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> "Under Fire", Chapter 003
Gabriel Cross
Posted: July 02, 2015 10:44 pm

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"Under Fire"
Chapter 003

June 2015, 1600 hours
Fredericksburg, Virginia, U.S.
[[Cross’ Residence]]

My debut match with Ralphie would come to never exist seeing how before I'd come to debut in New Edge Wrestling something else would come to happen to me, that something else would come to be my wrestling contract with New Edge Wrestling, though not just my contract but every other NEW Superstars contract as well, for Jesse Styles come to announce he'd be shutting down operations and future events until further notice... Some would say this was a headache and it would be for some, but for me I'd just become an exclusive superstar of the very promotion that helped launch my wrestling career to where it is at today, that promotion being Perry Wallace's 4 Corners Wrestling.

4 Corners might not have had the budget of New Edge but at the time when New Edge launched but it damn well had the support having signed such superstars as Jair Hopkins, Jason Cashe formerly Cash, Shane Borderland to name a few and its talent continued to grow requiring it to establish itself a secondary show by the name of Fistful of Friday.

Fistful of Friday was it's name, and the very place that gave birth to “The Scarred Sentinel” which allowed yours truly to showcase his abilities and slowly climb the ranks before being brought up to the main roster of Adrenaline...


Adrenaline, what can one say its the one show everyone is dying to get on and be apart of, and well I couldn't wait to be apart of it until the morning of May 25, 2015 when I'd come to receive the worse news ever that anyone could ever receive. That news being that my wife and daughter Alexandria and Cynthia Cross were in danger of being kidnapped.

As I heard the news I wasted no time in checking up on them, but as you've all come to know I was too late in saving my loved ones from harms way which came in the form of a monster by the name of Desmond Tombs.

Though having not said a word to anyone about the kidnapping of my wife and daughter, it only made it worse on me as rumors hit various websites and then hit the wrestling promotion of 4 Corners Wrestling...

Social Media had ratted me out like a criminal and I hadn't done a damn thing to deserve it as the hate came from all sides from those under contract with 4CW to various wrestling news sites and even social media sites as it spread like a rapid wild fire in the middle of July. The first to name note of my situation was none other then Ramona Lee Epps, who's better known off as Ramona...

Gabriel Cross: “Fucking Ramona, a name that left a god awful taste in my mouth just from hearing it...”

After having been nearly days since the day my wife and daughter had been kidnapped by Tombs the excitement that had bestowed upon my families house had finally died down as did the drama on the various social media websites, though my house was still the scene of an on going investigation, an investigation that involved the kidnapping of my wife Alexandria and our 3 year old daughter Cynthia by the hands of one of man, that man being Desmond Tombs whom other wise was identified as inmate #6734 property of the Virginia state prison, the very prison we had put him in 5 years ago...

Gabriel Cross: “Why. Why me... Why now after serving 5 years of his life sentence he was sentenced too?”

I questioned myself over and over as I sat alone in a house that looked as if a tornado had come through it wrecking havoc and causing turmoil within it. Destruction could be seen in whichever direction you could possible imagine or even look in. The news of my wife and daughters kidnapping was on every possible channel and social media outlet, my personal twitter page was even

being used as way to reach people, of course I had the annoyance of two disrespectful people believing I was the one who ordered the kidnapping on my wife and daughter and thought of my situation as some joke...

The ignorance of some people just to get attention. I thought to myself but then again I had brought this on my family and myself from the time I testified against Tombs 5 years ago when I was the star witness to his case having worked next to him undercover only to betray his trust. I knew then when I stood up in front of that court room and testified against him, that one day he’d exact his revenge on me and my family and sure enough he did.

Tombs played me like a fool, he waited for the right moment to strike and exact his revenge knowing damn well I’d be out of town wrestling for a wrestling promotion but how is the question… it was the very thing that kept me wondering how’d he know on May 22, 2015 I’d be away from my family and wrestling an event for the promotion known simply as 4 Corners Wrestling, a promotion just recently had I signed the dotted line with to compete under...

Alexander Grey: “Cross you can’t be beating yourself up over the kidnapping for your wife and daughter. We will find them like I told you from the start we always have one another back in specially when it comes to one of our own here at the station you know that...”

Captain Alexander Grey of the Fredericksburg, Virginia sheriff’s department told me as he sat down next to me on the steps of our living room as I continued to stare dead into the family portrait we just took not even a week ago, my little Cynthia and my love of my life, my wife the one person who I always could turn to when the heat got too hot for comfort.

Gabriel Cross: “Captain, not to be rude or anything, but I’m not some civilian you can tell that to you know. I know what the chances are when it comes to a kidnapping on getting someone back alive and being that its Tombs I don’t have or hold much hope knowing damn well what that sick fuck is capable of doing having seen it firsthand myself!”

Alexander Grey: “Cross you can’t think like that man. We will get them back!”

The Captain said as Corporal Charlotte King of the Fredericksburg sheriff’s department could be seen arriving and walking on up to the doorstep of my house. She could be seen carrying a black briefcase with her that read ‘For official use only’ across it. Her King could be seen having long blonde that could be seen tied back in a ponytail due to her being on the job and working an ongoing investigation.

Corp. Charlotte King: “Evening Lieutenant and Captain!”

She stated as she crossed over the yellow ‘Sheriffs line do not cross’ caution tape that could be seen placed across the entrance of my home and around the property of my family’s home.

Alexander Grey: “Evening King, found Cross here sitting on the steps...”

Corp. Charlotte King: “Cross it’ll be alright. We will get that son of a bitch trust me!”

Gabriel Cross: “See here’s the thing you all don’t know and that this, Tombs doesn’t care if he gets caught or not. His whole plan is getting to me and he’s already done that by kidnapping my wife and daughter. It’s just a matter of time now before he either A. tells us what he wants or B. Just out right kills them because I betrayed him and the brotherhood...”

Corp. Charlotte King: “Brotherhood... what exactly were you apart of that would make him come after you, after 5 years Gabriel?”

Before I could answer Captain Grey spoke up.

Alexander Grey: “Gabriel here was a part of the Hell’s Angels motorcycle club. He became very good friends with the president over a small period of time and I mean small period of time, it was like Tombs saw something in Gabriel that he saw in himself. Anyways Cross earned his stripes within the club, earning himself the patch of a Nomad, it is because of this that Desmond Tombs targeted Cross...”

Corp. Charlotte King: “But why though, why would he want to kidnap a law official’s wife and daughter?”

Before my Captain could say anything I spoke out, looking King directly in her eyes as I answered her question for her.

Gabriel Cross: “You see the reason Tombs targeted me and more so my family is because not only did I earn the rank of a Nomad, but I was involved with helping him establishing a new chapter of for the Angels, on top of that not only did I witness the murders of various people by the hands of Tombs but I also helped him establish a few more connections with the Mexican Cartel and the Italian mafia. So it is because of them things that he wants to taunt and cause me suffering and he’s doing a damn good job of it...”

I told King as she began dusting for prints and looking for clues that possible could help lead to the rescue of my wife and daughter and the arrest of Desmond Tombs, the very man who’s brought all this grief and suffering to me and my loved ones who he’s holding captive against their wills. A friend once said ‘one’s pain is one’s pleasure’ and indeed he was correct for my pain and my family’s pain was Tombs’ pleasure...


“Ramona… Ramona… oh my sweet Ramona, you have no idea how much I am going to be enjoying our match when you and I shall square off against one another come June 24, 2014 from the Bellco Theatre in Denver, Colorado when Adrenaline airs on national television. Ramona unlike myself you my friend most likely have a record with the law, it’s the only reason I’ve been able to come up with for you hatred you’ve come to show against me over the past couple of weeks on Twitter.

“Something that simple started out as a simple mistake on my part by favoring a post made by the 4 Corners Wrestling rumor mill about you thanks to my phone, in which you escalated and blew way out of proportion from targeting me due to the happenings that have occurred recently involving law enforcement. From the kidnappings of my wife Alexandria, and my 3 year old daughter Cynthia Cross who you instantly had pointed the finger at me due to my position in power as a peace keeper in keeping the peace throughout my hometown of Fredericksburg, Virginia.

”You simply targeted me on them things alone, not because of my past nor of who I am but because I represent something you and I’m sure a lot of others are entirely against in general when they see someone of authority... But then I started thinking, maybe there is more to why you despise me. Maybe you had a rough upbringing as a child, maybe it’s because you were forced to follow rules set by your parents at one time or another... or maybe it’s because like every other person who’s come to break the law you’re afraid of getting busted.

”Well I’ve got news for you Ms. Epps come our match when Adrenaline airs from the Bellco Theatre in Denver, Colorado not only will I make the things you’ve said about me come true, but I will make them a reality of yours in general! You’ve called me a racist over the internet, you’ve called me a pig and even hoped I’d be shot in the line of duty while serving my community as well as suggested that I killed my wife and daughter...

”Come our match Ramona not only am I going to show you what police brutality is but I’m going to enforce it upon you like the pot smoking druggie you are. The term police brutality will have a known new term to it by the time I’m done with you come our match. Blood shall be shed and shed it shall be and it won’t be the blood that flows through yours truly, with god as my witness the fans of 4 Corners Wrestling will truly be treated to something special when you and I face off.

”You talk a big game when you’re hiding behind the screen of your cell phone, let’s see how you fair off against me when we’re face to face inside that squared circle, I’d surely hate to give you an upset going into your match at Ante Up on July 29th, 2015 from Las Vegas Nevada in the Jubilee Theater. I’m pretty sure that wouldn’t look good at all, a guy who just moved onto the main roster of Adrenaline who formerly performed on the roster of Fistful of Friday, a roster for those looking to prove themselves worthy of a spot on the main roster that be Adrenaline.

”Unlike everyone else you’ve come to face, I am nothing like them and nor will I ever be like them. I will come to show you that come our match for you’ve been taking the whole situation that has occurred over the past couple weeks involving my wife and daughter too people I love so much as a joke. Well Ramona a joke I am not and come our match I’m going to prove to you and everyone else that just because someone represents something they shouldn’t be taken so lightly and more so shown and given the respect they so much deserve.

”Allow me to ask you this what in god’s green earth have you done or accomplished in life besides being a consumer of marijuana and a partner less tag team champion who lost their partner due to a few problems that occurred backstage? Come our match I shall not hold anything back, which I’m sure you are counting on me doing because you are a women and I’ve never once in my life ever hit or struck a female but you my friend are going to be the very one I make an exception for, for not only do I plan on beating you, but I plan on implying some police brutality on you and shutting the pretty little mouth of yours once and for all...

”Maybe just maybe I’ll show some remorse for you but it’s very doubtful, for once I’m done with you not only am I going to place you under arrest but I’m going to book you and allow the inmates you eat you alive, for I’m pretty sure they haven’t had a piece of ass in who knows how long besides the men they dress up with wigs when the prison guards aren’t around. June 24, 2015 when 4 Corner Wrestling’s Adrenaline airs live from the Bellco Theatre in Denver, Colorado justice won’t just be served but it’ll be served cold. Ramona just like Lucifer you shall stand trial for the crimes you’ve committed...

”For I am “The Scarred Sentinel” Gabriel Cross and I shall not just be the jury selected for your case, but the executioner and judge as well... Ramona my dear your time has come and run out for the end is near for you, for justice is about to be served ...”


Fredericksburg, Virginia, U.S.
[[Sheriff’s Department]]

It was early morning, about 8 am in the morning to be exact as I arrived to work the case of my wife and daughters kidnapping something that verily rarely ever happens and is aloud due to the possibility of tampering with evidence and so on and so on. So you could assume I was very lucky to be allowed to work the case that involved my wife and daughter. As I walked into our office building, I was greeted by the team and those I worked with each and every day, some told me how sorry that they were for this tragedy, others told me how we would get Tombs and put him back where he belongs and so forth...

Gabriel Cross: “Thanks everyone for the support it really means a lot to me, you truly have no idea...”

I said as I continued on down to my office cubical, as I did a small box could be seen sitting atop my desk claiming to be from an unknown person. As I put my belonging next to the unidentified box, I took my seat, sitting at my desk I grabbed my coffee mug and took a sip before finally setting my coffee mug aside and grabbing the unidentified box. I slowly opened it up, making sure not to tear anything while I opened it due to it might have been sent to the wrong address by mistake.

As I opened it, a white envelope lay inside it. The envelope could be seen having my name written across it in a messy writing style, a style I had seen used before by none other than Desmond Tombs himself, when he was addressing something to someone for something of importance.

Gabriel Cross: “Fucking a...”

I said as I grabbed a letter opener from out under my desk drawer and carefully opened the damn letter Tombs had mailed to me here at my office. As I slid the letter opener underneath the envelope flap it lifted up allowing me to now have access to whatever it was Tombs had sealed away inside this damn envelope.

Gabriel Cross: “No...”

I said to myself as a lock of Cynthia’s hair and Alexandria’s hair could be seen taped to what looked to be a hand written letter as I pulled it out from within the envelope it sat tucked away in.

Gabriel Cross: “It can’t... this just can’...”

I said as Detective Sebastian Stone come walking over to where I sat, as he did I looked up at him with sorrow and pain in my eyes.

Det. Sebastian Stone: “Is that what I think it is Gabriel?”

Gabriel Cross: “It sure is Stone!”

I said with sadness in my voice before putting the letter back down on my desk top. As I did Sebastian picked it up, he could be seen wearing the traditional black latex gloves as he made sure to not get anymore finger prints on it then the ones already on it, seeing how I handled it without wearing any latex gloves. As he unfolded the letter, the letter could be seen reading and stating...

Dear Lieutenant Gabriel Cross,

If you haven’t already figured out who this is, it is your favorite felon and Hell’s Angel Desmond Tombs. Also if you are wondering the lockets of hair attached to this little old letter I took the time out of my busy schedule to write you does indeed belong to your wife Alexandria, and your gorgeous little girl Cynthia, what is she now like 3 or 4? Anyways this here letter is only the start, you shall receive many more along with various other artifacts I’m sure that will be used against me once you recapture me...

You see Gabriel, you’ve always been how I say this as kind and as nice as possible without hurting your feelings stupid, and I say stupid for the simple reason that when you started off with me you were stupid then and you’re stupid now or so it seems, seeing how last time I saw you was on October 13, 2010 if memory recalls correctly.

You and your little pig buddies came busting down my door of my apartment and raided the Hell’s Angels club house, it was then at that very moment I knew you were a fucking pig having deceived me and the brotherhood, the very brotherhood I took you in and made a part of so it’s only natural I come to show your skank of a wife what some of the things you did to some of the old ladies when their old men weren’t around, don’t worry I promise I won’t damage the goods, not yet at least.

I can only image what you are thinking right now Gabriel while you read my little letter. I mean I damn well know what I’d be thinking and we all know that isn’t a lot when a gorgeous woman is in front of me... Oh and just so you know I haven’t hurt your precious wife or daughter at least not yet.

So anyways let’s get the reasoning as to why I wrote you this little letter, the reason I wrote you this letter is because I want you to wire about 2 and a half million dollars into the clubs banking account... no seriously though we both know that’d never happen, but the reason I wrote you this letter is because at the bottom of it, it has a clue, a clue only you will know what it means.

That clue will give you the things you need to have in order to find the next letter I’ve taken the time to write you, again the clue you are looking for is at the bottom of this here letter...


The letter read as Stone and I looked for the clue that Tombs said he had placed at the bottom of the letter he had written me, but not a damn thing could be seen and then it hit me, Tombs liked making his little secrets hidden with the usage of invisible ink, you know the ink that only shows up under UV lighting, or should I say a black light bulb...

Gabriel Cross: “Get me a black light bulb Stone...”

I said as I sat at my desk, preying Tombs wasn't sending us on a wild goose chase.

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