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> Helping Caleb prepare for his fight against Fenris
Jake Raab
Posted: June 07, 2019 11:06 pm

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Archery club day. Gilroy, California. Friday 7th June (Off camera)

It's been hard for Jake the past few weeks with a loss to Kale, it was hard for him since his return to dust off the loss and move on from it. It's also been a few missed acting lessons he should've been attending as he had to be in Anaheim, taking care of Fizz who's Konrad's wife due to the threat of Konrad and Fizz being killed by thugs with some living in the same place as them.

It was for a good reason though, as he hadn't seen Fizz since Samuel's dad's funeral. However, he had caught up all the acting lessons he'd miss, even coming straight to the archery club from the acting school in his home area to do archery. It's the one thing he needed to do since he signed up to the club as Jake hadn't been attending many events and it's clear it's essential for him because of who he wants to be.

Although he had a few friends in the club now which for Jake, was a sigh of relief as he was expected to get a ton of hate from people because of him being a professional wrestler. However Jake had Edgar and Justin with him, although they are watching him engage with other archery men and women who have an interest in the sport and some want to be professionals. Ian who was someone Jake's very close to asks a question while the others have a go at hitting targets

Ian: “So, you portray yourself as someone using archery arrows?”

Jake Raab: “In a way, yes, but it's also because of my love for Arrow TV show. I'm a professional wrestler who's busy shooting archery targets backstage for the wrestling fans, seeing me as a different person.”

Ian: “Oh, yes, of course, you do, but I wonder what made you want to do it in the first place?”

Jake Raab: “It just seems so amazing to have that power in your hands and to be able to fire without anybody telling you not to. I got to say, I feel free from the stress and being more than a wrestler who stands in front of the camera and talks. Archery takes me away from that and relaxes me.”

Gary: “Yeah, I could see your shakes and nerves a couple of weeks ago, while addressing your match with Kale.”

Darren (Coach) “Come on Jake, no time to talk when you need to focus it's not just your turn, but the moving targets as well. Let's go.”

It's true; it was Jake's turn to go and shoot the moving targets as he lines the arrows up, taking a deep breath, pretending the cameras were in front of him to learn not to be distracted and focus on the target itself. Darren explains it to Jake.

Darren: “I know you got to take your time with the shot, but we haven't got all day. Close your eyes and feel the cameras aren't watching you. Just feel the target in your mind, open them and shoot.”

Jake does so as he closes his eyes, taking a big, deep breath each time he feels the nerves and the shakes as he shakes his hands before placing the bow in his hand, picking arrows up and lines himself up and shoots at them. Not all were directly in the middle, but he sees some of the others who weren't having any arrows hitting any targets.

He waits for Ian and Gary to finish up their shots with the arrows, although they see the cameras still being there as a way mostly for Jake to practice shooting with them in the way as Justin and Edgar wanted him to, although they do see Jake being more himself around Gary and Ian. As Justin walks over to Jake, he says this.

Justin Mountain: “If only you could be talking more on camera with wrestlers stealing your spotlight like you are here.”

Jake Raab: “I seek redemption at the moment; I'm not going to challenge anyone, especially when all the title matches have been announced.”

Ian: “Yeah, I always wonder why you've not been getting one.”

Jake Raab: “It's because I had to give up my Roulette title spot up as my cousin's husband's dad passed away with a stroke. It's why I've not been around, but many times, I've had thoughts on wanting to be in the Roulette title contention match, but then I have a few wrestlers who'd dislike the idea of it.”

Gary: “I know you've made mistakes in the past, but you need to move on from them and focus the man you want to be. After all, you are changing without doing very much, apart from being on camera with the archery stuff now.”

Justin agreed with Gary, nodding his head as it's likely Jake doesn't know who he's fighting on Sunday. However, it was his turn again as he walks to the bow and arrow area, closing his eyes, taking deep breaths as this time, there were pictures of some rocker as Jake turns around to Justin and says this.

Jake Raab: “What's this about?”

Justin Mountain: “It's who you're facing on Sunday on Climax Control.”

Jake realises it was for a good reason as it was Caleb Storms in the pictures as he closes his eyes again before opening them and grabs the bow and the arrow and he completely misses it and says this.

Jake Raab: “Fuck.”

Darren: “It's OK; you aren't going to hit the right targets every time, try again until you get them.”

Jake does his usual routine before closing one eye, using the small eye hole on the bow to aim for the moving targets as they were moving and Jake lets go of the arrow and hits it. Then he has two more shots to do as everyone looks around Jake, wondering if he's able to make the shots he's doing and they did, even a headshot as everyone gives Jake a round of applause.

Gary: “Nice shots, Fiery Target.”

Ian: “I agree, and you were well away from the targets as well. However, who was that guy in the pictures?”

Jake Raab: “I'm facing against Caleb Storms on Sunday.”

Gary: “Any reason?”

Justin Mountain: “It's because Caleb is facing against Fenris in a Lions Den match at the next Supershow event in SCW. I guess Christian wanted to give Caleb a test of a preview of what he'll witness with Fenris at Into The Void 8 Supershow.”

Jake shrugged his shoulders, having no clue about the situations happening in SCW as he only been focused on his matches, but he knew he had to take the match seriously, more than Jake would if he was facing Caleb in a regular match situation. He had to make Caleb ready for Fenris, although Jake knows he has to win at the same time.

Jake Raab: “If I have to prepare Caleb Storms to face Fenris before his Lions Den match, that's perfectly fine, especially he's about to witness the worst beating of his SCW career, well apart from the Fenris and Samuel matches he's fought against. They can hit hard, but I aim to hit a lot harder than them.”

Gary: “I know you will.”

Edgar Davies: “Don't underestimate Caleb.”

Jake Raab: “Of course not, be completely stupid if I didn't view him as a target, especially he's full of fire as well as me.”

Jake decides to focus on the shooting for a bit, especially at this point, it was his turn again. He overextended his time shooting at the targets, vitalising Caleb Storms was in front of him with the arrows, although the end of the arrows, they were made of metal as he says this with a bit of smirk on his face.

Jake Raab: “Shoot lots of metal arrows up in Caleb's face incoming.”

As he shoots a lot of arrows at Caleb's face pictures as Darren had to tell Jake to stop as he places his arms out and takes the bow and arrow away from him as Jake shows anger as he breathes in and out.

Darren: “Are you alright?”

Jake Raab: “Yeah, I just had to do what I did as I felt angry inside.”

Darren: “Well, at least it was constructive anger. However, you've done your time here in the club today and seeing you have to travel to Las Vegas, you take an early leave and prepare for the Caleb Storms match because that's more important than this hobby for you.”

Jake nods at Darren, agreeing he should take time off from the archery club as Gary and Ian follow behind him which Gary says this.

Gary: “Good luck against Caleb Storms.”

Ian: “What he said, but win the match at the same time.”

Jake Raab: “Winning along with being capable of turning a new leaf is what I'm going to do. I see you both around next week.”

Jake does just that as he was given an application to join an archery course before he takes his gear off, including the bow he brought with him to place in the car to head back to his apartment. Once Jake gets there, he grabs his bag and a few arrows he had before taking them to the airport to get the plane to Las Vegas. Saturday was all spent inside of a gym for three hours before Jake goes back to Markus's headquarters where Jake's apartment was recently built that's suited for him to stay. He goes to his video room and starts speaking on camera.


Preparing Caleb Storms for an MMA fight. Jake's camera (On Camera)

"Instead of throwing a tantrum over the loss, I admit I lost to the better man two weeks ago, and it was nice to earn respect from Kale Smith. It felt good actually and reminds me why I wrestle to gain respect as I did from Kale. Even if Kale said things I disagreed with, hopefully, it's changed now to prove I'm capable of turning a new leaf.

Now I have to face against a man who seems to be full of fire, a man who's fought one of my family members in the past of Samuel McPherson, the man known as Caleb Storms. Admittedly, I didn't take much notice of you, until I watch you defeat Kedron Williams. I won't talk that much about the past before the first Fenris match because they aren't crucial as of right now.

However, Fenris is a difficult person to take down, especially when he was champion and I wish he still was, but in my eyes, he's still the top wrestler in this company. I think it's a mistake your challenging him for a match again. Admittedly, Christian tricked you into being in a Lion's Den match, but I would've seen it coming. It's clear you've made Christian pissed off and trust me; it's not good.

I've learnt my lesson with that and will never repeat the mistakes I've done again, but still to this day, people talk about the match I had against Fenris, taking him to the limit, making him bleed which nobody else has done. Why? Because I'm an MMA fighter, just as much as Fenris is. Fenris is another guy who's earned my respect like Kale.

It's not going to be easy for you to overcome The Fiery Target because I'm aiming to prove the entire world wrong that I can come back and get another win since my return. I've dusted off the loss I had and focusing on helping you learn a few things with MMA fighting. Not only it's about throwing Fenris off your shoulder and using submissions to win, but you also have to learn to punch and kick as well. I believe you have the ability to focus on your striking because of your size.

But that won't happen today because while today, you have also earned the right to be a fiery target because of you being full of fire to target Fenris, while you are more in pressure to lose the match, I'm not allowing some metal head to defeat me. I will have no problems throwing you around and laying in the punches and kicks to you, while you struggle to fight back.

I will show you what I'm all about, while everyone will see your fears of facing against a former MMA fighter like myself and will prove once again, Jake is more mature than before, something you need to learn as a rookie to not moan and bitch too much. I did, but I've learned from all of that because it will get you nowhere.

It's always been about redemption for me to turn into a respectful fighter who will help, but at the same time, focusing on earning my title shots and getting those wins in the bag. Watch out for The Fiery Target Caleb Storms as I will be the top wrestler in the match by getting the pinfall or submission to prepare you for the worse and you better do something about me and Fenris because otherwise, you'll head for a downfall. Good luck Caleb cos you're going to need it."

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