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Title: “Good friends, better opponents!”
Post by: Jessie Salco on August 02, 2021, 10:28:34 AM
They say that all good things come to end and that was what happened to Jessie’s unbeaten streak on Supercards at Summer XXXTreme IX where she lost the match to Christina Rose (now going by the name Chrystal Zdunich) leaving the veteran Bombshell with a lot to think about over the Supercard break and the week leading up to Climax Control 306, the first show in over a year to emanate from outside of Las Vegas.

Jessie wasted little time in making her voice heard, saying that, provided that she wasn’t in the Internet Title Match after the Bombshell Internet Title was vacated, she was issuing an open challenge of her own for Violent Conduct VII but before that could take, she had her match at Climax Control 307 to worry about as she was facing Roxi Johnson in singles competition! Whilst Jessie was good friends with Roxi and Keira, it wasn’t always that way with Jessie serving as Roxi’s first opponent back in the day, can Jessie get back on the winning track?

Backstage at Climax Control 306, Los Angeles, California
Sunday the 1st of August 2021, 18:00pm

God, it feels great to finally be out of Las Vegas!

Seriously, there’s only so much of the same fucking arenas that I can take before I start to lose it and if SCW hadn’t announced this west coast tour at Summer XXXTreme IX two weeks ago, I’d have probably gone down the same route as the Barnharts!

And the thought on that makes me shudder.

Still as I walked down the hallways of the Galen Centre, I had plenty of other things on my mind, including the actions of my former tag team partner Amy Santino hence why I was making my way to the medic room to check on a certain pair of Go Gym Graduates, especially after that brutal Main Event.

“I thought Gabriel and Odette prepared me for anything and everything after I graduated.” Krystal groaned as the medic checked her over after her successful title defence against Bella Madison and Mercedes Vargas. “But they couldn’t have prepared me for having salad tongs clamped onto my tits!”

“To be fair, I can’t think of a training school that CAN prepare you for that possibility.” Ariana responded with a chuckle before she spotted me, and her mood soured. “What are you doing here Jessie?!” Ariana demanded and Krystal looked up seeing me in the doorway.

“What? I’m not allowed to check up on my friends after they were attacked by GRIME?” I asked before glancing over at Krystal. “Or in her case, a brutal Roulette Title defence?”

“How do we know that you’re not with GRIME?!” Ariana demanded and it was my turn for my mood to turn sour. “Amy was your tag team partner in the Metal and Punk Connection for years!”

“And if you’ve followed the Metal and Punk Connection’s history, you’ll know that me and Amy have never seen eye to eye on everything! Even before we formed that team!” I pointed out as I folded my arms and Ariana paused. “I was just as surprised as everyone else when Amy was unmasked at Summer XXXTreme IX and revealed herself as GRIME’s co-founder, only reason I didn’t travel down to Daily City for yesterday’s SCU show was because I didn’t have time.”

“So, you’re not with GRIME?” Ariana asked and I nodded without hesitation. “Do you expect us to believe that?”

“Let me put it this way, if I was in GRIME alongside Amy, don’t you think that I would’ve unmasked myself alongside her when she, Orchid and Celeste North attacked Omasa?” I pointed out and Ariana paused before accepting defeat. “Me and Amy may have been part of a legendary Bombshell Tag Team, but the Metal and Punk Connection is dead and buried, and there’s no way in hell I’m reviving it after Amy co-founded GRIME.”

“Sorry, but the Amy attack has me on edge.” Ariana apologized before Krystal finally invited me to sit at her bedside and I did so. “Before Krystal left to defend her title, we were discussing how to get revenge on Amy.”

“I hope that plan developed past the “ambush her backstage” because you just know the other GRIME members are going to have her back.” I pointed out before a stage hand came in and handed me next week’s card followed by Krystal. “Amy is a lot of things and stupid isn’t one of them! I learned that through our battles over the years.”

“We tossed around a few ideas for dealing with any backup, yeah.” Krystal nodded as she shifted her weight. “We narrowed it down to one of three options, hit and run attack backstage, attack her after her tag team match or get backup, and right now? You’re looking like our best bet for backup.”

“It has been a hot minute since I was in SCU.” I admitted before finally reading the card. “Looks like Mark Ward took pity on you Krystal, you’re not in action next week.”

“Good, gives me a chance to rest up and add more days to my reign.” Krystal sighed as she glanced over at her title, then she saw the rest of the card. “Looks like they dropped all pretences and just booked a one on one Roulette Title Match between Caleb and Alex, and you’ve got Roxi.”

“Yeah, I saw, me and Roxi go back years.” I admitted as I leaned back in my chair. “I even served as her very first opponent in SCW back in the day.”

“That was what? Eight years ago? Give or take?” Ariana wondered as she ran a hand through her hair. “I would’ve been twelve at the time whilst Krystal would’ve been seventeen.”

“If you were looking to make me, feel old then congrats, mission accomplished.” I teased the two younger wrestlers who gave me uneasy grins in response. “I’ll worry about Roxi during the week, but we need a plan if we’re going to get revenge on Amy.”

“We’re all ears.” Krystal nodded before we started strategizing.

Sightseeing around San Francisco, California
Monday the 2nd of August 2021, 16:00pm

It has been far too long since I’ve had an opportunity to do this.

Granted the pandemic brought any travel plans SCW had to a screeching halt last year and up until last week I had been stuck in Las Vegas ever since so yeah, going outside of Sin City for the first time in forever was definitely a welcome site and I’m trying to make the most of it, including a site seeing tour of San Francisco.

Granted we couldn’t get on an official tour, so we did the next best thing, taking our rental car and driving around the city.

“Okay, we’re coming up to the Golden Gate Bridge soon.” Jake commented as he checked the sat-nav, the CD player was blasting out “Victims of Vile Torture” by Tombstoner as we drove around the city and as usual, I was in the backseat going through my phone. “Any new developments on Twitter Jessie?”

“If you’re asking if there’s been any card changes like last week, the answer’s no.” I responded as I shook my head before shifting me weight. “I think yesterday’s Main Event has just spurned Krystal on in her quest to defend the title against Bella Madison, she said on Twitter that all Bella has to do to get a title shot against her is ask.”

“If you ask me, it’s likely that Bella will end up being Krystal’s challenger at Violent Conduct VII.” Shane nodded in agreement as he looked outside the car. “And if it was anyone but Candy serving as interim co-owner whilst Christian relaxes at home, I’d say it was likely that they would insert themselves into that title match.”

“Candy is a lot of things, bubbly, energetic, Christian’s arch nemesis, but greedy isn’t one of them!” I nodded in agreement before I saw the Twitter conversation between Candy and Christian. “And from the looks of this Twitter convo, Christian might come back as an alcoholic!”

“Really?” Shane asked before I passed him my phone and he read through the Twitter convo. “I wouldn’t be surprised if Christian’s reaching for a strong beer as we speak!”

“I’ll have to look at that convo once we’re parked up.” Jake responded and a few moments later, he had found a place to park, and we got out to take a few pictures in front of the famous bridge, once Jake had a look at the convo he nodded in agreement. “I swear, Christian and Candy should film a sit-com!”

“Do you want to drive one of my bosses to insanity?” I asked jokingly once me and Shane had our pictures taken in front of the bridge. “So, what’s the plan next? We still have Alcatraz and Fisherman’s Wharf to check out.”

“Yeah, Alcatraz is our next stop, I’ll see if I can get us on a tour of that.” Jake nodded after checking our plan for the day. “We’ll be stopping at Fisherman’s Wharf for dinner, Krystal said that she’s taking Makayla on a date to Restaurant Gary Danko later in the week, so I guess she still has some money from her SCW pay check left over.”

“As an eight time SCW champion, I can confirm that yes, she would have plenty left over.” I nodded in response as we got into the car. “And if she’s taking Makayla there, I’d say it’s worth a stop.”

“Well, it does have a Michelin Star according to Trip Advisor.” Jake responded as he got in the driver’s seat, and I let out a low whistle when I heard that. “Krystal’s treating Makayla so much that you’d think they were married.”

“Based on the times I’ve seen them together? It’s a case of when, not if they get married.” I nodded in response as I made myself comfy. “Just a matter of when they pop the question and who will be the one to do it.”

“After the year Krystal’s had, I’d say she’s earned it.” Shane nodded in agreement before Jake drove off.

Alcatraz prison, San Francisco, California
Monday the 2nd of August 2021, 17:00pm

This would probably be prophetic if I was competing in a Cage Match this Sunday on Climax Control.

But still, when I learned that SCW was visiting San Francisco on it’s West Coast Tour I knew we had to visit the infamous prison just off the coast of San Francisco, California, and, well, here we are and true to Jake’s word, he managed to get is on a tour of the prison.

Not something I ever thought I’d be doing willingly I’ll admit! Even if said prison has been closed for decades by this point.

“So much history on one little island.” I commented to Shane as we walked alongside the rest of the group and Jake. “Yet all I can think off is that Belgian music festival that this prison shares a name with.”

“Jess, I think it’s safe to say that I lot more people would want to go to that music festival than go to this prison during its heyday!” Shane pointed out and I had to admit that he had a point there. “Besides that, what makes you say that? Thinking off doing a Summer of European Festivals once travel opens up?”

“Unless SCW announces a European Tour that happens to coincide with all those dates, that’s unlikely.” I responded as I shook my head and Shane nodded in agreement. “And with all the dates I’d miss? I’d be better off saving that for after I hang up the boots for good!”

“Is this about that exchange you had with Amber on Twitter?” Shane asked and my frown deepened when I realized what he was on about. “She did extend an invitation to you.”

“She did, and I’m still deciding if I want to take her up on that offer.” I responded as I shook my head before brushing some hair over my shoulder. “But I should have a definitive answer at Climax Control 307.”

“Six days to make your mind up huh?” Shane asked and I nodded. “Whilst working on your match against Roxi and helping Ari and Krystal out with Amy?”

“What can I say? I’m going to be a busy woman this week!” I responded with a grin before we continued along the hallways of the infamous prison.

Jessie’s hotel room, San Francisco, California
Monday the 2nd of August 2021, 21:00pm

*Promo time*

Back in the mix of things.

“I knew that undefeated streak couldn’t last forever! I was at least hoping that I’d make it to Violent Conduct VII and celebrate it’s one year anniversary! But anyone who watched Summer XXXTreme IX, and Climax Control 306 knows that that streak ended with Crystal Zdunich after a hell of a match! On one hand I’m glad that I ended said streak with a match like that and against a competitor like Crystal but on the other hand? I need to get back into the winner’s circle and this week at Climax Control 307 I have my opportunity to do just that as I go one on one with Roxi Johnson!”

This will be good.

“Roxi, pretty much everyone knows our history by this point, how I was your first ever opponent in an SCW ring and some might say that we are good friends, better opponents! But it hasn’t always been that way and we’ve definitely had our disagreements over the years, especially when it came to your wife Keira but there’s been one other consistent in all our battles over the years Roxi, I have never picked up the win over you, whether it was singles or tag team competition you always got the best of me!”

Not this time.

“That proved true at Climax Control 300 when Team Hero faced off against the Metal and Punk Connection for the last time and whilst at the time, I didn’t know how definite that was because I had no idea that Amy was the co-founder of GRIME, the result was the same but with one caveat, it was Amy that took the pin and not me, whether Amy gets involved in this match is another matter entirely but I’m out to achieve one thing in this match against you Roxi, and that’s break my losing streak against you.”

And I’ll do everything I can to do that.

“Thing is Roxi, our careers have similar trajectories if you look at them based on stats, we joined a year apart from each other, me in 2012 and you in the beginning of 2013 and we’ve both gone on to hold almost all the titles in SCW, in fact, aside from the Mixed Tag Titles, the only titles we haven’t held are the Roulette for you and the World Bombshell Title for me, is this me telling you to set your sights on Krystal? No, but it is me pointing out that we’re both one title away from the Grand Slam and soon? That might change for the both of us!”

But first.

“That said, before we can even think about that, we need to get past this match and I intend to do so by finally picking up the win over you in that ring, I know you’ll give me one hell of a match along the way Roxi but I’m heading into this match with one mindset: failure is NOT an option and I will fight tooth and nail to pick up the win over you in this match, but here’s the real question Roxi, can you keep up with me?”

The million dollar question.

“Sure, you kept up with me just fine when we were younger, and you were the new girl on the block but these days? We’re both older and watching a group of younger Bombshells come in and take over, some might see that as our incentive, to show the new girls how it’s done in the ring but me? They are the last thing on my mind because as I already said, my main focus is breaking my years long losing streak against you Roxi and I’m doing that this Sunday night!”

It’s that simple.

“Don’t get me wrong Roxi, I respect the hell out of you, and I know that the feeling is mutual between us but in this match, that respect is going out the window as soon as that bell rings and the match starts because friendship doesn’t count for much outside of a tag team match, does it Roxi? And this Sunday, with any thoughts of friendship and respect expelled from our minds, the only thing we should worry about is getting that all important win at Climax Control 307!”

And with that I decided to wrap things up.

“And at the end of the night, it’ll be me that picks up the win in the Kezar Pavilion right here, in San Francisco, California! Roxi, we may be good friends, but we definitely make for better opponents and this Sunday will be yet another example of that fact! The only thing that’ll differentiate this match from all the others we’ve had though? Is the fact that I’m going to be the one to pick up the win over you after I strike you liker Blood Lightning! See you on Sunday Roxi!”

I went to start listening to music as the scene fades.