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> A Busy Month Off, ACW Episode 3... Vs Drake Green
Ben Jordan
Posted: May 17, 2013 10:41 am

SCW Royale

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Ben Jordan's face appears on the camera. Ben is wearing a silver suit, and black shirt as the camera pulls backwards. Ben rubs his hands together before giving the camera a big double thumbs up.

Ben: Alright me lovely people, how's it hanging?

Ben pauses for a second.

Ben: Hope it's hanging low for ya. Anyway people, we got a little bit to show you today, little bit to talk about, a little rabbiting between mates. It's not very often that you can claim you are a double champ and get the month off, but I can for some odd reason. See, I won that Super J Cup thing, gave the NWA shot to Jonesy, who won, congrats by the way son, well anyway, yeah after I won, and the title shot thing happened and I limped to the back, JJ made the call to give me the month off after working so hard in the J Cup. I guess it was more out of appreciation really. Told the geezer I'd bring the trophy home, earn the shot and I did. Come to think of it, we're actually a decent little team in ACW. Jonesy and Mickey will appreciate this one, but the rest of you, will probably go over ya domes. I took the ball down, spun past the full back, cut inside, got to the byline, pulled it back and Jonesy smashed home the cross.

Ben smiles.

Ben: For you fellas that didn't get that one. The ball was the NWA title shot, I set it up and because Jonesy won it, he finished it, scored the winning goal, didn't balloon it over the bar and what a finish it was.

Ben lifts his right thumb up.

Ben: But the month off, something I wasn't really used to so I had a bit more free time on my hands. Got a lot of things done this month off, gonna show ya what I did.

Mickey's voice is heard off camera.

Mickey: What? No parody today?

Ben looks off camera.

Ben: How do you parody Drake Green? Geezer's a legit wrestlers, with no silly bollock gimmick like the wizard or anything. Just gonna show people what I did last month and at the end... well, wait and see, this whole thing has a point you know.

Ben looks back at the camera with a shrug.

Ben: Shall we roll the dice and get going? Goodo people.

April 1st.

Laying on a sofa, Ben Jordan rolls over. Beer cans and bottles cover the floors, window ledges, cupboards, shelves etc. Ben looks at the room, through half opened blurry eyes. A smile crosses his face as his eyes rest upon the NWA Super J Cup trophy at the end of the sofa.

Ben: Not a dream.

Ben's voice croaks after what would have been a very late night. He looks around the room, surveying the mess.

Ben: I am not cleaning this shit up.

Ben clears his throat as he swings around, looking down at his bandaged up knee, a heavy brace wrapped around it.

Ben: What the.... oh yeah.

Another smile crosses his face.

Ben: Worth it.

Ben kicks away a few cans around his feet as he sits looking at the scene once more. He stands up but falls forward, catching himself on a lamp.

Ben: Either I'm still pissed, or I'm still pissed.

Ben scratches the back of his head.

Ben: What a bloody night that was. Announced as the newest member of NXT to the ACW crowd, watched an NWA tag title defense, won the J Cup and partied my arse off.

The sounds of a muffled song plays somewhere behind Ben. Ben looks around for the muffled song and flops back down on the sofa, reaching between the cushions to pull out a phone from the gaps. He hits a button on the phone and speaks.

Ben: Alright, you've hit the Ben hotline.


Ben: Oh, hello geez, where was you last night?


Ben: Wicked? You poor bastard. Who's idea was that?


Ben: Son, you gotta put your foot down with Dundee for that one. Be honest, how long did it take you before you dozed off?

Ben listens and starts laughing.

Ben: Telling ya son, you couldn't have got me there for all the tea in China.


Ben: Yeah still at the hotel, looks like a bomb exploded in this gaff, bloody madness. So what's the plan?


Ben: Well as it happens, I did plan on going to Chile to show off my little trinket.

Ben smiles at the J Cup.

Ben: How about I meet you this evening and we'll head on there?


Ben: Blinding son, catch ya then.

Ben presses the button on the phone and looks around the room.

Ben: Now I got a dodgy knee, which means somewhere around here, there's gotta be crutches.

Ben stands up but falls forward, landing on his face.

Ben: Wrestlers know how to fall, my arse! That one hurt a bit. Oh, there they are!

Ben reaches under the sofa and pulls out two crutches.

Ben: Now to get my arse up... ummmm.... hello?

13th April

The camera rest on the sign of a pub in East London called The George. Ben Jordan and Mickey Carroll are seen at the bar, each with a pint in their hands.

Ben: Fucking buzzing for this one Mickey.

Mickey: Fucks sake mate, we go to Wembley a lot. Three times in five years.

Ben: Play offs one thing, but this is a cup semi final!

Mickey picks up his pint, taking a mouthful of his beer, shaking his head slowly at Ben's excitement.

Ben: I got a feeling we're be back there next month playing in a cup final.

Mickey: Not if he's starting with that twat Hulse up front, fella couldn't hit a cows arse with a banjo.

Ben: Can't argue that, he is toss.

Hot Stuff walks in The George, moving behind Ben and Mickey, placing a hand on each of their shoulders.

HS: Talking about Rob Hulse again.

Mickey and Ben turn around, to see Hot Stuff Mark Ward standing behind them.

Mickey: Yeah, Hulse is a wanker.

HS: Who are we waiting on?

Ben: The lovers.

As Ben finishes his words, Gabriel and Odette Ryder walk in to the pub.

Gabriel: Afternoon.

Odette: Hey!

Ben: How ya doing people? Looking forward to Wembley?

Odette: How far away is it?

Gabriel: Other side of London.

Odette: Oh, so we're getting a car there?

Ben and Mickey look at each other with a smile.

Mickey: Never been to the footy before?

Odette: Nope.

Ben: Cockney's don't go to the footy by car, you go by train, breathe in the atmosphere. Sing songs all the way there.

Odette looks towards Gabriel, who wraps his arm around the young Aussie's shoulder.

Gabriel: It will be fun, don't worry baby.

Ben: But not before we hit some boozers on the way there. So let's get down to Wembley, via a few little stops.

Ben smiles widely as the scene switches.


A couple of hours later.


The chant of the thousands of Millwall fans down Wembley way, the one long road towards Wembley stadium. Ben, Mickey, Mark, Gabriel and Odette stand at the top of the steps at Wembley Park underground station, looking down at the sea of blue and white. Ben starts to walk down the steps, in to the sea of Millwall fans. The others follow Ben down the stairs. Random Millwall fans jump and dance around as the chant of "No one likes us, we don't care, we are Millwall, super Millwall, we are Millwall, from the Den!" runs down Wembley Way, causing a chill to the spine, without the added addition of the rain pouring down. Ben steps in to a slight clearing, turning to look back at the others moving through the crowd. Finally they catch up.

Odette: You're in a hurry.

Ben: Excited. I've been looking forward to today for a while. Can't wait to see the pitch....


The scene switches to the inside of the stadium. The group sit in the stands as the teams line up, ready to kick off. Odette shivers as she moves in to Gabriel, the rain lashing down from the London sky. Ben rubs his hands together in excitement as he looks down the line.

Ben: This one is gonna be like watching history people.

The echo of No one likes us, we don't care, from the thirty two thousand plus Millwall fans, echo around Wembley as the referee blows the whistle and the game gets underway. Wigan kick off.

32 seconds...

Chris Taylor takes the ball down the left for Millwall, before rolling it back in to the path of Shane Lowry, who whips in a left footed cross towards Andy Keogh. Keogh leaps but the ball spins off the top of his head and flicks wide of the goal.

Mickey: Still a better attempt than that twat Hulse would have done.

HS: Yeah, Hulse is shit.

Ben continues to rub his hands together in excitement.

Ben: If that one would have hit the back of the net, we'd have battered these. We still can batter these, COME ON YOU LIONS!

Ben stands up, his fists balled as he yells towards the pitch

2nd Minute...

Odette looks up at Gabriel.

Odette: How much longer to go?

Gabriel: eighty eight minutes, plus injury time, plus half time.

Odette pokes out her bottom lip as she reaches in to her pocket, pulling out a phone.

Gabriel: What are you doing?

Odette: Shopping.

The call of the crowd focuses attention towards the pitch as Jordi Gomez breaks for Wigan, attacking the Millwall goal. His shot gets deflected by Mark Beevers and fires back off the referee, in to the path of an oncoming Wigan player. The wall bobbles out towards the wing, before eventually becoming a throw in to Millwall.

5th Minute

Free kick to Millwall on the left hand side. Winger James Henry stands over the ball after placing it. He swings the ball in right footed towards the center, but a powerful header sends the ball back towards him. Millwall switch play to the opposite wing, but a foul on a Wigan player switches play back to Wigan.

Ben: We can do 'em with free kicks, just need Shittu to get that big dome of his on the ball.

Wigan set up for the free kick, but the ball flies towards a Millwall player, who is pulled to the ground. Giving Millwall another free kick, about forty yards from goal.

HS: One of them's bound to go in.

Gabriel: This is Millwall we're talking about.

Gabriel looks down at Odette, who is happily tapping away on her phone and turns his attention back to the pitch as Danny Shittu lines up the free kick.

Ben: Come on Captain, forty yard piledriver please.

Shittu charges up and blasts the ball towards goal, but the ball goes harmlessly over the crossbar.

Mickey: One day, he'll smack the bastard in.

7th Minute

Callum McManaman moves down the right for Wigan, but Chris Taylor covers him, giving away a corner. Shaun Maloney walks over to take the corner for Wigan. He swings the ball out with his right foot, but Millwall captain Danny Shittu heads the bal powerfully clear. Wigan knock the ball to the right, but the attack fizzles out as Millwall goalkeeper Forde lays on the ball.

HS: Can't let them do that too often.

Mickey: Need to break McManaman's leg before he gets close. Decent player

10th Minute.

Another Wigan corner is cleared by Millwall, who instantly go on the counter attack. James Henry plays a beautiful pass out to the left to Chris Taylor, who lays the ball back to Shane Lowry, but his long distant shot doesn't trouble the keep and rolls wide

11th minute

Millwall needlessly give the ball away inside their own half. A quick through ball finds its way to the feet of Wigan striker Kone, who darts between two Millwall defenders, but Forde comes out to deflect the ball behind for a corner to Wigan. Ben sighs a huge sigh of relief.

Ben: Fucks sake! One heart attack today.

Mickey: Won't be your last today.

Hot Stuff nods in agreement.

David Forde sits on the floor holding his face, after Kone's boot catches him on the way through, hazard of the job for a goalkeeper.

Ben: You should hire him when he's done playing football.

Hot Stuff smiles.

Ben: Solid as a rock.

After the slight time delay, Wigan roll the corner to the edge of the penalty box, but a shot is charged down and deflected clear.

14th Minute.

Neat passing in the midfield, allows McManaman space outside the Millwall box, but his shot is smartly saved by David Forde, who tips it behind for a corner.

Mickey: Told ya we need to break his fucking leg.

Ben: Or stop giving him so much space.

Wigan take the corner quickly, but Millwall clear easily

20th Minute

A slack pass from Wigan's Figaroa, allows Chris Taylor to flick the ball away from it's intended target. The ball bounces in the Wigan area, towards Andy Keogh, but the Wigan goalkeeper is quickly off his line to punch the ball away and out of danger, setting up a Wigan counter attack, but the attack is stopped in it's tracks as Sean St Ledger slides through, knocking McManaman in to the air. The referee quickly shows St Ledger a yellow card.

Ben: That's bollocks!

HS: It's gonna be one of those evenings.

Mickey: Rain doesn't help.

Ben: We couldn't pass before it started raining, but we could always tackle like that.

Mickey: That was the chance to break his bloody leg.

24th Minute

Kone receives the ball from a throw in midfield, easily brushing off St Ledger. Kone moves in to space towards Shittu, but whips in an inviting cross. Maloney pulls off the back of Millwall midfielder Jack Smith and fires a right footed volley past David Forde in the Millwall goal and in to the net, sending the Wigan fans in to huge celebrations.

Ben: Fuck!

HS: Bollocks!

The setting feeling of going one behind in the cup semi final sets in with the Millwall fans as the mood turns from optimism to disappointment. A roar from the crowd to get behind the team echoes around Wembley stadium. Ben looks at Mickey with sad disappointed eyes.

Ben: Now it's gonna be a long evening.

Mickey raises his eyebrows in agreement, as Odette, fresh from looking up from her phone and seeing what has happened, hugs a disappointed Gabriel.

25th Minute.

Millwall try to hit back immediately, knocking the ball out towards James Henry, who in turn switches it to Chris Taylor in the center. Taylor rolls it back to Jimmi Abdou, and the long serving Millwall midfielder whips the ball towards the right wing. James Henry takes the ball under his control and moves in field, switching the ball again toward Chris Taylor along the left touchline. Taylor fakes a cross and rolls it back to St Ledger, who neatly passes in to the feet of James Henry, who takes a touch of the ball, giving a Wigan defender a chance to recover and poke the ball away.

Ben: Fucks sake Henry! Shoot first time! We're one nil down and you wanna piss around in the box!

Ben puts his hands on his head, mumbling to himself as he shakes his head slowly.

28th Minute

Millwall attack down the right hand side, forcing their first corner of the afternoon.

Ben: This is it!

Optimism fills Ben's voice as he looks at the others, focusing on the game... or their phones. Ben puts his hands together in a praying position.

Ben: Come on lads! Get up there Shittu!

Millwall set up for the corner as the air of excitement fills the stadium. James Henry whips the ball in, but the ref blows his whistle and orders a retake.

Ben: Well that's a let down.

The fans start to get behind Millwall again as they set up for the corner once more. Henry whips the ball in once more but Lowry's header bounces off a defender and away

35th Minute

Alan Dunne takes a throw but James Henry loses the ball, allowing it to be cleared, but Shittu heads the ball back in to the mix. The ball is half cleared but Taylor dives in, winning the ball cleanly and rolling it towards Jack Smith. Jack Smith passes to Alan Dunne, who rolls the ball neatly through to Andy Keogh, who lays it off to James Henry. Henry finds Taylor in some space on the edge of the box. Taylor turns and whips in a cross but the defender is there first to clear in front of Jack Smith.

Ben: We need to sign Taylor to a longer contract.

Gabriel: Buy some of the club and you can.

Mickey: Magic man has a point.

Ben pokes out his bottom lip and nods.

The ball falls for Taylor, who nods the ball back for Alan Dunne, but a slide tackle puts the ball out of play as the fans start to roar on Millwall.

HS: Now can you sense it coming.

Ben: I can.

Mickey: You probably just need to piss again.

Alan Dunne throws the ball back in to play again and James Henry wins Millwall a corner. Henry swings the corner in but the ball is easily cleared.

43rd minute

Jack Smith steals the ball for Millwall in center midfield, going on a little run before flicking the ball forward to Andy Keogh, who controls the ball with his back to goal. Keogh rolls it back to Jack Smith who spreads the ball out to the right hand side. Keogh quickly lays the ball off to Henry, who rolls it out to the right wing to Alan Dunne. Henry receives the ball back, but loses out, much to the dismay of the Millwall faithful.

45th minute.

The referee thankfully blows for half time.

50th Minute

After a slow opening to the second half, Wigan force another corner.

Odette: How long to go?

Gabriel: Forty minutes.

Odette: Can't we... you know... go find a quiet place....

Ben: Oi! You know the rules.

Odette: What rules?

Mickey: No fucking at the football.

HS: Yeah, the ref fucks us enough most of the time.

Maloney takes the corner for Wigan, but Beevers heads away for Millwall. Wigan win a throw. The ball is thrown to McManaman, who beats Jack Smith for pace, before pulling the ball backwards and firing narrowly over the bar.

56th Minute.

McManaman runs at Jack Smith, who takes him down on the edge of the penalty area.

Ben: That geezer is all over us. Like a bad smell on a pig farmer.

Jordi Gomez and Shaun Maloney line up the free kick, and Gomez whips it in but David Forde punches the ball clear. The ball is headed back in but easily headed away.

Mickey: This game is starting to die on it's arse.

58th Minute

Beevers wins the ball for Millwall and quickly rolls it to the right hand side. Henry quickly passes first time to Jack Smith, who puts it in to the path of Keogh. Keogh looks up, spotting the run of Chris Taylor down the Millwall left and passes the ball to his feet. Taylor runs, cutting inside before being taken down on the edge of the box. The ref blows his whistle and gives a free kick to Millwall.

Ben: Someone just sparked this in to life.

A huge MILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL chant echoes around Wembley as Millwall line up the free kick twenty five yards from goal. James Henry and Shane Lowry stand over the ball. James Henry takes but the ball sweeps over the crossbar.

Ben: Fuck it!

65th Minute.

The ball breaks nicely thirty yards from goal, to the feet of James Henry. James Henry flicks the ball in the box towards Andy Keogh but the ball gets headed behind for a corner to Millwall, the noise levels getting louder as the fans chant "No one likes us, we don't care".

HS: Starting to think we can come back here.

James Henry takes the corner, but Shittu and Beevers jump for the same ball, neither man winning it and the ball is easily cleared

74th Minute.

Mickey: Dying on it's arse again.

McManaman picks up the ball for Wigan down the right hand side, moving past the Millwall defender with ease, before crossing to Jordi Gomez, who fires in to the side netting.

76th minute.

Millwall win a corner, and it's that man James Henry to take the corner. St Ledger rises to meet the corner, but the ball is headed away as it spins towards the corner. Wigan launch a counter attack. Kone charges down the right wing. Kone knocks the ball to Maloney, who passes off to Gomez. Gomez turns and knocks it in to the feet of McManaman, setting Millwall's torturer through on goal. He sidesteps the ball around David Forde and taps the ball in to the net. Millwall 0 Wigan 2.

The groan of disappointment from the Millwall fans fill the stands. Ben looks at Mickey slowly shaking his head. Gabriel looks on at the Wigan celebrations, while Odette comfortingly squeezes his hand. Hot Stuff leans back in his seat. Mickey looks on silently at the pitch.

Ben: Was a nice dream while it lasted, eh?

HS: Trip to Wembley is always a plus.

Ben: He deserved the goal, been the best player on the pitch.

82nd Minute.

Mickey: What the fuck is going on there?

The group look to their left to see fans standing up, throwing punches at each other.

HS: The fuck?

Odette grabs Gabriel arm, as Millwall fans turn on each other, throwing rights and lefts directed at each other.

Ben: Well don't that just put the cherry on the horse shit Sunday. We're now turning on our own, while on TV all over the fucking world. Fucking idiots.

Ben moves through the row, turning back to the group.

Ben: I'll see you lot outside. Shit performance, shit score, and a bunch of twats getting pissy and beating each other up.

Ben looks at Hot Stuff.

Ben: Make sure the ginger one there don't go and get involved.

Ben gets to the steps and starts to walk down them, as a huge police presence storms in to the neighboring stand, waving batons towards the punching Millwall fans. Hot Stuff shakes his head.

Odette: Maybe we should...?

Gabriel nods.

Gabriel: Come on baby.

Hot Stuff puts a hand on Mickey's shoulder.

HS: Come on Mickey, let's go.

Mickey looks at Hot Stuff disappointedly.

Mickey: Ah fuck, it was just getting interesting.

90th minute.

The referee blows the whistle for full time, Wigan celebrate getting to the FA cup final, Millwall fans have been controlled by the police and everybody at the game who was sober, is now off out to get blind, stinking drunk... well, most of them, some people have a plane to catch....


Later that night.

The roar of a jet engine softly hums in the background, as the inside of the private jet of Ben Jordan. The memories of the disappointing football game fading from the memory, and the conversations of the earlier violence have faded. Mickey Carroll sits at the front of the plane, his eyes glued to a screen on the wall, playing away at an Xbox. Hot Stuff sits on the opposite side of the aisle, his eyes sleepily looking down at an iPad. Odette Ryder and Gabriel have their seats pushed back, both asleep, Odette curled in to Gabriel's chest. Ben stares blankly at a laptop on a table, his eyes blurrily looking at the screen as the jet flies through the air towards Argentina, the location of the next SCW show. Ben taps away at the screen but the familiar sound of Skype ringing turns Ben's eyes to the bottom corner of the screen. The name "John G Berylson" appears at the bottom. Ben rolls the mouse over towards the name of the Millwall Chairman. Ben clicks the answer button, and John's face appears on the screen, his trademark cigar in his mouth and a disappointed look on his face.

Ben: Hello happy.

John rubs his forehead.

John: Ben, how ya doing?

Ben: Had better days, you?

John: Had worse days, not many but had worse. Enjoy the game?

Ben: Not in the slightest, especially after seeing that shit.

John looks uncomfortable.

John: I couldn't believe my eyes. I know what Millwall is all about, I knew it before I even bought in to the club but the scenes today, are inexcusable, that will cost us in more ways then one.

Ben: I wouldn't worry about losing gate because of that bollocks. Real Millwall fans will be there on Tuesday night. These mugs won't be anywhere near.

John: Police are saying it's drugs and alcohol related.

Ben: That's the FA's fault. Who puts a poxy game on two hours later? Gives more people more time to piss it up before the game. As for the drugs, it's no different from any other fans. People will get coked out their domes, no matter who they support.

John: Try telling the sponsors that. They don't wanna be associated with fans that act like that, it makes them look bad.

Ben: Fuck them then, use it to your advantage, go get sponsored by Golden Boy Boxing or something.

John manages a weak smile.

John: Not a bad idea, but this whole thing is gonna damage us as a club.

Ben: No one likes us, we don't care is our motto, what do people expect when they hear the name Millwall? If people don't wanna invest, screw them all.

John: What about your investment?

Ben: It will still be there, don't worry about that. I'm a Millwall fan, I get the club, I'll still be investing in the club.

John: Shall we set up a meeting for next week?

Ben: Let's wait till the end of the season, would be nice to know what division the club will be in before throwing a shitload in.

John nods solemnly.

John: Are you still in London?

Ben: Nope, half way across the channel now, on the way to Argentina.

John: Have a safe trip and I'll see you in the close season.

Ben: Good luck sorting out the shit storm, but for good PA, get out the sniffer dogs or something at home games, stop the shit from hitting the fan before it even starts.

John tilts his head.

John: Not a bad idea. Take care Ben.

Ben: You too.

Ben closes the Skype chat and fun his fingers through his hair.

Ben: I'll worry about that another time.

Ben leans back in his seat.

Ben: We'll forget this day ever happened, shall we?

Ben yawns as the scene fades.

26th April - ACW Episode 2 taping.

Ben Jordan wanders through the hall of the location of the ACW taping. A silver suit covers his body along with a black silk shirt. A woman with a headset walks towards Ben.

Ben: Alright darling, Where have they set up JJ's office this week?

Woman: Third door on the left.

Ben: Cheers sweets.

Ben walks past turning for just a second to admire the woman's rear as she walks past.

Ben: Like two Pringles laying side by side.

Ben smiles and walks on, counting the doors down. Ben stops outside the third door on the left and taps his knuckles on the wooden frame. JJ Dixon's voice is heard behind.

JJ: Come in.

Ben reaches down for the handle and pushes the door open, walking in.

Ben: Pull ya strides up and stop looking at tits on the internet JJ, with the wonga you got in ya pocket, you can rent yourself a pair of tits for the night.

JJ looks at Ben blankly.

Ben: Wonga, money, bread, dough, cash.

JJ: Right.

JJ points at a seat in front of his desk and Ben takes a seat. JJ ruffles through some papers on his desk and puts one in front of Ben.

JJ: Your new contract Ben.

Ben: Well it would be handy son, being as mine runs out in three days or so. Can't believe how fast the year has gone.

JJ: Has seemed to fly by. I've worked on a lot of contracts, but never one where a wrestler doesn't get paid.

Ben smiles.

Ben: What do I need the money for? Besides, it's only my basic wage going to charity, all those bonuses and such go in to the "fuel the jet" fund. People need the wonga more than I do.

JJ: It's a good way to look at it.

Ben: Besides, the more I bust my arse for ACW, the more bonuses I get because your business picks up.

JJ: That's a valid point. Speaking of busting your ass, NWA Lord Of The Ring...

Ben: Does that mean we all go to New Zealand and say my precious a lot?

JJ: No, it's a competition.

Ben: Run by Peter Jackson?

JJ: You're doing this on purpose, aren't you?

Ben: Yes I am, but hope NWA are lawyered up for the name, pretty sure it's copy written.

JJ: I wanna talk to you about entering it to represent ACW. Especially after your Super J Cup win, you could stand a good chance of winning this too.

Ben: Let me think about that for a second.... nope.

JJ: Why not?

Ben: Cause I already won the Super J's, I don't wanna get greedy now.

JJ: How about BACW's King Of The Deathmatch?

Ben: Fuck that for a game of toy soliders! Not blowing myself up for that, you must be potty son. Must be out of your bloody mind. I'm not that crazy.

JJ smiles at the look on Ben's face and holds a pen in front of him. Ben takes the pen in his hand and looks at the contract below him.

Ben: Here's to another year in ACW.

Ben quickly signs the page and hands the pen back to JJ. Ben picks up the contract and looks at it, nodding his approval before handing that back to JJ too.

Ben: There ya go, Ben Jordan has another year in ACW.

Ben reaches out his hand, shaking JJ's hand and nods.

Ben: Right, I'm gonna go catch some more of the show, see who I'm defending the title against next month. Hope it's Drake Green, because let's be honest JJ, that's got match of the century written all over it.

JJ nods as Ben turns around, moving towards the door. He reaches down for the handle, but JJ calls out.

JJ: Consider Lord Of The Ring.

Ben turns around and smiles.

Ben: Ok, considered it, no thanks boss.

Ben fires JJ a thumbs up and strolls out of the room, shutting the door behind him and walking down the hall, but a voice booming from the arena distracts him.

You see, even before the J-Cup finals took place, I was mulling a decision over in my mind. I was trying to decide if I really wanted to do this or not, and Ben Jordan made up my mind for me.

Ben: I know that bloody voice!

Ben moves fast, standing next to a monitor to see SCW Bombshell champion, Misty, on the big screen.

What I hold in my hand changes everything, and not just for me. Oh no...this changes everything for EVERYONE in ACW. Ben Jordan...Mickey Carroll...Drake Green...Simon Jones...EVERYONE! What I hold in my hands, a contract for Atlantic Championship Wrestling signed and made official by JJ Dixon and...ME! That's right. You all heard it here first. Yours truly...The Queen of the Damned is now a signed superstar on the ACW roster!

Ben places his hand on his head, slowly shaking it.

Ben: What a bloody let down. Bad enough she bores me on SCW TV, now she gets to bore me in my own back yard. No accounting for taste around here, they'll hire bloody anyone.

Ben shakes his head slowly again.

Ben: Woman just can't let it go that I beat her. Ah well, if she wants to play in my house, I'll go annoy the fuck outta her in her house.

A smile crosses Ben's face as he walks away whistling.

27th April.


Echoes from the sound of the walls are heard, thumping through the Brazilian air of the hotel. Ben sits up in bed, grabbing a pillow and wrapping it around his head, before dropping down face first in bed.


The sound moves through the darkness of the night. Ben sits straight up again, wrapping the pillow tighter around his head, but the sounds still move through the material to Ben's ears. Ben tosses the pillow to the opposite side of the double bed and looks around.

Ben: Fuck me, when those two said they were trying for a kid, I didn't think they wanted everyone to listen and cheer them on.

Ben throws his legs out of the bed and stands up, pulling his watch from the side to show the time as ten thirty PM.

Ben: The one night I try to crash early, and I'm next door to a pair of humping rabbits. Blimey, these two could be an advert for viagra or something. Bet one of them will be limping in the morning.

Ben reaches down to the floor, picking up a pair of blue jeans and pulling them over his legs before standing up. Ben quickly closes the button fly and pulls up the zip, before reaching down and grabbing a short sleeved button up shirt and quickly slides it over his upper body, leaving the shirt undone. He slides his feet in to two shoes and walks around the bed. Ben reaches to the wall, where the hotel card sits, and picks it up.

Ben: Handy those things are, stop you losing the key.

Ben opens the hotel room door and wanders out in to the hallway, shutting the door behind him. Ben slides the key card in to this top pocket and walks down the hall, to an elevator. Something catches Ben's attention and he bends to pick it up.

Ben: Who leaves a sharpee in the middle of the floor, in a hallway in a Brazilian hotel?

Ben looks up to the camera with an innocent look on his face as he puts the pen in his pocket. The dinging sound of the elevator takes Ben's attention as he stands up straight, looking at a young woman in the elevator.

Ben: Going down?

Ben looks at the camera with a wink.

Ben: So many jokes I can make here, but in your head, you've already made them.

Ben steps in to the elevator and hits the lobby button. He turns to the young woman.

Ben: Alright sweets.

The woman just smiles at Ben.

Ben: Oi darling, maybe you can settle an argument.

She looks at Ben blankly.

Ben: My mate Mickey thinks every Brazilian bird has a Brazilian wax, you know.

Ben points down.

Ben: Down there.

The woman turns her head away from Ben.

Ben: I'm not offering my chopper or anything... well, I would but I'm asking a serious question.

The woman looks back towards Ben, blankly.

Ben: Yeah, so anyways, my mate thinks every birds got one, but I think some birds go a bit crazy and end up with either a lightning bolt, or something that looks like a hedgehog.

Ben puts his arms out, his palms out flat.

Ben: Granted, I had one bird who shaved my initials in to it, but if you knew my initials, you'll understand why I nodded and said yes please, but is it true every bird in Brazil has a Brazilian?

The elevator reaches the bottom and the doors open. The woman walks out without answering Ben. Ben looks disappointedly at the camera.

Ben: Was just a question. I might have to work out some charm and find out myself, do the leg work, then the third leg work to find out.

Ben walks out of the elevator and towards the bar area, but stops at the door as he sees Mickey Carroll and Aleksei Koji sitting opposite each other, with shot glasses lined up.

Ben: Fucking hell, those two are still going at it.

Ben strolls in the door and considers moving towards the drunken Irishman, and Romanian, but shakes his head.

Ben: I'll leave the United Nations to it over there I think.

Ben wanders to the bar.

Ben: Beer please guv.

The barman looks at Ben strangely. Ben holds up one finger.

Ben: One....

Ben curls his fingers and lifts them back in the universal drinking action.

Ben: Beer.

The barman nods slowly and wanders off.

Ben: Blimey, I could end up with a fuzzy navel or something from this fella. Didn't have a Scooby Doo what I was talking about there. I get that a lot, people never understand what the bloody hell I'm banging on about. They might need their lug holes clearing out.

Ben quickly looks at the camera.

Ben: And if anyone can work out what I just said there, they get a free cookie.

Ben turns back to the barman as he puts a beer in front of him. Ben reaches in to his pocket and pulls out a few notes and puts them on the bar. The barman takes and shuffles away to serve another customer.

Ben: Like playing with Monopoly money here.

Mickey: Benny boy, ya cockney bastard!

Mickey's voice echoes through the bar, causing everyone to turn and look at him. Ben mutters to himself.

Ben: Bollocks.

Ben turns to Mickey.

Ben: What do you want, ya ginger tosser?

Mickey: Another bottle, thanks for asking.

Ben shakes his head and turns around to the bar, waving to the barman. Ben points to Mickey and Aleksei.

Ben: A bottle of whatever the Chuckle Brothers there are drinking.

Ben sighs.

Ben: Need more English people in ACW, they would have got that crack.

A large man, his face away from the camera sits next to Ben, barging Ben as he takes a seat.

Ben: Hey, steady on pal.

Man: Are you talking to yourself again?

A smile crosses Ben's face.

Ben: Casey Williams, you old fucker.

The man turns to face Ben, to reveal himself as Casey Williams, SCW star, former ACW backstage guy, and one of the men Ben gives credit to for helping him along to way.

Ben: I haven't seen much of you since ya lobbed that bottle of JD in my direction.

Casey: Shame I missed.

Ben: You got the power, but I'm a little too fast for ya big fella. When did you get in?

Casey: Yesterday. Tried to sleep a lot, but there's a noisy couple around keeping people up.

Ben: Yeah, can relate. JD and coke?

Casey nods as the barman returns with a bottle.

Ben: And a JD and coke for the big man here. Don't take too long, he'll rip your head off.

The barman looks at Casey and moves away. Ben picks up the bottle from the bar.

Ben: Back in a sec, gotta give those two over there a hand at their attempt of liver failure.

Casey nods as Ben walks towards Mickey and Aleksei, smelling the bottle as he gets close to the table.

Ben: Fuck me, this smells like it can strip paint off a wall.

Aleksei: It probably could.

Mickey: Stop being a pussy bitch and join us.

Ben: Behave son, one of us has to stay sober to bail you two out when someone comes in, yells, kicks off and you knock 'em out.

Mickey: The cock makes a good point.

Ben: Cockney.

Mickey: I was right the first time.

Ben: Ah piss off and drown in ya paint stripper.

Ben turns around and walks towards Casey, who grips his JD and Coke in his big fingers, making the glass look smaller than it is. Ben throws more money on the bar and the barman takes it.

Ben: So how's the missus?

Casey: Good, how's the latest woman you're chasing?

Ben: Dunno son, haven't caught her yet.

Casey takes the drink and drinks it backwards.

Ben: Bloody hell mate, turning in to Mickey there. Want another?

Casey: No. Some of us have a match tomorrow.

Ben: I see you brought some venom to this place with ya.

Casey: You need it if you want to survive. I told you that a long time ago Ben.

Ben: And that's why I'm a double champ.

Casey stands up and Ben taps the big man on the back with an open palm.

Ben: Good luck tomorrow.

Casey nods and walks away, Ben looks towards the camera.

Ben: You might be wondering why I'm talking to a fella like Casey, when he's on Team Erik, my NXT team mates are on Team SCW, blah, blah, blah. Truth is, this is not my war. I'm not active on the SCW roster, as much as I'm endorsed by a few people over there, but this is not my war and about a year or so ago when I debuted in ACW, I felt like I'd been screwed out of a match to put the Atlantic title on a guy who wasn't even on the ACW roster. I saw that as a piss take and was ready to turn it all in, and then I bumped in to Casey, who spoke to me about this whole thing. I would have probably jacked it all in if it wasn't for wise words from a geezer who has been around longer than me.

Ben turns around, picking up his beer and taking a gulp from the bottle but a noise from the reception area takes his attention. Ben moves towards the reception area to see Misty yelling at someone. An easel is seen, covered by a thick cloth, covering something underneath.

Misty: I don't care about where you want to go, you make sure you guard this, and let no one near it. I don't want anybody seeing this until Hostile Takeover. Not even I will be lifting this curtain!

Misty points at the man and turns to walk away. Ben's eyes follow her as she gets in the elevator. Ben waits for the doors to shut. Ben strolls over and looks at the man.

Ben: What a ball breaker.

Man: Si! I need bathroom and she yell.

Ben rests his hand on the man's shoulder and smiles.

Ben: Go to the bathroom, I will watch this and not let anyone near it.

The man grabs Ben's hand, shaking it fast.

Ben: Well go on son, don't want you pissing on my shoes or anything.

The man charges off.

Ben: Now what do we have here?

Ben lifts the cover curtain to see a cover of SCW insider.

Ben rolls his eyes.

Ben: Bloody hell, can see it now. Misty goes to the ring, talks bollocks for five minutes, bores people, reveals this thing, feeds her ego, smirks and pisses off thinking her shit don't stink. We can't have that boys and girls, oh no.

Ben pulls the sharpee out of his pocket, and turns to the camera with a smile. He pops the cap off the pen and moves it towards the big picture. After a minute, Ben steps back from the picture to admire his new artwork.

A wide smile crosses Ben's face as he puts the cap back on the pen and slides it in to his pocket.

Ben: Totally improved that boat race!

Ben looks up to see the man moving back towards him. Ben lowers the curtain and stands back, as the man moves through the crowd. He gets back to where Ben is standing.

Man: Thank you signore. No one came near, si?

Ben: I can honestly say geezer, no one came close.

Ben smiles and walks away from the man.

Ben: Feel like celebrating now. Maybe I will join Mickey and Aleksei for a glass of paint stripper.

Ben wanders back towards the bar, as the camera fades out.

28th April - SCW Hostile Takeover

The NXT dressing room is always an interesting place to be, just for it's wide arrange or characters. Ben Jordan sits in the locker room, around Mickey Carroll and Aleksei Koji, still embroiled in their insane drinking contest. Spike Staggs, Odette Ryder, Vixen, Derek Thorne, Jessie Salco sit around the room, looking at a monitor screen as Misty's music starts to play.

Odette: Ugh, I'm out.

Ben: I'd stick around if I was you sweets.

Odette: Trust me Dundee, this is gonna be cracking.

Ben points to the monitor, a wide smile on his face as he looks at it, causing the rest of next to look at the screen. Misty is seen on the screen holding a microphone in her hand.

What? You people didn't honestly expect to go a full night without hearing from your Queen, did you?! I've hinted on Twitter the past few weeks that I had a surprise, or two perhaps, for all of you and I am out here to finally reveal what it is.

A wider smile crosses Ben's face.

Spike: What's this all about?

Ben: Well I might have got woke up the other night....

Ben looks at Odette who turns away.

Ben: And I may have found something, then bumped in to her royal pain in the arse. Well, I say bumped in to, but she never saw me.

Mickey: He was probably in the bushes having a Tommy Tank.

Ben looks at Mickey.

Ben: Behave son, I wasn't following her having a wan... anyway...

You see, a few weeks back, I was contacted by someone about an idea that was pitched in which my help was needed to launch it. After hearing the idea I simply couldn't say no, and it seems that this wonderful idea is coming closer and closer to becoming a reality. A lot of hard work has gone into this, and I am proud and honored to be the one to show it to you all for the very first time!

Ben: So yeah, anyway, I might have stumbled upon something, then watched her moan and bitch about something hidden under this curtain thing, and it got me slightly curious. So I might have done a little something to it.

Spike: Ben, what did you do?

Ben grins and points at the screen.

Ben: Well you know....

Misty's voice continues.

If that were the case, people, they would not have chosen ME as the very first Bombshell to grace the cover of this simply amazing magazine! Those in charge of putting this together knows very well who deserves to be the first to grace the cover, and they made the absolute right decision! That's right people! What I am about to show you is the very FIRST edition of the SCW Insider magazine, which if all goes as planned, will be on newsstands in the coming weeks!

The group look at Ben.

Spike: Well?

Ben: keep watching my old son.

So, without further delay, everyone lay your eyes upon the MY cover edition of SCW Insider magazine!

As Misty pulls the sheet away, Ben's edited version of the SCW Insider magazine fills the screens of people world wide. The NXT locket room bursts in to laughter as Misty's face grows angry on the screen.


Spike: Busted!

Ben smiles

Ben: Teach her to sign for ACW.

Laughs roll round the NXT locker room as the scene fades out

The camera goes back to Ben, in current time. Ben looks down the camera.

Ben: So there you have it, one hell of a busy month, it don't get much busier then that, but there's a reason I showed you that month, a big reason. I did a lot of exciting stuff in April but nothing compares to the excitement I've had this month. This month, I get to be part of the biggest match in ACW history against the man who is as good as I am. This is the thing you lovely people don't see, there's a hair between us when it comes to this match, no one can predict the outcome. I'm obviously talking about taking on Drake Green for my ACW Maritime Junior Heavyweight championship. If you didn't know that, one, get out from under that rock, two, listen very very closely, because people I'm telling you, this match is gonna set the standard from now on.

Ben runs his hand across his chin.

Ben: What can you say about Drake Green? No one can deny the man's talents, he is pure talent, he's the geezer others look up to when they talk about wanting to wrestle, and I see why. Drake is no slouch in the ring, geezer is top notch, but I didn't get these for nothing.

Ben lifts the Maritime Junior Heavyweight title and his ACW tag team title from his side to rest on his shoulders.

Ben: Don't get these things by sitting around playing with ya bollocks all day son. You get these by working like a dog and mate, you've gotta work your jacobs off just to come close to one of these. It's what I've done for a year Drake and I make no bones about it sunshine, you are my biggest challenge to date. I've done a lot of things, fought against a lot of people, done the impossible and beat the all and powerful Misty, but the thing is, I rate Drake Green over Misty so I am not taking this one lightly at all. Everybody knows this is gonna be the match of the year, people have said it since the second Drake Green raised his arm in victory. He earned this shot, and I know people are backing him to take me down, be the first in a year to beat me, but people, you should know that I have every intention of walking out at ACW episode three, with my titles on my shoulder and on my way to a celebration party. It's not a knock against Drake cause bollocks knows the man is gonna bring it and then some but sorry Drake fans, it's not gonna happen for him on that night. Trust me, guts me too because I am a Drake fan but I'm a Ben Jordan fan slightly more.

Ben smiles

Ben: We all know you're a star Drake, but the worlds eyes are gonna be on this one, the whole of the alliance will have their peepers on this one, can you deal with that kind of pressure? To me, it's nothing after the J Cup, that was pressure and arses got kicked, pressure isn't on me to keep the belt, because if I lose it, big deal, lost it to someone as good as I am, but the pressure is on you for you to come and take the belt from me. Had to do a lot since winning this belt a year ago, pressure means nothing to me Drake but everyone wants to know if you're the man who can do what others couldn't do. Must add a little weight to your mind. Many struggled with the pressure Drake, are you gonna be one of them?

Ben puts his palms out in front of him.

Ben: As much as I see you as my greatest challenge, I think you gotta see me as your greatest challenge Drake. I know you're already a champion in BACW or something like that, credit to ya pal, adds to the occasion but you know if you lose this, it's more than just losing a chance to become a champion in two federations at the same time, but surely mate, you lose credibility as a champion in BACW because an ACW champ kicked ya in the crackers. Wouldn't like to be you after this one, walking in to a BACW locker room, in to a locker room that prides themselves on being the most established fed in the NWA, and you have to stare at them all, knowing you couldn't beat the fella making waves in ACW. It makes you look bad, and BACW look bad.

Ben curls down his lip on the left side.

Ben: Don't feel too bad though, did win the J Cup recently, you could use that as an excuse an everyone will understand

Ben fires the camera a thumbs up.

Ben: I've been looking forward to this though. It's not often you get a chance to be in the ring with Drake Green, not that often you get a chance to go against a decent champion from another federation. Before you say it, Drake is better than Misty, so she don't really count here, but not a bad record to have really, cause come the end of episode three and I'm still the ACW Maritime Junior Champion, I would have defeated a current SCW and BACW champion. Not bad going for a year in people, not bad going at all. Don't mistake that for arrogance people, it's called confidence and right now, coming off the back of a Super J Cup win, coming off a month away to recover the old peg leg, I got more confidence than China has tea. Mate, I'm buzzing about getting back in the ring, stand real close and I'm like a nest of hornets. There's not a chance in hell I'm losing this one.

Ben strokes the ACW Maritime Junior Heavyweight Title.

Ben: Not a chance in hell. I raise my game against bigger and better opponents, J Cup should have shown you all that and this match, the chance to show off exactly what I can do, I'm gonna raise that game a little more and kick on and show you that I'm premiership and the rest are championship... few of you English lot will get hold of that one, but for the rest of you, I'm Jesus, you're Moses, one above you lot. While everyone is out there looking at how good this match is gonna be, I'm gonna make sure I do not disappoint. Not only am I gonna keep this big shiny thing around my waist or over my shoulder, but I am gonna put on the show that's gonna make the grammy's look like a kids party. Win or lose, you will all get to see Benny boy lift the game so high, that no one will be able to get to that level. Drake, don't let these people down my old son, cause people can talk about this match for years to come, people will be like "Remember when Jordan and Green ripped the house down?" I'm gonna lift the game, I hope you do too Drake, but have no fear or doubts, there will only be one winner son, and it will be the Cockney king.

Ben takes the title belts from his shoulder and lays them on a table in front of him. Ben points to the Maritime Junior Heavyweight title.

Ben: You're a good guy Drake, but it's all about that and giving the good people who put money in to this place, the match they deserve to see. Don't let them down Drake cause I'll be bringing everything I got and leaving it all in the ring. Win or lose, this match is going to define Atlantic Championship Wrestling, we get the chance to do this me ol' son. Bring it all geezer, because it will be a night to remember for a long time to come.

A wide smile crosses his face.

Ben: Time for greatness Drake. I'm a confident man, but if you get away with beating me. Well done to ya son, but I will not be giving this belt up that bloody easy. I'll be fighting to my last breath and will die to defend the gold. Drake, this is gonna be one for the history books.

Ben winks at the camera.

Ben: Laters peeps.

The camera fades out one more time

Cockney King.
SCW World Heavyweight Champion
SCW Roulette Champion
SCW Tag Team Champion (3x)
ACW's only Triple Crown Champion.
Super J Cup Winner 2013.
Twitter: @CockneyKingBen
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