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Title: Underground Ep. 60 (Results)
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Sin City Underground

May 20th, 2020 Sin City Underground - Ep 60 Recorded in front of a live audience the Saxon Hotel staff and many of the SCW stars, SCU/SCW personal max seating of 120 people. While SCW is at the Staggs Gym this Sunday SCU will be staying at the Saxon Hotel. A ring is being set up in the Convention Center portion of the hotel. Since the lockdown ½ of the staff have been without work. The other half has been living at the hotel with SCU and SCW. They make sure everything is cleaned, all supplies and food are stacked up for everyone.  A thank you show for that hotel crew as they are beat and need to go home to their families. The other half that’s been staying at home will arrive Monday at 8am to take over the duties.

Due to the nature of this huge show. Matches will be done in a highlight format. Instead of play by play. The show will also have a different format. Those who were in Honor Wrestling would remember a show called Between The Ropes. It’s going to be a similar format to that show. Those not aware, the closest thing I can compare it too woud be WWF Prime Time Wrestling from the 80’s.

The camera pans to the inside of the Saxon Hotel, to a conference room with a projection screen sitting tall, with the SCU logo hanging from both sides of the screen.  In front of the screen is a panel table with Chad and Gena Schaal in it.  We go to another conference room with a table that has Liam Gagnon and Erik Staggs in front of an identical setup, with GRIME logos on each side of their screen.  “Crawling After You” by Bass Drum of Death plays over the speakers and the crowd of SCU, GRIME, SCW, and Saxon Hotel staff cheers as the SCU video plays over the screen.  As the crowd calms down some, the sirens blare and “American Landfill” by 3TEETH plays and the GRIME video plays.  After a moment of this, we settle in as the music fades out, and we go split screen to show both teams side by side.

Gena:  Hello and welcome to the special edition of SCU Underground Episode 60.  Hosting this event is everyone’s favorite lush, Gena Schaal…

Chad:  Chad Schaal here, and we’ve got fourteen, count em, fourteen big matches for you tonight between SCU…

Liam:  And GRIME Wrestling.  Representing GRIME, I am Liam Gagnon, joined by the cuntning, Erik Staggs.

Erik:  That would be moi, merci.  We will be discussing the action that took place earlier tonight as Climax Control went off the air, as well as hearing from the “stars” of SCU…

Gena:  And the trash wrestlers that make up GRIME.

Liam:  And who knows trash better than the Schaal’s?  Experts at our disposal.

Chad:  Don’t you dare talk about my wife like that when she’s here to see me not defending her!

Erik:  Happy wife, happy life.  Hey, why don’t we use this time, not to slap each other’s balls, but to dig into the meat of it all.  The wrestlers.

Tag Team Match
theFAME Vs Fox Brothers

The match began with Mason and Jason yipping at one another to figure out who was going to start. Taking advantage of this, Bentley nailed a suplex.  He continued hitting suplexes at will. After a tag to Donovan that led to Mason making a hot tag to Jason. The fresh men would trade clotheslines, Jason would get the upper hand but not last long as Bentley would interfere. Mason would try to help his brother out. The ref would start to lose control in the match but as he managed to get the illegal men out. Donovan would nail Jason with the Heavy Rayne (Argentine Cutter) and score the pinfall.

We come in to see Gena and Chad at the table with clips of the match playing behind them.  They turn to face us.

Gena:  The match had as quick a start as it did the ending, plenty of yipping, and hot, sexy men showing off.  The takeaway was the hot men, I think.

Chad:  I don’t know, Bentley worked Mason over with a Snap Suplex. He turned around to nail a German, then a Scoop, it just wasn’t hard for him.

Gena:  Bentley tagged out and Donovan and Jason went at it.  Jason got the upper hand, but thanks to some good, old fashioned asshole tactics, this match reached it’s inevitable end.

Chad:  It is on to business as usual for theFAME going forward, two wins in a row for them is certainly a good start to head toward the Hardcore Tag Team Championships.

Gena:  As much as I want to hate theFAME, I’m excited and sweating to see where they go next.

Chad:  I’m told that GRIME stars, The Jeckels, have something to say leading up to their match, so let’s take it on over.

The camera cuts to the doors of the hotel, as Ben Jordan charges through, dodging in and out staff, trying to keep his SCW World Heavyweight championship belt over his shoulder.

Ben: Coming through, pardon me.

Ben quickly moves through the doors and in to the hotel convention center, where there is a break between matches happening. With a quick look towards the curtain, Ben smiles and moves in that direction, flicking it to one side and moving behind it to see a sea of life.

Ben: Bloody knackered already.

Ben looks around as people move around, and calls out.

Ben: Anyone knows where they've set up the dressing rooms around here? I mean I don't mind getting me gut out randomly and all, but need to whack a stripped shirt on it today.

People continue to move about, not really taking any notice of Ben. Ben scratches his head and turns around, only to turn in to GRIME Wrestling's Abaddon. Ben looks at the masked man with a smile.

Ben: Hello mate. I don't suppose you can help me out here, could ya? I was at the SCW show earlier and just got here, need to change and stuff, but obviously have no clue where the dressing room is, where to pick up my shirt, all that malarkey.

Abaddon just stares at Ben, his eyes piercing through the mask, looking at the SCW World Heavyweight championship over Ben's shoulder.

Ben: And everyone else seems to think I'm invisible tonight. I didn't work up much of a sweat earlier, so I can't pen and ink if you know what I mean.

Abaddon looks up at Ben and tilts his head.

Abaddon: It's been a long time, Ben.

Abaddon walks past him, running his hands across the SCW World Heavyweight championship as Ben's tone changes to confusion.

Ben: Yeah... it has.

Marissa Henry approaches the confused looking Ben.

Marissa: Do you know who that is?

Ben's attention turns to Marissa, still a look of confusion on his face.

Ben: I don't have a clue, but he seems to know me. Anyway, something I can do for ya?

Marissa: You're refereeing the main event tonight, Mark Cross Vs Father Gerald. Last week you teamed with Mark Cross and defeated Father Gerald. Should Mark Cross win, one match at Into The Void IX, but two if Father Gerald wins. Does this sway your thoughts going in to this match.

Ben shakes his head at Marissa.

Ben: Not at all, I know people wanna see champion vs champion, I get that, but that isn't gonna change the fact that if I need to get in the ring and do two matches in one night, so be it. I'm good for it.Me and Crossy will happen regardless, the man earned his way to that spot, he won Blast From The Past. If Gerald pulls it off tonight, then just means more of Ben Jordan on the show, probably not a bad thing. I'm just going in to this match, calling it right down the middle and what will be will be. Doesn't matter if it's Mark Cross, or Father Gerald then Mark Cross. The goal ain't changed one little bit. The goal is to walk out of Into The Void IX with both this one.

Ben points to the belt on his shoulder.

Ben: And the SCU Underground championship. Now could you be a dear and point me to the locker room?

And with that, the camera fades.

Recorded earlier.

Inside one of the Jeckel Family Freakshow trailers, The Jeckels sit with Raisa.

Helena: Greetings citizens, we hope you are all feeling very miserable.

Jack: We have proven since our arrival in Sin City Wrestling we have no regard for the SCU swine, we have beaten them down and beaten them up, and They have been very happy.

Raisa: Upcoming at SCU and Grime wrestling, The Jeckels will once again prove why they are the most feared family to ever enter the confines of a professional wrestling ring, tonight three more will fall at their hands.

Helena tilts her head to the side and a sinister smile slowly develops on her face.

Helena: mirror, mirror on the wall who are the sickest ones of all.

Helena spits mist on the camera and it fades

Falls Count Anywhere
The Jeckels Vs Pakistan Green, Sadie Brown and Black

The match started in the ring, but when the bell rang, it quickly spilled to the outside. Pakistan Green and Black teamed up on Helena and Jake.  Sadie Brown fell to Jack when the fight spilled backstage.  GRIME took the fight to the locker room, but not before they wrecked the catering table.  They broke the shower stall, and then went out through the loading dock.  It wound up in the parking garage, and stayed there for a while until Jack Jeckel nailed the No Laughing Matter (Tombstone Piledriver) on top of Gianni’s Mercedes Benz.

Back inside of the GRIME conference room, the match highlights are playing on the screen.  Erik nods his head, seeming somewhat impressed, and he and Liam turn back to the camera.

Liam:  That match was not a blockbuster, but it was a blackblister.  Usual GRIME antics started things off, but it quickly went backstage.

Erik:  What does GRIME have against the catering table?  We will never know, other than Pakistan Green, of course.

Liam:  When things spilled into the locker room area, SCU’s of course, the shower was obliterated and the SCU men’s roster was left with only the showers in their rooms.

Erik:  They made it to the loading dock which could have caused enough damage on it’s own, until Pakistan Green was thrown out by both Jeckel Brothers.

Liam:  Who needs the stairs?  Everybody but Pakistan Green, who we did not see through the rest of the match.

Erik:  Helena and Black had it out with windshields, and that poor bastard who forgot to lock their car door.

Liam:  It reached it’s conclusion when Sadie Brown was able to knock Jake down with a broken stop sign, only to get tossed onto the top of Gianni Di Luca’s Mercedes Benz.

Erik:  It saw more wrecking from that No Laughing Matter than it did when Gianni decided to christen it with Veronica, but equally as nasty, I assure you.

Liam:  And if your kids are still awake, they are going to have nightmares with that image burned into their little heads, and you’re a bad parent because it’s fucking midnight.

What exactly is considered “backstage” when a wrestling show is being put on in a luxury hotel? Wherever that may be, wherever the superstars are told to get ready for their matches, that is where we currently find Alexis Staggs, current holder of the women’s Golden Briefcase, and challenger to the Underground Championship against Celeste North tonight. She’s all primed and ready to go, and the look on her face means business as she stretches and limbers up for her match. She’s all business, that is, until DJ comes running up to her.

DJ: Mommy!

Surprised, Alexis reaches down and scoops her and Tim’s two year old son into her arms. She gives him a quick hug and her mother soons appears after him.

Alexis: Hey kid, what are you doing here? You’re supposed to be up in our room...sleeping.

Alexis looks at her mother, who just shrugs.

Mrs. Edwards: He’s your son, Alexis. You know what he’s like. He refused to go to sleep and wanted to come down and see you.

Alexis: DJ...Quit giving Grandma a hard time. She had to go through a lot of trouble to get cleared to even enter this hotel.

DJ: Mommy fight Aunt Less?

Because DJ still couldn’t pronounce Celeste’s name, it came out only as Less. And Alexis laughs every time, but she nods to him.

Alexis: Yes, mommy has to fight Auntie Celeste tonight. But, we’re not really fighting. Not unless she pis...Makes me mad.

DJ: I punch Aunt Less for you! I punch haaard!

DJ giggles, as do Alexis and her mother.

Alexis: Yes, I’m well aware of that kiddo. You’ve punched both Daddy and I many times. And it’s not nice, remember!

Mrs. Edwards: Good thing I’ve never been on the receiving end of that. But I can tell you’re at least trying with him. Look at this...a day where both my girls are mother’s. Although I expected Riley to be the first and not you.

Alexis sets DJ down, but holds on to his hand. He immediately tries to run off, but Alexis has a good grip on his hand so it’s just a repeated tug as he tries to get away.

Alexis: Yeah, no sh...kidding. Before I met Tim I honestly wasn’t even remotely interested in having kids. Hell even when I got knocked up, I had mixed feelings. But I wouldn’t go back and change anything. Even though DJ is a complete handful, like he’s being right now…

Alexis looks down to DJ, giving him a stern look. He just smiles and laughs it off, having more fun testing her patience than anything.

Mrs. Edwards: I really am sorry to bring him down here like this. He just wouldn’t give up so I said we’d come down for only a few minutes. I thought Tim would be with you?

Alexis: He went to try and find Jamie.


DJ then begins calling out for his Uncle Jamie Staggs, and Alexis rolls her eyes, immediately regretting mentioning his name. He fights harder to get away from Alexis until she picks him up again.

Alexis: DJ! Stop! You can’t go see your Uncle Jamie! It’s BED TIME! Now Grandma is going to—

WHACK! Alexis is suddenly taken by surprise as DJ punches her right in the jaw! For a two year old, he packs a pretty powerful punch, but Alexis has had it.

Alexis: That’s it! Mom, c’mon. I’ll help you take him upstairs to our room. If he throws a fit and damages anything, I’ll just have to pay for the damn damages. You’re done, DJ!

Alexis lays DJ over her shoulder and holds on to him as best she can. He’s kicking and screaming as he wants to get away to find his father Tim and his Uncle Jamie Staggs. But Alexis is having none of it. Her mother follows behind her as they head up to Alexis’ and Tim’s room, to put DJ to bed.

Cameras catch up to Coby Quik in the backstage area preparing for his upcoming match with John Blade. From the waist down he looks dressed to compete, however he will have to lose the black Jet City hoodie and noise canceling headphones before heading out to the ring. He catches the crew coming out of the corner of his eye, and pulls off his headphones, hanging them around his neck as Marissa Henry approaches him and the cameraman lines up his shot.

Marissa: Coby Quik! We thought that we would try to find you this time before your friend hijacked another camera.

Coby’s face reddens slightly, embarrassed by how Kris had conducted himself during the last show.

Coby: Yeah… about that… I’m so--

Marissa shakes her head and lets Coby off the hook before he tries to take responsibility for his friend’s actions.

Marissa: You don’t have to apologize for him. Your reputation speaks for itself, as does his. Just next time, maybe try to tell him to leave it to the professionals.

Coby smiles, and gives her an understanding nod. Marissa does not allow the subject to derail the interview though and presses on.

Marissa: Well Coby, you were successful in your debut, but how do you feel stepping back into the ring tonight?

Coby pounces on any question that will get him away from having to linger on last week.

Coby: I am a lot more nervous than I was the first time around to be honest. I think last time I was just amped up to be getting back into the ring. The adrenaline was pumping, and I didn’t really have time to sit and overthink things until after the match was over and my hand was being raised.

Marissa: ...but the last two weeks have been more of a slowdown?

Coby: Not so much this week because I have had John Blade to be preparing for, but last week definitely dragged a little bit. That’s the stuff that you don’t really remember once you have had enough time away, but then I just got back to work. I learned a lot in that first match back. I worked out some of the kinks while I had the time.

Marissa: Speaking of John Blade, you tweeted earlier in the week that you never thought you two would cross paths. Why was that?

Coby’s eyes widen, showing that he is at least a little worried about how his night will go.

Coby: John Blade is just one of those guys that has seemingly always been around. He had already had success in several companies before I got started. He has been in the ring with just about every person that has come through this industry just by virtue of having been in so many companies. I know he had some bad run of luck chasing after that TV Championship, but there is a reason they call the guy Big Match John.

Marissa: Are you worried about going into a match on this big of a show, with Big Match John, while at a significant size disadvantage? He is a few inches taller, but also has a significant weight and reach advantage. How do you compensate for that?

It was a question that Coby had been asking dozens of times over the course of his career, so he was used to it.

Coby: That’s kind of how it goes. I usually find myself at a size disadvantage. That’s why debuting against a guy like Nagisa Yagata that was a little closer to my size and style was great for me. I got to get that first one out of the way before things got a little more challenging. Luckily, the way that I handle myself in the ring doesn’t change no matter who my opponent is. I learned a long time ago that no matter who I am in the ring with, I have to get them to fight my way, not theirs. That’s the only way to come away with a win.

Marissa: Well good luck with that tonight, we will all be watching!

Coby offers her another nod and smile before looking directly into the camera.

Coby: That’s what’s up!

Singles Match
Coby Quik Vs John Blade

John starts the match off, using his strength to his advantage. He went for a Springboard Stunner that Coby would counter into a Sleeperhold. Coby would try to lock it in tightly but John would end up powering out. Coby would spend most of the remainder of the match trying to use his submission skillset on John, but John’s power is too great, each time. John set Coby up for the The Blade Breaker (Backbreaker Pop-Up with a Neckbreaker Connection), but Coby slid out.  A rough escape distracts the ref so that Kris may find an opening to hit the Godspeed (Claymore Kick) on John.  Coby scores an immediate pinfall.

Chad:  I’m such a huge fan of John Blade.  I’ve got his picture above my bed.  It just reminds me what it means to be a man.

Gena:  I’m pretty sure it does more for you than that.  But John started the match off strong with a Clothesline, and a couple good jabs.

Chad:  It just didn’t stay in his favor.  Coby’s resilience shined through and he refused to get put down.  Coby was able to shove out of it and he damn near locked on a Sleeperhold.

Gena:  He went for that Sleeper, but John powered out.  Did he give up? No he did not. He kept trying.

Chad:  He went for the Bridging Fujiwara Armbar, but Blade is able to get out from under that.  Coby worked his way around John’s offense for the Death Star Pentagram Choke attempt.

Gena:  John is able to move out of this one, letting Coby see the full extent of his power.  Coby is able to nail the "ThatsWhatsUp" (Running Busaiku Knee Kick) for a close two count.

Chad:  That move was pivotal for Coby.  And while he wasn’t able to gain the full advantage, he slowed John down, and he did not give up.

Gena:  Had it not been for the interference of Coby’s buddy Kris, this might have gone on much longer, but I’d like to believe that Coby would have secured it eventually.

Chad:  But we have to wonder why Kris interfered.  Coby certainly was not amused by Kris’ actions.  I’m sure we’ll be hearing about that next week.

The broadcast cuts in to Cordelia Clark, who doesn’t appear to be in the greatest of moods. She was feeling great about herself following her victory over Andi Lynx a few weeks back, but tonight it’s back to business with her. Knowing her opponent doesn’t appear to make her happy. In fact, she looks more annoyed than anything as she begins to express her thoughts regarding Mother Mavis and the match at hand tonight.

Cordelia: You’re kidding me with this booking right? Mother Mavis? What in the bloody hell is a “Mother Mavis”? Look, I’m not asking that to discount my opponent or anything but that name though… really? Tonight, I am facing the total opposite of my last opponent. Andi Lynx is young, bubbly, sickeningly cute and has a whole bunch of energy. I beat her, and that’s great. But then you have this… “Mother Mavis”...

Cordelia has a pause, not exactly loving the name of her opponent, or her opponent for that matter.

Cordelia: This “Mother Mavis” is old, probably even twice as old as I am, probably doesn’t have half the energy that Andi Lynx did and sure, she may have an experience advantage over me, I am not going to discount that fact. I’m also not going to discount the fact that she was in the Blast from the Past tournament and actually didn’t perform too badly in that, but there’s a deep piece of me that’s absolutely disgusted that I have to face someone like her. How old is she? 45? I mean for god’s sake, my MOTHER is 45… okay… a few years older than that… but that’s my entire point right there. She’s a generation older than me, and yet… she may share similar ideals to me as far as my generation is concerned… I mean… she’s not someone that you’d see on the internet posting trash GIFs and wasting half the day trolling social media or anything like that.

Thank GOD for that… I mean really…

But one of the reasons why I’m here is so that I can show my generation… perhaps the WORST generation in human history… what they’re lacking. Beating someone like Mother Mavis won’t accomplish that. Sure, it’s a win and I’ll take a win against anyone, any time I can get one. Beating her proves that I have superiority over her generation too… but it’s my generation that I really want to establish that dominance against.

I bet she thinks so little of me too… because I’m so young and inexperienced… but youth in this instance is an advantage… so is intelligence. She’s falling right into that trap of overlooking me and seeing that I’m beneath her because she doesn’t value anyone other than herself… you know… nose up in the air, don’t give a shit attitude… I can respect that. But this isn’t about respecting my elders… no… tonight is further cementing that I’m one to watch here in SCU… and that I’m not going to let ANYONE in this company… no matter what generation they come from… be in my way of what I am setting out to achieve in SCU! So Mother Mavis… do the best that you can to school me… but sorry, grandmother… that’s not going to happen… I’ll make sure of it.

Cordelia leaves the studio at this point having said all that she’s needed to say about tonight’s opponent. Once she departs, the scene cuts out.

Chad: I’m being told we have to cut back stage for something…

The camera cuts and we here music…..

As the camera shot zooms out we see Eyesnsane with headphones.  The shot zooms out more and reveals he is standing behind a turntable and we see a grill next to him as well.  Eyesnsane can be seen wearing a t shirt that reads B**ches! Across the front.  Seeing the camera he turns something on the table and pulls the mounted microphone closer to himself.

Eyesnsane: SCUniverse, you are now in the mix, and officially grillin and chillin with Eyesnsane.

The shot expands more and we see four empty chairs behind a rope with a sign that reads VIP on it.  Eyesnsane lifts the lid to the grill as smoke rushes up into the air, we can also see some backstage workers nodding their heads to the music.  Eyesnsane turns some of what he has on the grill.  Just as Marissa Henry walks up to the table.

Marissa: Eyesnsane, is… is that a real grill?  What are you doing?

Eyesnsane: Marissa, this is a real grill being powered by high quality propane.  And I am grillin and chillin as a matter of fact we are going to be grillin and chillin all night long.  As you can see I’ll be joined by some special VIP guests as well.

Just then Tad Ezra walks up to them at a quick pace nearly bumping the table.  Marissa turns her microphone toward him.  But Eyesnsane speaks first.

Eyesnsane: Hey man, don’t bump the table.  Security don’t play about that.

Tad: Security?  Do you not know who the hell I am?

Eyesnsane: Hey man you can hang, but you can’t get into VIP.  You want a drink?  I’ll have some burgers up in a few minutes.

Tad: There’s so many codes being violated with what you’re doing. You can’t grill and DJ on the rooftop on a Sunday night.  You need to pack it up. I can arrange for some help so you can get it done even faster.

Eyesnsane: Ok, look in case you have not figured out how this is going to go, it’s done, I’m doing it and I’m not stopping just so you can flex.  So just chill, while we grill it’s going to be big fun, like last week when we took it to some Grime crayons.

Tad takes another step closer to the table and out from behind the tables comes a very short man with a clipboard wearing a t shirt that reads security across the front.  Just then Dax and Mickey show up.  They are greeted by the security guard and shown over to the VIP section where the guard pulls back the ropes allowing them to go to the empty chairs.  Moving between the turntable and grill we see Eyesnsane placing some items on a foam plate and then he hands the plate to the security guard who takes it to Tad.

Eyesnsane: Alright, see I’m, cool.  That plate is just for you don’t go sharing that.  You see Thaddeus, I along with being a great wrestler am one hell of a cook, you just try it.  Come on man, you had a beer with Gianni, so you can try some Eyesnsane cookin…

Michi walks into the scene.

Michi: You forgot to mention how this is sponsored by Jack Daniels. You still got the contract right or did I just hook them up with a free plug for no reason?

Eyesnsane: Nah, you right you right.

Michi looks at Tad and gives him a stare down.

Michi: You got any one of those GRIME people that need an ass beating? Masked or unmasked won’t matter to me.

Tad: I can arrange for that actually. Just give me a minute to...

Tad takes a bite of the burger and his eyes widen, before softening from the pure pleasure running across his tastebuds.

Tad:  Sweet bitch, that’s a good burger…

Eyesnsane: Be nice to my guest.

Michi: Then till your guest to wipe that stupid smirk off his face before I do it for him.

Eyesnsane nudges Tad.

Eyesnsane: Don’t, just, well, hell, want a drink? Like she said, sponsored by Jack Daniels.

The scene opens backstage at Underground where we see one half of the Pride Tag Team Champions Ariana Angelos walking down the hallway of the Saxon Hotel, she is going through her phone apparently checking her texts.

Ariana: Okay, there’s gotta be at least one recipe I can use on here, I mean I’ll have to cook something for Carter that he’ll like eventually!

Ariana mutters to herself not realizing that a familiar figure has walked up behind her, that is until the figure snatches the phone right out of her hands.

Ariana: Hey, what the hell………

Ariana spins around only to get sprayed in the eyes by Veronica Taylor using her perfume, Ariana clutches at her eyes in pain as Veronica pounds away at her.

Veronica: That was for last week bitch!

Veronica says before delivering a final kick to the prone Ariana and getting in position for a selfie above Ariana’s prone form.

Veronica: Here, something to remember me by.

Veronica manages to take a couple of selfies using Ariana’s phone before she is punches in the face by an offscreen female figure causing her to drop the phone, the camera pans up to show Australian Go Gym Graduate Krystal Wolfe glaring daggers at Veronica.

Krystal: Try that again and you’ll get more than just a punch!

Veronica: Why don’t you mind your own business uggo?!

Krystal: By attacking Ariana you’ve made it my business; now don’t you have an SCU vs. GRIME match to prepare for?

Veronica grows before storming off whilst Krystal checks on Ariana.

Singles Match
Cordelia Clark Vs Mother Mavis

Mavis came out strong in the beginning. She held the advantage for half of the match, shutting down any potential offense on the rookie. Mavis arrogantly carried the advantage until going to the top rope. Cordelia got the Diamond Cutter on Mavis.  Busaiku Knee kick from Clark started the end. Mavis fought it, but she succumbed to the Heartbreaker (Double Knee to chest of opponent). She slapped Mavis around after the bell until Virginia Mae came down to chase her off.

Gena:  Mavis is a strong competitor, and it showed early on here.  A Hairmare turned into a Sleeper almost ended things there, but a foot on the rope saved Cordelia.

Chad:  Cordelia tried her best to avoid any big moves from Mavis, but she received a Sidewalk Slam AND a Tilt-A-Whirl Slam.  Mavis got cocky and slapped Cordelia around after that.

Gena:  Slapping around Cordelia instead of going for the pin, Mavis stopped herself from a win.  She tried to go up top and that was her downfall.

Chad:  Cordelia kicked it into high gear to impress, and impress is what she did.  A Cutter from the top rope, saw a two count.  Mavis powered out of the pin.

Gena:  She tried to nail a Bicycle Kick, but Cordelia rolled out of the way.  Mavis then went for a Spinning Heel Kick, but Cordelia grabbed her leg and whipped her onto her back.

Chad:  It was when she tried to get up that Cordelia did the Heartbreaker and ended the match.  Not having forgotten about the slapping around part, she taunts Mavis.

Gena:  She gets a solid minute of it, smiling bigger and bigger until Ginny Mae came in for the save.  The two shared a staredown, but Cordelia stared from outside of the ring.

Chad:  Ginny went crazy, screaming like she’s liable to do for literally any reason whatsoever, and Cordelia stared at her like she was a crazy person. Because she is.

Gena:  I can see these two getting their hands on one another in the weeks to come.  But right now, we’re being joined by Team Canada!

Backstage the camera finds Team Canada, all wearing matching Team Canada shirts.


Gemma: Goodnight everyone, we are of Course Team Canada, and before we discuss tonight's match Gail is going to tell you all about the shirts we are wearing.

Gail: Thanks Gemma, in agreement with SCU ownership and management we have made these exclusive Team Canada Shirts available at tonight's merchandise stand and will be available to purchase on SCU official online store for just ten dollars, with one hundred percent of the proceeds going to support frontline workers.

Gemma: Now about tonight's match Team Canada vs Valentina, Shooter, and Andrew Borg, what about Dahlia.

Dahlia: Tonight, one team will earn a title match against Team Go at into the Void, Valentina, Shooter, one thing you should know about us is we are never without the tag team titles for very long, and we thrive in scenarios like tonights, but should it not go our way tonight we wish you luck at Into The Void.

Stewart: Shooter, tonight our paths are sure to cross, and we’ll give the fans a little preview of our Match at Into The Void.

Gemma: Well said.

Sarah: Tonight, we do what we do best, give the fans exciting matches, and to our opponents, tonight may the best team win.

Winter walks into the picture wearing an oversized Team Canada shirt.

Winter: But Kawaii Dragons ain’t booked!

Team Canada looks at Winter.

Winter: What? Oh this shirt? I never got one so I stole this one from Stewart’s collection. It’s a little big on me with his big muscles. Maybe I should get some fake boobs to help fill it in eh bud?

Winter loos at Stewart and laughs.

Winter: But for reals, good luck, go Team Canada!

Title: Underground Ep. 60 (Results)
Post by: Tad Ezra on May 25, 2020, 05:34:32 AM

Alex Rush can be seen at the top of the entrance ramp holding a bag in his hand.

Chad: What is this guy doing?

Gena: I don't know but he loves to party so woooooooooooooooo!

Alex reaches in to the back and drops something on the floor, the camera picking up on the item to be a jelly bean. He steps down the ramp and drops another one, and another, and another, all the way to the ring. A proud look crosses his face as he moves to the announce table, his eyebrow raises.

Alex: Jason! Belinda! Boy this lockdown is taking it's toll on you, cause you two look different. You've gone a bit pale there Belinda.... and you've grown a beard.

Chad: I'm not Belinda Simone, I have a dick.

Alex: Mate, in SCW and SCU, a lot of women do, but I'm not judging.

Gena: Why are you dropping jelly beans on the ramp?

Alex: Well it's like this right, I saw a tweet from that foxy redhead Sam Marlowe right? And she said like she couldn't find her way back to SCW because the breadcrumbs were gone, right? Now the other day, I heard Lucha Rhino and Robert-Edwin talking about these amazing breadcrumbs they found and had eaten and I thought uh oh, that could have been the breadcrumbs that Sam Marlowe had left, you still with me?

Chad: No.

Alex: Good. But they said they replaced them with jelly beans, but I was walking along right, and I saw these jelly beans and I was like oooooooooh! Jelly beans! So I started eating them. Then when I saw the tweet right, I replied with the boys did it and they left jelly beans right? Then I remembered, I was a jelly bean monster, so what if I had eaten them? Disaster right, cause Spicy Sam could be lost in the forest forever, so I thought I'd replace them.

Gena: Two things Alex, one, this is an SCU show, SCW are filming down the road at The Staggs Gym.

Alex looks confused.

Alex: That's gotta be a fib, cause they always film at the same places so less people have to work the camera and the lights and stuff.

Chad: Not this week. They're there filming right now, we're here filming, so you put the jelly beans towards the wrong ring.

Alex: Well damn. I'm gonna need a ton more jelly beans now to go from here, all the way down the road and to the other show.

Alex pokes a pouty lip out.

Alex: What's the second thing?

Gena points to the top of the ramp where Alex turns around to see Robert-Edwin and Lucha Rhino eating their way down the jelly beans.

Alex: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, THEY'RE FULL OF BOOZE! You've already had enough for the day!

Gena: Be right back!

Gena quickly moves around the table, making a beeline for the jelly beans for herself. Alex looks at Chad.

Alex: Ever seen a rhino have too many alcohol infused jelly beans, Belinda?

Chad shakes his head at Alex.

Alex: You don't wanna matey, carnage on toast!

Alex turns around and heads towards the rhinos as the camera cuts somewhere else.

Steel Pipe Match
Javi and Yellow vs Cadet Blue and Jerry Cann

Yellow sparred with Jerry Cann. He is able to get a Hurricanrana on Jerry.  Jerry was able to tag in Cadet Blue.  After a bit of offense, Cadet Blue was able to get a good shot in with the steel pipe on Yellow but couldn’t get the pin when Javi came in for the save.  He battered Cadet Blue with the pipe until Jerry took him to the outside.  Both legal men recover to exchange a few more blows.  Yellow tagged in Javi who would not let Cadet Blue tag out.  Instead, he hits the Javi Bux (Shoulderbutts to cornered opponent, followed by a Back Handspring, then a Spear).  Yellow is holds Jerry’s leg so he can’t break up the pin.

Erik:  I figured this match would have been a lot shorter, but it goes to show that GRIME is not just about using weapons, but thinking on your feet to avoid weapons.

Liam:  Jerry Cann and Yellow tried to outdo each other in the beginning, but it came across almost like a sword fight, with lead pipes.  It was when Yellow shed the pipe that he gained offense with the Hurricanrana.

Erik:  Unfortunately for Yellow, Jerry was able to take out to Cadet Blue.  Yellow showed a bit of dominance over Cadet Blue at first, scoring a near fall, and an impressive Frog Splash.

Liam:  But the lead pipe came back into play, and Yellow was knocked the fuck out.  However, Javi wasn’t going down like that, and he socked Cadet Blue.

Erik:  He made me proud, and I’ve known Javi for a very long time, even before his time in NLW, SCU, and GRIME.  He was one of my students.

Liam:  And yet he still wound up a World Champion.  A real underdog story.  He played Cadet Blue’s body up like a drum with that pipe, and had it not been for Jerry Cann, Cadet Blue might have been in the ICU right about now.

Erik:  Jerry stopped laughing at his partner long enough to help him by Clotheslining Javi to the outside, and going over the top with him.  Slug fest ensued.

Liam:  The action on the outside was hotter when the ring steps and barricade came into play.  But we are drawn back inside by Yellow and Cadet Blue returning to their feet.  Slug Fest part deux.

Erik:  It didn’t last long before Javi was tagged in and Javi took him out with his finisher, and Yellow stopped Jerry from breaking up the pin.  And Yellow gets his first victory in GRIME.

Liam:  And it only took four months.  Go Yellow!  A real barn burner this match was.  Now, we’re going on to see Chad and Gena again. Yay.

Cameras go back to Chad and Gena as they are joined by Dr. Gracie Staggs.

Gracie: Thank you, unfortunately, I’m here to announce some bad news. I have an update on the attack that took place last week to Stacy and Debbi Ruin.

Stacy received multiple bruises as well as a broken arm. She’s expected to miss the next few months. Expect a return before the end of the year…

As for Debbi Ruin, Debbi suffered a few things, the two that I’ll get into. Debbi’s 3rd and 4th Vertebrae wore broken, her 5th, c5 was cracked, her spinal cord heavily bruised… Her return date is unknown at this time.

The scene opens backstage at Underground where we see the Australian Go Gym Graduate Krystal Wolfe walking around the hallways of the Saxon Hotel.

Krystal: Okay, next YouTube video to go up will be the Endless Super Expert playthrough I did on Tuesday, followed by the next part of Mass Effect 2 and Fire Emblem Three Houses.

Casey: Hey Krystal.

Krystal looks up and sees the much taller and heavier head of SCU security and former wrestler Casey Williams walking up to her, Krystal frowns before pocketing her phone.

Krystal: If this is about the incident with Ari and Veronica last week, it’s like I said, I didn’t know what she had planned last week!

Casey: I believe you, don’t worry, but I do want to talk about last week.

Krystal raises an eyebrow before walking up to Casey.

Casey: I just wanted to say, that I was wrong to underestimate you going into your match against Andi Lynx last week and that you impressed me.

Krystal: Really?

Krys asks with a raised eyebrow and Casey nods.

Casey: Really, if I didn’t already know that you were a graduate of the Go Gym, I would’ve been able to guess.

Krystal: Thanks, though in hindsight I wish I had made Andi tap with the Long Rest, the ultimate irony of making a submission specialist tap out you know?

Casey: I understand, well good luck in your next match and against Veronica.

Krystal: Thanks.

Casey walks off as the scene fades.

The scene opens up to a beautiful shot of the Sin City Underground Television Championship as it comfortably rests atop a wooden production crate. The camera pans over slightly to the right to reveal Merlot Ayano.

Merlot Ayano: How doing?

She acknowledges things with a head nod. The champion is dressed in a Nike Epic Luxe sports bra and matching leggings, along with a pair of Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 37s.

Merlot Ayano: Gather round. Have story to tell.

A moment passes before she carries on.

Merlot Ayano: Back in 2017, Merlot worked for promotion called Proving Grounds Wrestling. Merlot moved to Vegas in 2015. And Proving Grounds? Was based in Vegas. Took much pride in being able to wrestle in front of friends, family, and people of community. Hai.

There’s another pause.

Merlot Ayano: Company had three major honors. Had Proving Grounds Championship, Valor Championship, and Destiny Championship.  

She nods.

Merlot Ayano: Everyone and mama want go after Proving Grounds Championship. Merlot was in same boat, at first. But unfortunately, was not able to. Hurt for a little bit. But, couldn’t dwell on it. Couldn’t wallow in sorrow. Had to pick self up. In midst of picking self up, Merlot win tournament. Merlot end up becoming first and only Valor Champion. Say first and only because Merlot hold Valor Championship for the remainder of Proving Grounds operations. Challenger after challenger stepped up to Merlot. Was able to fight them all and be victorious!

A moment passes.

Merlot Ayano: Because of Merlot’s Fighting Spirit, people began to ask questions. Most pressing question was whether Valor Championship was more prestigious than Proving Grounds Championship. What must understand is, Proving Grounds Championship was always shrouded with controversy. Cheating scandals, favoritism, shady referees. Proving Grounds Championship had all of that―

Her words trail off for a second.

Merlot Ayano: Valor Championship didn’t. Valor Championship was based on honor and respect. Had to shake hands before each bout. And, championship could change for disqualification and count-out. Those matches simply showed who was better warrior that night.

Merlot Ayano: Worked ass off to make Valor Championship something special. And before company close, is belt that many people were lining up to challenge for. Before company die, was just as important as Proving Grounds Championship.

Ms. Ayano is silent for a moment as she thinks about what she wants to say.

Merlot Ayano: Why Merlot bring all that up? Well, is because SCU Television Championship remind Merlot of those times.

She nods once more.

Merlot Ayano: Have said it many times before, and will continue to say it―SCU TV Championship is not consolation prize. Is not tricket. Is not a pass around item. No, no, no! Have poured blood, sweat, and tears into TV Championship. Merlot help create mighty legacy and lineage for belt. Now? TV Championship can proudly stand beside Combat and Underground Championship; has prestige to match or even tople.

Merlot Ayano: Merlot also bring up, because thinking time in Proving Grounds kind of mirror time in Sin City Underground…

There’s another pause.

Merlot Ayano: Despite matches, despite all the hard work, Merlot was never the Face of
Proving Grounds
. However, peers and fans always viewed Merlot as Heart & Soul of Proving Grounds. Think that is true in terms of Sin City as well, hai. People will never speak about Merlot like they speak about peers like Celeste or Ms. Lacroix. And is okay. When career is finished, think people will remember how hard Merlot worked. Will remember how much of self Merlot gave to SCU. Think will be known as Heart & Soul of SCU too.

Merlot Ayano: Would hope is why Merlot was chosen for SCU versus G.R.I.M.E. match tonight. Is many personalities on team. And honestly? Is difficult to trust everyone. However, will fight hard for SCU. Company means a lot to Merlot; means so much. And therefore, we go out there and protect, even if have to do it all by self.

Merlot nods her head one last time just before the camera begins to fade out.

6 Person Tag Team Match
Team Canada (Dahlia, Earl, Stewart) Vs. Valentina, Shooter, and Andrew Borg

Early offensive advantage came when Valentina used her speed to wind Dahlia.  She slipped with a Crossbody that Dahlia reversed into a Slam.  Shooter got a blind tag and forced Dahlia to tag in Earl.  Back and forth changes in offense made it a tough one to call.  Shooter’s LOHT caused a distraction that let Shooter go on an offensive run.  Earl fights back and Shooter tries to tag out but is forced to face the music.  He eventually got to Borg to tag in.  Borg and Earl went back and forth with fists, but LOHT interfered again and after more offense from Shooter, a hot tag was made to Stewart.  MMA was on full display until Stewart hits Paid In Full (Implant DDT) to get the win.

Chad:  The hottest match of the night so far was this one by a mile.  Valentina started off with a Baseball Slide and then a Leg Sweep.

Gena:  After a failed Moonsault, Valentina landed on her feet and hit a Split Legged Somersault, but only got a one count.

Chad:  She managed not to get hit by Dahlia for two solid minutes, but it just wasn’t enough.  A Crossbody turned into a heavy slam.

Gena:  Rocked the ring.  But it only got a two, barely.  Val tries to rebound, but Shooter doesn’t give her the chance.

Chad:  Shooter gets in the ring and resorts to name calling on Dahlia.  Between the verbal abuse and the arrogant swagger, Dahlia tries to clobber Shooter.

Gena:  But Shooter is too fast.  She tries again, but Shooter ducked and Dahlia chopped Earl across the chest, softening the blow after Shooter ducked.

Chad:  Shooter can’t quite get the same effect on Earl, and the two play a game of cat and mouse, only Shooter the mouse had some hard hitting rebuttals.

Gena:  Ultimately, a sucker punch gave Shooter a slight edge, mixed with a little foot grabbing from Ozzie and Ray Ray.

Chad:  This only worked for so long.  He tries to show off a bit of a boxing style for Stewart, but Earl’s experience in that area made it so that Shooter couldn’t simply rely on the element of surprise.

Gena:  Several hits later, Shooter was able to duck and dive for the tag to Borg.  Borg faired a bit better, matching Earl for a while.  Lords of H Town stepped in on Shooter’s behalf.

Chad:  More like played grab foot again, tripping Earl up so that Borg could really get in there.  Yes he can! He forced Earl to tag Stewart in.

Gena:  He and Stewart put on a combat classic, with elements of boxing, kickboxing, and mixed martial arts.  It had to come to an end eventually, and Stewart picked up the win when he made Borg pay it in full.

Chad:  This means that The Three Way will be moving to Into the Void to face off with Team GO for the Pride Tag Team Championships, while Shooter still has Stewart in his crosshairs.

Gena:  Speaking of Team GO, we’re expecting to hear from them at any moment now…

Backstage at the Saxon Hotel, the reigning Pride Tag Team Champions, Ariana Angelos and Helluva Bottom Carter, are spotted with Ariana looking worse-for-wear following her altercation earlier with Veronica Taylor. She is seated on a chair against the wall, and her bestie Carter is standing over her, looking concerned as he dabs at the welts delivered to her with a moist cloth.

HBCarter: My poor Ari. I still can't believe what that Botox Barbie did to you!

Carter then frowns and looks up as if in realization.

HBCarter: Well I can, but not to 'my' Ari!

Ari smiles, despite how sore she feels right now.

Ariana: I can't believe you call her that, why not something to fit the V in Veronica?

Carter pauses and thinks.

HBCarter: Vericose Vein Veronica? Vomit-Inducing Veronica? Vibrator Veronica?...

He shakes his head and looks at her.

HBCarter: No, I think Botox Barbie sounds better.

He then starts pressing an ice pack against her.

HBCarter: Fits too. Bitch has had more work done on her than Dolly Parton.

Ari tries not to laugh due to the pain she’s in but fails.

Ariana: I think most people would consider that an insult to Dolly Parton! At least Krys stopped Veronica before she could do worse.

HBCarter: I can’t think of anything worse than having cheap perfume sprayed into your eyes.

Ariana: True, anyway, it looks like we’re having a three way at Into the Void.

HBCarter: Oo! Just me, Brother David and a stick of butter!

Ariana: Huh? Oh! That’s not what I………

Marissa Henry then approaches the champions, mic in hand and ready to perform her duties.

Marissa: Excuse me, Carter? Ariana?

Carter turns around and smiles at the sight of the reporter, but for an altogether different reason than expected.

HBCarter: Has anyone ever told you that you look like the Evil Queen from that Once Upon A Time show?

And Marissa is caught without words, her mouth hanging open, but no words are coming out.

Ariana: I didn’t put him up to that, I swear!

But Carter waves a hand in her general direction....

HBCarter: Yes? No? Inquiring minds want to know.

Marissa: Well, no -- if I'm honest. Actually, I wanted to get your feedback on what we just saw in the ring.

HBCarter: What did we see? I've been a little preoccupied, in case you can't tell, taking care of my Ari after what Va-jay-jay Veronica did!

Carter frowns and looks to Ari and he again shakes his head.

HBCarter: Nope. Still prefer Botox Barbie.

Carter turns and raises an eyebrow.

HBCarter: I assume this is about what my Ari just said, that the Three Way won the match?

To which Marissa nods.

Marissa: Yes, have you any thoughts on facing them again for the titles?

HBCarter: Well I can't say that it's not strangely appropriate. I mean, they are the team we beat for the championships back at Blaze of Glory in April. They never got a return match so I'm not quite sure why they had to 'earn' this shot? A lot of people were surprised when we beat them, so my opinion? This defense is just going to be Ari's and my way of making people realize that win wasn't as big a shocker as people made it out to be.

Ariana: Exactly! Me and Carter may have been left off tonight’s card but we are looking forward to our first PPV as champions, as for whether or not Blowjob Barbie gets involved.

Carter nearly chokes on the air at Ariana’s nickname for Veronica.

Ariana: Yeah, Botox Barbie is better, anyway, it won’t matter because Fortune Favors the Bold and Team Go always goes the distance!

Marissa walks off as the scene fades.

Eyesnsane is nodding his head with headphones on as the music plays, while Michi, Dax, and Mickey are in the ViP section.  Michi is eating a plate that has ribs, a steak and burger on it and looks to be enjoying herself while Dax and Mickey are in front of their chairs having a drink as Michi is seated.

Eyesnsane: Ladies and gentleman welcome back to the greatest show within a show.   We are grilling and chillin with Eyesnsane.  We got Dangerous Dax, Magic Mickey and Mad Michi all in the house.  I’m spinnin, grilling and we are all chillin and of course having a sip on a variety of Jack Daniels from coolers to mash Jack has you covered.

Marissa: Was that just a commercial for a show within a show?

Eyesnsane: Not at all, that was me making sure that I give our sponsor a shout out.

Marissa: Why are you doing all of this?

Eyesnsane: Well it seems we are off, so why not unwind a bit.  Look at the current state of things here is SCU.  The SCU guys can’t trust each other and be a united front.  The Grime guys play united, but well I have a feeling they are all self serving and riding the wave.  All is not lost though, there is us.  Dax, Mickey, Michi and me we are as much a united front as we were when the masked ones came at us.

We are not afraid, we are not sheepish followers and we have each other's backs no matter what.  SCU should be pushing back more and Grime needs to know they can only push people so far before it goes too far.  Speaking of Grime.  I’ll give you a Grime exclusive.

Marissa: Wait a what?

Eyesnsane: A Grime exclusive.  Right here tonight, I will reveal the identity of one of the masked wrestlers.

Dax:  Oh shit, it’s about to get real on this rooftop, bruh.

Dax waves his drink around, getting a little messy with it, which causes Marissa to ignore his drunken foolishness to return to Eyesnsane.

Marissa: How are you going to do that?

Eyesnsane: Just like this…

Eyesnsane reaches for a glass on the table he is at and takes a drink and then clears his throat as he begins to speak again.

Eyesnsane: One of the masked Grime wrestlers is not even allowed to wear masks anymore as I remember things.  One of those masked wrestlers is none other than Matt Spears.

Marissa: Wait how do you know this?

Mickey tunes his ears up and leans over the ropes with his beer in his hand, leaning upon the post.

Mickey:  Feckin’ bollocks, mate.  Where the bloody ‘ell did ya pull that ‘un there from?

Dax:  You’re supposed to be the smart one, Mickey.  You don’t remember when we all threw that loser off the side of the cruiseliner a couple years ago? That same limp he had after the shark took his testicle, and he would up with scurvy?

Mickey gives Dax a curious look, a sideways glance, and then just shakes his head.

Mickey:  None uh that actually ‘appened, ye bloody gobshite.

Dax:  How do you know? Besides, this whole thing is like The Masked Singer for shitty wrestling, so you can call me Ken Jeong, motherfucker!

Mickey wants to say something, but he just can’t.  He pinches the bridge of his nose and turns away from Dax, and back to Eyesnsane, who is just watching the antics unfold, and he’s not mad about it.

Eyesnsane:  Last week, we saw Queen of Apathy, Sadie Spears, unmask.  We all know that since they found each other again, they are inseparable. He would follow her around like a damn puppy dog, and we all know he loves fighting in a mask, even though he lost that right to do so.

Mickey:  Blimey!  It makes sense!  That Matt Spears bloke ‘as gottuh be under one of ‘em masks.

Dax just nods his head and he and Mickey high five one another.

Eyesnsane:  Take that one to the bank.  And when he has the balls to take the mask off, I’ll be right here waiting.

Dax:  But, we all know how that turned out last time, right?

With a nod, Mickey and Dax return to speaking with Michi, and Eyes tends to the grill once again.

Dev: Hey everyone, it’s “Big D” Dev Khatri with you backstage, and standing a socially acceptable distance from Mark “The Dragon” Cross - Now Mark, how did you feel about Darcy’s social media comments about your appearances lately, or lack of?

The Dragon: Well didn't they skip Climax Control tonight? A little case of pot and kettle from the team that already took their first stab at my title and failed. Look - As you heard tonight at Climax Control, I've been plenty busy with preparations, and outside of my contractual obligations, it's completely my prerogative as to how I approach that.

Dev: Do you think they have a point though? You earn the biggest opportunity in your Sin City career so far and disappeared to the gym?

The Dragon: Biggest, but not the only opportunity, and you know what I did before? I pulled double duty with Underground. I played guitar, or bagpipes. I babysat someone's child. I brought a marching band through the corridors. I was absolutely true to myself in every sense of the word, spreading myself too thin. I don't mind hard work, in fact I thrive on it, but just once I am giving it the fullest of my full attention, the attention a chance to carry the top title in the top brand, and I won't apologise for that.

Dev: How about their comments about you failing as a champion?

The Dragon: Well in that case, I guess I'm just good at defending. Five months and counting, tick tock.

Dev: And Father Gerald tonight?

The Dragon: No disrespect, but there's Underground champion material, and there's guys that take their shots when there's none of them around. I see what Gerald says, how he'll take the belt, do me a favour, let me focus on Sin City Wrestling but no, he's not getting a gimme from me. If I didn't want the workload, I would relinquish the title, my terms, my time, but that time isn’t now. While Sin City is divided, for good reason, one or two could maybe blur the lines enough that they could stand at the zenith of all three at the same time. That could be me, that could be Ben, and we won’t have long to find out if it can be a reality, or if it’s just a pipedream.

Dev: Surely it’s in your advantage to lose, put Ben Jordan in the position you’ve been in a number of times before?

The Dragon: It’s in my advantage, but it’s not in my nature Big D. Like I said, a man all three brands could be proud of. Taking the easy route doesn’t tick that box now does it?

Dev: Very true. Well Dragon, thanks a lot for your time, and good luck out there!

The Dragon: Cheers.

The scene fades to black as we return to the action at ringside.

Singles Match
Halo Annis Vs Kelli Torres

Halo and Kelli went back and forth, keeping an even pace through most of the match.  Kelli caught Halo off guard with stiff kicks.  Halo tried to counter, but Kelli moved forward. Halo caught Kelli’s leg eventually and dumped her to the mat.  She did mount punches on Kelli until Kelli could kick her off.  Halo blocked kicks and landed punches. They continued to go back and forth in this manner until Halo landed a headbutt.  She gained an advantage that lasted for about two minutes until Halo countered.  They are interrupted by the bell, the match ending in a time limit draw.

Chad:  These two left it all on the line in this match.  It is not a new matchup, but it is one that was a crowd pleaser.  The hype these two women brought to the match is one that is padding the owner’s pockets.

Gena:  They weren’t about to take it easy on each other, and we wouldn’t expect them to.  Kelli gained an early advantage with the series of kicks. Halo tries to get past it, but to no avail.

Chad:  She caught the leg and this was the game changer.  She put Kelli on the mat and pummeled her into it.

Gena:  Kelli blocked some of it, but Halo’s determination drove her to gain the strength advantage.  Kelli escaped it, and was able to put Halo down with a number of kicks.

Chad: Halo moved back to the corner, but Kelli does not let up.  She throws kicks and punches, and while Halo tries her best to battle out.

Gena:  After a block, Halo was able to move out of the corner and went back on the defense. The match stayed even for like ten minutes.

Chad:  There were no pinfall attempts, because both ladies were looking for a more definitive way to end the match.  Halo nearly got it near the end, but Kelli got back to her feet by 7.

Gena:  Then Kelli got to her feet, and they started to go at one another until the bell ended it all.  No winners, except for the fans watching from home.

Chad:  And the hope that we’ll get to see another rematch very soon.  I’ve just been told that we’re going to the SCU Men’s locker room with Marissa.

Backstage, we see Jamie Staggs seated on a bench, doing arm curls.  He is having a hard time with them, grunting and arm shaking with each curl, as we can see from behind.  As the camera approaches, and Marissa Henry is seen with a microphone coming toward him, we also see that he does not have a set of weights in his hands, but a footlong submarine sandwich.  With each grunt we hear, it is him taking another bite from the sandwich.

Marissa:  I can come back in a little bit, if you’d like?

Jamie:  Ppppffffffffsssshhhhht mmmmwahhhh ngowwwww.

Marissa:  I’m sorry?

Jamie:  Ppppprrrrffffffshhhhhht mmmwyhhhhhhh nnngow.

Marissa:  Come again?

Jamie: Prrrrrrrrffffffffffct mmmwyyyyhhhhhhh nnnnnngggggowwwwwwww!

Marissa:  One more time?

Jamie:  Goggammmmmttt!  Mmmmrighggt ngggggowwwww iffffff prrrrrrrrrfffffct gime!

Marissa shakes her head, finding the humor in all of it as Jamie gets aggravated further with repeating himself.  Marissa hides a laugh and then Jamie curls up for the last bite of the sandwich.

Marissa:  That is impressive.  Most of that sub sandwich was in your mouth near the end there.

Jamie:  Skilll iffffsss.

Marissa:  Do you need a drink?  Can we make sure a doctor is ready for when you choke?

Jamie:  Gggghe fffpppfffffuggy paht iffffssss eing noft gu-uh shoke.  Iggggs noftuh firgs kime ah gig gifffppt.

Marissa pauses as Jamie clears some room in his mouth.  He finishes it off by pouring a bottle of water into his mouth, and subsequently all over his face and chest.

Jamie:  Ammmd, uhpsss *gulp* sorry, there was like half a pickle in there still. You know what I mean?

Marissa:  I don’t think there’s ever been a pickle in my mouth without me being aware of it.

Jamie:  No!  Not that!  Everything I was saying before.  Just don’t make me repeat myself or else you just might wind up on my list. And that’s not a good thing.  Just ask Jack Kraven.

Jamie looks to the camera with a dumbfounded look on his face before breaking temporarily into a wink. Marissa clears her throat to end the fourth walling.

Marissa:  I…

Jamie belches very loudly, cutting Marissa off, stunning her.

Jamie:  That’s a sign of a great pre-match workout sub going down smooth.  So as I was saying, I know I’m looked at usually as a bum, a nay-doer.  Never takes anything seriously.  But tonight I’m taking GRIME very serious, scro.  Hi… Hibbamu… Hibbamushimii ain’t easy. First SCU TV Champion.  One of the first to join GRIME.

Marissa:  Wow, I’m impressed that you took notes.

Jamie hands a piece of paper to Marissa.

Jamie:  Goddamnit!  I told Erik a cheat sheet wouldn’t work.  I’m terrible at getting caught during tests and stuff. Hibbumashimii is not gonna be easy to beat.  He has done lots of stuff that’s important, like the TV title thing.  That’s a lot more than any of the dudes on my team has done.  But we got current TV Champion, Merlot Ayano!  And… for some reason, former Underground Champion, Veronica Taylor!  She was a Mean Girl once.

Marissa:  All of that without your cheat sheet?

Jamie rubs the back of his head and laughs nervously, hiding the fact that he spit into his hand and rubbed off some sort of blue writing.  Marissa purses her lips and looks at Jamie with disappointment.


Just then, Tim Staggs comes walking into the picture.  Jamie gets right in his face and huffs in anger.

Jamie:  I failed the test!  I’m going back to driver’s school and I’ll never get asked to the prom by Billy Meyers!

Jamie covers his face and runs out of view of the camera.  This forces the camera to focus on Tim and Marissa.  Tim rubs the back of his head and chuckles a bit.

Tim:  Sorry about that.  My uncle just wanted to do it on his own.  He was doing pretty good too, until…

Marissa:  I’m not exactly sure what happened there.

Tim:  That’s common.  It’s why we usually don’t let him anywhere near a microphone.  Now, to piggyback off what Jamie started, Hitamashii is a tough opponent, no doubt.  And his team is so unpredictable that we could be facing anybody.  Now anyone who knows me, knows that I’m not one to kiss anyone’s ass, but I will give credit where it is due.

Tim shrugs his shoulders and returns his stare back between Marissa and the camera.

Tim:  Merlot Ayano has had an impressive run in SCU, as a TV Champion for what seems like a year now, but is more like three months roughly, and winning the Mayhem Survival.  I’ve been a part of a couple of those, and never won.  It’s not easy, and only three people can say they won.  Mercedes Vargas, Austin James Mercer, and our tag team partner, Merlot Ayano.

Tim stops speaking, and Marissa gives the pause an awkward extension by not saying anything, waiting for something more.  When it doesn’t come, Tim shrugs his shoulders, as if to say “What?”

Marissa:  You’ve forgotten, or perhaps purposely omitted Veronica Taylor from your praise?

Tim:  Don’t get me wrong.  Veronica has won SCW singles and tag gold.  She won the Underground Championship in her debut.  She brought a level of star power that is helping to keep SCU ahead in this war on GRIME.  But the level of talent?  She’s no Merlot Ayano, let’s just say that.  But, we have star power, we have unmatched talent, we have the brains, and the experience to carry us to victory, no matter how random this team might be.  Gianni did right by picking it, and we’re gonna prove it tonight.

Marissa nods her head.

Marissa:  Excellent way of putting it.  I would never have thought of it that way.  And if anything, your team certainly has the confidence going into this match.  We look forward to seeing you pull one through for SCU.

Tim:  We won’t disappoint.

Tim nods to Marissa and then heads toward the locker room to console Jamie and the camera fades elsewhere.

Title: Underground Ep. 60 (Results)
Post by: Tad Ezra on May 25, 2020, 05:44:59 AM

Kingingiseisha “Hitamashii” Shirasu is seen with his managers Johan Svennson and Giovanna Teixeira to discuss his upcoming match: Hitamashii, Cerulean Blue, Burnt Orange, and Maroon Vs Tim Staggs, Jamie Staggs, Merlot Ayano, and Veronica Taylor.

Hitamashii-I am looking forward to teaming up with Cerulean Blue, Burnt Orange and Maroon in our match against Tim Staggs, Jamie Staggs, Merlot Ayana and Veronica Taylor. This match is to showcase brand supremacy and I know that I haven’t teamed with these guys much, if at all, but I am confident in our abilities to be victorious over SCU and prove that GRIME is the better brand. There is nothing, I mean NOTHING, that I won’t do to secure GRIME’s victory in this match. GRIME will exploit the weaknesses of these SCU wrestlers and expose them as the pathetic wrestlers they are.

Hitamashii cackles and he, with his managers in tow, decides to go into the locker room to get ready for his match as the scene fades to black, only for the camera to unfade as the locker room door opens. Cerulean Blue kindly waves them in.

Cerulean Blue: Everything is set.

Maroon and Burnt Orange are seen on the other side of the locker room.

Cerulean Blue: We wait for you orders but me lonewlf and take advantages as see fit.

Hitamashii-Today, we work as a team. Let SCU be the lonewolves. Tonight, a lot is riding on this win. Teamwork is key… I’m serious Cerulean.

Cerulean Blue: You make plan, me listen but me lonewolf as me willing to change plan if needed for victory.  

Hitamashii- Maroon and Burnt Orange can be trusted. We just have to work together as a team, like we used to.

Scaffold Match
Celeste vs Indigo

“Celeste” gained the early advantage when she banged Indigo’s head into the beam supporting the scaffold.  She tried to throw Indigo off but Indigo reversed it and got “Celeste” in a Rear Naked Choke.  “Celeste” was able to escape, and she got back to catch her breath.  She got a kick to Indigo that nearly knocked her off.  Indigo ducked a clothesline that nearly eliminated “Celeste”. Celeste North came out and watched on, and “Celeste” used Le Coven Bomb on Indigo to taunt Celeste and eliminate Indigo.

The camera returns to the GRIME panel of Erik Staggs and Liam Gagnon.  They are joined by the unlikely guests of Celeste North and Jenifer LaCroix, Le Coven.

Erik:  Isn’t this interesting?  During the match, we saw Celeste…

Celeste:  With quotations, thank you very much.  It’s obviously not me, and I don’t take too kindly to that likeness being portrayed by you.

Liam:  We can’t help that your mother is a flowery “Sisters of the Moon” type that named you after a color.

Jenifer:  Surveillez votre langue de vache, imbicile.

Celeste:  Yeah, what she said.  Only, I’d have thrown in a few “fuck you’s” if it were me.

Erik:  We saw *air quotes* “Celeste” take it to Indigo with a series of hard punches and a kick.  She hits a Monkey Flip on Indigo. That move seems familiar.

Liam:  Almost as familiar as Le Coven Bomb that ended the match.

Jenifer:  Imposters.

Celeste:  There’s a big problem here, and I don’t mind coming into the Lion’s Den to air my frustrations.  Fuck the match that we just saw.  And fuck “Celeste”.  The whole thing was a middle finger to me, and it came at the wrong fucking time.

Jenifer:  Il est venu quand nous venons de voir un vieil ami à nous, Queen of Apathy enlever son masque pour révéler qu'elle fait partie de G.R.I.M.E. et nous sommes mécontents. (It came when we just saw an old friend of ours, Queen of Apathy take off her mask to reveal that she is part of G.R.I.M.E. and we are displeased.)

Erik and Liam just look at one another with smiles on their faces.

Celeste:  It’s not fucking funny.  We get this whole “hardcore trash heap sewer rat fight club” bullshit thing you’re trying to portray.  I can even almost respect it.  But instead of talking to the roster and explaining an edgier product, you invade our shows, shit on our hard work, and end careers. Look at what happened to the Ruin Sisters. Debbi and Stacy will forever have more balls than GRIME combined.

Erik:  They did put up a fight.  It wasn’t a good fight, as one would expect from their careers, spanning from Honor to SCU, but it was a fight.  There’s plenty more where that came from.

Jenifer: Retiens-moi, Celeste. Je suis sur le point de battre un cul ici. Retenez-moi. (Hold me back, Celeste. I'm about to beat some ass here. Hold me back.)

Celeste:  Only because there’s a dozen masked henchmen outside of this room right now, I’m going to hold you back. But I want to tear out their hearts and take a bite right about now. I just hope that your goons know better than to get involved in my match with Alexis later.

Liam:  What are the two of you going to do about it?

Celeste:  Two?  Oh, honey, you got it all wrong.  You will have the entire SCU locker room to deal with after what you did to Debbi and Stacy. Plus, two fed up members of Le Coven, and a recovered Alexis, who will no doubt be on a warpath.

Erik:  Just be careful. Alexis might think she’s better than GRIME, but she is a Staggs through and through.  That briefcase opens up a lot of possibilities, and none of them look good for you.  Friendship be damned.

Celeste reaches back and slugs Erik across the face.  He tries to no sell it, but the tear in the corner of his eye along with the busted lip let us know just how hard she got him.  Jenifer grins in wonderment until the doors fly open and several masked GRIME members rush inside.  They surround Le Coven, ready to attack until Erik holds a hand up.

Erik:  There’s a time and a place.  Hit her where it hurts, later tonight.  Let them go.

Unsure of how to react to that, Celeste and Jenifer slowly ease away from the table as GRIME parts ways for them to leave.  As they reach the door, they both stop as Queen of Apathy is standing there, facing them down.  Celeste’s lip curls into a snarl.

Celeste:  You bitch…

Apathy simply shrugs one shoulder and feigns disappointment.  Celeste balls her hands into fists, ready to fight, but Apathy just yawns.

Apathy: Don’t press your luck too much more. It’s bound to run out soon.

Jenifer knows it’s best to drag Celeste off right now.  As they leave, Apathy gives a half hearted wave goodbye.

Grime Vs SCU
Hitamashii, Cerulean Blue, Burnt Orange, and Maroon Vs Tim Staggs, Jamie Staggs, Merlot Ayano, and Veronica Taylor

Burnt Orange and Tim put on a submission style classic in the beginning, forcing Tim to tag in Jamie. Jamie gained the offense with a string of moves that brought Maroon into the match. Maroon and Jamie stayed even for minute until both men wind up on the mat.  Cerulean Blue and Merlot get tagged in. Veronica hits the blind tag immediately and she goes for Cerulean Blue, but it does not go in her direction.  She tries buying time on the outside, but Hitamashii, Burnt Orange, and Maroon force her back inside where she tags in Merlot.  Merlot and Cerulean Blue go back and forth with hard hitting moves until Veronica decides to then try to get back in the ring.  Hitmashii gets the tag and Veronica wants nothing to do with him.  Her partners refuse to tag her in until Veronica blindsides Merlot and drags her into the ring, a traditional GRIME Rules tag. She hits the Rodeo Drive Makeover (Facebuster) on Merlot and leaves, letting Hitamashii get the three count.

We see the split screen between both conference rooms.

Liam:  We did not prepare for an actual wrestling match, but that is what we were given by Burnt Orange and Tim Staggs.

Erik:  Tim is only held back by his marriage, or else he would be a proud GRIME member, and this match showed us why he would be welcomed with open arms.

Gena:  Tim and Burnt Orange went back and forth, countering Sleeperholds, a Sharpshooter, two attempts at an Ankle Lock, and we even saw a Cobra Clutch.

Chad:  Thanks to rope breaks being allowed, we got to see riveting chain wrestling with no holding back, as Tim escaped the Clutch, and tagged in Jamie.

Liam:  Jamie’s style is oddly what GRIME is looking for, and I think that is why he did so well with Burnt Orange.  He took a page out of Alex Rush’s book and he nailed a Battering Ram to Burnt Orange, right to the stomach.

Erik:  This forced Maroon to find a way in. Like Tim and Burnt Orange, Maroon and Jamie’s chemistry was great. A bit of back and forth, the dramatics were elevated until two worn out men hit a Clothesline on each other out of desperation.

Chad:  That’s when Cerulean Blue and Merlot got the tag.  Merlot was sizing up Cerulean Blue when Veronica smacked her across the back, and from the echo, it just had to hurt.

Gena:  Veronica got a few cheap shots in, an eye poke, a suckerpunch to the gut, and a Bell Clap, but it was no match for the violent chops, kicks, and artful punches from Cerulean Blue. Damn, I hate to have to compliment one of them.

Erik:  Really?  It came so easy to me in the first half of this match.  Those Staggs’ Boys are primo. Muah!

Liam:  No bias there.  Then, Veronica tried to escape the ring to do that running thing she loves to do, like a suburban housewife at 5:30am with her pomeranian at her side.

Gena:  Ha!  I might like this one.  Never mind, momentary lapse of judgment.  Burnt Orange, Maroon, and Hitamashii step up and corner Veronica, only allowing her to get back inside of the ring to face the music.

Chad:  Only she doesn’t, because she tagged Merlot in.  Merlot was able to match moves with Cerulean Blue thanks to their Joshi-esque styles. Punch, kick, block, DDT, Snap and German Suplexes, and lots and lots of knee strikes.

Liam:  And Hitamashii practically drooled over the contest between the ladies of his home country.  Ultimately Merlot gets the better of Cerulean Blue with a Straightjacket German Suplex, right into the corner.

Erik:  And Veronica could not leave well enough alone, and she tags herself back in.  While her and Merlot are arguing, Cerulean Blue tags in Hitamashii, and Merlot holds her hands up in frustration with Veronica.

Liam:  Just like anyone who has ever tried to carry on a conversation with Veronica Taylor.  It always ends that way. Or so I’ve noticed, like when she’s made me realize how empty my life truly is just because she wanted a microphone after her match. Bitch.

Gena:  Poor you.  Anyway, Veronica avoids any contact with an eager Hitamashii, and it turns into cat and mouse until Veronica tags Merlot back in.  A few words are exchanged, and Veronica didn’t seem to like it too much.

Chad:  And that’s when she caught Merlot from behind with the Rodeo Drive Makeover (Facebuster) that ultimately led to the end of the match when Hitamashii got the cover, because who the hell is going to say no to a free win?

Erik:  Jamie and Tim both tried to stop it, but the numbers game didn’t allow it and Veronica was satisfied with the outcome, even more so than GRIME.

Liam:  She is everything GRIME hates, but goddamnit can she make you want to kick a fucking puppy with the bat of an eyelash...

The cameras go backstage to see Henry Losak and both of The Monstimals members looking directly at the camera, looking as dangerous as they are, ready for a fight they'll about to embark. Lord Raab hasn't been seen much because of the lack of reason for him to be there. Henry, however, has been mostly doing the build-up for The Monstimals, primarily for Samuel, but at the same time, doing a bit of promoting for adding someone else into the frame of the match, well if Rory and Abaddon can get the job done. Henry, while Lord Raab pats the title on his shoulder, begins to speaks.

Henry Losak: "It's been nice having Samuel showing what he's capable of by himself without Lord Raab around him. It will be nicer if Samuel gets the chance to wrestle on the upcoming supershow as well as Lord Raab if possible. Samuel could do with more solo matches and having him in the supershow spotlight as Lord Raab would be great. Right now, we have ourselves being in a tag match which is the first time since GRIME Wrestling existed that The Monstimals are teaming up. I was getting concerned that the team of Lord Raab and Samuel McPherson of The Monstimals was forgotten. Still, thanks to Rory Rockefeller finally stepping up to Lord Raab's open challenge of wanting to face him for the GRIME Nightmare title after all this time, that time of Raab and Samuel teaming is here."

It has been quite some time the last time The Monstimals were in a tag team match as a team, but Henry was happy that Lord Raab's open challenge got accepted, well on top of his rivalry with Abaddon as well. Henry continues to speak.

Henry Losak: "Well, I say that now, but that might not happen if Rory and Abaddon can't work together and lose the match to a monster and an animal. At least Lord Raab will be defending the title, regardless whether it will be against Abaddon or with Rory added to it. As it's proven, The Monstimals are a dangerous force to be reckoned with both as solo wrestlers and especially as a tag team. You see, they are the only team on GRIME Wrestling that have held the SCU hardcore tag-team titles, showing their worth as a hardcore tag team they are. Of course, Lord Raab has advanced well away from that, being the fastest wrestler in SCU and GRIME Wrestling history to win the tag and the GRIME Nightmare title. That's the realisation these two have no idea what they are in for."

Although Abaddon only knew Lord Raab for being the GRIME Nightmare champion, it was still important to know history at times as both of them fiddle their fingers, bending them backwards before Henry speaks again.

Henry Losak: "You are in a whole world of trouble when you're facing these monster and animal machines of destruction, especially in a situation where there's no way out. The Monstimals will do what they are best and known for, hell in a cell match with thumbtacks and broken glasses all over the place. Yeah, as you may have seen, Lord Raab treasures each weapon he gets stuck in his skin with broken pieces of glasses he still has attached to him. He'll have no issues having thumbtacks pieced in his skin either because it's to remind the wars Lord Raab's been in with violent matches and of course the small piece of his mask chipped off from the battles with Abaddon. Show them, Raab."

Lord Raab comes to the camera, and the camera gets a close-up view of the broken glasses attached to his back, along with the chipped piece of his mask which would make anyone sick if they see the broken pieces of glass attached to a human being. Henry tells Raab to stand away as Samuel applauds in the back as Henry continues where he left off.

Henry Losak: "You may think you have the title shot, Rory which we thank for having the guts to step up, but you got to earn it, but you won't get along with Abaddon, you both will lose to Lord Raab and Samuel McPherson, and you can wish your title dreams goodbye. Because these monsters and animals were born to live in this environment and while we've always said Abaddon is the future of Hardcore wrestling, Rory is going to hold you back from reaching your full potential. Despite everything you've said about The Monstimals, they will still beat the holy shit out of you, until you are removed from the title scene. The Monstimals will leave nothing, but two blooded bodies of Rory and Abaddon laying in the ring and then once they used every weapon thrown at them, they will pin you sons of bitches for the there count. Prepare to be dominated by The Monstimals."

Samuel and Raab used their fists and punched into the camera before they tag along with Henry Losak to walk to their locker room for the cameras to switch back to ringside for the next match to take place on Sin City Underground show.

Tag Team Match
GRIME Hell In A Cell
Rory Rockefeller and Abaddon vs Samuel McPherson and Lord Raab

GRIME masked members helped disperse broken glass and thumbtacks around the ring before the cage was locked tight.  Rory and Abaddon worked together well at first, tossing Sam to the outside and nailing a DDT on him.  They focused on Raab from here, and as much as they tried, Raab just would not stay down.  Raab was able to send Rory off the top ropes and to the outside, leaving us with a one on one match.  The brutality picked up drastically and blood was shed from behind masks when Raab and Abaddon went at it once more. The match, however, was ended when a blinded Rory was hit with the Animal Kill (Vertabreaker) and pinned on the outside of the ring, and Abaddon was unable to break it up in time.

Erik:  Speaking of bloodbaths, this match delivered that.  The “crayon colors” as it was referred to by an old friend of mine, happily broke bottles and threw around thumbtacks like eager flower girls.

Liam:  The actual start of the match was even to start, but Rory and Abaddon were very quick to gain an advantage when Rory shanked Sam with a broken beer bottle.

Erik:  That is no exaggeration, either.  Abaddon was able to put Raab down for long enough to help Rory throw Sam to the outside.  Abaddon got in a few good hits on Sam, and then put him down with a DDT.

Liam:  Rory was fairing okay against Raab for a moment, but Abaddon returned to the ring to help keep Raab down.  Both men stomped him into oblivion, and even tried to dogpile pin Raab. But it just wasn’t good enough to keep the Monster down.

Erik:  Our GRIME World Nightmare Champion showed why he’s been so dominant since taking the strap off of Javier Gonzalez. He kicked out of every attempt, and with two referees, that was no easy feat.

Liam:  All angles covered, scrutinizing every detail.  Raab was finally able to nail a throat thrust to Abaddon.  Rory tried showing off in a ridiculous display from the top rope, but Raab caught him by the throat and threw him to the outside.

Erik:  Abaddon clobbered Raab, but it was just a little too late as the damage to Rory was done. The ring was used as a weapon multiple times as Raab removed one of the pads, and repeatedly smashed Abaddon into it head first.

Liam:  Abaddon wasn’t the only one who took some wild blows.  He shoved broken glass into the pads of one corner, and he sent Raab into it, and cut open Raab’s lips, and even his eye.

Erik:  Medical confirmed that it was just the eyelids of Raab.  And Raab turned it around of Abaddon and punished him with his own creation by Powerbombing him into the corner.

Liam:  The match could have gone on forever, but Rory got up on the outside, trying to wipe the blood out of his eyes.  He tries to find his way back to the ring, but he finds a rising Samuel McPherson instead.  The Animal Kill was delivered, and that was lights out for Rory and Abaddon.

Erik:  Now, I am being told that Tad Ezra has an important announcement concerning the title match at Into the Void, and he is joining us now.

Tad enters the room and takes a seat between Liam and Erik.

Tad:  Everyone who got to see the show live has been hounding me about a decision.  It was said that if Rory and Abaddon were to win, they would get a triple threat with Lord Raab at Into the Void. Clearly, that did not happen.

Liam:  But damn, did all four men put on one hell of a match.

Tad:  Exactly.  A match like that deserves to be seen in it’s entirety, by the entire world, on a much bigger stage than the SCW Network. So, Rory? Abaddon?  Your title aspirations live another two weeks.  You will both be going on to face Lord Raab for the title at Into the Void in two weeks from tonight.

Erik:  That is amazing news, but I can’t help but wonder what is in it for Samuel McPherson.

Tad:  Sam is not going to miss out on the rewards.  He, too, will go on to face Lord Raab for the GRIME World Nightmare Championship at Into the Void, being brought to you on the main show, no less.

Erik:  That is huge news for all three contenders. And the fans watching from home.  The highlights just don’t do this match justice, so I’m glad that we’re getting a second chance to see all four men going at it, but without teams and alliances.  Just every man for himself.

Tad:  And I promise in the coming weeks, I will figure out a match type to do these men justice.  Thank you for your time.

Backstage, post Hell In A Cell Abaddon admires the after effects of being locked in the cage. He unwinds his tape from his hands and wrists. He sits quietly in a corner of the Dungeon after learning of the announcement for Into The Void.

Abaddon: I want to say thank you. Thank you for making this right Erik. At Into The Void, I rip the Nightmare Championship from the grasp of The Monstimals and Raab once and for all.

Abaddon snickers to himself as he inspects his knuckles. He cracks each wrist, and then his neck. He pulls his hair back and ties it.

Abaddon: Tonight, regardless of the outcome of the contest this evening was magical. The more you make me bleed my own blood, the more it awakens the fires within. At Into The Void, The Destroyer turns the page on another chapter of this journey. Raab, the more you resist the more you will suffer. I am taking that championship Raab. There is nothing that you can do to stop the inevitable.

Abaddon pauses for a moment, bowing his head. When he lifts his head, and continues his words are calculating.

Abaddon: Sin City Underground... the end is near. The reign of Lord Raab is eradicated at Into The Void.

The World Nightmare championship title belt can be seen held up by a hand that has a half glove with the fingers cut out. Bright crimson nails curl around the gold faceplate as the camera pulls back to reveal Vixen Staggs with a sneer on her face as she looks from the belt to the camera, speaking as if the lens was the Angel of Filth.

Vixen: Are you ready Filth? Can you feel what I am feeling right now?

Vixen only smirks as she reveals her teeth in a snarl. The camera reveals more of the gear that Vixen is dressed in. Black leather frames her body while crimson tape supports her wrists and fingers.

Vixen: Tonight you are going to be stepping into the ring that will be surrounded by G.R.I.M.E. in a sad attempt to try and take this title away from me. And as much as you think you stand a chance of being the champion again, it is only a pipe dream Filth because you know that already once you lost to me there would be little or no chance of me letting you take this title away from me.

Vixen’s face gets serious for a moment as she pulls the belt closer, her hand draping it across her shoulder but maintaining a tight caress on it.

Vixen: You have no idea Filth about just what I am willing to do to retain this belt. You might have seen what I did to Black in the barbed wired steel cage. This time you and me are going to be surrounded by G.R.I.M.E. and I am sure you think that you are the face of G.R.I.M.E. because you were the champion. I have news for you…you are the past and I am the future of G.R.I.M.E. and the joke is on you, there will be no way that you will take MY TITLE.

Vixen uses her other hand to caress along the title belt that fills rests on her shoulder. A sick smile crosses her face as she moistens her lips and speaks again.

Vixen: Tonight I walk into that ring, where I will be beating the holy hell out of you and then I will step over your beaten down and broken body and I will move on to Into the Void Nine where I get to face Sister Esther in a match of her choice. That is going to be an interesting contest in itself Filth. I know when she decides in what kind of match she will TRY to take the title from me, that is when I will burst that little bubble and put Sister Esther in her place as well. See, I am the only one that will be winning…tonight and at Into the Void Nine.

Vixen: And before you even think of saying anything to contradict me, I want you to think long and hard about what I am capable of. I have been taught to kill as a member of the Canadian military. I have trained and fought against some of the greatest men and women in all of the companies that I have wrestled for. And finally, look at whose name I carry and the man that I go home to every night. I am the wife of Spike Staggs and if you think that is something that is a disadvantage…joke is on you. Who do you think taught me to be as violent as I am and trust me, I learned those lessons very well.

Vixen looks towards the ringside area where technicians can be seen watching the show, she smiles and then moves closer to the camera.

Vixen: I guess the time is getting closer to when you Filth are going to look at me across the ring and you are going to realize that tonight is not going to be your night. That I promise you.

Vixen looks down at the belt in front of her, a smile slowly cracking across her face.

Vixen: See you in the ring Filth. I’ll be the one standing over your bloody broken body holding up MY title.

Vixen slowly starts to walk away from the camera and towards the ringside area.

SCU Underground Match
Alexis Staggs Vs Celeste North

The match started out with a handshake between friends.  But it quickly turned competitive between the two former Nobodies.  Celeste gained an early offense with a DDT and a Piledriver.  But Alexis was able to turn it around and hit a string of moves that led to several near pinfalls.  About five minutes into the match, Alexis locked on the The A.G.E Of Alexis (Disarmer), and Celeste was unable to get to the ropes when Alexis rolled over to keep her away from the ropes.  Before Celeste can tap,  GRIME members enter the ring and attack Celeste, causing her to win by disqualification.  They beat her down with Queen of Apathy at the forefront, until Alexis pulled out the briefcase to cash in. But instead of cashing it in, GRIME attacks Alexis as well, Sister Esther using the briefcase on Alexis.

Chad:  “Meh here you little bitch!” That was the theme of the match, after the handshake.  Celeste and Alexis are old friends, and they have a certain respect, but they are both after the same thing.

Gena:  Celeste was dominant early on, nailing a Rotating DDT.  A cover was made, but it did not stick.  She used her signature brawling style to maintain the advantage for the most part.

Chad:  A Piledriver and a pin did not put Alexis down.  Celeste showed signs of frustration and it caused her to lose the advantage.  Alexis got a Short Armed Clothesline.

Gena:  She hit a Backbreaker, a Bulldog, a Standing Knee Drop, and a Punt Kick, but it is not enough to keep Celeste down.  She hits a Headbutt, but Celeste hits it back,

Chad:  They go back and forth twice, but Alexis is able to nail a Tilt-A-Whirl Piledriver.  It didn’t gain the pinfall, but The A.G.E. of Alexis (Disarmer) was applied, and it was enough for Alexis to pull off the victory.

Gena:  Except GRIME got involved, and with the big middle finger, they attacked Celeste, giving her the disqualification victory.  Alexis looked like she wanted to help, but the briefcase seemed to sparkle in her eye.

Chad:  There was a lot of hesitation as GRIME attacked Celeste North, and beat her down.  Queen of Apathy and Sister Esther.  Alexis sees the spot for her to cash in, and just as she is about to, Sister Esther pulls it away from her and clocks Alexis with it.

Gena:  Alexis got screwed over twice tonight, and the group focuses on Alexis now, until SCU comes out to chase GRIME off, but only momentarily, as the masked members and the elite are due out for the next match.

Darcy and O’Malley are seen sitting “backstage” as the show goes on. O’Malley is seated in a steel chair, and Darcy is seated in his lap. She has her arms wrapped around him, and the Golden Briefcase is on the floor next to them. Several feet in front of them is a television monitor they are using to watch the show as it goes on. O’Malley whispers something into Darcy’s ear and she laughs before bringing their lips together in a steamy kiss. As they continue to kiss, someone clears their throat off camera. Darcy lets out an annoyed growl before she turns to see who is interrupting them.

Darcy: Good Lord, is everyone so bothered by two people simply expressing their love for one another by kissing?! Ms. Henry, what exactly do you wish to talk about now?

The camera pans back and Marissa Henry is there, looking at them uncomfortably.

Marissa: It’s not that you were kissing, Darcy. It’s how you were kissing. That was rather steamy, don’t you think?

Darcy shakes her head and O’Malley squeezes her a little closer.

Darcy: That was tame compared to what we are capable of. Trust me. We’re not exhibitionists. We don’t like cameras being on us during our most private moments, but kissing is not one of those moments. Now, again, what do you want?

Marissa: Well, I’ve been tasked with interviewing both Golden Briefcase holders, and I’ve already spoken with Alexis Staggs. So here I am.

Darcy rolls her eyes at the mention of Alexis’ name.

Darcy: Ahh, of course. The lovely Mrs. Staggs. I’m sure that interview was simply charming.

Marissa: Well, it went better than interviews ever go with the two of you, so…

Darcy snarls. She moves legs and plants her feet on the floor, but O’Malley grips her waist, holding her in his lap.

Darcy: Then perhaps you should go on with the interview instead of wasting our time? I swear, this place employs worse reporters than SCW does.

Marissa: Speaking of SCW, earlier tonight you sent out quite the message to Mark Cross. I was wondering if you could speak about that a little further.

Darcy grins and she leans back in O’Malley’s lap. He wraps his arms around her midsection and she brings her hand up to caress his face.

Darcy: Was I not clear enough earlier? Mark Cross is a terrible champion, and an even worse challenger to the SCW World Heavyweight Championship and he knows it. He wants to make it seem that just because he’s lucked out in retaining that title of his, that it makes him look any better? No, I think not.

Marissa raises an eyebrow.

Marissa: And why not? I mean, he has a point.

Darcy and O’Malley continue to make Marissa more and more uncomfortable, and no doubt on purpose. Darcy grinds around in O’Malley’s lap, and he runs his hands up and down the sides of her body, but Darcy just stares at Marissa, grinning from ear to ear.

Darcy: Anyone can show up and defend a title week and week out. A true champion, however? Does more than just show up, walk out to the match and then leave. Let’s face it, the most activity we’ve seen from Mark Cross in recent months is when the Blast From The Past was going on in SCW and he was chasing after his own partner, who happens to be married to the man he is now set to go up against. He was so focused on chasing something he would never have, that he completely neglected his obligations for Underground.

Marissa: Can you two...stop? I mean, I’m sure your suite has a television for you to watch the show. It seems you need a little more privacy.

Darcy laughs, but she and O’Malley refuse to stop their increasing steamy PDA.

Darcy: Our clothes are still on, Ms. Henry. It’s not that big a deal. Continue with your interview.

Clearly growing more and more uncomfortable, Marissa does her best to continue her questions.

Marissa: Are you...implying...that Mark Cross is Evie Jordan?

Darcy smiles and nods. She leans forward and continues to grind in O’Malley’s lap and even he stares at Marissa, fully enjoying their inappropriate behavior.

Darcy: Not just Evie, but any woman who will speak to him. The only time we see much of anything from Mark Cross, is when he’s interacting with women. Don’t believe me? Just pay a little closer attention. And if I were Ben Jordan, I wouldn’t be so respectful to a man who was trying to bed his wife and steal his title with absolutely no work.

O’Malley wraps his arms around Darcy tightly and leans in, kissing her neck. Marissa has finally had enough and holds her hands up, backing away.

Marissa: Alright. That’s it. I’ll leave you two alone now. Enjoy the rest of the show…

Marissa turns around and quickly disappears. Darcy laughs loudly, but O’Malley continues kissing her. She reaches back and smacks his shoulder.

Darcy: Alright, that’s enough for now. O’Malley, stop…

O’Malley then whispers something in her ear again. She grins wickedly and chuckles.

Darcy: Later, my love. We need to pay attention to the rest of the show. That was just to get her to leave.

He whispers again and her eyes go wide before he stands up quickly, hoisting her over his shoulder.

Darcy: O’Malley! The main event is in a little while! We’ll never be…

And with a smack of her behind, she goes silent as he carries her away, to a different area of the hotel and the scene fades away.

LumberGRIME Match.
GRIME Nightmare Championship
Angel of Filth Vs Vixen Staggs

The match starts off very bare knuckle brawl style.  Vixen and Filth kept it Even Steven until the halfway point where Filth was able to gain the slightest advantage and exploit it to put Vixen down for a two count.  Vixen fell victim to the Defibrillator (Coup de Gras).  She felt the pain, but was able to fight through it enough to dump Filth to the outside.  The group was reluctant until Filth demanded she be treated like everybody else. That was her downfall, as the GRIME members battered her with locks and chains, busting her wide open, and feeding her back to Vixen.  The Joke’s on You (Sonia Deville’s Hellavator) ends the match with the three count.

Erik:  Vixen’s words, prior to, stoked a fire and set the tone for this match.  The lack of rules led to closed fists, and metal studs, meeting each other’s faces.  In other words, they fucked each other up.

Liam:  Vixen told Filth that she was usurping her and that did not go well with Filth.  It led to a lot of brawling, something we’re not used to seeing from Vixen.  But it must be something in the water, because everybody has been brawling tonight.

Erik:  Three minutes of back and forth led to Filth getting a surprise Uppercut to Vixen.  She was able to rush Vixen into the corner where Abaddon and Raab bloodied each other up earlier in the night.

Liam:  As was evident by the tear of Vixen’s shirt, they didn’t get all of the glass out of those pads.  Vixen was tossed around by a pissed off Filth, and she might very well have learned that you don’t fuck with “The Boss”.

Erik:  I believe so heavily in Vixen, and I have since before she joined our family.  But she said the wrong thing, and it led to three minutes in Hell.  A Lionsault, followed by Defibrillator (Coup de Gras) led to a two and a half count.

Liam:  Filth was likely looking to end it with the Defiler (Sitout Powerbomb), but before she could set it up, Vixen dumped Filth to the outside to catch her breath.

Erik:  Fortunately for her, Filth wanted to show that she truly is “The Boss” around GRIME, and the members surrounding refused to strike her with their chains and padlocks.  Filth got them riled up and made them hate their lives.

Liam:  Like Veronica Taylor demanding a microphone after her match instead of just saying “please”?  Continuity for the win.  Filth told them to hit her, and the mixed signals she was sending were quickly cleared up when she demonstrated for us and GRIME.

Erik:  She took Queen of Apathy’s chain and padlock and clocked her with it, right in the face, leaving a gash.  She said a few things about their mothers, and as they say across the pond, “And Bob’s your uncle”.

Liam:  In America speak, that means shit got real and they mobbed Angel of Filth, giving her what she asked for.  They made her face look like a broken jar of pizza sauce and rolled her back inside.

Erik:  And if that was not enough for Filth, Vixen polished her off with theJoke’s on You (Sonia Deville’s Hellavator) for the unnecessary one, two, three.

Liam: And Vixen happily celebrates her first match since unmasking where she did not get busted open or scratched, scraped, or generally kabobed.  What they didn’t tell you, but we can gladly show you here…

The screen freezes on an image of Spike Staggs, sitting in the corner, looking both angry and disappointed at the same time.  They hold it there long enough for us to get a good, long, hard look at him, and their chuckles only add insult to injury, until they start actually insulting him.

Liam:  Spike Staggs was saddened to see that his wife has not lost her edge, even though he has, since living vicariously through his son.  Rumor has it, the guy in the corner who brings me extra towels to help manage the cabbage balls I get from the Las Vegas desert, in fact, did call the Wahhhhmbulance for Spike. He is being treated for acute man with bleeding vagina disorder.

Erik:  Gross. But also not wrong.

SCU Underground Championship match
Special Guest referee SCW Champion Ben Jordan
Father Gerald Vs Mark Cross

Gerald quickly answered a smart comment from Mark Cross with a shot from The Good Book across the face.  Ben took the book and placed it in the corner and Gerald did not care for that. Cross was able to mount an offense due to the distraction Ben was causing for Gerald. A knee to the face of Gerald busted his nose open. This infuriated him and he showed off his powerhouse style with a Samoan Drop that changed the course of the match. A string of powerful moves to Cross saw several near falls, but a rope break call from Ben made Gerald mad. Each kick out and rope break elevated Gerald’s rage until he got in Ben’s face. Words were exchanged, and Cross took advantage with a roll up, and a fast count from Ben rounded out the last match of the night.

Gena:  Gerald saw an opportunity to preach to Mark Cross and Ben Jordan.  Neither man seemed super receptive to the idea of bending the word of God to belittle them and their life choices.

Chad:  Huh. Imagine that.  Cross said something, I don’t know what, but it led Gerald to smack him across the face with the Good Book, sending slobber flying.

Gena:  Ben could have disqualified Gerald then and there, but he took the book away and eliminated it from the match.  Cross took advantage of the distraction, and he was able to mount and offense.

Chad:  A few good strikes, and a few attempted Suplexes countered, led to a knee strike that busted Gerald’s nose open. Ben could have stopped this here, but Gerald demanded to continue, and Ben tried to be the good guy.

Gena:  Gerald did turn it around and made the most of it for a while there.  He nailed a Powerslam that earned him a 2 count. A Samoan Drop for another 2 count.

Chad:  He got a Pumphandle Slam that nearly got him the win, but Cross got a rope break. Gerald’s frustration mounted and he stared daggers through Ben, who insisted he did his job.

Gena:  Gerald nailed a Bicycle Kick, and followed it up with a Powerbomb.  He doesn’t even try to go for the pin as he works over the champion. He mouths off to Ben, who lets it go in one ear and out the other.

Chad:  Gerald made mention of the match they’re going to have, and how he’s going to make Ben pay for his slights against a “man of God”.

Gena:  Ben continued to stay impartial as Gerald hit a Triple German Suplex and bridged it into a pin. He got a two and 7/8ths, but Cross kicked out.

Chad:  Gerald lost his shit at that point.  He read Ben the riot act, calling him out on his work ethic, calling him lazy and not wanting to fight two matches.

Gena:  But that’s not it.  He told him that he needs to count faster.  He and Ben got nose to nose, ready to have their “title match” then and there, but Cross rolled Gerald up and Ben did a fast count for the three count.

Chad:  Cross left with his title, and wasted no time in exiting the ringside area, while Gerald and Ben have a heated staredown.  Ben gave Gerald what he wanted, but it only served to bite him in the ass and cost him the title.

Gena:  But Ben tried to give Gerald the benefit of the doubt, and gave him ample opportunity, but Gerald’s arrogance is exactly what cost him the match, not Ben.  The Good Shepherds escort Gerald away as he blows off steam, leaving Ben in the ring, ending the show.

Chad:  That leaves us to look forward to next week, where I’m being told we’ll have a special night of tag team wrestling.  Every match will be tag team matches, and the Pride Tag Team Championships will be defended.

Gena:  And the Main Event of the show will see Alex Rush and Lucha Rhino defending the Hardcore Tag Team Championships against the Kawaii Dragons in a Streetfight, with the stipulation that the Kawaii Dragons cannot go for the Hardcore Tag Team Championships should they lose.

Chad:  Amazing tag action next week for the go-home show leading to Into the Void IX, so join us next week, same time, same place, same WGN and SCW Networks.