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> It's Sludgin Time, Brandon Sludge/TT
Trenton Tigers
Posted: June 26, 2020 01:44 pm

Enter The Dragon

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Brandon learns about his first child
Off Camera

The workout had run longer than Brandon had anticipated as he took a moment to catch his breath. This probably had something to do with his mind being elsewhere instead of on the training at hand. “Brandon!” shouts Coach Blyth. At first, the sound of Coach Blyth’s voice doesn’t even register as Brandon continues to look off into the distance. “Brandon!” Coach Blyth shouts with a little more boom in his voice. Again, this doesn’t seem to garner Brandon’s attention. “BRANDON!” Coach Blyth screams. The loudness of his voice is able to snap Brandon back into reality. “Yes, Coach,” he verbalizes with confusion etched inside his eyes. “Is everything alright son?” Coach asks while looking at Brandon.

“Everything is right as rain,” Brandon expresses with a soft sigh underneath his breath. Coach Blyth raises his left eyebrow up before looking at the other members of the Strongman team. As they continue to look at each other in silence, Brandon takes this moment to slip over towards the wooden benches near the eastside of the gym. He sits down on one end of it. He looks off at the distance as Coach Blyth continues to coach his students as Brandon is sitting on the bench just keeping his eyes on the far wall. After the final practice, the other students are heading towards the showers as Coach Blyth quietly walks up to Brandon and takes a seat next to him.

“What seems to be the problem Brandon?” Coach Blyth asks while interlocking his fingers and placing his hands in between his own legs. “I’m nervous,” Brandon answers as he looks down at his phone waiting for a phone call. “Why are you so nervous?” coach asks Brandon while slowly crossing his right leg over his left knee. Brandon doesn’t answer right away as a tear forms in the corner of his right eye. “Zelda could be going into labor,” Brandon finally answers as Coach Blyth raises his hand and places it on Brandon’s shoulder. “Why aren’t you by her side?” he asks Brandon. “I was by her side but didn’t want her to be upset as my nervousness was starting to show,” he responds.

Coach Blyth just sits next to his student while letting him sulk just a little bit longer. “How will you know she has given birth?” asks the coach. “I’m supposed to get a phone call from the nurse,” answers Brandon. Coach Blyth sits there in silence as Brandon continues to stare at his phone. Brandon takes a few more minutes to think before standing up onto his feet. He is about to walk back towards the wrestling ring when his phone goes off. He bends at the waist to pick up his phone as he notices the number. He quickly answers it as Coach Blyth is watching while looking at Brandon. The conversation was quick as Brandon picked up his bag. “I got to go Coach,” he says while heading towards the locker room.

Brandon returns to Climax Control
June 25, 2020
On Camera

Into the Void didn’t go quite Brandon had planned. He wanted to bring home the mixed tag titles but ended up being the one who took the loss. He was hoping to get another shot at Wolfslair but didn’t expect it to be on Sunday. Brandon scrolls around the website and notices a video promo from Alex Jones. Brandon watches it and rubs his chin. He watches a little more until he starts laughing. He pauses the video and opens up his own camera.

What up Sin City Nation, it’s your boy Brandon Sludge. I know you are wondering where my fun loving demeanor is. Let’s just say I’m more focused on this upcoming match than normal. I take full responsibility for what happened at Into The Void. I don’t need some jackass with a god complex to question my heart for this business. Alex Jones is nothing more than an idiot. He wants everyone to bow down and worship him. The same can be said about his tag team partner. Who are you to question my heart? Who are you to question my passion?

I listen to every word that comes out of that mouth of yours and I have to stop myself from laughing. Every time you speak, you are always hoping for a world title run. Which tells me you have a hidden agenda. I, on the other hand, have no hidden agenda. My main goal is to bring those Mixed tag titles to the Trenton Tigers camp. This Sunday is my way to redeem myself. I will show why you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. You should also not judge a man by his outward appearance. I am incredibly intelligent when I need to be.

However calling me a fat slob won’t do you any favors. My body is mostly made out of muscles with a little fat cells in between. That’s why I look the way that I do. Now I don’t go around saying you look like a mole with lots of hair all over your face. You are extremely arrogant with your own concepts. You see we in the Trenton Tigers all believe in the cause. Does everyone in Wolfslair have the same goal in mind? No. You all want to do your own thing. It’s pretty evident with Alicia Lukas and Austin James Mercer. They don’t really care about your group. They want to do their own thing. Just listening to you two makes me want to gag. You sound just like Team Eggplant. They were arrogant and what happened to them. They became a non factor in the mixed tag division.

I see the same thing happening to Wolfslair. You both aren’t a true tag team. You are just two individuals who had failed on their own. Now this Sunday you will find out just how good we are in that ring. Char Kwan and myself are going to be the unit you will have no answers for in the end. Because Char and I have one goal in mind. We want to make those tag belts mean something again.

So get ready for a beat down that has been in the making. I know you have heard of the phrase, it’s clobberin time. Well come Sunday, you will come to know of the new phrase, IT’S SLUDGIN TIME.

Trenton Tigers

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