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> "Reality or Fantasy...", Chapter 002
Gabriel Cross
Posted: July 02, 2015 08:11 pm

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OOC:- Please note this match never took place due to New Edge Wrestling going on a Hiatus until further notice, though this is the piece I wrote for my match that never took place because of the hiatus. With that in mind I hope you still enjoy it as I wanted to continue the Cross story...

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"Reality or Fantasy"
Chapter 002

Monday, May 25, 2015, 1400 hours
Fredericksburg, Virginia, U.S.
[[Sheriff’s Station]]

My back hurt like a fucking bitch, Ugh… what the hell, I felt like I just got hit by a mother fucking train or something. It felt pretty nice to be home and back to my second love serving my community as Lieutenant of the Sheriffs Department here in Fredericksburg. But then again my wrestling debut I had for the wrestling promotion known only as 4 Corners Wrestling was unforgettable and why I say that is because my debut match against Lucifer and Dante Albright on the Fistful of Friday brand in Austin, Texas will always be something I will always come to cherish seeing how it was my first wrestling match I did for 4 Corners Wrestling.

With that being said I look to enter yet another promotion to right the wrongs done within the realms of the promotion that be New Edge Wrestling, but wow... did I feel pretty damn shitty and my back pain only continued to hurt as I slowly crawled out of my Red 2014 Ford Mustang. As I did the sound of the driver side door closing behind me could be heard, as I walked around to the back where the trunk was located and opened it up, as it opened I pulled out my black Adidas gym bag which held all my sheriffs gear inside of it.

From my handcuffs, to my teaser, to even my 45. caliber pistol etc. As I pulled the bag on out of the back of my Ford Mustang's trunk I slung it over my shoulder and began to head on inside to our Department of Corrections office. Once inside our office, not even a second or two inside, Gabriel if you wouldn't mind, please step into my office is exactly what I heard across the room coming out from the mouth of my Captain, Captain Alexander Grey of the Fredericksburg, Virginia Sheriffs Department could be heard saying. Before I could even say anything or ask everybody how their weekend went or how they were doing. I was already being summoned.

Gabriel Cross: "Yes Captain?"

I questioned as I walked into my Captains office, not knowing what to expect as Captain Alexander Grey closed the door behind me and signaled for me to have a seat in front of his office desk.

Alexander Grey: "Gabriel so lets cut to the chase as to why I asked for you to come into my office today shall we?"

Captain Grey questioned as he stared back at me from across his office desk where he could be seen sitting on the other side. Grey's blonde hair could be seen being well groomed. His face could be seen being time-worn with wide amber eyes, set seductively within their sockets. Various scars stretching from the right side of his forehead , running towards his right nostril and ending on his left cheek makes one think, at some point in time of his career he faced redemption...

Gabriel Cross: "Which is?"

Alexander Grey: "Oh right, so before you left a little birdie brought to my attention that you fell to your knees and began screaming out the name of a one Lucien S. Ambrose, is this true Gabriel?"

Gabriel Cross: "That I did sir. Though I haven't a clue as to why I did that sir."

Alexander Grey: "Gabriel..."

Gabriel Cross: "Yes sir?"

Alexander Grey: "Son I need you to be honest with me right now, and I say that because my boss has been breathing down my neck since you little breakdown happened. So like I said I need you to be completely honest with me right now, and I'm pretty sure you're not going to like the question I'm about to ask you, understood?"

Gabriel Cross: "Yes sir, I understand!"

I said in a calm collective manner, though in reality I was beyond angered. Knowing damn well what my Captain was about to say and what he was getting at. That fucking bitch is all I could think of...

Alexander Grey: "So were you really cleared to come back to work Gabe?"

Captain Grey questioned me, his eyes steady and piercing right through me like a steak knife piercing through a tender juicy steak that just came off the grill. I stared back at him, my eyes steady and stern as I answered him back in a calm, collective voice.

Gabriel Cross: "Indeed I was Captain. You want to see the doctors letter of approval for me to come back to work or are we good?"

I questioned him, as I stared at him, he staring at me and then he spoke again.

Alexander Grey: "No I'll take your word for it, though don't let it happen again understood?"

Gabriel Cross: "Understood Captain, it wont!"

I said with a nod of the head as I got up from where I sat at, though before I could leave Captain Grey spoke out once again, as he did I turned around to face him.

Alexander Grey: "I mean it Cross, otherwise I'll have no choice but to get you reevaluated by one of our departments therapist understand?"

Gabriel Cross: "That I do Captain."

Alexander Grey: "Good, I'd hate to have to put you on a leave of absence Cross, as you're one of my best men and a damn good Lieutenant at that!"

Captain Grey said as I departed from his office. A bead of sweat trickled down the side of my face due to the intensity that was brought upon me by Corporal Charlotte King, though I couldn't blame the her, she was only doing her job and probably just concerned is all. I said as I continued on back over to where my office desk could be seen. As I arrived to my desk a yellow office folder could be seen sitting on top of my desk awaiting my arrival.

I picked it up and as I opened it up, the file could be seen being that of a sex crimes victim by the name of Nichole Paget I had helped out years ago, but why was her case file on my desk, and more so not in the hands of a detective from the Sexual Victims crime Unit and then there it was, before I could even say a word, staring right back at me, if I'd have looked any harder it'd have bitten me right in the face. Sebastian fucking Stone the detective who took over the case standing before me in the flesh.

Det. Sebastian Stone: "Gabriel F'n Cross the man who nearly cost me my job."

As Stone said that a smile formed across my face as if I was happy I almost got him canned from serving his community and for damn good reason at that.

Gabriel Cross: "Hey... hey... now, no hard feelings Stone I hope."

I said in a sarcastic voice as I stared up at him from where I sat.

Det. Sebastian Stone: "Lets not even go there shall we Cross?"

Gabriel Cross: "Fair enough."

Det. Sebastian Stone: "So I see you're no longer a Corporal Officer anymore!"

Gabriel Cross: "Yea you can say that... so what brings you down to my neck of the woods Stone?"

I questioned Stone. Stone could be seen having Ginger, shaggy hair which clumsily hangs over a chiseled, grim looking face. Wide brown eyes, set a-symmetrically within their sockets, watch yearningly over the wildlife they've become enchanted by for so long.

A gunshot from a previous gun fight can be seen having left a mark stretching from the top of his left cheek, first running towards his fairly big lips and ending on his right cheekbone leaving him with a pleasant memory of his run in with death.

Det. Sebastian Stone: "Nothing other then I need your assistance again Cross!"

Detective Stone stated as I got on up from behind my desk and begin walking aside Stone as he continued to go on with what it was he had needed my assistance with. As he did we continued to walk on down one of the Sheriff’s stations hallways.

Gabriel Cross: “Your kidding Stone, right?”

Marcus Houston: “Unfortunately he isn’t Lieutenant!”

Chief Marcus Houston said over hearing what Stone and myself had been talking about. Chief Houston made the division chief after having helped put the guy Stone and I were talking about. It was during his time serving as my Department of Corrections captain, my boss Alexander Grey was a lieutenant during his time as Captain and well me, I was a mere Corporal.

Gabriel Cross: “Na you’re kidding Stone. Tell me you’re kidding!”

I said, but then it hit me that Sebastian wasn’t kidding and that the man that had escaped was out for revenge. Revenge on myself and my whole Department. Who was this man you question? He was one of Fredericksburg’s worst nightmares, known all throughout Fredericksburg as the Virginia Strangler, Desmond Tombs.

Det. Sebastian Stone: “Like Chief Houston said, I am not and well Gabriel I wish I was!”

Gabriel Cross: “I’ve got to get Alexandria and Cynthia out of there then.”

Alexander Grey: “Don’t worry Cross we’ve already got one of our deputies on his way over to your house as we speak.”

Gabriel Cross: “You think Tombs even remembers where my family resides at?”

Alexander Grey: “Um Cross yea I do, not to be harsh or anything but Tombs kept repeating your address back to himself as he was taken into custody!”

Gabriel Cross: “Fuck, just fucking great...”

Marcus Houston: “Don’t worry Cross.”

Gabriel Cross: “Don’t worry?”

Alexander Grey: “Yes Gabriel don’t worry, last we’ve known he wasn’t spotted near Fredericksburg just yet!”

Gabriel Cross: “Exactly... It’s only a matter of time Captain!”

I told my precinct’s Captain and division Chief as the three of us continued on down the hallway listening to what Detective Sebastian Stone had to say, though from the sound of things it wasn’t good seeing how we here at the Fredericksburg Sheriffs Department were just getting wind of this already screwed up situation.

To be honest it seemed Stone was hiding something, seeing how Detective Stone had already been aware of this asshole Desmond Tombs escape since a week ago which made no sense to me as to why he was just now bringing it our attention. Why? Why all of a sudden was he now coming forth and asking us for help, most of all why was he asking me out of all people to help him out knowing damn well I couldn’t stand his crooked ass...

Gabriel Cross: “So what’s the plan Stone?”

Det. Sebastian Stone: “I haven’t gotten one yet Cross why?”

Gabriel Cross: “Figures...”

Det. Sebastian Stone: “What’s that suppose to me Cross?”

Gabriel Cross: “You know damn well what it means Detective!”

Alexander Grey: “There isn’t going to be a problem is there Gabe?”

Gabriel Cross: “No Captain there isn’t as much as I don’t trust him!”

I stated before walking on off towards our headquarters locker room and shower area, as I prepared to start my shift. Though all I could think about was the safety of my wife Alexandria and my 3 year old daughter Cynthia. My two ladies are my everything and for that scumbag Desmond Tombs to escape his death sentence and come hunt my family and myself down was bullshit...

How... How on gods green earth did he do it? How’d he escape? Was the question that kept cycling through my mind like a clock ticking away. Each second that passed seemed like an hour to me, and all I could think about was were my girls alright? Did our deputies get to them in time?


"So my debut in 4 Corners Wrestling come and gone, having debuted against two other newcomers on the last episode of Fistful of Friday before it officially ended and was switched over to Underground brand that was formerly another wrestling promotion known only as Underground X, which died just as it had when it was picked up by the now defunct Epic Wrestling Organization and made into a brand there, before making its way over to 4 Corners Wrestling...

Though like Underground where it’s come and gone only to resurface like the plague that it is, my two opponents I debuted against did not. My match against them was a mere glimpse of things to come and I say that because I've only started to begin. My match against Lucifer and Dante Albright was like stealing candy from a baby, I say that because both men came into our match unfocused only thinking about one another and forgetting about me.

You see while I sat on the sidelines watching my opponents tear one another apart, I carefully thought out each step I was going to need to take in order to achieve my first victory within 4 Corners Wrestling, and I did like a lion on the prowl sitting in the grasslands waiting to pounce on its prey...

I sat and patently waited for the right time to make my move before striking and taking both Albright and Lucifer done, before picking them apart limb by limb starting off with the unstable Lucifer, and eventually finishing him off until he was no more which allowed me to pick up my very first win over in 4 Corners Wrestling.

Now why I mention 4 Corners when it has nothing to do with New Edge Wrestling for New Edge Wrestling is just as corrupt as 4 Corners Wrestling is and those that have come to face the injustice within the promotion that be New Edge Wrestling this is your wakeup call for I the Scarred Sentinel have been watching and keeping tabs on this place from the crookedness of its owner Jesse Styles that bestowal upon Father Nathan when Father Nathan was forced to vacate his NEW World Heavyweight Championship title.

Too the Crookedness that is of Austin Impact who took part in a match that shouldn’t even haven existed to begin with when he took on Al Envy to see who would become the new NEW World Heavyweight Champion though as we all know the title is still vacant…

Now why did I mention my triple treat match? The very match I debuted in and won might I add when I hit my finishing maneuver “Cross Rhodes” on the very man who's name is Lucifer when that man isn’t even apart of New Edge Wrestling. Its quiet simple really... like him my opponent I'll be debuting against on the Lights Out brand of New Edge Wrestling is quiet simply the same to be honest.

You see like Lucifer the man I beat over in 4 Corners wrestling, is almost identical to the very man I’ll be debuting against here in New Edge Wrestling. You know the man who’s come to be known by DPS God, The Tanker and The Force, yea that very man who’s simply known as Ralphie, though the only difference between Lucifer and my opponent here in New Edge Wrestling is well quite frankly there isn’t both men live in a world of fantasy and make believe.

Unlike Lucifer Ralphie is a nerd who lives in his parents basement playing Dungeons and Dragons and stupid other role-playing table top games. Well you see folks its things like that that rot your brains, I say that because I’ve come to see it, kids believing their some mythical creature in a cult and then kill someone believing that their so called elders told them to do it, or because they see it in a movie so they go out in do it.

Like Lucifer, Ralphie too shall stand trial for the crimes he’s committed while playing his little role-playing adventures in his fantasy world he’s come to live within, he shall come to stand trial when he and I face off against one another, for I am not only going to be just the jury, nor the executioner but the judge as well Ralphie…

You see I have come to set you straight and put you back on a path of righteousness a path I myself walk for I am a man of justice and come our match in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on Sunday, June 7, 2015 when the two of us meet for the first time you shall stand before me as I sentence you with the verdict I’ve chosen and that is guilty…

Ralphie. My name is Gabriel Cross, and I am the Scarred Sentinel and come our match when the two of us square off against one another in front the thousands in attendance in the Chesapeake Energy Arena justice shall be served!!!"


Minutes seem likes hours, and the two hour drive I had to my residence seemed like days. I could only think was my wife and daughter okay or did the man who had been sentence to a five year span in prison already reach them?

Gabriel Cross: "Come on... come on damn it!"

I said to myself as I pulled off of the highway and come to a halting stop due to traffic. Nothing could have caught my attention other then what my Captain, Division Chief and that slime ball of a detective that Sebastian is said too me and that was Tombs whereabouts were unknown since his escape from the very prison I and my Captain Alexander Grey had put him in.

As the traffic cleared in front of my I slammed on the gas pedal of my vehicle and hit my vehicles sirens, as the sound of my cell phone going off could be heard, as it was heard I flipped it open and hit the speaker option.

Gabriel Cross: "Hello?"

I said as I answered it, but not a single word or sound could be heard.

Gabriel Cross: "Hello?"

I said again and still not a single sound could be heard, though before I was about to end the phone call a voice spoke, it was the voice of my wife Alexandria, distress could be heard in her voice as she spoke to me over the phone.

Baby its me Alexandria.

She could be heard saying trying to stay calm and strong for our daughter Cynthia as the sound of the phone she was on switched hands.

Gabriel... Gabriel... Gabriel...

The voice said before it even identified itself, I already knew who it was and that I was already too late to get to my girls, and that Tombs had already gotten to them, but how I asked when supposedly we had deputies outside my residence on watch.

Gabriel if you haven't figured out who this is yet...

Before Tombs could continue on, I cut him off in mid-sentence.

Gabriel Cross: "Listen here you fucking asshole..."

Though before I could continue on he cut me off.

Whoa... Whoa... Whoa Gabriel enough with the profanity eh?

He said before continuing on.

Whoa... Whoa... Whoa Gabriel enough with the profanity eh, and what's this with calling me a fucking asshole eh?

Gabriel Cross: "But..."

But what Gabriel?

Tombs said before the sound of the dial tone was heard. Why me? Why now? Why... is all I could ask myself as I pulled onto my street where my residence was located at. As I did I drove up to where my house was too see a devastating scene, two deputies lying face down in their patrol cars with their faces down on their vehicle steering wheels.

They both could be seen having been shot from behind in the head, as I radioed into the dispatcher (10-97) which means "arrived at scene before continuing on and radioing I've got a (11-99) which means "Officer needs help!" before continuing on....

Gabriel Cross: "I've got a 10-53"

Which meant "Officer down" as I continued to radio the dispatcher that I had two (11-44's) which meant "Deceased person (Coroner Required) though in this case it wasn't just anybody it was two deputies of mine...

Gabriel Cross: "Fucking asshole..."

I said as I stood by waiting for help to arrive at my residence which was now a fucking crime scene all thanks to that pile of shit that be Desmond Tombs, inmate #6734. The very man who not only escaped from prison but now kidnapped my wife and daughter...

Gabriel Cross: "Fuck..."

I said as help arrived...

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