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> Why Do I Do This?!
Crystal Zdunich
Posted: April 18, 2019 02:23 am

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Off Camera
Manchester, England
Local Pub

Christina Zdunich found herself in a local pub within Manchester, England. She tried her very best to blend in with the crowd. She didn’t want anybody to notice her as she wore a cap to cover her long purple hair and of course wore a pair of glasses. She was in full Christina mode as she did everything in her power to hide every aspect of herself. Crystal couldn’t help but sigh as she sat there drinking a beer from the tap. Christina wasn’t really that much of a beer drinker but tonight she just wanted to relax as she had nothing better to do. She was waiting for somebody as she took her cell phone out of her pocket and placed it on the table in front of her. A few moments later a very familiar man walks into the pub and walks straight for her. That man is none other than Todd Williams. He walks over to Crystal and quickly wraps her into a passionate hug. Crystal smiles in return as Todd takes a seat beside her as he slowly looks into her passionate eyes.

“Wow I really can’t believe that you and I are actually sitting down about to enjoy each other’s company. This is really unheard of and I want you to know that. You and I don’t really get along and the last time we got together with one another I believe that we slept with each other. At least that’s what happened until our daughter of ours traveled into the past and stopped it from happening. What’s going on with you in your life Crystal? What’s new?!”

Christina just sits there as she seems dumbfounded. She takes a long deep breath as she sighs in return as she slowly looks back at Todd.

“What are you drinking Todd? You can put it on my tab…”

“Nothing just a Sprite… I rather not drink…”

Crystal is taken a bit back as she can’t help but smile in return.

“Oh no drinks for tonight, what has gotten into you?! It’s not like you to leave liquor on the table especially when somebody else is buying…”

Todd just sighs in return as he looks back at Crystal.

“To be honest after watching Brittany get married and turned 18 in the same day I have come to the realization that I can’t do the same old, same old. Brittany doesn’t deserve that and she deserves so much better than that. Especially from somebody like me, I don’t want to be considered the deadbeat dad. Sure I might have given her an amazing life with all of the money that she could have ever imagined but there just feels a certain emptiness. Part of me feels like I failed her…”

Crystal just shakes her head as she looks back at her first love.

“You fail her?! I doubt that… Sure things may have been rough but at least your main constant has been loving her. I can’t say the same. I got drunk to the point that I hit her with a car. I always threw her to the side because I have been a greedy individual. At the end of the day I have always been about myself and that hurts in ways you can’t imagine. I don’t want to be same old selfish Crystal. I want to be so much more than that. I want to be the amazing woman, the awesome mother, and of course the greatest wife that anybody could have but I am a major fuck up. I have failed at everything. As a woman I am awful. I can be friends with you one moment and in the next moment I am quick to stab you in the back. As a mother what did I really teach Brittany other than to be a mini me and to proudly tell the world that everybody else is beneath them or better yet as a wife… I have been in like 6 broken relationships and you just saw what I did to Seleana a few months ago. I let the greed of a piece of gold come in the way of my life with my wife. The person who is supposed to be the closest to me and I quickly tried to stab them in the back. There’s no loyalty and everyone is making jokes of me at one point. I have become the victim of memes and I have nobody to blame but myself… That’s all I am right now. I am one big fucking joke and until somebody finally puts me out of my misery I keep playing with fire hoping one day I actually get burned…”

Todd quickly shakes his head in disgust as he looks back at his former wife.

“So why don’t you cut the shit then Christina. You know exactly what you are doing. Sure you might have been in so many relationships but they all didn’t start out broken. You had put your all into them but somewhere along the way you lost interest. You lost a sense of yourself and you became more concerned with appearance and status then you did with your emotional life. It should never be like that. You need to find a balance and when you get that balance you can finally move on with your life and really go somewhere…”

Crystal just sits there as she lets a few tears stream down her face as she looks away.

“What’s the point?! I don’t even know what I want any more. I know people might tell me this is another lesbian relationship and to be honest I don’t even know if I am feeling it. Don’t get me wrong I love Seleana. She is so amazing and she does so much more for Brittany then even I do but everyone should have known that it would have never worked out. I hurt everybody that I surround myself with. I am meant to be alone. Like I failed Brittany she just recklessly got married and it’s only going to be a matter of time before she moves out and wants to get as far away as she can from me. What was the point?!”

Todd just shakes his head as he looks back at Crystal.

“So is that how you feel, you just think you are meant to mess up everybody’s life. Well if I can be blunt you were the best thing that ever happened in mine. I know you had to ask for that divorce and I totally get why but since you I have been married to two other women and I always had an issue with…”

Crystal quickly chimes in as she cuts him off.

“Sticking your dick in other women…”

Crystal chuckles as she looks back at Todd who just nods his head in agreement.

“As funny as that might sound that is actually the truth though. I have had major issues in that area. I have always had some serious problems and the more women I get attached to the more I realize that I have never really moved on past you. It always comes back to you and I think about our daughter Brittany. She reminds me of our relationship with one another. It reminds me of my time in Detroit and how we had each other. We both didn’t know any better me the son of a criminal mastermind and you the little girl that nobody wanted anything to do with. We had each others backs and at the end of the day that’s all that really mattered right?!”

“Todd that feels like such a long time ago but to be honest I was happy but you hurt me so many times. You slept with my best friend Stephanie and had a child with her while I was in wrestling school. You always had your eyes on somebody or something else. What else was I supposed to do, wait until you finally bettered yourself? No… I couldn’t wait that long I needed to find something for me and I needed to move on…”

“I get that Crystal… Honestly I do. Hell I am in a relationship and I don’t even know if that’s for me. I just got another woman pregnant and the only thing playing in my head is that I am no good for Brittany. She probably thinks that I am just as bad as Halo’s father. I don’t want to be on that type of level of a dirt bag. I want to be somebody. I want to be a good father and I just want to be there for the people that matter. People such as you…”

Crystal quickly shakes her head as she sighs in return.

“That sounds good but I have Seleana and… Well I don’t really know. I feel like I am going to just end up hurting her. It always happens…”

“Look you might have hurt her but unlike everybody else she actually came back. There is something special about that woman, and I know you love her Crystal. Even though you have a hard time of expressing yourself I know you love her. She is everything to you because you wouldn’t have made the effort to get her back as quickly as you stabbed her in the back… Why exactly did you hurt her in the first place?!”

Crystal just shakes her head as she sighs in return.

“I really don’t know…”

She says uneasily as she looks away but Todd just grabs her face gently as he looks deeply into her eyes.

“Don’t give me that lie. You know I am not going to buy it and besides I know you. I know you more than you know yourself so just tell me the truth. I don’t care if you are going to a therapist and I know you hid things back from him but you have me and I would never hurt you. We might not be together but you are still my first love, you are still the mother of my child and I will always respect that…”

Crystal looks away as she looks back at Todd.

“To be honest part of me was getting jealous of Seleana. I tried to deny it but she has been right about me. my star is fading. She mentioned it in her promos but maybe my time in this business is coming to an end. What place do I really fit in? Seleana was becoming everything that used to be me. she was the one in the top tier feud. She is the one that got all the noise when she decked Christian in the face and I was stuck being the ditzy secretary in the office, and now I don’t even have that because I was fired from that. So she can sit there and call me Estrellita all she wants trying to make me feel good by calling me a little star but that star is nonexistent. Her star is rapidly rising and mine is being eclipsed. What more do I have left but to be a big joke. So instead of letting the world past me by I had to hurt her. I had to do something drastic so I could get noticed. That’s why I attacked her, and by doing so I got a main event title match. I got everything I wanted, I turned on my friends and for what exactly?! Just to lose and be out of the hunt anyway.”

Crystal sighs again as more tears roll down her cheek as she continues to speak some more.

“And now look at me I am left with nothing. I have nothing. I am on the outside looking in and Seleana is at least in the conversation. Essentially everything that I tried to avoid is coming true anyway and I am the dumbass who can’t be trusted. Maybe I am washed up and I don’t have what it takes to be a top tier athlete anymore…”

Todd shakes his head.

“Is that what you really think?! You think you are washed up. You just got inducted to the Hall of Fame. Hell you beat a woman that was undefeated. You still have what it takes although I think you are getting too wrapped up in all of it. I think you need to just move on and stop worrying about your appearance. Don’t you remember when you first came through the wrestling circuit…Fresh out of wrestling school?!”

Crystal rolls her eyes as she looks back at her former husband.

“How could I forget… I was nothing more than a valet to you…”

“Just a valet, girl you were so much more than that. Sure you weren’t in the main stream and the companies we wrestled in viewed women’s wrestling as a joke. You were locked into five minute matches and was stuck in stupid gimmicky matches such as bra and panties and stuff but you did so much more than that. You had fun. You worked your ass off to get noticed. Remember when we had that stupid 80s gimmick and I wore the platform shoes, wore my hair in an afro, and you wore the afro as well. “

“How could I ever forget the Ladies Man Todd Williams. I mean being “Kris-Tal Williams is something I can’t forget although my curls were on point.”

“Or how about the Original Gangsta gimmick and you were the queen of the Williams Dynasty?!”

“Yes because I totally enjoyed the thug gimmick and being the female lead…”

Todd smiles as he looked back at her.

“We have done so much stupid stuff Christina but the point is we always had fun while we did it. it was always about fun first and people’s opinions of you didn’t even matter. As long as you believed in it what else really mattered. Those were definitely the days. I remember you working hard to get women’s wrestling on the map and I remember when you won that first World title. It meant something to you because you truly earned it. You didn’t want to be handed anything. You fought for what you believed in and made sure you worked your ass off to get it. Just because you got a little older doesn’t mean you have to be afraid of changing times… Why did you start taking flight and being that high aerial athlete…”

“Longevity Todd… I just don’t want to….”

“Don’t want to exactly?! Be afraid you might get hurt? Crystal when you start thinking like that, that is when you start losing your very identity. That is when Christina takes over and you aren’t the womant hat everyone wants you to be. You need to kick it up a notch. You need to think outside the box and you need to keep it moving. You need to be the best of the best and most importantly you need to be yourself. When you lose yourself what’s the point? What are you looking to accomplish?!”

Crystal shrugs her shoulders as she looks back at Todd.

“I just want to stay hidden and…”

“Fuck that Crystal you don’t need to hide who you are. You don’t need Christina to hide you. Just do what you feel is best. Have fun and let everything else take over. If things don’t go your way so what. Just keep it moving and get better. Learn from your mistakes but never change who you are. Why exactly are you hiding to begin with?!”

Christina looks around as she sighs in return.

“This is Manchester Todd… After the horrible things I said about Cat Riley and her father I don’t want the fans to notice me. She is from these parts and…”

“SO WHAT!!! You are Crystal Hilton… You deserve the spotlight you shouldn’t hide in the shadows. Your name is one that should be in bright lights now and certainly for always so let that name shine brightly. Let your personality flow and just be yourself.”

Christina looks around as she sighs in return. She takes a long deep breath as she takes her glasses off and she throws them to the side. As she takes her cap off and she lets her long purple hair flow freely. Todd smiles as he looks around.

“Doesn’t that feel so much better?! So what if people don’t like you… Does that really matter to you?!”

Crystal thinks about it for a few moments before she slowly looks back at Todd.

“To be honest it really doesn’t…”

“Good because it shouldn’t bother you. Just have fun and be who you know you are. Be yourself and everything else will feel so natural to you…”

Crystal nods her head in agreement and as she flicks her hair there are some English people who stare at her.

“You all have a staring problem. Yes I am Crystal Hilton and I am in your bar. You think I give a damn about what you think of me?! Not really to be honest. I believe that Paul Riley always said that flying is for the birds but if you keep glaring at me like that I might just flip you a bird… Now pour me a drink unless you rather me take my money somewhere else…”

The barkeep just glares at Crystal before he pours her another beer. Todd sits there smirking as he looks back at Crystal. He grins at her as he begins to speak some more.

“Never forget where you came from Crystal. Never forget who made you and don’t forget what brought you to the big dance in the first place. Wrestling is your world and you shouldn’t have to change who you are for anybody. Not me, not Seleana, and not Brittany. Just keep doing what feels natural to you and I assure you things won’t seem as bad as you make them out to be. This is your world and we are all just living it. May the era of Crystal Hilton start again…”

With that Crystal just grins again and it is on this image that we fade out on.

On Camera
Follow The Script

We open up to a shot of Christina Zdunich and she is holding what appears to be a script in her hand. She holds it up to the camera so the viewers at home could see that the back says Crystal Hilton Promo Script. She smiles as she paces back and forth as she looks deeply into the lens of the camera as she begins to speak.

“It feels so good to stand before all of you today. After all I am Crystal Hilton and I am this company’s very own Hollywood Starlet. I am an actress and I am a damn great one at that. The funny thing about living the Hollywood lifestyle and being on set is that there are certain guidelines that must be followed. Most importantly always make sure to follow the script and as long as you do that everything should be okay right?! Look you want to see my promo notes because I will gladly showcase them for all of the world to see… Ahem it says the following…”

Crystal can’t help but grin as she turns her script to that of the cameras and now we can see what’s written on the other side. We can see the words “be very nice, thank the city, and apologize to Cat Riley…”

Crystal continues to look at the script as she stares at it for a long while before she just decides to chuck it against the wall and looks back at the cameras with that evil expression on her lips.

“You know I honestly thought about coming up here and once again giving you that sad sorry type of bullshit. I was going to apologize for my actions to Cat Riley. I was going to say that I am sorry for making fun of her depression among other things but what would that really solve?! I would get the world even more upset but not upset because they think my apology is heartfelt. No they would get mad because they would all glare at me and claim that we are going around in circles again. Here comes Crystal with another face and heel turn. Here comes Crystal playing nice oh wait she’s evil oh wait she’s right in the middle. If there is one thing that I am so sick and tired of it is people judging me. They judge me like they fucking know and the reality is none of you don’t. After speaking to someone close to me this week I realized that I don’t need to hide who I am. I can just be me. I will let myself shine and I will let it come through unfiltered. No hiding behind a mask or being something I am not. You will just get pure raw emotion and if there is one message I could leave all of you with it would be go fuck yourselves… Seriously all of you can go choke on something…”

Crystal shakes her head in utter disgust as she continues to share her feelings from the bottom of my heart.

“The script went out of the window and I am not going to stand here and apologize to Cat Riley. The only one who even means anything to me and deserves my apologies is my wife and that is an issue that I have been taking care of privately but to Cat Riley I do wish to say I am sorry for something. I am sorry that I didn’t get a chance to send your sorry ass to misery sooner because I should have kicked your ass a long time ago. You have no one to blame but yourself for what happened to you. You deserved every bit of it and that’s because you put too many eggs in one basket. You can come on Twitter and act like a fucking nut. You can be obsessed with all things kittens and you can act like a dumb blonde to Christian but I am not buying that. You really can’t be that dense. There has to be more than that when it comes to you…

I find it hilarious that you were talking so much shit and how you were going to beat me in a match but when push came to shove and we actually had our match you FUCKING lost. You just weren’t good enough. You built up this streak only for me to crush it in the end and who knows what you have been doing since you were away. You were probably praying for this day to come so you could get a chance to make me eat my words. You were hoping you could fight me again but it’s a one way ticket to becoming an emotional depressed wreck again. That is what is sad about the entire situation. One lost simply broke you. It cut you and hurt you deeply. You went off into a serious depression spell and you gained the concern from everyone in the company. It’s a joke because if I was in your shoes I wouldn’t have received the same luxury. Nobody would have respected me. Nobody would have even paid attention. They would just have said that I am taking a lost too hard but I am sick of being ignored. I am sick and tired of the world telling me that my feelings don’t matter but for people like you everything matters… That is the real joke in all of this….”

Crystal shakes her head as she really can’t believe it as she continues to share her heart for the cameras to hear her.

“Seriously it is a joke and you are a joke. I don’t think you were even good to begin with. You just happened to get on a lucky streak and you fought people who didn’t even matter. As soon as you had that big marquee match against somebody like me you failed. You dropped the ball and of course you took that ball and you went home. Not only will I beat your ass in front of your home town crowd in Manchester but maybe when I am done with you I might call out Paul Riley and slap the shit out of him too. He can go fuck himself if he thinks that flying is just for the birds. Maybe I might just lock him in my submission so he can praise me as the new queen of catch wrestling…I have so many options I can do but of course they all start with me going through of course. Isn’t that so amazing Cat… We get to have even more fun…”

Crystal chuckles again as she speaks again.

“Maybe after I beat you they should perhaps book this match another seven times because I want to beat all of the lives out of you. I don’t want there to be anything left when I am done with you. I want everyone to witness that the result happened for a reason and it’s just because I am better than you. They say on any given day anybody can beat anybody but beating me in the ring is just something that won’t happen and of course I won’t allow it to happen. I am way too good for this and I will beat the unholy hell out of you just like I did the first time. So let’s switch things up Cat riley because I really must now…”

Crystal holds up a single finger as she continues to speak.

“But what are you going to do differently in this match… What can you possibly do to stop me from having my way once again. It would be pretty embarrassing if you lose to me in Manchester. After all this is your city. This is where you are from so you have the home town advantage working in your favor. I bet all of the fans are going to start up some stupid chant to get behind you but it still won’t be enough because I plan to rise to the occasion. I plan to put you right in your place. I plan to beat the living shit out of you and prove why I am the best of the best and I am not ready to lose any time soon. This match is important to me because I need to continue to prove that I belong in the main event. I don’t want the company to pass me by as some other scrub gets what belongs to me. it is my destiny to be at the top of the food chain and that means that I need to get past you once again. It’s all or nothing for me. I can’t fail. I have to keep pushing ahead. I need this win more than you could possibly fathom. Wrestling is all I have Cat. For me it’s not about making friends, it’s not about being competitive but it’s about being the very best… It’s about being at the top and having fun while doing it…”

Crystal shrugs her shoulders as she speaks some more.

“I will admit that I forgot that passion as I was too jealous of my wife rising quickly through the ranks while I was left behind. That is something I need to deal with and of course my cross to bear but I won’t let you waltz back in after not competing for a while just to come in and get a win at my expense. That is not how this works. I need to prove myself. If I can beat you on enemy territory what does that really say about me? That means that I am a fighter to the very end. That means that I can go into enemy territory and have the ability to fuck shit up. That is definitely a talent and it is something I will take great pride in. I need something Cat…

I need to have my spotlight. Every starlet dreams of being front and center and that is where I am. This is my chance to prove that I deserve to be here. This is my sense of belonging but most importantly this is home to me. it doesn’t matter where matches are fought. True grit is won by the effort and determination in the ring. The whole world can boo my name but as long as I know that deep in my heart I come out to that ring and wreck shit up that is all that matters. That is something I ran away from for far too long. I tried to get approval in the wrong areas. The only approval I need is from yours truly. I can’t beat myself up over stupid shit. I can’t be my worst critic and my own worst enemy. I need to believe in myself and believe in the hype that I can still beat you again.

I know you are going to want to prove elsewise. I know you are going to give me everything you got to show you still have it. You want to show that you haven’t missed a step and that you can still wrestle with the best of them. Why don’t you showcase that in the ring. Why don’t you prove yourself Cat because I know that I will.

I find it funny you are trying to be all buddy like with my wife on Twitter. You do realize I am fucking her every night right?! You also do realize she will be in my corner on Sunday. You can be friends as much as you want because she has my best intentions in mind. Which of course is me winning. You need to watch your back because I will do everything under the sun to try to win this match. Hook or crook it really doesn’t matter I will be bringing that W home… Enough said… Point fucking blank…

Roll out the red carpet, turn the lights on, get the cameras rolling because it is definitely show time. It’s time for your curtain call so take a bow because I am going to roll the credits on your meaningless career once and for all. See you soon Bitch. Try not to throw an emotional fit when I beat your ass once again…”

With that Crystal blows a kiss to the camera and it is on this image that we slowly fade out on.

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