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> Killing Me Softly
Casey Williams
Posted: October 05, 2018 02:18 pm

Freight Train Of Pain

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Casey Williams is seen in his living room in Las Vegas, spending time with his kids, Noelle and Drew. Casey thinks about what Andrew Garcia told him about his ex wife, and Noelle and Drew’s mother, Laura the other day. He sheds a tear, which Noelle notices. Noelle walks up to him.

Noelle-Daddy, what is wrong?

Casey-Sit next to me, and I will tell you. Drew, come sit on the other side of me please.

Both Drew and Noelle sit next to Casey.

Casey-You guys know how your mother had some issues, right?

The kids nod that they both knew something was not right with her.

Casey-Well, the other day, Uncle Andrew called me and told me that he had heard that she had taken too many of her meds and the doctors were not able to save her. She passed away.

Drew and Noelle starts to cry into Casey’s massive shoulders as Casey said that. Casey hugs both of them.

Casey-I am sorry to break it to you guys. I had a hard time finding the right way to tell you guys, and Uncle Andrew and Uncle Ivan helped me find a way to tell you that would be easy for you to understand without missing any important details.

Drew and Noelle wipe their eyes and continue to listen as Casey goes to speak again.

Casey-She is in a better place now, free from her demons. You guys know I am retiring in a few months from wrestling, right?.

The kids nod once again.

Casey-Well, I have talked to my bosses, and we discussed other roles I could do behind the scenes once that point comes, ones that would still allow me to pursue the services for my Autism.

Noelle and Drew smiles as they give Casey another hug as the scene fades to black.

Casey is seen standing outside The Bee Holdzil Fighting Scouts Events Center in Fort Defiance, Arizona, site of Climax Control, where Casey is facing the man who won the Ultimate X match at Summer XXXTreme VII a few months ago in Ty West. Casey calls him out.

Casey-Ty West, the man who won the Ultimate X match the last time we did battle. Yet we both had a shot at Fenris and his world title, and both of us failed to win the title, so the only thing you really have up on me is that you lasted longer than I did in Ultimate X. Nonetheless, when it comes to 1-on-1 battles, you won’t be as lucky when you face me. I guarantee that I will destroy you, and make a mockery of you in the process when I ruin your “good looks”. I am going to advance on in this tournament and be one step closer to getting another shot at Fenris, and preventing you from getting that shot, even if I have to kill myself to do it There is nothing you can do to derail my path to victory.

Casey laughs maniacally while looking very confident in himself as he goes into the building to see some Native American basketball, known as rezball as the scene fades to black.

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