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> SCU Underground card EP 37
Donna Beauchamp
Posted: October 05, 2019 04:06 am

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SCU Underground Ep. 37

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Sin City Underground, in conjunction with Sin City Wrestling present to you…
Underground, Ep. 37 filmed in front of a live audience in the Thomas Mack Center, airing on Thursday, October 10th, 2019 at 11:59pm PST
Note: Segments are welcomed from everyone in SCU and SCW. ALL segments are due no later than Tuesday, October 8th, 2019 at 11:59pm PST to the Underground account.

The show opens up with Tad announcing who will take on Veronica Taylor in the Beat the Clock challenge.

Jerry Cann takes on TV Champion Hitamashii in tonight’s main event. We hope to hear from Jerry Cann and Kandy Kaine about the main event match and the future of the Killer Kandies.

No Disqualifications Match - Contendership to Hardcore Tag Team Championships
The Good Shepherds vs Brittany & Todd Williams

We saw new Hardcore Tag Team Champions last week, and they won the titles in a somewhat dominant fashion by putting one member of Team Canada on the shelf after Sarah Lane threw in the towel for Earl Lockyer. There was a hush in the locker room after The Monstimals won the belts. GM Tad Ezra demands that we name contenders going into High Stakes IX, and The Good Shepherds were quick to offer their services. Brittany and Todd Williams were given a rematch for the belts, despite not having a successful title defense. This match will be held under No Disqualifications rules. Having already been the champions, The Williams have a slight advantage, but do not take away the power of prayer!

The winners of the opening match at SCW CC250. The winners now know they go on to face the Combat Champions at High Stakes IX. They will give us their take on their upcoming matches.

Mixed Tag Team Match
Fire Dragons (Mark Cross & Valentina) Vs Angel of Filth & Javier Gonzalez

Headed into High Stakes IX, Fire Dragons (Mark “The Dragon” Cross & Valentina) are the contenders to Nobility’s Double Down Championships. Despite having a shot at the other tag titles, Valentina and Angel of Filth have had a tumultuous time with one another, starting as a team trying to take the titles off of Nobility. Mark Cross has been pulling double duty in SCW and SCU, but he and Val want a warm-up, and what better than to give Val her once partner… and the SCU Underground Champion himself, Javier Gonzalez? It’s time for the Fire Dragons to put up or shut up with this match.

Sister Esther defends her Combat title for the first time at High Stakes. We’re sure she will have something to say to the number one contender. On top of that, we’re sure to hear from the rest of the Good Shepherds.

No Holds Barred - Contendership to SCU Combat Championship
John Blade Vs Dax Beckett

We already know that with Climax Control 250 just two days away, that either Stewart Mason and Winter Elemental or Melissa Ruin and Eric Weaver will be competing for their respective SCU Combat Championships at High Stakes IX, but the title is currently vacant on the men’s side. On Underground Ep. 36, Tad made it very clear that he was offering Eric Weaver and Winter Elemental a choice should either team wins to pick which match they want to compete in. He also announced that the former SCU Combat Champion, John Blade, would be offered the chance to fight for the title too. But with one small thing… he has to beat the first ever Combat Champion on the men’s side in order to do it, or else Dax will be fighting the winner of Stewart or Eric.

Dahlia finds out who she faces for her TV Title at the next Underground 38. Sarah Lane also takes about what happened last week. Will Earl be at this show? How is Earl is on the mind of most fans.

Beat the Clock Match
Veronica Taylor Vs ??

Beat the Clock part one was impressive when Celeste North defeated Winter Elemental in 7 minutes and 36 seconds. Veronica goes up next. GM Tad Ezra made it clear that since Spokeswoman Donna Beauchamp picked Celeste’s opponent, that he would pick Veronica’s. He stated that if Veronica wins AND beats Celeste’s time, she will deserve to go on to High Stakes IX. Therefore, she is taking on…. Watch the opening part of this show to find out!!!

Before we get to the main event we will hear from Underground Champion Javi as he talks about his match at High Stakes IX

Main Event
Singles Match - SCU Television Championship

Jerry Cann Vs Hitamashii

Main Event Time! Since winning the title… no, before winning the title… as soon as the title was even announced! Hitamashii has been very vocal about how he will be the champion, and how he will defend it and maintain it for a very, very long time. It’s time for Hitamashii to put his money where his mouth is as he takes on former Hardcore Tag Team Champion, Jerry Cann. Jerry is as rough and tough as they come, and with his tag team partner out of the picture, he is looking for a solid singles run. He’s got the opportunity, but the man from “The Land of the Rising Sun” will be a very tough challenge. Hitamashii has risen through the ranks quickly, and he’s showing no signs of slowing down. Jerry has established himself as a contender in every area of the SCU championship picture as a triple threat. The unstoppable force takes on the immovable object, all with the TV Title on the line!

All of this and oh so much more as SCU presents Underground Ep. 37!
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