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> Griffin Hawkins (c) Vs Mark Cross, Roulette Championship
Mark Ward
Posted: December 01, 2019 03:30 pm

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Post all roleplays for this match in this thread.
Limits: 10,000 word max per character, 1 roleplay max per week.

Good luck

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Blessed is he who in the name of charity and goodwill shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brothers keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger, those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know my name is the LORD, when I lay my vengeance upon thee

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The Dragon
Posted: December 07, 2019 02:37 pm

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Part 1 - Resolution

We are taken to a small meeting room that doesn't look like a scene we've ever been in before in recent videos. Seated around a small round table are Mark "The Dragon" Cross, Faith "The Future" Simpson and their accountant, Andy.

The Dragon: Thanks for coming guys…

Without warning, Faith leaps into action, scrambling up and across the table in a flash of flowing blonde hair, sending Andy and his chair floorward in a kind-of Lou Thesz press, raining down a flurry of fists on the man.

The Dragon: Oh no...Faith please don't...leave him alone…

Mark's words have a grand total of zero conviction, almost bordering on sounding bored. Casually he walks around the table, pulling weakly at Faith's arm, who swats him away effortlessly.

Andy: I know whose side you're on!!

Andy tries and fails to cover himself up with his hands and arms against the onslaught as Mark watches on with a shrug.

The Dragon: You hit her with a chair Andy, I'm just letting the odds level themselves.

Andy: Aaaaaah get her off me! Not the face not the face!

The scene fades to black as the sound of shattering glass can be heard with the next flurry of fists.

Part 2 - Resolution...for real.

The scene opens in similar fashion to before, with Mark, Faith and Andy seated around a table, with three differences. Faith has a bag of frozen peas wrapped around her right hand, Andy has an ice pack pressed to his cheek, and sat in front of him on the table is a pair of spectacles, now broken.

The Dragon: I’ve had a couple of days to think, and I appreciate what you both tried to do here, I know it was for the right reasons, but this should have been on me from the very start. Whether Matilda and I get back into a relationship again or not, and no matter what impact it has on my career, I'm going to be a Dad. I want to play as big a part in that as possible, and it could have been jeopardised. To be honest I'm lucky she kept trying to contact me, I could have been written off and never found out.

Andy: Yeah, the whole thing got away from me…

The Dragon: You’re not kidding. You remember that thing you said to me Andy, about how you guys don’t need me anymore? I’m winning. A lot. I’m enjoying every second of this little renaissance, and I don’t think it’s a surprise that it happened either, you know what, it’s kind of mutual. I mean, you know who started this for me right?

Faith: Valentina.

The Dragon: Valentina, exactly. You know what the biggest thing I feel with you Andy? Guilt. Guilt because of what you choose to miss out on for the sake of me. And you Faith? What happens with my career doesn’t matter in the end, because in the next ten years you’re going to eclipse anything I’ve done, or Octane, or Devinee, probably all of us combined to be honest, and we’ll just be sitting here hoping you remember from the early days. Now're still my accountant…

Faith: You've gotta be…

A raised finger and a sideways glance stops her in her tracks.

Faith: Sorry.

The Dragon: I've spoken to Octane and Devinee, they're both happy to continue working with you on their stuff too. Faith, I assume you want us to find you someone else.

Andy: I know a guy I can recommend here in Miami. He's good, he won't rip you off.

The Dragon: Thanks Andy.

Faith: Yeah...thanks…

The Dragon: I also ask that you stop following me around the world - Go back to England, be with your family. I appreciate that my career has taken a sudden upturn and you've tried to handle some things for me...and Faith, all the guys at the Lair have appreciated you stepping up and being on hand for them when I haven't been able to. I feel like they look up to you even more than me now, and you'll be sorely missed around the place when you head to Japan Next week. I've decided I'm going to bring someone in to help with the gym, and my "off-camera" duties, so you guys don't feel any obligation to do it for me.

Faith: You're getting a manager.

The Dragon: Yeah that's the plan. Objections?

Faith: Cool with me.

Andy: Yeah. Makes sense.

The Dragon: Awesome. Listen, sincerely to both of you, thanks for always being by my side. I really appreciate it...but I have to take it from here.

Andy: I’ll...I’ll get a flight in the morning...thanks…

Andy hurriedly scoops up his broken glasses and makes a swift exit out of the room

Faith: Do you ever feel like Andy wanted an excuse to be out here, rather than with his wife and kids?

The Dragon: I mean...twin babies must be hard work right? I bet he sleeps way better in hotels than he does back at home. Plus I heard Sally can be a right bitch when she's tired.

Faith: Wow, you’ve really ruined his life for the next few months, haven't you?

The Dragon: Yup. What a week. How’s the hand?

Faith gingerly lifts the bag of peas, staring down at knuckles that were turning varying shades of blue and crimson.

Faith: Bruised. You’re still driving me to the airport right?

The Dragon: Sure! Have you started liking ramen yet?

The scene begins to fade away as the pair begin to discuss Faith’s upcoming trip to Japan excitedly.

Part 3 - Task at Hand

We are taken to the now-familiar office area of The Dragon’s Lair gym on South Beach, Miami, Florida. It is recognisable by the afterthought of a desk in the corner, with the vast majority of the real estate being taken up by the equipment used for watching back and analysis of past wrestling matches. This time it is being used to watch the demo of a 2019 highlight reel for the social media accounts of Mark “The Dragon” Cross, who has seen an unprecedented hike in followers and interactions given the year he’s just had. As the video comes to an end, he picks up and turns his chair to address the camera.

The Dragon: From a nobody to a legitimate title contender in pretty short order. What a crazy few months it’s been for me huh? I’ve watched the comments rumble on, everything ranging from “who is this guy” from fans who don’t branch out beyond their favourite promotions, or fellow wrestlers who don’t bother to do their research…next to ”I didn’t think he still had it in him” from those that saw me at my best, remembered as I slipped out of the limelight to concentrate my efforts on coaching someone who deserved the spotlight far more than me, all the way up to “we knew that was going to happen, it was just a matter of when” from my team, from past opponents, and from my long-suffering fans that maybe caught some shaky phone footage of me wrestling short-notice in a tiny venue for a miniscule crowd. I’ve said it before, even I was maybe in that middle ground for a little while...but no longer. I just needed that chance to spread my wings and take flight again. I’m still not at the height of my powers, more work needed there, but I’m in a position to have more title belts to than I have shoulders to put them on. That’s pretty special for a guy still trying to find his best form.

Mark reaches across to turn off the monitors just to his right, that were buzzing quietly with white noise.

The Dragon: It felt good to pick up one more win before the run into December II Dismember. It’s been a good year to say the least, and taking on Sin City Wrestling duties on top has kept me busy, but I’m hardly spreading myself thin, and I’ll take any excuse to be in a ring and work on my craft a little bit more. I think for Teddy, the result was inevitable - he’s been found out. On the face of it, when you look at some of the names involved at Summer XXXtreme, and the victory that made him Roulette champion in the first place, it was a pretty impressive feat. Former and existing champions up and down that match-up for a start, but immediately afterwards I wondered, one-on-one, straight up against anyone in that match, how many would he come out on top in? Griffin and I both sent him packing as I suspected they would. I think it proves just how ‘right’ this match-up is. Not only will it raise the bar for the Roulette division going forward, but as the opening match it’ll set the tone for an incredible last show of 2019 too. I have to say credit to management for making this one happen, and I have a feeling this won’t disappoint.

Mark clears his throat.

The Dragon: So now we get to the match, and this is where things get difficult. I probably find this the most challenging thing about our sport if I’m honest, firing shots at someone you respect, and a more than worthy champion to boot. Challenging, sure, but that doesn't mean I'm not going to try.

Mark reaches for something at the edge of the scene - A megaphone. He puts it to his lips and an amplified, low-fi version of his voice hits the microphone

The Dragon: Your NEW World Heavyweight champion...Griffinnnnnnnnnn Hawkins!

Mark drops the megaphone out of shot.

The Dragon: Try that on for size for a moment and tell me in the comments section below how you feel about it.. I'll wait. You, in the red shirt, let me know what you think. How about you, with the cool glasses? Get typing, let's go.

Mark pauses for a moment.

The Dragon: Now me? Personally, I actually quite like the sound of that. Griffin, like myself, is probably somewhere on that radar after all. I think he would do our company proud as the headline act, would behave with honour and integrity that a real champion should, and most importantly, I think he has the ability, and an undeniable level of talent that would put anyone with an opinion that matters around here on notice. My opponent this week is the real deal.

Mark glances down at his watch.

The Dragon: In that regard, I think we are very similar. My time here has seen me defeat two former Roulette champions, take down experienced heads, deliver the goods against some of the very best the company has to offer, even nearly breaking the winning streak of a guy that some of the roster are scared to share the same BUILDING with, let alone go toe-to-toe with them in the heat of battle. I have my methods, and from promotion to promotion, they tend to lead to resounding success, and here is where we differ the most - Ring work.

Mark reaches for a bottle of water from the floor, taking a long sip.

The Dragon: Let me set the scene for a minute. You have a hankerin’ for some whiskey tonight, so you go to your liquor cabinet and as you open it up you’re presented with two choices. A bottle of Mark “The Dragon” Cross, a British single malt. Complex, multi-faceted, expertly aged by a wealth of different experiences, and every time you take a sip it’s almost like you’ve discovered something completely new and exciting. Next to that you have that distinctive square bottle of Griffin Hawkins, that sour mash, unrefined, not even officially a bourbon kind of whiskey that meets the budgets of any dive bar patron, isn’t all that classy, but is guaranteed to kick like a mule and deliver proven results every time.

Mark scratches the back of his head as he let's it sink in for a moment.

The Dragon: Don't get me wrong, this isn't a total slam dunk, and it's not an "I'm a better wrestler so I'm gonna win" line. That’s so predictable right? I mean...I love Jack Daniel's. If I’m settling in for a long drinking session it’s my drink of choice. I don't want complex, I want to be smashed in the face with simple, straightforward, rough around the edges Tennessee whiskey. It has a place, and I see why the style works so well for Griffin. After all, it's tough to prepare for what an opponent is going to throw at you when the opponent themselves isn’t 100% on what’s to come. Especially when you know the guy is champion for a reason, and whatever they bring to the table, it’s probably going to hurt. The struggle is definitely real. Let’s go back to our whiskey example real quick.

Mark looks around him, hoping that there might be a bottle of the stuff sitting around as a prop. He's out of luck.

The Dragon: I’ve spent a lot of time wrestling out in Japan over the years. It’s where I first learnt Strong Style, and went from a brawler that would just take a lot of punishment until the other guy got exhausted to a proper, legitimate wrestler. Japanese wrestling fans generally aren’t a big fan of gimmicks. Aside from maybe Mexico, who I’ll exclude here on account of the significance of masks,making Japan the place in the world where the purest form of wrestling is most appreciated, and where your popularity will take a battering if you try and make it all about showmanship like here in the States. Griffin would probably get a pass on his rockstar image, the Japanese rock scene is pretty vibrant, but his style? Ehh....

Mark shrugs as he continues.

The Dragon: So how do I prepare for Hawkins? We’ve touched on Strong Style, blows and strikes to rock you to your very core, powerful grappling that knocks the wind out of your sails. Last week we saw a rare cameo appearance of Kyukyoku Ryujin, the high flying speed demon alter ego that can always come out of the woodwork when I need something a little different. A dangerous array of submissions, displayed just a few days ago on the Underground brand, that while I don’t like how they slow down the pace of a match, I love the way they can slow down an opponent when I need to get rid of any head of steam they might have been building up. MMA training, for the dangers that crossover athletes like Fenris and Jake Raab can present. Boxing training, to put some extra fire in my fists and some extra air in my lungs over a long battle. I prepare for every eventuality, so there’s no thing or no person that I fear when I step inside a wrestling ring. If someone wants to beat me, it isn’t because they exploit a weakness in my game. It’s as well rounded as you’re ever going to find at any tier of professional wrestling. It has to be because they’re better on the night. No easy task...but if you want to be a champion, or stay a champion, that’s what it takes.I know a lot of guys in my position that live on their former glories, and often it’s to keep the money rolling in to fund their lavish lifestyles. I’m cut from a different cloth. When you judge me, when you prepare to face me, whatever the situation, I want you to disregard my past resume. The promotions that have me listed in their “Legends” or “Alumni” sections. The Hall of Fame nomination that only didn’t come because the money ran out. The stacked win-loss record. The title wins. The title defences. The scalps against some of the biggest names in wrestling. I’ve done this a long time, so the list is extensive...but I want you to throw that in the trash.

Mark leans forward towards the camera.

The Dragon: Look at what I am now. Look at what I’ve already achieved in a short space of time. The men I’ve beaten. The quality of the performances. The level of destruction as two or three moves tilt the momentum in my direction and start a landslide that ends with my hand being raised by the referee at the end. I wasn’t a title winning wrestler then, I’m a title winning wrestler NOW. The evidence is undisputed. Griffin - You know I like you as a wrestler, and as a human. None of this is personal, and neither will what happens in the ring either. I’m looking forward to this one man. See you out there.

The scene fades to black.

Part 4 - Shiny Things

We are taken to the Miami home of Mark "The Dragon" Cross, the camera already inside as the front door opens. Mark is first to enter, followed closely by the brunette who we'd seen getting her ultrasound scan the week before. Matilda begins to explore immediately, looking around the kitchen/dining room with open-mouthed wonder. She spots the swimming pool as she reaches the large glass windows that look out onto it.

Matilda: You live here all by yourself?

The Dragon: I do now. I didn't for a long time, there were two of us for maybe 7-8 years?

Matilda: It must be so lonely.

Mark takes a seat at the breakfast bar, watching as the girl inspects the room.

The Dragon: Sometimes. I'm pretty comfortable in my own company though. You know I can't believe in three months you never came over to my house.

Matilda: I was scared it would be this.

The Dragon: How do you mean?

Matilda: I heard about people that lived here, the houses, it was too…

The Dragon: Rich?

Matilda: Well Papa said everyone here lives in Playboy mansions. Now I've seen it I don't know why he was so worried...

The Dragon: HEY!

Matilda: But I bet this costs more than I'd ever make in my lifetime though...why do you still wrestle Mark? More of this, a bigger house, a faster car, what?

The Dragon: Purpose.

Matilda: Purpose?

The Dragon: You know, a reason to get up in the morning, to be productive and make something of my day. I could easily float around out in that pool, get a nice tan, find some model thet probably doesn't speak much Englidh to keep around as token arm candy, the end, right? Instead I have a Roulette title to challenge for. I have a Double Down championship to defend. I have a girl that I'm training who has the potential to do more in this sport than I ever have or ever will. This keeps me hungry.

Matilda silently walks around the kitchen, opening cupboards, running her hand over the coffee machine, probably her Italian roots drawing her to it like a magnet.

The Dragon: You're not saying much.

Matilda: What?

The Dragon: You normally would have said what was on your mind by now, that's all.

Matilda: Leave me to do all the talking like always huh? I'm thinking. I'm thinking about what if I did just go along with all this. Uproot my life to live here in this mansion with you, be judged by my parents, deal with the jealousy of my family who struggle every day just to pay their bills while I worry constantly about your loyalty while you're on the road.

The Dragon: It doesn't have to be like that.

Matilda turns on her heel to face him, hands on her hips.

Matilda: Why, because you'll give it all up for us? After that whole purpose speech you just gave me.

Mark shrugs.

The Dragon: If you want me to, yeah. I'll come off the road, concentrate on running the gym, maybe do some local shows around Miami to keep myself in shape and leave it there. We could buy that restaurant you've dreamt about...

Matilda: Just like that you'd buy me a pizza restaurant?

The Dragon: I know how much that dream means to you and your family.

Matilda lets that sink in for a few moments...then shakes her head...then heads for the door.

Matilda: I gotta go…

The Dragon: Or no restaurant...what have I done wrong here exactly?

Matilda: Why couldn't you have been an asshole about this…

The Dragon: Would that have made it easier, if I said I didn't want any part of this pregnancy? Really!?!

The front door slams as Matilda makes a swift exit.

The Dragon: Mattie...I drove you here…

Mark shakes his head as he turns to address the camera.

The Dragon: I know how the next hour of my life is going to go. Matilda’s going to try and walk back home to South Beach which will probably take her...oh...3 hours? I’ll jump in the car, find her walking on the path, I’ll try and talk her down from inside the car while she walks, holding up an angry line of traffic behind me, eventually she’ll get in, we’ll sit in silence for a while, then I’ll try and break the silence and get grunts and one word answers like I’m speaking to a teenager, until finally as I pull up outside of her parents house will we actually be able to have an adult conversation about things. Italians huh?

With a sigh, he grabs his keys from the breakfast bar, heads for the door, and leaves. As the door slams shut we hang on the silent kitchen/diner for a few moments as the scene fades to black.

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Griffin Hawkins
Posted: December 07, 2019 09:08 pm

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~Earlier this week~

I know I had a title match coming up soon..but I also had a concert to play in New York. I figured it'd help me take my mind off things for a while. But in the back of my head I knew the showdown between me and Mark Cross was looming, I couldn't let it go. I decided to just take a walk around my favorite city and look at all the sights. I then came to the American Museum of National History...I remembered going there when I was a kid when my family took a trip here..I was long overdue for a new visit. I walked in and of course it was busy with the many people seeing all the sights, looking at all the exhibits. I walk over to what looks to be a skeleton of a Dragon. I then hear a female voice behind me.

"You look interested.."

I then turn around and see a woman with long black hair, wearing a red blazer. I see her name tag that reads "Monica". It's obvious she is one of the guides.

Griffin Hawkins: Oh..yeah. Dragons have always fascinated me.

Monica: Really? That's interesting.

I look up at the big Dragon above us. He had so many bones on him...his demonic looking skull made him look even more menacing.

Griffin Hawkins: Man..this guy must've been a real tough customer.

Monica: Oh yeah..this is a Sea Serpent. It has many names...a Hydra...Echidna...Scylla...all throughout history many have seen it, even Strabo has referenced an eye witness to the creature by Poseidonius on the coast of the northern Levant.

Just looking up at that great beast reminded me of Mark Cross..his Dragon namesake has made him feared throughout SCW, and I felt that I would be next on the menu if i was not careful.

Griffin Hawkins: In the old times...has anyone fought and defeated this Dragon?

Monica: Not really...course you'll probably hear victories over the serpent in books, but none in history.

That did give me a lot to think about...not many have had the honor of slaying Cross...which means I have a long night ahead of me.

Griffin Hawkins: Are there any other Dragons around here?...

Monica: Why yes...right this way sir.

I followed her as we made our way past the other exhibits. We came to another exhibit, this Dragon skeleton looking almost bigger than the last one.

Griffin Hawkins: Man..this one is huge..

Monica: It has to be. This one is called a Firedrake. This big beast was massive with his oppressive heights...his many wings, and his skin was bright as the fire it breathed.

Griffin Hawkins: Oh wow, how long has this been around?

Monica: Well for a while..but eventually they began to become extinct thanks to the efforts of Dragon Slayers. They were eventually hunted down into extinction. Reports of them began to eventually die out.

As I heard that, I couldn't help but be reminded of that. When I got here months ago I had people telling me my time has passed and I was a has been. I ended up proving them all wrong..but this was the ultimate test. Would I share the fate of the Firedrake? As we moved on, I saw a great painting of a strong man fighting a dragon.

Griffin Hawkins: Whoa..this looks like a serious fight...

Monica: This is Hercules. Course in today's media he is a disney character and he had his own TV series in the 90s...but in his day he slain many Dragons such as the Lernaean Hydra..and he he captured Cerberus from Hades. He has slain Dragons and other monsters and was celebrated as a hero on Mount Olympus.

This was definitely gonna be a Hercules before me, I had to slay a Dragon. In my toughest title defense yet, I'm going into battle against a mighty beast that's looking to end me. I had to come home victorious. I was staring long and hard at the painting.

Monica: ...Are you okay sir?

Griffin Hawkins: Huh? Oh yeah. Thanks for showing me all was a real education for me.

Monica: No problem! Enjoy the rest of the exhibits.

After she walks off, I stare at the painting...and then at all the exhibits. All of this was a reminder that the greatest battle was at hand...and I had to return home a hero.


It had been a while since I had those vivid dreams. I figured everything had gone back to normal. All I remember is being a baby...being surrounded by men shrouded in hoods..and a bizarre symbol in the middle of the castle. I never found out what those dreams meant...but for some reason...they stopped. For the last few months I had a peaceful sleep.

..Until now.

One night I had an intense dream. I found myself returning to a grand castle one night, people running in and out of there in fear. I get off my horse and rush past them terrified servants. I rush down the hall to see what the commotion is there I see a man with long black hair and a blue tunic standing over a woman with blonde hair....dead.

Ishmael: I'm sorry Sir Trevor....but she has died...

Trevor Hawkins: No...

It seems to me that this was another past life experience...only this time I was grown up. I rushed over to her, holding her lifeless body in my arms.

Trevor Hawkins: Mother....No....who did this?!

Ishmael: It was the vampires...they attacked her when she was alone..

Saying nothing, I get up and go towards the exit.

Ishmael: My liege..where are you going?!

Trevor Hawkins: I have to avenge my mother!

he pleads for me not to go, but I ignore him. I saw myself on horseback, dressed in armor as my horse galloped towards what looks to be some kind of big mansion. I got off the horse, tying him up. I saw my reflection in the mirror of the window as I came up to the door...I looked quite different. My hair was long and black..a beard growing in. I looked like a different person almost. I kicked the door open, drawing my sword...apparently I was about to endure a long battle. I then hear a familiar voice...

"Look who decides to grace us..."

I see Gideon step out of the shadows...his hair no platinum blonde...but long and brown as he is dressed in a long white shirt and black pants. He smiles at me, bearing his sharp teeth."

Trevor Hawkins: You were the one who killed my mother..

He just smiled at if he is pleased with his work.

Gideon Blackwell: She put up quite a struggle....I made sure to enjoy it...

I bare my teeth as I grip my sword.

Trevor Hawkins: You demon straight from hell! I will end your miserable life right here!

Gideon Blackwell: Now need to get over excited lad..

I don't know what it was...but I felt something hard hit me in the back of the head, everything went black as I faded into unconsciousness. I woke up and found my arms held up by chains. My armor gone, replaced by tattered clothes. I look up and see the moonlight, and right in front of it cold bars up in the window. It looks as if I am in some kind of dungeon. The door suddenly opens and in walks Marquis who looks different than I usually see him, dressed in all black with long hair.

Marquis Laveaux: Rise and shine..

Trevor Hawkins: Go ahead...kill me like you did my mother..

Marquis Laveaux: Now where is the fun in that? If I killed you, it'd be too easy...I just want to have a little fun...

Trevor Hawkins: Eventually I'll get free...and I'll kill you..

Marquis Laveaux: Brave till the admirable.

Trevor Hawkins: What do you want with me?...

Marquis Laveaux: For centuries your kind has fought many battles and won many wars. The Order of Blood is looking to end seems we have a common enemy. Once they arrive'll be handed off to them and we will be rewarded.

Trevor Hawkins: You really think that band of jackals give a damn about you? Who's to say they won't slaughter you after you hand me over?

Marquis Laveaux: That's a risk I am willing to take. You better get're gonna be here a while..

With a sinister laugh, he walks out and shuts the door, leaving me to my fate....

I then wake up, back in my own bed. I look around, its my normal bedroom. Taylor is fast asleep, I look to the alarm clock...3:00 AM. That was a dream..but it felt more real than anything. I remember Marquis refusing to talk to me about my past....I now realize more than ever, I have to find him and once and for all get answers.


Cameras go the locker room...where there are many different kinds of Dragons framed. Each one with a different color...others looking like an entirely different species. I come from out of the shadows, dressed in jeans and a Dio T-Shirt. I look around at all the paintings...almost in awe at all these creatures before I speak.

"Dragons...a legendary creature indeed. Some can be dangerous...yet...majestic at the same time. Throughout history...many have fought battles against these monsters. Some lived to tell the tale....some perished in the fire. But as we look back...we'll remember the legendary battles that went down in history. On the final supercard of the year, I go in with the inevitable mission to slay The Dragon...Mark Cross. A man who has a lot to prove, a man who wants to be champion by any means necessary...even if he has to go through me, someone he considers a good friend. If he never had that mindset, he wouldn't be here today. When I returned here, I knew from then on I'd be facing an uphill battle. Month after month I've been fighting demons...I won some and I lost some. But this particular battle feels different. Because I face a brave warrior who believes in the same things as I do. The Roulette Championship is the one thing we both want to leave with...but it can only be one of us."

I go to painting of a man on a white horse, plunging his lance into a dragon.

"Saint George..a soldier of the Cappadocian Greek origins. He tamed...and slayed a Dragon that demanded human sacrifices. He rescued the fair Princess who was to be the Dragon's next offering. Mark Cross has made up his time in SCU, his quest for a chance at the World Heavyweight Title...all for the chance to become the Roulette champion, a chance he had earned. I am looking across the ring and I see someone who is a mirror image of myself. Same fire..same spirit..same never say die mentality. That's what makes him more dangerous. I know you haven't forgotten your last chance at the title Mark, and you're looking to avenge it, because you know if you won't have another chance. That's why I have to win this. Every threat that comes to me, I have to deal with on one...friend or foe."

Mark was hungry...he wanted my title...his first taste of gold.

"I was in the ring with you Mark...I could see the hunger in your eyes when I came out with my title. You were eyeing it like a junkyard dog on a steak. I know that hunger..the same hunger I had in my eyes when I saw Travis Levitt with the very same title. But I see you as different from the others who have crossed my path this year. Travis Levitt tried to tell me that I am a has been and that the business has passed me by. Jake Raab got one win over me and figured he'd take my top spot by beating me again. Teddy Steele tried desperately to try and replace me and figured by knocking me off, he'd accomplish that...course after his last performance against you, I don't think I gotta worry about that. You are different than all of them. You came to me face to face and like a man...challenged me for the title, something none of them had the character to do. That's what makes me look forward to this match. Two athletes at the prime of their careers giving the people a show that they will never forget. While I wish we both could win....only one of us is walking out the Champion."

I make my way over to what looks to be a Dragon with many heads.

"This is a Hydra. One of the more dangerous dragons out there. According to Greek mythology..if you cut one head off, another will grow in it's place. Like the Hydra...Mark Cross has been cut off many times, but just continues to keep fighting. Mark has faced a lot of adversity, not just in his professional career, but his personal life as well. Many wonder if he can hold it together enough to get through this match. You see Mark, if you're not one hundred percent into this, you'll lose your chance on your first title. You already had one chance at Fenris..and try as you might, you unfortunately lost. But where one door closes...another opens. But this may be your last door if you are not successful."

I wondered how desperate Cross would be for his second opportunity at this title.

"In your promo last week...we got a look into your history. We saw the mask of The Ultimate Dragon King. Like you...I wore a mask earlier in my career. Not many know about this, but I wore a black lucha mask and name...The Dark Pegasus. Whenever "Eyes Of The World" by Rainbow hit the air, people knew that they would be in for a show. You may not wear the mask anymore, but the spirit is still there. The hope and desire in your eyes to be the best..that fire still burns within you. I saw it in your eyes when we teamed together to take on The Good Shepherds. If I could turn back time...we'd have The Dark Pegasus against Kyukyoko Ryujin right in the center of the land of the rising sun. But the closest we will get is when we go one on one in the last show of the year."

I look to the camera, making sure Cross can see me from wherever he is watching.

"See...I consider you a very good friend Mark. We've chatted a lot, we hung out at the bar, we've even been in matches as opponents and tag team partners. What I look forward to in this match is two guys who want to go out there and raise the bar. The SCW locker room is counting on the both of us to raise the bar and put on the show of a lifetime. And if my title reign is to end at anyone's should be against someone like you. I wouldn't want it to end at the hands of Teddy Steele because all he did was make a mockery of this belt and all it stood for. I wouldn't want it to end at the hands of Bill Barnhart is a guy who is stuck in the past and would rather parade his wife and his dog on TV for God knows what reason. respect the title and everything it represents. But I can't let you take it from me. Because I plan to fight until my final breath just to see you fall. I just hope that there isn't any bad blood between us after'd be a shame if a title came between us."

I walk past all the dragons.

"Many Dragons are dangerous. But throughout history it's been proven that they can be defeated in spite of their horrifying nature. I know you can be hurt Mark...I've proven I can be as well. The two of us had our chance to compete for the World Heavyweight Title..and the both of us came up short. But that doesn't mean we still can't fight for another important prize. And the thing is...whatever the wheel stops on, it'll be our match. I'm not gonna be cocky like Barnhart and say I got the advantage because I've been in every match on that wheel..because he had that mindset going in against me and look what happened. All I can say is whatever the wheel lands on, the two of us are gonna put on one hell of a show. The battle of man against Dragon is gonna continue at December 2 Dismember...and this time...The Dragon is gonna get rocked."

I walk away from the shot as the camera crew focus on the many dragons before we go to a break.

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Griffin Hawkins
Posted: December 13, 2019 09:00 pm

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Not only was the Supercard coming up..but so was Christmas. I had to do a lot of holiday shopping not just for my family..but for Taylor's family as well. I had a long day ahead of me. But thankfully Charles was with me to help me out..but something told me he was eager to find out what I was gonna get him this year for the holidays. We walked through the mall as he was pestering me...asking me what I was gonna get him.

Charles Hawkins: I getting a new car?

Griffin Hawkins: Do I look like Oprah to you?

[Charles Hawkins: Okay it a new TV?

Griffin Hawkins: Not really...besides you got a big screen months ago, you don't need another.

Charles Hawkins: it a new laptop?

Griffin Hawkins: Don't tell me you already destroyed your new one...

Charles Hawkins: You know, you're really not making this easy Griff..

Griffin Hawkins: I thought you came along to help me do some Christmas shopping..instead you're grilling me about what I'm gonna get you.

Charles Hawkins: Of course I'm here to help. But this is the holidays and some of that shopping involves me. I mean what kind of brother would you be if you got me nothing?

Griffin Hawkins: Look, you're not exactly an easy person to shop I'm shopping for someone even harder than you?

Charles Hawkins: And who would that be?

Griffin Hawkins: .....Mark Cross.

He then stops, looking at me as if I had an extra two heads.

Charles Hawkins: Please tell me this is a joke...

Griffin Hawkins:'s not a joke.

Charles Hawkins: Seriously hard did the Good Shepherds hit you? This is a guy who wants to take everything you've ever worked for this year, and you're going holiday shopping for him?

Griffin Hawkins: I know it sounds crazy..but come on bro, it's Christmas. This isn't somebody like Bill Barnhart or Teddy Warren who were out to end my career, he's still a friend. So I wanna get him something to show there's no hard feelings...

Charles Hawkins: Hmm..I'll tell you what. You focus on Mark Cross, and I'll worry about the Holiday shopping. Deal?

Griffin Hawkins: Uh..sure okay..

I had a feeling he had an ulterior motive. He rushed off as I walked down, trying to think of what kind of gift to get Mark. As I walk by the Santa house in the middle of the mall...I see what looks to be Alice who's dressed as an elf...

Griffin Hawkins: Alice?..

Alice Knight: Hey stranger! Wow this is a small mall...not literally...

Griffin Hawkins: I had no idea you worked here..

Alice Knight: It's some extra bucks, the outfit feels kinda funny, but you get used to it after a while.

Griffin Hawkins: I gonna get any free Keebler Cookies?

Alice Knight: That's an entirely different whats up?...

Before I can finish...out of the house comes none other than...Santa Claus.

Santa Claus: Ho Ho Ho...Merry Christmas!

Griffin Hawkins: Uh...hi..

Santa Claus: And what brings you here little boy?..

Griffin Hawkins: Um...I'm shopping for a friend for Christmas....

I didn't know how to take it..but he laughed.

Santa Claus: And have you found the right gift?

Griffin Hawkins: Not really...

Santa Claus: Worry not! I'll help you find the perfect gift for your friend!

I look to Alice as if to say "is this guy for real"? she just shrugs, as if she's telling me to go for it.

Griffin Hawkins: Um...sure...Santa...

Clearly this guy had been hitting the Egg Nog too much...but at least I would have help in picking out a gift for Mark, maybe this guy could actually help me...

Santa Claus: Let's be on our way! Ho Ho Ho!

Why do I got a bad feeling about this?....


Well then, I now had help in picking out a gift for Mark with help from...well...I guess Santa Claus. I figured if I was gonna get him something, it had to be a gift from the heart. So me and Jolly Ol St.Nick walked around the mall....causing quite a scene, it's not every day you go holiday shopping with Chris Kringle.

Griffin Hawkins: Just one question Santa...did you ever give Coca Cola permission to use your likeness for their products?

Santa Claus: Ho Ho...not that I can remember. They've been on my naughty list for quite a while..

Griffin Hawkins: I can only imagine how the Polar Bears must be feeling...anyways, what would be the perfect gift for Mark?..

Santa Claus: Well, what does he seem to enjoy?

Griffin Hawkins: Well he's got a thing for V Neck shirts...I guess I can start there.

And so, we stopped at The Gap. I went inside and went to the shirt section and saw what looked to be various colors of v-neck shirts. I noticed a black one.

Griffin Hawkins: Hmm...I think he'd like this...

I went to get one, but then I notices some big tanned dude with blonde hair and tattoos grab it.

Duke Powers: Oh excuse me bro...I didn't seeya there.

Griffin Hawkins: problem man...

Duke Powers: So tell me bro...does this v-neck fill my body out or what?..

With that, he begins flexing his muscles like he's some kind of bodybuilder....I then decide maybe this isn't the right gift at the right I quickly made my exit out of there as Santa was waiting.

Griffin Hawkins: ...they were all out...

Santa Claus: Oh...that's a shame. Well..what are Mark's hobbies?

Griffin Hawkins: Well I know he likes to play guitar every now and then...we even had a jam session months ago.

Santa Claus: Well then, you have your answer!

We went to the Guitar shop where I saw the many guitars around me...I know I should be shopping for Mark...but I felt like a kid in a candy store. I grab a guitar and begin to play a...certain riff...

..but of course the clerk stopped me, pointing to the sign.

user posted image

Griffin Hawkins: ...Damn it...

I continued to play many Les Paul guitars...all I could think about is how happy this was going to make him. I bought a black Epiphone Les Paul..but something seemed off after I came out of the store as Santa was waiting on me.

Santa Claus: Ho Ho Ho! Looks like you got Mark the best gift ever!

Griffin Hawkins: I did but....something about this doesn't seem right. I mean I got him this guitar...but I feel I haven't gotten him a real gift...

Santa Claus: Ah but've forgotten, you have already given him a gift this year, and you haven't even realized it yet.

Griffin Hawkins: ..What could it be?..

Santa Claus: Just think...

Then the light bulb went off in my head..of course I got him a gift...

Griffin Hawkins: ...The Roulette Title Match, of course!

Santa Claus: That's gave him the greatest gift of all..a chance to achieve his goal.

Griffin Hawkins: I guess I never really thought of it like that before. I guess I owe you a thanks uh....

Santa Claus: Just call me Santa! Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas!

I was still not convinced this guy was the real deal, but he did help me out. I gave Mark a gift...and now I got more to give him...


Cameras come to the Santa section of the mall where I am sitting in the chair, the Santa hat on my head and the SCW Roulette Title around my shoulder.

I smile as I kick back, relaxing on the chair.

"Maybe it's the little kid in me, but I love Christmas. A time of giving..a time of spending time with your friends and loved ones. But what I like most of giving gifts. That's right, as cheesy as it sounds, it's better to give...than receive. That's why I am giving Mark Cross a shot at this Roulette Title. A shot that he so richly deserves. But does that mean I am handing it to him on a silver platter? No...he wouldn't want it that way. Cross is a man of honor and he wants to earn it. And so...I'm gonna give him the gift that keeps on giving..a bona fide ass kicking at the hands of The Jukebox Hero. And I know he's gonna give me a gift as he comes out swinging. In this festive season, we need to remember that giving is just as important as getting."

I never really thought of that before...maybe Santa was onto something.

"I agree with you have come a long way. You've gone from an a contender all in the span of a few months. Not many people can say that. When I came here I had a following. People knew with my reputation that it wouldn't be long till I won gold..and they turned out to be right. came in with nothing. No one knew who you were, but you made sure that they know who you are as you fought in the Underground...and made your way to this stage in your career..fighting for the Roulette Championship. That I admire. But at the same time, I see you as a threat. Weeks ago you were able to knock off Teddy Steele, a former Roulette Champion. I watched from backstage and I saw for myself that you are for real. Now, I'm not gonna be like most others and overlook you saying..oh you got no chance..anyone can get lucky. Because I know for a fact that you are indeed the future of this company and you're wanting to stake your claim as that by taking my gold...but unfortunately on this night, I gotta make sure that that doesn't happen as you go home with no gift in your stocking."

One of the Elves come by with a tray of cookies for me. I take one, taking a bite out of it before he walks away.

"Some would say that Mark Cross is being greedy this year...he already has the Double Down Tag Team Championships...but yet, he wants the Roulette Title. Do I see it as greedy? Yes. Is it bad? No. Because as Gordon Gekko said...Greed for lack of a better word is good. Hell, I didn't get where I am today just by sitting patiently and waiting my turn. I wanted something..I reached out and took it. I wanted the Internet Title, I reached out and took it. I wanted the Roulette Title...I reached out and took it.....twice. And as we wind down the last weeks of 2019, Mark Cross wants to reach out and take the Roulette gold. But I too wanna be greedy this holiday season and hold on to my belt. Greed is one of the deadliest of sins...and it's gonna drive us both."

Mark Cross was someone I had a respect for..he represented the same things I did. I almost didn't want to face him.

"I respect you too Mark. You and Valentina have been tearing it up on the Underground. You earned what you have today...just like I have. You know what it's like to be a have to go through the ringer and fight everyone who steps up. You know why some people like Teddy Warren, Jake Raab and other people hate us? Because they are jealous. They've been gift wrapped opportunities like a brand new Christmas present and they wasted them..we've earned our opportunities and made the best of them. That's why in this match, I want you to come at me like you WANT this belt. This is a belt that'll put you on the map on Climax Control..and if you are successful, I'll shake your hand and tell you face to face that on this night you are the better man..and I know if I am'll do the exact same thing. So I say...may the best man win."

I readjust the title on my shoulder.

"The two of us are also getting a gift...but it's a surprise. See, the match on the Roulette Wheel is a surprise Christmas present waiting to be opened! And like a couple of kids rushing down on Christmas morning, anxious to see what Santa left us under the tree...we could be getting anything! It could be...a ladder match. It could be a cage match. It could be a falls count anywhere match...the possibilities are endless! Either way...I will accept whatever the terms of the match will be once the bell rings. Because throughout 2019 I have been defending this title in every kind of match...hell, I even defended this title in a mud match...proof that you never know what kind of match you'll have. Maybe it'll be in your favor....maybe it'll be in mine. All I know is...I have to do whatever it takes to win."

This really was a mixed bag in more ways than one...what kind of match would I get?

"I'm sure you have been a good boy this year Mark...but if you were to lose, I hope it wouldn't turn you into a bad boy. But're too honorable to stay from that.

Whenever you lose, you pick yourself up and get back in the game like a true athlete does..just like I do. Wherever our careers go after this first ever one on one meeting, we'll be the ones to watch in 2020. Some would say the two of us are future World Heavyweight Champions....I can almost picture myself holding the richest prize in the game sometime in 2020. Who knows?...but that's not I have to fight you for the right to be called the Roulette Champion."

I slowly rise up.

"In the last Supercard of the year...we open the card with two of the best that SCW has to offer. In all of my defenses I have had in 2019...I consider you the biggest threat of all. I knew from the moment you earned your chance at a'd come for mine. I knew that you would look to make your claim that you are without a doubt the real deal. But as much pressure that's on's on me as well to go out there and put on the show of a lifetime...the only way The Jukebox Hero knows how. Two men..only one will leave the champion. And I know how bad you want it to be you...but it can't happen, not on my watch. You want my title....come and get it? At December 2 Dismember...The gonna get Jingle Bell Rocked....Merry Christmas.."

I take the belt and walk away as the camera crew begin to pack it in and call it a night.

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