to Marissa and speaks.

Andrey:  Tonight is great opportunity for my wife and me to prove that we can work together successfully against team of great merit.  Is good to finally be recognized as threat to tag team roster as well as singles and Combat rosters.The Azarov name will finally get the respect it deserves in Sin City.

Esther blows a raspberry.

Esther:  Oh, don’t sit there and act like this is all about honor and respect.  That flew out the fucking window the second these two didn’t have to put their titles on the line against us.  Maybe that little twelve year old looking bitch running round with that anime character was right about Amy.  Protected. Favored.  Looked after because she was in some failed takeover attempt with Erik Staggs and Gianni Di Luca, twice?  Three times?  Whatever.  We get how it works.  We were on the GRIME ship until we saw it sinking.  You were never smart enough to jump off.  Yet, somehow, you always remained alright.  You stuck around.  Good for you.

Andrey looks like he wants to speak out, but can’t find the words.

Esther:  It makes me wonder what you were doing backstage with Erik that made him continue to look out for you, so much so that you wound up being a Hall of Famer in SCW.  I get it.  If someone like me were to take that title from you, then you would make SCW look bad.  And god forbid that is allowed to happen. And after High Stakes…

Andrey:  Yes, High Stakes.  Where I defeated GRIME Champion, Joshua Acquin.  I must admit, it is getting ridiculous that I must fight these people, over and over again.  Joshua was at least somewhat of a challenge, but he is champion already. He does not need to come after me or my title.  But, I speak of the Jerry Cann’s of the Combat Division.  Easy, dispensable, worthless, filler for division.  Does nobody have balls?  Jerry Can might be easy to beat, but he at least has balls.  He…

Andrey turns quickly, pushing Marissa out of the way as Jerry Cann rushes at him.  Andrey ducks and delivers a series of punches to Jerry before taking him and flipping him right into the front of the concession stand, putting a hole in the paneling.  He takes a few seconds to catch his breath.

Andrey:  As was saying, we need more competition.  My wife needs competition.  You cannot rely on strong champions such as Merlot or myself to carry division.  Let us see variety.  Former champions like Eric Weaver or Dax Beckett.  New faces like Ivan Darrell or Jake Jeckel.  I need a variety to defeat so that everyone can see what kind of champion I am.  I don’t want GRIME Championship. I don’t want Underground Championship.  But, I understand my wife’s grief.

Esther:  That’s all I wanted, baby.  Just some understanding.

Esther runs her finger up and down his chest as Marissa looks a bit awkward.  She moves away, showing Jerry Cann still laying in the same position.  Esther leans up and kisses Andrey.  He lifts her up onto the counter and she wraps her legs around him as he leans over her, and the cameras move elsewhere.

Stewart Mason and Winter Elemental vs Dying Breed

Winter and Ivan start the match off.  Winter remains defensive, blocking punch and kick attempts from Ivan.  This goes on for a solid minute before Winter finally strikes Ivan’s chest.  The distraction allows her to strike his jaw.  She goes for another strike, but Ivan catches her fist.  Mercedes coaches her from ringside.  Winter flips forward and reverses the move into an Armlock.  She wrenches a few times and pushes Ivan forward.  Ivan stumbles into the ropes, and hits a Discus Clothesline to Winter, putting her on her back.  He goes for the cover, but Stewart breaks it up right at “one”.  Ivan and Stewart trade punches until Winter nails a Dropkick to the small of his back.  Winter tags Stewart in officially.  Stewart works over Ivan’s back before he can get up.  He lifts Ivan up and sends him to the ropes, looking for an Elbow Smash, but Ivan ducks and comes off the ropes with a low shoulderbutt to Stewart, taking him off his feet.  He locks on a Triangle Chokehold.  Winter is quick to break it up.  As Ivan gets up, Winter nails a Superkick to him, knocking him to his corner.  Andrew makes the tag and instantly dumps Winter through the ropes.  He turns and smacks Stewart, and Stewart smacks him back.  Stewart lifts Andrew up, but Andrew falls behind, taking him down for a Body Scissors Rear Naked Choke.  Winter finds an opening and hits a Baseball Slide to Andrew’s head.  Andrew gets up and stalks Winter, who looks scared.  She tries to step outside, but Andrew grabs her by the hair.  She screams and flails around until Stewart taps Andrew on the shoulder.  As he turns around, Stewart kicks him in the gut, landing the Paid In Full (Implant DDT). Stewart Mason and Winter Elemental win via pinfall.  Winter laughs as Ivan is just a split second too late to break it up.  He is irate as he tries to start a fight with Stewart.  Stewart grins and goes to kick him in the gut and plants him with the Paid In Full.  He and Winter celebrate.

We go somewhere outside, we see a portable patio with a bar. Rory is seen at the bar bartending next to him we see Mz Holly Wood and Kelli Torres dressed in red little short shorts and white tank top that say Rory’s. The two are acting as Rory’s waitresses. A few feet behind him we see Eyesnsane and Dax working the two grills. Next to them we see OG Martha and Kandy Kaine behind a table prepping up the burgers, and steaks.

We see the setup is big enough for about 100 people but we see about 30 marines hanging around along with different SCU Stars. At one table we see a Lt. Col and the Sgt. Major sitting with Team Canada. Alex Rush and Jamie Staggs are seen sitting across from each other. A bucket full of beer bottles sits in the middle of the table. They have a stare down while chugging down beers.

Halo, Linnea, sitting with a few Lt. having a laugh while toasting their bottles. Mercedes and Winter are seen sitting at the bar. Javi and Omasa walk onto the patio and sit at the bar. Javi signals at Rory for two beers. Rory slides them a MGD each.

Omasa: Owe you ass beatdown.

Mercedes: You had your chance when you went to SCW thinking you were hot shit.

Omasa: Next week, you scared?

Mercedes: No, you agreed to face a SCW Champion and win to face me again. Since you failed to do that, I’ll be nice and offer you something else. You get past Winter in a match then you can get your rematch with me.

Winter: You must not want to fight Omasa mama, you know she stands no chance against me.

Omasa and Mercedes toast to agree.

Mercedes: I know Winter but Omasa doesn’t think so. Now you get to show her otherwise. What better way to get your singles run going while Tatsu gets healed than fighting Omasa.

Winter: I agree, that’s why we make good team mama!

Winter looks at Omasa.

Winter: Next week, I’m tearing you a new one. For now enjoy your beer, the next one’s on me.

Rory: Normally people get more then one beer before talking business.

Mercedes: I never waste time getting things done. Everything I do is always calculated.

Rory: Yeah it is.

The camera pans over behind the bar.

Martha: Now Kandy, you and Jerry really need to get it together. Did you see him going after Andrey? It didn’t work out for him. I keep trying to tell you two. Think before you act. Your emotions keep getting the best of you.

Kandy: Yes Martha

The Camera shifts over to the grills.

Eyensane: You hear OG over there talking to Kandy like she and Jerry have a chance at this tag team div?

Dax:  You never know, though.  Sometimes it’s the ones you never expect.

Dax flips over a couple burgers on the grill as Liam approaches with his microphone in hand.  Dax sighs but puts on a smile.

Liam:  Daxton Oliver Beckett, I heard that you had some big news that was only fit for “What’re You Gagnon?” I wonder what that could be.  Care to share?

Dax:  I’m not gonna sit here forever and go back and forth about shit, but people tune in to see your segment.  I figured it was the best place to let people know.

Liam:  Know what?  Are you retiring?  Are you pregnant?

Dax chuckles.

Dax:  Not yet, but I better be in the next few weeks.  As everyone knows, we’ve already started filming The LIFE ATL season four.  I’ve been doing the back and forth thing for three weeks.  But, it’s been tough.  Anyone who watches The LIFE franchises knows they like to take big trips.  Well, soon we’re headed overseas, and it’s going to be too much for me to travel back to SCU every week.  I talked with Gianni, Tad, and Erik, and they’re giving me some time off to finish filming the season.

Liam snaps his fingers in a sarcastic “Aw shucks” manner.

Liam:  So, you mean to tell me that we don’t get to see your pretty face around here for a while? Maybe mothers will start letting their children watch again since they won’t be having so many nightmares.

Dax:  Sick burn, bruh.  But yeah, you can catch me and a couple of my friends on MIL Network this January to see all of the juicy drama, which may or may not include me.

Dax smiles innocently as he looks at Eyesnsane, who gives him a shove.

Eyesnsane:  Own your shit, man.

Dax:  It’s gonna be messy.

Suddenly, two known cast members for season four walk up behind Dax and one gives him a peach.  Skye Devereux and Benny Moreno stand on either side of Dax as they each take a bite out of their juicy, messy peaches.  Skye leans on Dax’s shoulders.

Liam:  Well, so long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye…

Liam waves to Dax as he walks away, leaving the shot on the ATL cast members for a few moments.  However, we abruptly go back to Liam.

Liam:  There’s gotta be something more exciting than The Real Housewives of Atlanta around here…

The camera shifts back to Alex Rush and Jamie Staggs trying to outdo each other in a beer drinking contest.  Liam walks up to them and puts a microphone in front of Jamie.

Liam:  Tell us what’s going on here, like… anything exciting.

Jamie:  On average, 100 people choke to death on ballpoint pens every year!  Crazy, right?!

Liam:  Aaaaaaaaaaand we’re done. That’s it for “What’re You Gagnon?” Over and out…

Joshua is seen with his GRIME Championship on his shoulder.

Joshua: It is almost time to go out there and show SCU what a dominating pair of singles champions we are.  We come here week after week and defend our championships against whom ever management wants to throw at us.  I have held my championship since SCU 100 when I merged it with the Uncensored Television Championship that I won back on SCU 86 back at the end of February.  So as of tonight 20 November I Have been a champion is SCU for 265 days, just 100 more days for a full year.  Enough about me though the real star in the team is the lovely Amy Santino.

Amy turns to Joshua...

Amy: Lovely?

Amy queries before shaking her head.

Amy: 265 is amazing... it makes my 100+ days look sad. So tonight we are facing Mr and Mrs Azarov... Esther I have met already several times already this year and with the same outcome. The outcome this time... it won't be any different. Can you remind everyone what happened last you came face to face with Andrei?

Amy asks Joshua.

Joshua smiles.

Joshua: It was a couple weeks ago where he decided to cheap shot me to win our championship match.  After that I took him and dropped him on his head.  Now they are handing us both of them in a match together.  Have they lost their minds?  It doesn’t matter because I know how you feel about facing the same person time and time again.  It gets tiring to face them over and over.  Maybe we show them a little of what GRIME can do.  Since they both left because they felt like jokes.  Maybe because between the two of us they kept on losing and the only way I lost to Andrey was due to the cheap shot.  I plan on making him pay, and if Esther get in between him and I, I know you have no issue taking her out.

Amy: love the idea.

Amy smirks before continuing.

Amy: I don't mind facing the old faces but I don't know about you, I would happily face others from the scu brand as well.

Amy shurgs.

Joshua nods his head.

Joshua: I like facing new folks but it seems we have the same match up here.

Judas by Fozzy can be heard in the background.

Joshua looks over at Amy.

Joshua: Time to get to work.

Main Event
Joshua Acquin and Amy Santino vs Andrey and Esther Azarov

Darlyn:  The following contest is your Main Event, contested under Mixed Tag Team Rules!  Iiiiintroducing first, from Las Vegas, NV, standing at 6’3” and weighing in at 227lb, he is your GRIME Champion… Joshua Acquin!!!

Judas Hits the PA as Joshua walks out from the back with boos from the crowd.  As he walks slowly to the ring he avoids all contact from fans.  Once in the ring he goes up to the middle rope of the turnbuckle, drawing boos from the crowd as he holds up his arms.

Anti Hero by Dark Ride begins to play over the sounds system, the lights begin to strobe through the venue as Amy appears through the curtain dancing before stopping half way and pushes her hair back to reveal the black leather surgical face mask decorated with a Cheshire Cat Smile and above that Amy Santino is written in red and in Japanese

Amy surveys the crowd for a moment as Justin makes her introduction.

Darlyn: Making her way to the ring hailing from Juneau, Alaska, she is your GRIME Champion… Amy Santino.

She then continues down the ramp, as slaps the hands of the awaiting fans, she then climbs into the ring, where she then climbs the turnbuckles and surveys the crowd before climbing back down and heads to the corner, where she takes off the mask and waistcoat and waits for the match to start.

The lights flash around the audience as they wait for the arrival of the next star.  The word "intoxicating" flashes over the screen and stage in many colors and fonts to the beat of the music.  Just then, “Intoxicating" by Infected Rain plays over the speakers as Andrey comes out onto the stage.  He is in full boxing gear from the pads to the rob to the gloves.  He jogs and boxes the air for a moment before throwing his robe off to the ground.  The ladies in attendance "ooh" and "ahh" at his appearance.

Darlyn: Next! From Chelyabinsk, Oblast, Russia, he is your SCU Combat Champion, the Siberian Shadow Cyclone… Andrey Azarov!!!  Aaaaand his partner, Esther Azarov!!!

Andrey slowly moves down the rampway, drawing in the admiration, jealousy, and hate. Once down at ringside, he jogs up the ring steps. Esther walks over to the ring, holding onto his hand as she gets on the apron.  They meet for a kiss.  Esther then sits on the middle rope and Andrey enters.  He waves his arms around and roars, showing off his boxing gloves.  He settles into the corner as he removes his boxing gloves, and he and Esther talk over strategy.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Gena: Amy and Esther start things off. Esther runs right at Amy.  She goes for a Running High Knee. Amy blocks it, then hits a Headbutt knocking Esther down. Amy falls on her with an elbow drop, she goes for the cover!


Chad: Esther quickly kicks out. Amy gets off of Esther. She allows Esther to get to her feet. Amy moves in, Esther goes to grab the champion but she hits a quick jab to the ribs of Esther.

Gena: Amy grabs Esther and locks in a Bear Hug!

Chad: Esther tries to break the hold, but Amy just locks it in tighter. Andrey jumps on the top ropes, he jumps off flying to the duo, hitting Amy with a Missile Dropkick!

Gena: He knocks both women down to the mat, breaking up the Bear Hug. Esther quickly gets back up as Joshua gets in the ring. Andrey leaves the ring as the ref stops Joshua from getting in.

Chad: Amy gets up as Esther goes over to tag Andrey in the ring. Andrey jumps over the ropes to get in the ring. Amy runs at him, but he moves out the way. Amy turns around to face Andrey.

Gena: Amy tries to grab Andrey but he moves out the way. Amy tries again but he ducks to get behind her, pushing her to her corner.

Gena: Amy gets upset and turns around to knock Andrey, but Andrey ducks.  The referee refers her to her corner. She tags Joshua into the match as per the match rules.

Chad: Joshua walks to the middle of the ring. Andrey does the same… Andrey starts nailing Joshua with an open hand strike combo. Joshua takes every hit as they come too fast for him to block. Andrey goes for a Roundhouse Kick but misses.

Gena: Joshua throws an open hand strike of his own.  He now drops Andrey to the mat with one blow. Andrey does a Kip Up to get to his feet but falls back down as Joshua nails him with a perfectly timed Big Boot to the face! He goes for the cover!


Chad: Andrey kicks out as Joshua hits Andrey with an Elbow to his jaw before getting off of him. Joshua gets Andrey to his feet… Andrey starts hitting Joshua with open hand body shots!  One, two, three four five!

Gena: Joshua takes four shots before stumbling back, Andrey keeping nailing body shot after body shot as Joshua stumbles all the way to the corner. Andrey goes for an Uppercut, but Joshua manages to block it.

Chad: Joshua pushes Andrey away, Andrey goes about four steps but Andrey runs in and hits a Superman Punch then a punch to his chest and gut as Andrey gets to his feet. Joshua goes down to a seated position in the corner.

Gena: Andrey goes to his corner and tags in Esther. She gets in the ring and runs at Joshua, Joshua gets to his feet as she jumps up grabbing his head, She kicks off the turnbuckle for a Bulldog, Joshua powers out breaking the hold, he pushes her away.

Chad: Joshua immediately tags in Amy. Esther gets to her feet. Amy grabs her and sends her to the ropes. Esther bounces off, Amy grabs her and connects a Belly to Belly Suplex!

Chad:  Esther comes over and jumps onto Amy’s back.  She springs off and hits a Shooting Star Legdrop onto Amy, and the referee.  Poor Ryan…

Gena:  Esther then springs off of the ropes and hits a Moonsault to Joshua on the outside.  However, this takes it out of her, and she’s laid out.  Andrey is just getting up, and he tries to help Esther back to her feet.

Chad:  Amy sees this, and sees the referee out on the ground.  She slowly climbs up to the top rope! She waits as Andrey continues to help Esther back to her feet.  She then leaps off with a Crossbody that takes Andrey and Esther both down!


Gena:  Amy is feeling it a bit too.  She holds onto her ribs for a moment.  Her face is flushed, and she slowly uses the ring steps to pull herself up.  She picks Esther up and slides her inside of the ring.  The referee is starting to stir.

Chad:  Amy climbs up to the top once more, ever so slowly.  The referee blinks his eyes and he looks at Amy, just in time to see her sail over his head and for a Frog Splash, but Esther jumps up and knocks into the ropes.

Gena:  She trips Amy off of the ropes and goes for the cover!


Gena:  Yes!  Esther pounds and mat and screams loudly.  She shouts at the referee and sizes Amy up for the Salvation Slam (Glam Slam), but Amy drops her down with a Stunner instead.  She goes to pick Esther up, but Esther rolls her up, grabbing the tights while the ref doesn’t notice!


Chad:  Joshua rushes over to break it up, but Andrey spins him around, and... Nightmare (Kill Switch)!  But…


Ding! Ding! Ding!

Darlyn:  Here are your winners… Andrey and Esther Azarov!!!

Esther quickly rolls outside and pulls Andrey out as Amy tries to swing at Esther through the ropes.  Esther sticks her tongue out at her as she tries to prop Andrey up and the show goes off the air.