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Christian Underwood
Posted: December 30, 2018 07:44 am

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Seleana Zdunich
Posted: January 06, 2019 12:50 am

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Friday, January 5, 2019
Las Vegas, Nevada
The Pleasure Dome
9:25 AM PST

The camera opens upon a small radio studio with a guy sitting behind the microphone in a black KKMA t-shirt and a pair of black shorts with the Pleasure Dome logo down the seams.

The Host: KKMA, Kiss My Ass Radio, coming to you live from the Pleasure Dome in Las Vegas. Hey, don’t forget to come down and see the talents that will be taking the stage here later on tonight. The ever popular Ivy Storm, Quinn Rains and Holly Dagger will be dancing at 9:15 tonight and that is always a show you don’t wanna miss! Tomorrow night it’ll be the one, the only, Misty Rains making that stage sizzle like no other and if we’re lucky there will be a bonus show this week with our resident Sirens, so stay tuned for full details from right here in the Silver Baron’s House of the Rising Sun!

He pauses to let a station ID play.

The Host: So right now, let’s bring her in. One of the hottest names on the wrestling scene today after she punched her boss in the face, “The Cat” Seleana Zdunich!

Seleana steps into view of the camera wearing a Crystal Hilton t-shirt with a pair of tight blue jeans and prototype crystal high top athletic shoes.

Seleana Zdunich: Tack…

The host takes in the sight before him and nods as if he’s died and gone to heaven with this job.

The Host: Seleana,. As you all no doubt remember, works for Sin City Wrestling and they will be having a major pay-per-view extravaganza coming to you live from the Gold Coast here in Las Vegas next weekend called Inception and Seleana here will be taking on Delia Darling and her wife will face off with Cat Riley and Seleana, I have to ask you, how do you do it?

Seleana frowns in confusion.

Seleana Zdunich: I am sorry?

The host readily, repeatedly as if the question should be obvious.

The Host: How do you do it?

Seleana’s frown deepens.

Seleana Zdunich: I do not follow?

The host simply continues nodding excitedly.

The Host: How do you manage to stay centered and humble with everything that’s being thrown at you on an hourly basis? I mean, you have Delia By God Darling coming in just to fight you for Christian Underwood. This was after you had a handicap hardcore match with the Metal maniacs where they got two have whatever help, fun and toys they wanted involved while you had your wife and stepdaughter banned from the building. You’ve had offers to wrestle for other promotions thrown at you, at least two of which I know you accepted and that doesn’t even start to talk about the opportunities that have to be coming your way in Hollywood!

Seleana shrugs.

Seleana Zdunich: There are some, ja.

The host nods enthusiastically.

The Host: So how do you do it?

Once again, Seleana shrugs, a small smile gracing her face as she does so.

Seleana Zdunich: I do not know any other way to do things. I moved halfway around the world for a job straight out of University. I worked through several positions at Orana Park in Christchurch. Saw my way through the earthquakes, fourth September, 2010, Twenty-second February, 2011 and then thirteenth June, 2011 and all the accompanying challenges because of the damage. We started saying “Kia kaha” then to each other to remind those of us that were left that we had to stay strong and keep going.

The Host: Kia Kaha?

Seleana nods again.

Seleana Zdunich: It is Maori and means “Stay strong.” It became the motto of Christchurch and it is how I live as well. I say it even when i know those who hear will not understand right away.

The host nods slowly.

The Host: So you’d already made one gigantic move and then you made another one?

Seleana smiles.

Seleana Zdunich: Ja, I had grown weary of things in Christchurch and came to the States for a birthday and never leave because I like being around family and I met someone. That did not last long but then Stacy Jones set me up with Christina.

The host nods excitedly, his eyes going wide at the mentioning of Crystal Hilton’s name.

The Host: Crystal Hilton!

Seleana smiles broadly.

The Host: Oh wow, now that is a smile! You look like a schoolgirl right now!

Seleana blushes.

Seleana Zdunich: Tack… Jag tror?

The host just stares at her for a minute.

The Host: My God, she has to love that accent…

Seleana blushes again.

Seleana Zdunich: I like to think so?

The host ad Seleana share a laugh.

The Host: So, talk about your matches at Inception next weekend. Crystal faces Cat Riley and you face Delia Darling.

Seleana nods.

Seleana Zdunich: Both are directly Christian Underwood’s fault. He enjoys poking fun at my wife and I do not know why. First he could not stop himself at any chance he got and then he seemed to enjoy stirring Cat Riley up and making her wait for a match that he knew would not happen right away. At the same time he felt the need to continue to rain on my wife in public in ways that make me question his motives sometimes.

The Host: In what way?

Seleana shrugs.

Seleana Zdunich: I wonder what he gets out of it sometimes. Maybe he gets gratification from manipulating others’ lives because he is unhappy in his own?

The host nods slightly.

The Host: So he caused both of your matches to happen?

Seleana nods in response.

Seleana Zdunich: Cat wanted to face Christina a long time ago but could not because Christina was bust facing another on the show Cat wanted. Now Christina is given the opportunity to show Cat why she must wait for Crystal F**king Hilton, not the other way around.

The Host can’t help but smile at this.

The Host: And he set yours up?

Seleana nods.

Seleana Zdunich: He was not pleased with me so he is setting obstacles to attempt to make my life difficult.

The host giggles knowingly.

The Host: Because you broke his face?

Seleana nods and the host can’t help but laugh.

The Host: Folks, I’m telling you right now! If you can see that clip, it is priceless! The guy starts talking, Seleana barges out, barks at him to stop. He smirks, asks her what she is going to do about it if he doesn’t, gets right up in her grill and Seleana belts him with a right cross that made him ruin his outfit! So he fires you…

Seleana nods.

Seleana Zdunich: Ja…

The Host: And then “Hot Stuff” Mark Ward hires you back the next week and in between, you’ve got NCW making an offer, you’ve got GWW making hay out of it, you’ve got several other companies making overtures to you…

Seleana nods again.

Seleana Zdunich: Ja.

The Host: Then you walk back in and Christian starts coming for you?

Seleana nods.

Seleana Zdunich: Ja, he put me in match where Christian and Brittany were not even allowed in the building. It was supposed to be two on one but it was also under hardcore rules.

The host grins.

The Host: No rules.

Seleana nods again, shrugging slightly.

Seleana Zdunich: So the Metal Maniacs bring weapons, they bring numbers, they bring fire and they bring all they can and they cannot break me! Now he go and get big name Bombshell. Incredible list of credentials just to come in and out me down.

The host nods slowly.

The Host: I cannot wait to see this match! Seleana Zdunich, Delia Darling, SCW Inception, January 13th, The Gold Coast here in Las Vegas! You also get Crystal Hilton versus Cat Riley, which is an incredible grudge fight that’s been waiting to happen for months and a championship unification match between Dani Weston and Alicia Lukas that is gonna be off the hook! Seleana, thank you for being here.

Seleana nods happily.

Seleana Zdunich: Of course, thank you for having me on your show.

The Host: That’s Seleana Zdunich everyone and we’ll be right back with the Bishop of Blood and Carnage himself, the Silver Baron, stop starin! Catch you on the flip side of this breaks, pimps and playas, we out!


Seleana stands up, shakes the hosts hand and steps out the door into the hallway that leads back to the main area of the Pleasure Dome. As she steps out and looks at the stairs that lead up to the second level, Seleana nods, taking it all in. The Pleasure Dome had a reputation even in Las Vegas. It was run by a half-Canadian, half-Mexican wrestler/pimp named Vega Knight that everyone called the Silver Baron. His security staff was headed by fellow professional wrestlers Warrick Craven and Fraser Freeman, though the Englishman, Freeman, was on an extended leave of absence to deal with an alcohol and anger management problem that had led to several run-ins with various local entities. Somehow, Craven had always managed to soothe things over in the nick of time to keep the place running. As Seleana decides how much longer she should stay here, a dark haired woman wearing an American flag bikini comes walking up to her, a smile apparent on her face even as her pale skin seems to almost glow here.

Seleana Zdunich: Miranda?

The dark-haired woman nods. Seleana had known this woman by name only. She was Miranda Raines, an exotic dancer who happened to eb the cousin of milti-time world champion wrestler, Robbie Priest, and Robbie just happened to be married to Seleana’s cousin, Alexi Zdunich-Priest.

Miranda Raines: Nobody has called me that in years.

The two shake hands and then a quick hug.

Seleana Zdunich: No, what do they call you then, Chickie?

Miranda grins.

Miranda Raines: Misty Rains, though Robbie still calls me Mandy sometimes. Guess he just can’t break old habits sometimes.

Seleana nods knowingly.

Seleana Zdunich: So, you are attraction here?

Miranda shrugs.

Miranda Raines: One of them, I spose. I’ve worked upstairs before, not as often. Never worked the back rooms though. I’m not into cameras like that.

Seleana frowns.

Seleana Zdunich: Cameras?

Miranda nods.

Miranda Raines: Baron started making movies with the girls a couple of years ago right before that company the Knights wrestled for closed.

Seleana nods slowly. The Knights were the Sin City Knights, the tag team the Silver Baron had formed with Freeman and Craven.

Seleana Zdunich: So, you do not simply dance here? I thought this was just big bar and party place?

Miranda nods slowly.

Miranda Raines: It is but…

She cocks her head for a second.

Miranda Raines: Oh God, you don’t know, do you?

Seleana’s frown deepens still.

Seleana Zdunich: I do not know… what?

Miranda glances around the place and then moves her to here fewer people can see her.

Miranda Raines: This is bar, strip club, brothel, porn studio, radio station…

She pauses and ticks off the list in her own head.

Miranda Raines: Baron’s even put in a regular television production studio too. He’s expanded to opening one down in mexico and is gone down there a lot. I heard he was gonna have Freeman open one somewhere basically on his own too. Ricky would basically run this one. “Baron’s Plan For World Domination” he called it. I think if he could find a way to get this place licensed as a dispensary, he would jump on that in a heartbeat.

Seleana looks around and takes the place in.

Seleana Zdunich: I am in a…

Comprehension dawns and she shakes her head.

Seleana Zdunich: I heard stories but I thought they were exaggerated.

Miranda shrugs.

Miranda Raines: You hear about all the drugs too?

Seleana nods.

Seleana Zdunich: I hear stories.

Miranda nods almost apologetically.

Miranda Raines: They’re probably all true to some extent, I’m afraid. There’s a lot of us who enjoy a bit of something and this place practically pays us to party however we want to.

Seleana nods.

Seleana Zdunich: I will have to tell Christina all about this then. It is possible she will be angry with me for coming here.

Miranda frowns.

Miranda Raines: Christina… ?

Seleana nods to her shirt and Miranda’s eyes go wide.

Miranda Raines: Oh, right, your wife!

Miranda stares at the shirt for a few minutes and then smirks.

Miranda Raines: She is one hot bitch!

Seleana shrugs.

Seleana Zdunich: She is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.

Miranda can’t help but smile.

Miranda Raines: You’re married and you still think that about her?

Seleana nods, smiling broadly.

Miranda Raines: Goddamn, give me some of whatever you’re on because that is awesome!

Seleana shrugs.

Seleana Zdunich: I know she hears others say she is aging, she is fading, she is whatever else you can say for somebody on the wrong end of their career, but they are all wrong. She is none of those things. She is a wonderful competitor, teacher, partner…

Seleana stares into the distance going starry-eyed for a second.

Seleana Zdunich: She is everything I could ever ask for!

Miranda smiles and then hugs the Swedish Bombshell.

Miranda Raines: I hope you never lose that. Tell Alexi and Robbie I said hi.

Seleana nods and the two part, Seleana heading out the door and making her way to the parking lot where she pauses to stare at the car sitting there just waiting for her to make the drive back to Los Angeles, a brand new jet black 2019 Maserati Quattroporte still wearing its showroom shine.

Seleana Zdunich: How did I get so lucky?

She stares at the car and just shakes her head.

Seleana Zdunich: And that jävla fan…

She shakes her head and quickly gets her selfie stick from the car’s backseat. Within seconds, the camera is on and ready to go.


Seleana nods as she stands in front of the car.

Seleana Zdunich: I stand here and I marvel at where I am when a year ago, I was quaking in my boots worried about how I would do getting into a wrestling ring. I had seen my cousin, Alexi, do it years ago when she was a tag team wrestler and calling herself Storm. I watched her win a few tag team championships with her partner, Raevyn Lilja, and I watched her win a hardcore championship. I cringed watching her have to enter the steel cage for wargames matches alongside her husband and I watched her get hurt badly when someone wanted to send a message to her husband through her.

She pauses to watch as a happy couple walk passed her.

Seleana Zdunich: I wondered…

Shrugging, she looks back into the camera.

Seleana Zdunich: Is this for me?

She looks down and then nods to herself.

Seleana Zdunich: I watched my sister, Zenna, just a year younger than me, and I watched her climb into the ring and have to deal with a man who got nicknamed “Little Rapey” because of an incident that happened at a company function at the Hard Rock in Florida. I watched her have to deal with the fallout as that man was run out of the company and the sport on a rail. I watched her compete and get caught in a love triangle that eventually turned so violent that both she and her soon to be wife suffered ankle injuries and then ended up leaving the sport for several years because of alcohol and drug problems that crippled them both. I watched her fall into the abyss, climb out only to fall back in and have to climb out all over again and while it gave me joy to see her triumph over her demons and it gave me hope that we would one day stand in a ring together, it also made me wonder…

Seleana looks back up to the camera.

Seleana Zdunich: Is this worth it?

She nods and walks over by the driver’s side door of the car.

Seleana Zdunich: I climbed into the ring, knowing all the horrible things that could happen. I had many horrible things thrown at me by people who decided before i ever walked in the door that I was not worthy of being there either because they had decided i no pay dues enough or because they already hated me due to who my wife is. They have decided that all of the things she might have done before…

Seleana leans back against the car and nods to the camera.

Seleana Zdunich: And I admit, I am ignorant to her full history. I do not know everything she has done for every second of every day for the entirety of her life so, ja, it is possible that she has done some things to not be proud of in her life. But she also has five rings on her fingers that say she has done many others things that are things to be quite proud of. She has four Hall of Fame rings that say she is one of the best to ever lace up a pair of boots and she has a ring on her other hand that says she took my name even though hers had more cache in the entertainment business!

She pauses, and again, nods to herself.

Seleana Zdunich: But it also made me wonder, what is in this match for Delia Darling?

Her head cocks slightly to the ring.

Seleana Zdunich: What is there that Christian Underwood can give you that you cannot have gotten yourself, Delia?

She nods as if begging the question.

Seleana Zdunich: Money?

She shakes her head.

Seleana Zdunich: You are Delia Fucking Darling, you have a name that means something in this sport and you could gain a high paying position anywhere you wanted any time you wanted.

Seleana Zdunich: Championship standing then?

Again, Seleana shakes her head dismissively.

Seleana Zdunich: You have such a name that you could walk into any company, including this one and challenge for a championship with no one giving a second look. In deed, you could say you wish to face the winner of Dasni Weston and Alicia Lukas and everyone would think this was a splendid idea. So, what then?

She shrugs questioningly.

Seleana Zdunich: Power?

Once again, she shakes her head in dismissal of the idea.

Seleana Zdunich: Again, you already have such standing that you could call together the proper resources and make your own company of anything you wished and thus gain whatever power you desired all by yourself, so what can Christian promise you that you could not get yourself?

She shrugs interrogatively one more time.

Seleana Zdunich: The chance to cut something off before it starts and have yourself a little fun while you do it?

She nods.

Seleana Zdunich: That sounds about right and it also sounds like something Christian would go for. Go find himself the biggest naem he can find and offer her the chance to destroy something before it truly gets started.

She changes hands with the stick and then looks up into the camera definitely.

Seleana Zdunich: I look forward to the challenge and I will enjoy every second of this no matter what happens because I already know that you cannot accomplish what Christian wants. You cannot break me!

She glares up, her defiance increasing in intensity.

Seleana Zdunich: Christian tried to rid himself of me on his own and he failed! He tried to get the Metal maniacs to do it, even stacked the odds and let them do whatever they wished and they failed!

She pauses and chuckles slightly.

Seleana Zdunich: One even ended up burned in the process. And now it is you…

She nods in respect.

Seleana Zdunich: You will not break me, Delia, no matter what you do. You will not because you cannot! I have been through too much, seen too much, eaten too much shit from too many people to allow you to walk back into Sin City Wrestling working for that skit and go down the way he wants me to!

She nods sternly.

Seleana Zdunich: You will not break me, Delia, and when you fail at your mission, what will Christian do to you in retribution?

Sher shrugs, smirking slightly.

Seleana Zdunich: I do not know, but it will be fun to see. Enjoy the ride, it’s going to get bumpy!

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Seleana Zdunich
Posted: January 12, 2019 12:21 am

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Tuesday, January 8, 2019
Reno, Nevada
Reno-Sparks Livestock Events Center
Galactic Women’s Wrestling
Tuesday Night Enterprise
10:25 PM PST


The show had been an almost total family affair for Seleana Zdunich, or, at least, that was how it had been schedule to be. Her stepdaughter, Brittany “B-Brat” Williams was schedule to accompany her girlfriend and new tag team partner, Haylie Jo “Halo” Annis to the ring for Halo’s second match ever. B-Brat would then be required to return to the back so that no interference was possible. Seleana’s wife, B-Brat’s mother, Crystal Zdunich, was also scheduled to wrestle on the show and then in the main event, Seleana’s cousin, Maja Lindström, and her younger sister and tag team partner, Zenna Zdunich, were scheduled to be in the main event of the show wrestling in a three-way dance for the Conquest Championship. This was to be Maja’s first main event and the fact that she got to share it with her cousin and Hybrid Wrestling tag team partner, Zenna, was going to make it all the more sweet for the whole family.

The first few matches had gone off without a hitch. B-Brat had abided by the rules set forth to her with no complaints and Halo and Crystal had both competed as usual. Maja had made her way out to the ring and Zenna’s music had started only for the camera to come backstage and find several people, Seleana included, checking on the fallen Zdunich, a heinous attack having taken place that would keep Zenna from her appointed championship match.

Now, having ridden up the street to the hospital with Zenna, Seleana returns to check on the rest of her family. As she turns the corner, she bumps into Halo, the two women nodding to each other.

Halo: How’s y’all’s sister doin’?

Seleana sighs heavily.

Seleana Zdunich: She was rendered unconscious by her assault. She was awake when I came back to find out about Maja and the match. Lis is there with her now.

Lis was Alissa Lacroix, the bassist in Zenna’s band, American Murder Log, her manager and soon-to-be sister-in-law. Halo takes this information in and then nods slowly.

Halo: Miss Crystal is in the shower. B’s in her dressing room practicing a promo for something, almost sounds like she’s reading lines over and over, which I spose is possible with the movie and all.

Seleana nods slowly. This definitely sounded like a possibility, especially after the trip to Mexico that had just happened to show off Crystal’s beginnings to her daughter.

Halo: Is y’all gonna go back to the hospital tonight?

Seleana nods.

Seleana Zdunich: Ja, they might need to hold Shenzi, they do not know and if they do, I will need to call Li back in New Orleans to tell her to come here.

Li was Alissa Lacroix’s elder sister, the vocalist for American Murder Log and Zenna’s fiancée, Hybrid Wrestling Honor Champion Linnéa Lacroix. Halo nods once again in response.

Halo: This sucks, can’t even enjoy my match tonight…

Seleana puts her hands on the younger woman’s shoulders, looking her dead in the eyes.

Seleana Zdunich: Kia kaha, Chickie! You have done well for yourself in your two matches here. No one expected what you gave everyone. You worked hard to get yourself here and I would be willing to bet that Christina and Brittany are both proud of you. You probably remind Christina of herself in a way.

Halo frowns in confusion.

Halo: How would I remind her of anything? I’m not her in the slightest, Miss Seleana.

Seleana nods firmly, her hands remaining firmly on the young woman’s shoulders.

Seleana Zdunich: Ja det är du. Think of it, she was young, she was poor, she was desperate and she was willing to go to lengths others were not to make something of her. Before you moved in with us last year, what were your circumstances?

Halo stares at Seleana, looking like she’d rather be talking about anything else on the planet right now.

Halo: Logan had just…

She closes her eyes, her bottom jaw vibrating wildly as she bites her bottom lip.

Halo: I… I had just… found…

Seleana closes her eyes and pulls Halo into a full embrace.

Seleana Zdunich: Det är okej. Du är säker. Det är okej.

Halo clamps onto her like a small child to its mother and Seleana hugs her back.

Seleana Zdunich: You were just like me in that way. I had just lost Twain when I was set up on a date with Christina. The circumstances were different but the result was the same.

Seleana pats Halo on the back of the head and then steps back, taking the young woman’s face into her hands.

Seleana Zdunich: But think on the other circumstances you were in, ja?

Halo nods, blinking the tears away.

Halo: I was poor, I was homeless…

Seleana nods, a smile coming to her face.

Halo: I was on my own and had nothing…

She pauses and starts to look away in shame and embarrassment.

Halo: I drank too much…

Halo bites her bottom lip again and then shakes her head, visibly disgusted with herself.

Halo: I did many things I should never be proud of…

Seleana nods and gently guides her chin so that the younger woman is looking Seleana in the eyes again.

Seleana Zdunich: Christina was much the same. She has done many things she is not proud of. She came from very humble beginnings and rose up to overcome them much as you are doing. I do not know that she has overcome what you have, your mother’s fatal habits, your father’s…

Halo nods in acknowledgement.

Seleana Zdunich: But you and your sister are doing wonderful in setting yourselves apart above those things. It is true you both could have gone down your mother’s path at one time.

Halo nods again in ashamed acknowledgement.

Seleana Zdunich: But are you now?

Halo looks up and cocks her head in confusion.

Halo: I’m … sorry?

Seleana nods forcefully.

Seleana Zdunich: Are you currently in the same place your mother was before she die?

Halo nods slightly before pondering the truth of the question.

Halo: No… I am not…

Seleana Zdunich: Is Amy?

Halo shakes her head like the question is absurd just on its face.

Halo: No, not since she joined Goldi in Asheville and decided to go to the Hybrid Combat School with her. She wanted to be able to pass all the tests to get in and then make everybody proud when she got rollin’.

Seleana nods knowingly.

Seleana Zdunich: We’ve all had things we’ve had to overcome. Christina was a teenage mother that was told repeatedly she’d ruined her life and thrown away her athletic career. She was not supposed to amount to anything and yet now she has won thirteen world championships and gained election to four halls of fame. Most do not like to admit it but she has worked hard, much harder than others care to ever admit, to get where she has gone and still she has obstacles to overcome in the form of those that will not even acknowledge that she has any achievements, much less the ones she has. You hear it all the time, every day. People tell her she is a fraud, that she is aging and has nothing left. They tell her she is a washed-up old lady at thirty-one years old. Yet, you look around and see many of the top fights only started reaching their prime at her age. She has only scratched the surface of her potential.

Halo nods, the frown now gone.

Seleana Zdunich: Brittany and you are both teenagers, just starting out. You have to overcome your own youthful lack of patience and the fact that some will discount you simply because of who your family is. You will both learn, you will both grow and you will both achieve untold greatness. I know this…

Halo stares at Seleana in wonder.

Halo: You do?

Seleana nods.

Seleana Zdunich: I do. Now, let us go collect our family, ja?

Halo smiles.

Halo: Ja.

The two women walk to the dressing rooms and Halo cuts into the one that currently contains Brittany while Seleana goes into another to wait for her wife. The next few days would be interesting to say the least.

Friday, January 11, 2019
Las Vegas, Nevada
Hotel room
10:25 PM PST


Seleana Zdunich sits in a room at the Luxor in Las Vegas, waiting for her wife, Christina, to return from a quick trip to one of the shops in the walkway that connects the casino to the Mandalay Bay next door. Plans had been made to go to one of the nicer places around for dinner, though which one was being kept a surprise since Christina enjoyed putting on a show of things that way. To pass the time as she waited, she sets up a video call with her sister, Zenna, in New Orleans. A second later, Zenna’s smiling face greets her.

Seleana Zdunich: Hur mår du, Shenzi?

Zenna brushes her red hair back off her face and shrugs slightly.

Zenna Zdunich: Jag mår bra. Jag är glad att jag inte ska slåss imorgon.

Seleana nods. This was probably a fortuitous thing that Hybrid Wrestling had chosen not book her for their Ascension show on saturday this particular weekend. It would mean she would get more time to try to heal from the attack on Tuesday.

Seleana Zdunich: Kommer du att kunna snart?

Zenna nods, looking like she’s trying to convince herself of the truth in her words.

Zenna Zdunich: Ja, jag borde vara redo nästa vecka. Jag hoppas.

The “I hope” at the end told Seleana all she needed to know about the situation. Zenna would need the time off she was going to receive if she was to come back at full strength.

Seleana Zdunich: Vet du vem som attackerade dig?

Zenna shakes her head. She had not really seen much of anything before going down to the floor during the attack.

Zenna Zdunich: Nej.

Seleana sighs. This lack of knowledge might complicate things moving forward.

Seleana Zdunich: Tror du att det var någon inom Galactic eller kunde det ha varit Christian Underwood?

Zenna frowns in confusion.

Zenna Zdunich: Tror du att han skulle komma för mig?

Seleana shrugs. There were very few things she would put past Christian Underwood doing in retaliation, especially when it came to family.

Seleana Zdunich: Jag gör men jag har inget bevis på att han gjorde det.

Zenna nods slowly before turning to face somebody off-camera.

Zenna Zdunich: Li heard, want to say hej.

Seleana nods.

Seleana Zdunich: Okej.

Zenna quickly switches places with her fiancée and the slightly grim face of the raven-haired Linnéa Lacroix meets the eyes of Seleana.

Linnéa Lacroix: Why do you think this Underwood would have been responsible? Does he usually step outside of Sin City?

Seleana shrugs.

Seleana Zdunich: I do not know that he did anything to Shenzi, just that I would not be surprised if his current plan does not do what he wishes it to that there will be a Plan C.

Linnéa frowns.

Linnéa Lacroix: Plan C? What happened to Plan A?

Seleana nods over the screen.

Seleana Zdunich: Plan A was to fire me. Mark Ward make sure that not work. Then his next Plan A was the Metal maniacs and that no work either. I survive. Plan B come Sunday in Delia Darling.

Linnéa nods slowly, taking all the information in.

Linnéa Lacroix: So if Delia doesn’t end you…

Seleana nods knowingly.

Seleana Zdunich: There will be the need for a Plan C.

Linnéa just shakes her head.

Linnéa Lacroix: Why would he do this?

Seleana almost laughs.

Seleana Zdunich: I did not know my place. Then I break his face and I no stay gone.

Linnéa nods, grimacing in acknowledgement.

Linnéa Lacroix: I spose that would represent a problem for him, wouldn’t it? You do that in public and then he gets undercut on punishing you?

Seleana nods.

Seleana Zdunich: Ja, he must have Plan C because Plan B will not end me either.

Linnéa frowns, obviously pondering this thought.

Linnéa Lacroix: Yes, but ain’t it too early to have started Plan C?

Seleana cocks her head slightly. What was Linnéa getting at?

Linnéa Lacroix: I mean, did he start Plan B before Plan A failed or did he show full confidence that Plan A would work?

Seleana thinks on this for a second.

Seleana Zdunich: So you think I am jumping to conclusions about Shenzi?

Linnéa nods.

Linnéa Lacroix: It’s possible, since you would think he’d figure Delia would able to do what was needed and he could wait on the next one.

Seleana nods slowly.

Seleana Zdunich: You think he will go after her later?

Before Linnéa can even start to answer, Seleana continues on.

Seleana Zdunich: Or Christina?

Linnéa starts but again Seleana’s overzealousness cuts her off.

Seleana Zdunich: Or Brittany or Halo?

Linnéa raises her hands to slow Seleana down.

Linnéa Lacroix: Sarabi, lugna ner dig. Concentrate on Delia and worry about other things later or he won’t need any other things!

Seleana stares at the screen and nods.

Seleana Zdunich: You are right, Li, you are right.

Just then the door to the room opens.

Seleana Zdunich: Christina is back, I must go. I love you, take care of Shenzi!

Linnéa nods and the screen switches off.

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