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> Sin City Underground Ep. 25 (CARD), 6-5-2019
Tad Ezra
Posted: May 31, 2019 03:58 am

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Sin City Underground presents: Underground Ep. 25
Live from Halle Georges Carpentier, Paris, France on Wednesday June 5th, 2019 at 11:59pm PST
Segments due to the "Underground" account no later than Tuesday June 4th, 2019 at 11:59pm PST. EVERYONE is encouraged to submit a segment. EVERYONE


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With special guest host and ring announcer for the evening...

Get ready for it...

Here it comes......

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user posted image & user posted image

Lights Out No DQ Rematch - Hardcore Tag Team Championships
The New Foundation (Ivory Sullivan & Shelby Holt) Vs Fire Dragons (Mark “The Dragon” Cross & Valentina)

Last week in Merida, Spain, we saw new Hardcore Tag Team Champions in Fire Dragons!!! YAY! GM Tad Ezra has made it clear that he wants to shake up the roster, to test what they are made of. He’s done that with new Hardcore Tag Team Champions. But, it is his goal to make sure that anyone who steps up the ladder is fit to stay where they are. He’s booked a rematch against The New Foundation (Ivory Sullivan & Shelby Holt), who have proven that they are more than capable of sitting at the top. Will we see that the Fire Dragons win was just a fluke, or are we entering a new era in the Hardcore Tag Team Division?

user posted image Vs user posted image

Warrior’s Brawl Qualifier
Lydia Dawson Vs Catarina Franklin

And the qualifier matches for the Warrior’s Brawl continue. Tad Ezra has made it known that he is shaking things up, and along with Donna, he has taken some of those who think they can coast in SCU and collect a paycheck and thrown them out of the door. He has claimed that there is a round 2 in the works. Lydia Dawson is rumored to be one of those names. She will have a major test ahead of her when she takes on Catarina Franklin who won her debut, then damn near ended Jenifer Lacroix’s undefeated streak last week. Cat is billed to be one of the brightest acquisitions SCU has made lately. If Lydia intends to stay with SCU, she will want to take this match seriously. It’s double or nothing for her, or a showcase of Cat’s style before solidifying her position in the Warrior’s Brawl match at Into the Void on June 30th.

user posted image Vs user posted image

Warrior’s Brawl Qualifier Match
Denise Andrews Vs Merlot Ayano

Denise Andrews has had a rough go of it lately, but it’s not about to get any easier as she takes on the newcomer, Merlot Ayano. Merlot has stated that she is up for any and all challenges, no matter how bizarre they might be, that SCU will throw at her. She has defeated the most bubbly bombshell here, and now she will have to take on one of the meanest and most ruthless bombshells. Denise feels like she’s owed her dues, but hard work is rewarded, and she is being given a test this week as well. Will she prove that her bite is worse than her bark? Or will Merlot show that she belongs right here in SCU?

user posted image Vs user posted image

MMA Match - SCU Combat Championship
Eric Weaver Vs John Blade-Martinez

GM Tad Ezra has said that John Blade-Martinez and Kelli Torres are safe from defending their Combat Championships at Into the Void on June 30th, but he said nothing about being safe on his warpath entirely. This week, he has deemed that Blade will be defending his Combat Championship, and who better to challenge than the man that Blade defeated to win the belt in the first place, in Eric Weaver? Eric Weaver has been relatively quiet lately, but his presence has been felt, and word has it that he’s chosen now to invoke his rematch clause, and Tad Ezra has honored the request. MMA rules do apply.

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Warrior’s Brawl Qualifier Match
Dahlia Rotten Vs Tatsu Ikeda

In the last qualifier of the evening, we will see the biggest bombshell to set foot in an SCU/SCW ring in the history of ever in the form of Team Canada’s Dahlia Rotten. She was on a tear when she took out Angel of Filth in her hometown of Leeds just two weeks ago. As we saw in Merida, she is still not satisfied, and she’s looking to take out her aggressions on somebody. Poor Tatsu Ikeda… Not only will she be taking on the biggest bombshell in the company, but a very angry one at that! This don’t look good for you, Tatsu. It was nice knowing ya.

user posted image Vs user posted image

Main Event
Singles Match

Jenifer Lacroix Vs Chanelle Martinez

And in our Main Event here in Paris, France… Hometown bombshell Jenifer Lacroix demanded to be booked against anyone and everyone if need be. Tad Ezra values his roster a little more than to do the latter. But he has offered Jenifer a prime opportunity in Chanelle Martinez. Or has he? Nobility attacked Le Coven in Leeds, and Le Coven had been banned from the arena for Episode 24. But Tad has seen the ratings from fans in regards to Le Coven against The Good Shepherds, and he has decided to put one member of Le Coven against one member of Nobility, and he is already rolling in the dough! Will Jenifer make her hometown proud and keep her undefeated streak alive? Or will Chanelle show her ruthless side and end Jenifer’s streak, making the biggest impact possible by doing it in her hometown? Questions, questions, questions…

Tune in for this and oh so much more as Sin City Underground comes at you LIVE!
Note: Card subject to change.
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