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> SCU Underground Ep. 43, 12-5-2019
Tad Ezra
Posted: November 30, 2019 12:51 am

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Recorded in front of a live audience at the Orleans Arena on Thursday, December 5th, 2019, airing at 11:59pm PST
Note: All segments are due by Tuesday, December 3rd, 2019 at 11:59pm PST. Everyone is encouraged to do a segment, as this is our go home show before December 2 Dismember, due to the Underground account.

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user posted image & user posted image

Flaming Tables Match - Hardcore Tag Team Championships
Eyessnane & Mickey Carroll [b]Vs
The Monstimals (Lord Raab & Samuel McPherson)[/b]

When the topic of who to put in contention for the Hardcore Tag Team Championships, a team who has not yet faced The Monstimals, there was a clear cut decision. The former, long time reigning Hardcore Tag Team Champions from where the belts originated in Honor Wrestling. Mickey and Eyes were very dominant in their reign, but are they up to the challenge of defeating the monstrous Lord Raab and Samuel McPherson? The men who have had quite the dominant reign themselves?

user posted image Vs user posted image

SCU Exclusive Match - Non-Title Match
Kingingiseisha “Hitamashii” Shirasu Vs Abaddon

user posted image & user posted image
user posted image & user posted image

Tag Team Match
Merlot Ayano & Dahlia Rotten Vs The Good Shepherds (Mother Mavis & Sister Esther)

On Episode 42, Merlot Ayano earned the Number One Contendership to the SCU Television Championship in three weeks on Ep. 44… against her partner this week, Dahlia Rotten. The Good Shepherds are no easy feat, whether there’s two or four of them around. They aren’t afraid to fight dirty. Dahlia has made it clear that she respects Merlot, but is she confident enough to team with her next opponent? It will take a purely cohesive unit to take down The Good Shepherds.

user posted image Vs user posted image

SCU Exclusive Match
Angel of Filth Vs Debbi Ruin

user posted image Vs user posted image Vs user posted image

Fatal Four Way
Denise Andrews Vs Torielle Jackson Vs Stacy Ruin

Stacy Ruin participated in the battle royal on Ep. 42, but did not come away the winner as she had hoped. She wants to prove that she is not just a tag team specialist, but a lethal ring warrior. However, Denise Andrews is a vicious, ruthless fighter who will stop at nothing to get the victory. On top of that, we have a determined Torielle Jackson, former Azz n’ Class member, who is gearing up to face her former tag team partner at December 2 Dismember. Whose determination will prove to be the greater of the three?

user posted image & user posted image
user posted image & user posted image

[u]Main Event
Double Down Tag Team Championship Match
Halo Williams & Kelli Torres Vs Fire Dragons (Valentina & Mark “The Dragon” Cross)

Halo Williams and Kelli Torres have proven lately to be a cohesive unit. They are sticking together through thick and thin. It has landed them in jail, but it also landed them both in the top three on Ep. 42 in the 9 woman battle royal, unfortunately getting eliminated due to Merlot Ayano’s quick thinking. However, their teamwork has proven enough to the powers that be, to where they’ve given them a chance to face the Fire Dragons. Valentina and Mark Cross are looking to continue to prove that they are fighting champions, and what better way than to defeat two former Underground Champions? A match this good deserves a Main Event slot.

This and oh so much more as Sin City presents… Underground Ep. 43!
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