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> First Name Radio 1.0
Kristopher Ryans
Posted: April 05, 2018 04:21 pm

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The intro theme blasts through the listener’s speakers as the first episode of First Name Radio goes live. As the music cuts away, a voice familiar to SCW comes through, sounding just as cheerful as usual.

Aaron Isaacs: “Ladies and gentlemen welcome to First Name Radio! It’s been long talked about, probably forgotten about by most, and yet we are here. I’m Aaron Isaacs.”

Not missing a beat after Aaron, the unfamiliar voice of the creator the podcast comes through in contrast to Aaron’s upbeat and positive sound.

Ian Lucas: “...and I’m Ian Lucas, who cannot be blamed for this taking months to happen. Just throwing that one out there early on. I think we both know who we need to blame for it, but we will get to that…”

A little nervous laughter from Aaron cuts Ian off, and there is a second or two of silence between them. A third voice joins the conversation, and fans of Sin City can place it immediately.

Kristopher Ryans: “Oh, so we’re just going to be putting this on me then?”

The current SCW World Heavyweight and Roulette Champion sounds almost offended by the accusation, but Ian refuses to let him off the hook.”

Ian Lucas: “If the shoe fits…”

Finding strength in numbers when arguing with someone like Kris, Aaron jumps in to defend his co-host’s claim.

Aaron Isaacs: “I mean first we were a review show for SCW, but you quit. Then we were going to do that PRIDE thing, and that flopped when you and the rest of Jet City disappeared almost two months ago. So yeah, I think we can blame it on you.”

Aaron manages to lay out the facts without striking the same accusatory tone that Ian had, and Kris is forced to back down a little.

Kristopher Ryans: “Well when you put it like that…”

It just would not have been Kris if the pivot did not come just as soon as the duo let out a sigh of relief. Kris took the perfect opening to shift the blame off of himself, unloading it all on the two of them.

Kristopher Ryans: “I guess I couldn’t be expected for two grown men to be able to handle a podcast without me. God forbid you do something on your own…”

Ian attempts to interject, but barely gets out a single syllable before Kris continues.

Kristopher Ryans: “I’m not even a host anymore. I’m just a guest on this bitch. Take some responsibility for yourselves. If you’re going to sit around waiting on me to follow through on something, you better be prepared to wait a while. I’m just about as unreliable as they come.”

Before Ian can jump in and continuing arguing the point, Aaron switches gears, knowing better than to waste time trying to change Kris’ mind.

Aaron Isaacs: “You can’t really say unreliable when you are showing up for the Sin City relaunch just like you promised that you would do. That doesn’t add up.”

There are another few seconds of silence, likely while Ian and Kris attempted to recover from the rapid change of topics. Ian managed to find his words faster than Kris though, and used it to throw another verbal jab at the champion.

Ian Lucas: “Speechless?”

Kris does not waste any time on the shot before addressing Aaron.

Kristopher Ryans: “Here is the thing, that’s just one example. SCW is a place I have bailed on at least a half dozen times--”

Ian Lucas: “...but you always go back.”

Kris is unable to keep a hint of annoyance out of his voice, clearly irked by being interrupted.

Kristopher Ryans: “I might always go back, but it’s never what they’re thinking. I don’t stay in the same box. I don’t fit into their framework. I think that is why I leave so often. The people there always want me to be something I’m not.”

Genuine surprise creeps into Aaron’s voice, and he pushes the subject before Ian could throw in another derailing comment.

Aaron Isaacs: “What exactly does that mean?”

Uncharacteristically, Kris seems happy to cooperate with Aaron’s question, and does not hesitate to offer an answer.

Kristopher Ryans: “It’s like the thing with The Nobodies. Eventually I was winning, and breaking out of that mold. Nobody wanted to see it. I started to feel like it was just not clicking anymore. I needed change. I needed to evolve. It started feeling less and less like me.”

There is a surprise chuckle from Ian that seems to cut Kris short. Both Kris and Aaron fall silent, waiting to see if Ian was going to add anything of substance along with it.

Ian Lucas: “So at that point you felt more and more like an... accident?”

He sarcasm in his last word does not go unnoticed, but again, Kris chooses to skirt it and simply answer the question.

Kristopher Ryans: “Absolutely. I had been around for a while. I hadn’t really done anything noticable for the majority of the time I was under contract. I was a guy that almost everyone counted out from the beginning, and all of a sudden, I exploded. I was Internet Champion. People were paying attention. It was almost like it all happened totally on accident. It was a fluke.”

This time the laughter is legitimate, and coming from Aaron Isaacs.

Aaron Isaacs: “Hindsight is a funny thing now though, right? Kind of weird to be calling a Internet Championship reign a fluke when you are currently the top champion in Sin City.”

Before Kris can respond to the idea, Ian sweeps the compliment out from under him.

Ian Lucas: “Well not technically the top champion. I think Mikah Green has some seniority on you. She’s had the Bombshell Championship longer than you have had yours.”

Aaron flips sides, now trying to back up Kris.

Aaron Isaacs: “The SCW World Heavyweight Championship is the top title in his division though. You can’t argue that.”

Ian does not back down from his claim though, and instead doubles down.

Ian Lucas: “You did not say division, you said Sin City as a whole. All I am saying is that an argument can be made. On the other hand, he does hold the Roulette Championship, which is the bottom one, right? We can definitely agree he is the bottom champion.”

Kris finally rejoins the conversation, but only for a joke at the hosts’ expense.

Kristopher Ryans: “Calm down ladies, you don’t have to fight over me.”

The remark strikes a nerve with Ian, but Aaron cuts him off before the interview breaks down into name calling.

Aaron Isaacs: “So you come back as The Accident, and what happens?”

There are another few moments of silence, likely while Kris determined if he was going to continue playing along, or if he was going to be petty enough to tank the interview with an argument. Luckily for the listeners, he stays on subject.

Kristopher Ryans: “I flop. Hard. I can’t even make excuses for it.”

Ian does not take the same high road that Kris does, happy to offer him an excuse.

Ian Lucas: “Most people blame it on the drugs.”

Kris blows off the comment, and the nonchalant tone of his voice leads listeners to think that he might just be writing off Ian entirely.

Kristopher Ryans: “I think between Climax Control 115 and 135 I won like one match. There were a couple supercards in there that I’m pretty sure I lost. I got injured due to a non-SCW related attack….”

Ian helps him finish the thought without sugar-coating it.

Ian Lucas: “...relapsed, went back into treatment, quit, disappeared, and let everyone down.”

Able to maintain his composure, Kris stays laser-focused on his own train of thought instead of letting Ian distract him.

Kristopher Ryans: “I thought I might really be done at that point.”

Aaron’s voice is sympathetic, and interested in the story which stands in strong contrast to Ian’s hostility.

Aaron Isaacs: “...and then Jet City happened.”

Kristopher Ryans: “That’s when everything changed.”

For the first time, Kris’ answer seems to cut through Ian’s tough exterior, and triggers some actual interest.

Ian Lucas: “What do you mean changed? Teaming with your brother was something new?”

Kris addresses Ian, but only to correct him.

Kristopher Ryans: “Half...

It was the bait that Ian was hoping that Kris would take. Ian takes the opening to push the conversation further ahead than where the other two were trying to go.

Ian Lucas: “We saw all of that play out in the SCW ring as well. You have to admit, the last year or so was kind of big for you. Your team rose to the top and fell apart. You had some family shake-ups. You have some kind of weird triangle thing with Kali Fox. You saw your streak snapped, and you saw almost everything slip away again due to injury.”

Kris does not immediately respond to the shortlist of last year’s events, which allows Ian to pile on.

Ian Lucas: “Are you sure that you can handle coming back after all of that?”

Instead of allowing him to answer the question, Aaron follows it up, but it almost sounds like he is just thinking out loud, not legitimately meaning to say it.

Aaron Isaacs: “...was that the reason that you suddenly just disappeared, despite all the hype surrounding debuting in a new company?”

The pause this time is much longer. Clearly the questions and comments were a little more hard-hitting, or in Ian’s case more hostile, than Kris was expecting.

Kristopher Ryans: “Before Full Circle I called up Mark Ward and Christian Underwood….”

Kris lets out a sigh that demonstrates that he was not prepared to show up and tell this part of the story. He seemed reluctant even to get going.

Kristopher Ryans: “At first I was going to make an appearance, and then I wasn’t. I was going to do the Kris and Mikah show, and then I wasn’t. It was a weird feeling. I felt like I wanted to take part. I felt like I had a legitimate claim to a couple things. I felt like if it was going to be the last chapter of something that was really important to me, that I should take part. That’s not why I showed up though.”

Ian does not make any attempt to hide the sarcasm in his voice.

Ian Lucas: “Of course not. The appeal of winning two titles in a surprise addition isn’t something that an egotistical douche would understand at all.”

Kris goes back to ignoring Ian in an attempt to finish making his point.

Kristopher Ryans: “I saw the main event of something that I loved, and immediately knew why I left. You had these two people who only really cared about themselves, fighting it out in a main event that meant nothing. What was it ever going to prove? People hated both of them. They would have been happy if both of them bled out in the center of the ring before a winner could be crowned. They did not care about the company, the fans, or anyone on the roster. It was all self-serving.”

Aaron cuts off Ian before he can try to interrupt again, but possibly only to make the same point that Ian would have, just in a nicer way.

Aaron Isaacs: “So you showing up was not something that you did for yourself?”

He managed to keep it from sounding insincere, and as a result, Kris did his best to field the question.

Kristopher Ryans: “I made a promise to Mark and Christian. I was going to show up. I was going to be ready. If they were up for giving me a chance, I would go out and win those titles. I would do it to give everyone a reason to go home happy. I would do it to bring all of the loose ends to a close. I would do it so that when SCW came back, they would have someone that cared enough about it to return alongside it.”

Aaron Isaacs: “...and you didn’t think that either of the others would feel the same way?”

The light laughter that Kris lets flow from his mouth says more than his words ever could have. Even Ian has to side with Kris, despite how combative they were being.

Ian Lucas: “Well, look how long Blast From The Past has been announced for. I don’t see either of them on the roster, unless something has changed since we started the show.”

Aaron seems to accept the answer, and moves on from the subject of the recent past to focus on the present.

Aaron Isaacs: “So what do we expect this time around from Kristopher Ryans, huh? Are we going to be seeing Kali Fox coming back with you to manage you as champion?”

Kristopher Ryans: “No.”

The answer seems to surprise both of the hosts, but before they can follow-up, Kris explains.

Kristopher Ryans: “Here is the thing, I am the champion of SCW right now. When the company closed, it took away my championship reign. It took away my voice. I’m not bringing anyone back with me. The only voice that I am going to need, is my own. Kali does not need to speak for me. She does not need to give me advice or push me in the right direction. I’m coming back to live the only part of my dream that I didn’t get to. I don’t need anyone else’s hands on the steering wheel.”

Ian does not hold back his opinion in the least.

Ian Lucas: “That’s not a terrifying thought at all.”

Kris offers him just two words in a response before the recording shuts off.

Kristopher Ryans: “Have faith…”

With that, the podcast cuts away to hype about the announced Blast From The Past signings.

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