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Title: ALL ABOARD! aka A Surprise From Miles
Post by: The Troll on July 11, 2021, 07:27:31 PM
"It's an outrage! A travesty! When one of the biggest events of 2021 is happening and THE biggest new Superstar in all of SCW is NOT booked!? What kind of perversion is this!? A sham! It makes a complete mockery out of the entire sport of professional wrestling! But if you think I'm going to just let this go and bow out gracefully, you're about as brain dead as the vast majority of unwashed plebeians out there! I'll have a match! Just you wait and see!"

Sun Princess Cruise

The sound of the multitude of crates, luggage and bags in the Troll's arms swung to and fro, slamming into the walls of the narrow corridor of the Sun Princess cruise. It might have just been his imagination, but the Troll could have sworn the deeper he went into the ship to find his luxury suite, the more narrow the halls got!

Is that even possible?

Qh! He looked up and saw a cruise employee walking down the corridor - in the opposite direction.

The Troll: Little help? ExCUSE me!? A little HELP!

Hm, they must not have heard him since they picked up speed and practically ran until they vanished around the corner. His eyes narrowed and he let go of the bags in his right hand...

The Troll: YOU just made the LIST!


The Troll:

The luggage he dropped landed squarely on his foot and he hopped up and down in pain, biting his bottom lip.

The Troll: What else could go wrong!?

He then found himself outside of a cabin door, and the number looked right. He let the remaining luggage sink to the floor and he fished out his ticket and gave it a once over. Yup! Cabin R350. TGhis is the one! Ahhh! A whole week of luxury, lounging about in his own luxurious sui-


He stared aghast at the so-called "suite" that was smaller than even the smallest hotel room! There was a bed, and a microscopic desk - but that was it! No mini bar! No bathroom and shower! There was barely even enough room to walk around the bed itself! His mouth was as wide as his eyes as he stared in disbelief!

The Troll: No - nonono! Nooo! This can't be right! It just CAN'T!

He must have spent ten minutes looking back and forth between the room number on the door and the one on the ticket. He struggled back upstairs to find a ship employee to find his real room, only to be told be no less than FOUR separate employees that this was indeed his cabin!

The Troll: Unbelievable! This won't stand! We'll just SEE about this!

After spending what seemed like forever getting all of his clothes and online equipment for his show into his room, he now barely had enough room left for himself! He practically slammed his laptop and speakers on the small desk, determined to get online to his peeps and voice his outrage...

The Troll: What else can go wrong!?

...There was a knock on his cabin door.

The Troll: Well it's ABOUT time!

He stomped up to the door and swung it open.

The Troll: I demand a refund and to be moved to the presidential suite - **GASP!**

And the Troll found himself staring right into the smiling face of Miles "Milo" Kasey! The Troll quickly tried to swing the door shut but Miles put up one hand against the door to prevent it, and even with his hefty weight and both hands, Miles EASILY kept the door from shutting.

Miles: Take it easy, big man! I'm not here to throw you overboard.

Miles glanced 'upward' as if in contemplation.

Miles: I think I'm about fourth in line for that.

The Troll: H-h-h-how did you find me!?

Miles: Oh that was easy. I just asked them where the smallest, worst room was and whelp! Here I am!

The Troll sneers but that charming smile never leaves Miles' face.

The Troll: Very funny! This is just a temporary situation, I assure you!

Miles plays along, nodding all serious-like.

The Troll: What do you want!?

Miles: Oh I just stopped by because I have a surprise for you.

The Troll: A surprise? For me? I don't want - no, wait! YOU GOT ME A MATCH!?

Miles: Even better!

The Troll: What could be better than...???

From down the hall...


The Troll's face falls and goes stark pale, which just makes Miles' smile spread even wider.

The Troll: .... No....

Miles: Yup! Say "hi" to Mom for me!

Miles waves idly goodbye and walks off down the hall, whistling casually and leaving a shell shocked Troll standing frozen in his doorway.