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> Sin City Underground Ep 26
Donna Beauchamp
Posted: June 08, 2019 04:25 am

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Sin City Underground presents: Underground Ep. 26
Live from Roberto Clemente Coliseum. San Juan, Puerto Rico on Wednesday, June 12th, 2019 at 11:59pm PST
Segments due to the "Underground" account no later than Wednesday, June 12th, 2019 at 11:59pm PST (due to late posting of card). EVERYONE is encouraged to submit a segment.

EVERYONE damn it!

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Warrior’s Brawl Qualifier Match
Brittany Williams Vs Halo Williams

General Manager Tad Ezra has been in a very giving mood (in his mind at least). He heard everything that Brittany Williams said last week, and all of the running down she did. Instead of retaliating, he is giving her a golden opportunity… against her wife, Halo Williams. He doesn’t see how this could be a problem. One Williams will advance to the Warrior’s Brawl, and that is a guarantee. Brittany is SCW’s Number One Contender to the World Bombshell Championship, but she has the opportunity to take two championships at Into the Void on June 30th, but Halo Williams is not a fan of losing, so she has her work cut out for her to keep her winning streak alive.

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Warrior’s Brawl Qualifier Match
Hitamashii Vs Dorian B

Another qualifier match takes place as Hitamashii takes on Bad Boy Dorian B. Both men look forward to this opportunity as each would love nothing more than to achieve the price of being champion. For Hitamashii it is a great way to start his career in SCU while for Dorian B, this match can be the start of winning path for him and his Bad Boys. Both have a lot to gain, which one will come out on top?

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Warrior’s Brawl Qualifier Match
Alex Rush Vs Vector C Rodgers

A third qualifier for the night. This time with Vector who looks to make an impact in SCU as his old partner makes waves in SCW. Speaking of SCW, Vector takes on Alex Rush. Alex started in Sin City with SCW, Alex found himself signed to a SCU contract then debut for the company with a victory That he was not proud of and questioned rather the contract with SCU should be one that he keeps. The bosses gave him some time off as a way to allow him to think about the situation. No one wants to see him out of his contract and the company is lucky enough to have Mr. Rush decide to go ahead and honor the contract but now the question is, was that the right thing to do or was that a mistake as Vector looks to show everyone why he plans on being the next champion and he plans on using Alex Rush as a stepping stone to get to the promise land.

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Hardcore Tag Team Championship Match
Kawaii Dragons (Tatsu Ikeda & Winter Elemental) Vs Fire Dragons (Mark “The Dragon” Cross & Valentina)

Kawaii Dragons? Fire Dragons? So many dragons in this match. Winter is not keen on this tag team as Tatsu is the Fire Dragon to Winters Winter Dragon. Mark “The Dragon” Cross and his partner Valentina know that being Hardcore Tag Team Champions means you become a bullseye to the division. But then, maybe that is what they wanted. They have been a great tag team and now they can prove how great they are when they take on one of the great tag teams in company history but more importantly the best hardcore tag team in wrestling history!

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Warrior’s Brawl Qualifier Match
Stewart Mason Vs Earl Lockyer

Team Canada made it clear that they were off the show for too many weeks. Backstage, two-time Manager of the year Sarah Lane even proved How devastating it is when you do not have her clients on the show as ratings had dropped significantly in the Canadian region due to their absence at least that is her theory behind the drop. GM Tad Decided that two of the members from the stable will be booked tonight only he has decided to have them booked against each other putting them and a situation in which one gets the title shot well the other will have to sit back and watch. Did team Canada acknowledging there lack of booking backfire on them or is this one of the greatest matches ever to come from Tad thus creating a ratings Bonanza and Canada?

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Kendo Stick Match - SCU Combat Championship
Chanelle Martinez-Blade Vs Kelli Torres

This must really sting to Jenifer Lacroix, all she ever wanted was a shot at the Combat title. She remains undefeated with this company and has proven that she has done all she can for this title match that she has yet to receive. She was put to the test and came up Victorious against who is now the number one Contender for the championship as Chanelle takes on Kelli Torres. Now the two will face off for the titles and our second ever Kendo stick match. (Fencing combat rules apply). Chanelle showed how dominant she can be when she almost defeated the undefeated Jenifer, Kelli has shown that she can handle her own in the ring. After seeing what Jenifer went through last week, Kelli would be preparing herself for the match of her life. Now Kelli might be smiling as a Kendo stick match is not like a regular wrestling match and therefore the dominance shown by Chanelle last week may be something Kelli won’t have to worry about.

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Main Event
Underground Championship Match

Eric Weaver Vs Powershock

Okay, this match sells itself that is all. Oh, you want more? Sorry, we just figured when you look at the two individuals in this match nothing else was needed. The only two-time Combat Champion Eric Weaver takes on Powershock for the Underground title. Powershock will take on all challengers no matter what, but he has to know that Eric has a group watching his back while the champion, however, has done nothing but created enemies at every single opportunity that was given to him. Both men will do anything to come out on top and we mean anything so expect this one to be bloody and violent

Tune in for this and oh so much more as Sin City Underground comes at you LIVE!
Note: Card subject to change.
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