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> The New Foundation, Shelby Holt & Ivory Sullivan
Angle Shooters
Posted: October 17, 2018 12:10 am

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You will be booked at least 1-2 times a month. Since tag team matches take place in an intergender division, please let Tad Ezra know if you wish to only wrestle your gender. We will still book you in tag team matches under Mixed tag team rules but keep in mind, tag team titles will be intergender so if you wish not to wrestle the opposite gender, you limit yourself to only singles gold when you do get a title shot. ***Be sure to fill out Singles Application for both/all members of tag team***


*Add more wrestlers if necessary*
Wrestler 1: Shelby Holt
Wrestler 2: Ivory Sullivan
Wrestler 3: Shannon Middlebrooks
Tag Team Name: The New Foundation
Hometown: Paradise, Fl
Personality: TBA
Strengths: Teamwork, Speed, Pedigree
Weaknesses: Egos
Gimmick (If any):
Alignment: Neutral


Entrance Theme Music (Check Taken Theme Song List): Dismissed by ZOEgirl
Entrance Description (Mandatory for bookings):
Liam: From Paradise, FL, they are Shelby Holt and Ivory Sullivan… The New Fountation!!!

"Dismissed" starts blaring as Shelby and Ivory coming bouncing out from behind the curtain. They greet the fans before sprinting down the ramp and getting ready for the match.


***The following moves are specific to the tag team moves***

Signature Moves
1.) Double Dropkick
2.) Drop Toe Hold/Some kind of strike combo
3.) Dual Superkicks

Finishing Move
1.) Ode to Family - Codebreaker (Ivory) followed by German Suplex with bridge (Sabrina)


Weapon Of Choice: Table
Match Of Choice: Table

Superstar Bio: Ivory and Shelby are the daughters of two wrestling legends. They used to be the best of friends until a disagreement drove them apart. In recent weeks, they have slowly gotten back on the right track.
Past Accomplishments: 1x SCU Combat Champion, 1x SCU Hardcore Tag Team Champion

***Be sure to fill out an NPC/Manager application as well***
Manager's Name: N/A
Manager's Pic Base (Check Taken Pic Bases List): N/A

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