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> Do you know me now?
Alex Jones
Posted: September 17, 2019 09:28 pm

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I am the fight and the fury, gravity in all its glory
And when I come around, I bring the hammer of god down upon you
I got the whole world swinging from the end of my chain
And I'm calling
I got your life in my hands and every debt will be paid
And I'm calling, stop

Scene One: Dealing with Losses
Off Camera
Last Week

”You think he’ll be alright?” Sonja’s voice was soft and kind. Her hands down by her sides as she wore a beautiful light flowing white dress. The sun was setting on their final day in Aruba before moving to the next location. Alex sat on the end of the bed, his long hair wet from getting out of the shower, he sighed and looked up at his wife pushing off the bed to join her wearing a pair of black jeans as he was halfway dressed to go out to dinner. His hands slid around her hips to the front where he pulled her back against him softly.

He let out a small chuckle under his breath and whispered in her ear. ”I’m fine by the way, no need to worry” Sonja blinked and it dawned on her. Alex had lost to, she turned and gave Alex a small kiss on the lips, her bright blue eyes meeting his as she tilted her head to the side.

She gave him a small tap on the shoulder. ”I’m sorry you had a bad night too, but Austin lost a championship, I’m sure he’s not dealing with it that well.” She looked down and sighed, Alex gave a nod understanding. Austin never complained, he never showed weakness. The only time either of them had seen that kind of vulnerability was when his father passed away and when his son was born. But this was different, this was a professional moment that became personal.

Alex stepped back grabbing a shirt throwing it on over his shoulders doing up the buttons. ”I’ll have a word or two with him but there’s no guarantee he’ll listen or want to talk about it.

Sonja grabbed Alex by the arm and smiled. ”He looks up to you. You two might be different in how you handled things, he might carry himself as older but he’s not. He needs guidance and his father isn’t here to give that…” Alex sighed and shook his head pulling away for a moment before tying his hair back looking in the mirror.

”I know, I get it. But Austin is a grown man Sonja. I can’t change his mind or feelings. I can’t force him to open up.” Sonja gave a small understanding nod but still stepped forward, closer to her husband to give him another hug, their young son Dylan looked up from his position sitting on the floor playing with cars and got up to step towards his parents, Alex leans down picking up the two year old. His hair a light auburn color as he clutched a small red truck in his hand.

Sonja poked his nose with a grin. ”He’s more like you than you realize” Alex scoffed.

”Well he is my son…”

Sonja rolled her eyes and kisses Dylan’s forehead. ”Austin you idiot…” Alex laughed to himself and rolled his eyes. ”Go talk to him…” Alex stared forward and remembered when he was younger…

Dallas Texas
10 Years Ago

”This is bullshit!” Alex stormed into the backstage area. Spike trailing behind. They were both covered in sweat, their long dark hair soaking wet and whipping around as they both paced back and forth. Alex’s hands clasped together, he lashed out slamming his taped fist into the mirror. A large crack formed as Spike looked over concerned.

”Dude, I’m pissed too, but calm down. Alex turned and stepped forward right into Spike’s face. After a few moments he just shook his head and stepped back sitting down on the bench.

His feet popped up and down as his elbows stayed on his knees. ”We worked all that time, we won the tag team titles and for what man?. For what?. Too lose them a week later?” Spike swallowed hard, Alex pushed up on his feet and paced back and forth again obviously upset, angry and frustrated.

Spike took a deep breath and smirked, putting his hand on his friend's shoulder. ”Mate, we’ll be ok. We won them once, we can win them again.” Spike tried to cheer Alex up, for a moment it seemed to work, his hotheaded young friend smiling. Then they heard it, the other team celebrating down the hallway. Alex sneered, Spike turned and looked at the door then back at Alex but it was too late.

Alex pushed passed Spike and too the door, he swung it open and came face to face with the two men who took the tag titles. ”Don’t do it Alex..” He ground his teeth together and slowly backed up breathing deep. It looked to be defused until a voice popped up.

”That’s right, listen to your bitch”

Spike rolled his eyes and sighed deeply, before he could react Alex turned and balled his fist connecting with a right hook, and with that. His career in Dallas was over…..

Promo: I beat you once, shame on you, I beat you twice?..gimme your belt
On Camera
Tortola, Virgin Islands
Present Day.

Apples are delicious. I know, weird way to start a promo but just go with it. It was a beautiful day in the Virgin Islands. Only a few clouds were in the sky helping keep everything warm but not unbearably hot. The tropical climate relaxing and mild.

“I like it here. It’s really quite beautiful you know?”

Alex Jones steps into view as he looks down across the beach, a bright red apple in his hand with a giant bite taken out of it. He closes his eyes and breathes in the salt air as the breeze rolls by, the water so perfectly blue as the sun reflects off it’s surface.

”Last time you all saw me, I was getting prepared to face Fenris, it was on the countdown to the cruise. Summer XXXtreme. A night that wasn’t great for Wolfslair. I mean yeah, Alicia did what Alicia does, she was the bright spark on our little trip. Defending her title again. Austin lost to my opponent this week and lost the title. And I?. Well, I went toe to toe with one of the best champions this company has ever had. Now, I’m not a humble man, I never have been. In fact I’m arrogant as all hell and I will walk up to anyone and put my finger in their chest and tell them that I am better because nine times out of ten….”

“I’m right…”

“Nine times out of ten I can look a man in the eye and say “you’re good, but I’m better”. NINE TIMES OUT OF TEN I can say I am the best professional wrestler on this planet. BUT. One on one with Fenris, that night, at that time...he was the one time out of ten where I was wrong.”

“Thing is Austin beat Fenris and has proved himself to be a great champion and did everything he could to hold up the lineage and the level Fenris had taken that championship too.”

“I respected that. I stood across the ring from Fenris and there was that feeling in the air. You can have it and breathe it in your lungs. The big fight feeling. The air thick with a tension that many many people never understand. You could feel it, you could feel it in your lungs, your fingertips. Everywhere. That is the feeling people had when Fenris and Austin went face to face, hell they had that feeling with Ty and Austin….”

Alex pauses and smiles taking another huge bite from his apple. To make himself look like an even bigger asshole. His other hand sitting in the front pocket of his black jeans as he wears a red, white and blue Wolfslair shirt.

”I don’t really need to tell any of you how good Fenris is, you have all seen it. And unlike some people, I want to face Fenris again. Cause even while I have stood here doing Ty’s job and blowing him in public, I think I can beat him. And there’s the problem. See there’s only a few people whose names are at the top. Ty, Fenris, Austin, myself and Vinnie. The rest of the roster isn’t even in the conversation and no one has the balls to step up. And that really pisses me off. Caleb Storms runs from challenges. Jake Raab does nothing but whine and bitch, Griffin Hawkins would rather go back after Teddy and the roulette title than try for a shot at the top prize.”

“Lachlan Kane would rather try and beat up his asshole brother.”

“The division is a joke. The brass ring is hanging there and only a few dare to try and take it. The rest are content in their little shells. And if you aren’t here to be the top guy, the top champion, then there’s the door, walk through it and close it behind you. See, real champions, real winners will pick themselves up when they fall and will never regret reaching for higher goals and heights. Ty West has lost title match after title match and still strives to win that championship, and now, the current champion, Vinnie stands with the title...a title he had failed time and time to win.”

He scoffs and shakes his head.

”But that all changed didn’t it Vinnie?. At Summer XXXtreme the mariachi, the mesican psycho finally reached the top of the mountain and toppled a man who had been a dominant force in SCW. A man who I work with, I train with and I respect. Now, Austin is and was a great champion, but he and I are different Vinnie, as you no doubt noticed. Austin is full of respect for anyone he steps in the ring with and while he and I both reveal truths about our opponents he will do it in a way where he reminds people of why they are great in the ring, he builds opponents up time and time again. But me?...I look at people's shortcomings, I look at their failings and I shine a bright light on them for the world to see because that is the only way people learn...the only way people can overcome their failures…”

“And that is where Austin fails. He is a six foot six wrestling machine, a man with more god given natural talent than most people will ever learn. But…”

“He doesn’t have the same killer instinct I do….”

“Austin failed against you Vinnie and while he will stand there and clap his hands and show you respect, I won’t. I won’t Vinnie. Because I can see you for what you really are. A fake. A fraud. A liar. You want to be the champion and call yourself a champion but you won’t be. You won’t elevate that title, you won’t elevate the company. Austin failed in beating you and keeping the title and in his loss it will be mine gain as I raise up.”

He pauses with a smirk looking right into the camera.

”Now, I’m not one to look a gift horse in the mouth. I didn’t ask for this title shot, I didn’t demand it, I didn’t politic or complain. No, I earned this title shot, Vinnie, by beating you before you beat Austin. Not that you’d know it. See I get beaten by someone and I show them the respect they earned. I beat someone and I tell them where they went wrong in hopes that they would get better, be stronger and not make those same mistakes. But you?. I beat you and there was nothing. There was no congratulations, there was no recognition, it was almost like the match never happened. And that?. That is just lazy. It’s lazy and it’s not befitting of a champion or someone who pretends to be.”

“See Vinnie, that match, it did happen. You got in the ring with me and you lost. You failed. And you could have been the better man and said something, hell even if it was out of anger, it should have been acknowledged and the fact is that it wasn’t. You wanted to forget, you wanted to sweep it under the rug but SCW had other plans. Se that is why this title match is happening. That is why you have to defend the title against me before you get in the ring with Ty. But this time, this time your loss will have to be acknowledged. This time you can’t just close your eyes and sweep it under the rug. Because this time when I beat you, you’ll lose the title you worked so hard to get. A title that I was always, ALWAYS good enough to win.”

“But you know why I didn’t Vinnie?. You know why I never went for it?. Because of Austin. I am loyal to Austin so I sat back and I bided my time.”

“And now?. Well, now Austin is no longer the champion after having a great run and you are in my sights. And judging by your career, you just had a high, now you’ll have a low. Because you are inconsistent as they come. You rise up, put in as much effort as you feel you need to and then roll on down that hill. That isn’t a real champion Vinnie, that is a transitional champion, and that’s what you’ll be. Because unlike you, week in and week out I put in maximum effort. I put in maximum effort in my training, my promos, my matches and then, unlike you. My research…”

“By the way you big mexican you know me now?”

“I gave you the proper respect and I researched you. I didn’t just focus on you here, I focused on your other aspects, I looked back and saw what you did, but you?. You were too lazy or ignorant to do the same thing for me.”

Alex pauses and grits his teeth with a growl under his breath.

”You stood there and said I was nothing but Austins dog, that I was a nobody and you didn’t know who I was. If that was just a strategy, you fucked up, if that was legit and you don’t know who I am?. Well then you’re just fucking stupid. Fenris made the same mistake when I first signed with SCW, he asked who I was and then after people pointed out who and what I was he realised his mistake, he did research and I gave him the benefit of the doubt, cause Fenris came from the MMA world and is still learning. But you?. You have been around long enough to know who I am. In fact, you moron, we were in NGW together, where I won the global cup and I was a main event star. But hey I guess you just plain forgot right?...”

“Here’s the thing though Vinnie, if I ignore the fact you don’t care about promoting the company or the title properly, if I look past your childish stupidity where you clearly don’t know what you’re doing, if I look past the fact that you are a fake and phony piece of trash. We are left with a large man, who is tough as nails who holds a championship that is respected throughout the wrestling world. Now, I beat you once, I can do it again and this time the title is on the line. So I’m just standing here wondering, am I going to win my tenth wo0rld title?. Am I going to see you actually wake up to yourself and not be an idiotic child?”

“Are you going to get better and grow up and show some consistency?. Or am I going to take that title and be the champion it deserves since you have already made the title an afterthought through not doing a goddamn thing to promote it, the fed or yourself?....You’re lazy’re lazy and in my way. And that title and this company deserves better than you. Austin was the champion we are the champion no one asked for….so I’m going to beat you, take that title and send you home to your silly little wife, before going on to beat your “nephew” at High stakes...cause that what a real champion would do…”

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