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> I see you.
Posted: July 01, 2019 03:10 pm

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In the back, melded with the shadows. Your hand cupped over your twitching lips trying to stifle an ill-timed feast of giggles. You've seen it all before, haven't you? Another new face with high hopes, another new face with dreams and ambitions; dreams and ambitions not much different from your own, but you have a leg up on the competition don't you? Oh yes, you've seen and done it all. You have climbed that mountain which this newcomer now approaches with wide-eyed enthusiasm. She's no different from the rest; perhaps so, perhaps not. She bears similarities to others you've seen and from the sanctity of your credentials you find yourself in the unique position to cast judgement on the next failed attempt to follow in your hallowed footsteps.

Snidely, you wave off her efforts before they have even begun. The nerve of this babe in the woods to venture into this holy forest bearing similarities to one of your own. How could she be so audacious as to blatantly rip off a member of the pantheon? You look on in smug satisfaction as the similarities are picked up on by others, confident in your self righteousness. Just another in a long line of failures.

Or is she?

She is young, and lacks your vaunted level of experience, true. But despite the similarities she is not the same person you believe her to be. There will always be more than one door and not even you, sitting high above the mortals looking down in pity as they engage the trials of life, will get the correct door every time.

That is the beauty of this game; you can take an already established idea and by virtue of being different from those who came before you, create an entirely new masterpiece, perhaps one that may even rival the original. Yes, yours is not the only snowflake to fall on this landscape, but yours remains as original as the others. The same holds true for those you mock. Give Gina a chance.

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