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> SCU Underground EP 9 card
Donna Beauchamp
Posted: December 27, 2018 07:16 pm

SCW Royale

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SCU Ep9 NYE Supercard
user posted image
Live at the T-Mobile Arena
Tuesday, December 31st 2018 11:30 pm
(Segments still due Tuesday. Please send all segments to the “Underground” account.)

Sold Out 20,000 strong

At attendance
Members from the Las Vegas Metro Police Department
Las Vegas Fire and Rescue Battalions 1 and 2
Members of the Clark County Sheriff’s
Las Vegas department of the Nevada Highway Patrol
5,000 members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Hosted by Former SCW Roulette Champion, Travis Nathaniel Andrews

user posted image

The show will starts things of with the Host of the evening. Mr. TNA himself. The Las Vegas native, former Roulette Champion Travis Andrews will help SCU celebrate the end of 2018 and start of 2019.

This is also the End of the year awards show for both NLW/SCU and Honor Wrestling. Honor may be part of SCW, but for the first 3 quarters of the year the two companies ran its own shows. It will be unfair to not celebrate the hard work that was put in to the two brands.

Starting things off will be Mr. TNA as he will present the…

2018 Most Hated of the Year
(Heel of the year)


The Coven vs Jennifer and Kimberly Williams
The first match kicks off with great tag team wrestling. The Williams will be tested as Celeste and Jenifer have yet to be defeated. Jennifer and Kimberly Williams are capable to putting a loss in the Coven record books and have the advantage of knowing each other longer then most tag team partners.

2018 Feud of the Year

2018 Devil's Advocate award
(Tweener of the year)


John Blade vs Vector C. Rodgers

Big Match John has had a good start since coming over to SCU and plans on continuing his luck. It won’t be easy when he takes on someone who wants to bring back the style of wrestling that we all grow up loving. The pure wrestling that made us watch week in, week out. is what John is up against. Can Big Match pull of another win or while the old school tactics of Vector be enough to throw John off his game.

Mr. TNA gives us all the countdown for the new year. SCU will take a few minutes as everyone in the arena enjoys a drink. Those at home will get to relive the 2018 Match of the year (Honor, NLW and SCW Matches of the year will air during this time)


Hardcore Tag Team Championship
Kendo Stick Match
The New Foundation vs Denise Andrews and Kawaii Dragons
Shelby and Ivory had beef but got put on the same page when they realizes that others want to top them from becoming the stars they were born to be. Shannon is the one they trust the most more so after seeing Denise was out for herself this whole time. Only a one on three is to much for anybody even if your name is Andrews and bleed wrestling. Denise finds herself not teaming with her friends but with two she can trust for at least one night. Kawaii Dragons attacked the New Foundation as a way to show Tad they will take on anyone. Well what they really did was get the New Foundation to form a team and since then no one has been safe. Something bad may and can happen in this match. The Kawaii found out that you don’t screw with the New Foundation. However, Denise plans on showing why you don’t beat her with Kendo Sticks and Kawaii Dragons will show why you don’t steal the Kawaii Sticks! This match can be one by pinfall, TKO, referee stoppage, or tap out. However in a rare twist ONLY kendo sticks are allowed as weapons. If New Foundation use any other weapons then the match is over and even worse… Shannon will be stripped from her Combat title. If Denise uses any other weapon she will lose her title match at Inception III and if Kawaii Dragons use anything other then kendo sticks or Kawaii Sticks. (Kendo sticks just decked out to look pretty) they will be stripped from the hardcore tag team titles and the title will be vacant.

2018 Manager of the Year

2018 Fan Favorite
(Babyface of the Year)


Handicap Tables Match
Fox Brothers vs Powershock
After Pwershock choke slammed Mason Fox last week through a table, his grandma Martha Fox was not pleased and asked Tad for Jason to fight Powershock. Well, he overheard and said no unless he can take on both Fox Brothers. Tad agreed and now we have ourselves a good ole fashion handicap tables match.

2018 Tag Team of the year award

2018 Future Star of the year


Effie Bingham vs "The Nurse" Cindy Warren

Cindy was last seen upset over a loss and attacked her opponent because of it. A side we have not seen from her, a side that she will have to unleash if she plans on over taking Effie Bingham. Cindy for the most part is not much for words and does her talking in the ring. Effie in the other hand does her talking out the ring, in the ring, during the match, in her sleep. She will say what she thinks and has no care in the world what anyone thinks about it. The two couldn't be any more different but just as talented in the ring. Expect this match to stole the show.

2018 Wrestler of the Year


Main Event
Double Down Championship
SCW Mix Tag Team Rules
Jerry Cann and Kandy Kaine vs The Three Way

The Three Way close the last show of 2018 defending the Double Down tag team titles to a team that showed everyone that they will do what it takes to shine and stand out. Even if that means going to SCW and taking a loss or two. Sure they lost but they also won, they won because they gave themselves more TV time and more matches to work on there double teaming ability. We here would like to think it's more than enough for them to walk out as the champions… but then if it was that easy the Three Ways wouldn’t be at the top for as long as they have been.

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