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> Roxi Chronicles #4, Future Plans
Roxi Johnson
Posted: April 12, 2019 11:56 pm

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{The scene opens in the SSE arena in Belfast. Roxi and Caleb return through the curtain post-match, walking by the production crew and agents and other personnel as they make their way to their respective locker rooms. Roxi has a smile on her face, but also wears the scars of battle, Caleb matching her from their intense tag match in which they were victorious. Caleb has an even bigger smile than Roxi as he walks. He is slightly behind her, and as they clear into the hallways, Caleb touches her shoulder to stop her. Roxi turns, nodding to him.}

Roxi – Good job out there.

Caleb – Thanks. Look, I just wanna say, that, it was really cool to team with you.

Roxi – Yeah, it was fun to be out there again, sure. But that’s just the first one.

{Caleb, a little sheepish, shrugs and gestures towards her.}

Caleb – Yeah, I mean, to win it all would be nice. But, still, it’s been great.

{Caleb extends his hand, and Roxi just looks at it for a moment.}

Roxi – What are you getting at?

Caleb – Oh… Oh, nothing, I meant, it’s just been cool and all. I couldn’t have asked for a better partner.

{Roxi folds her arms and looks at Caleb, almost in disbelief.}

Roxi – Wait, are you… Are you saying you don’t think we’re going to win in a couple of weeks?

Caleb – What? No… I mean, I know we’ll have a tough task but I think it’s doable.

{Roxi motions for Caleb to follow her into a quieter area, away from prying ears. Once there, she places a hand on his shoulder and looks him in the eye.}

Roxi – Caleb, I didn’t come back here for a “Hey, look who’s back for a brief time”. I came back, and entered this tournament to win. Whether you did or not, we need to get straight. I need you behind me on this.

Caleb – Sure, sure, I’m behind you. I got your back.

Roxi – You told me that, and out there, you proved it. But you know what they’re all saying right now? That we weren’t supposed to win. They were thinking that Dani and Stewart were going to beat us. And you know what? We defied the odds, and we won. And guess what? We’re going to be behind the 8ball again in a couple of weeks. We’re doubted. Nobody thinks we can win. Nobody, but us. That’s where I need you right now. I need you, focused, and ready to WIN. Not just participate. I need you with me on this. I need you to believe.

Caleb – I do believe.

Roxi – Do you? I’m sensing that doubt in your voice. Dani and Stewart are out. We beat them. We didn’t just “get by” or “manage to slip past” them, we BEAT them. And in a couple of weeks, we need to BEAT the next two people we face, no matter who it is, what their record is, or how they’re being portrayed. We’re already underdogs, and we don’t even know who it’ll be yet. It could be Teddy and Daniela, or Devona and Alex Jones. Or, someone that’s already advanced. And guess what, they’re still going to give us the worst odds.

Caleb – Yeah… we will have our work cut out for us…

Roxi – Doesn’t matter if it was two practice dummies, we need to be on the same page with this. Nobody’s going to give us a shot. We have to go out and take it. To them, you’re just another guy, and I’m back for a payday. We need to show them how much more we are, you got me?

Caleb – Yeah, yeah, I got ‘cha.

Roxi – Good. I believe in you Caleb. We’re going to show them the spotlight is not too big for us.

Caleb – Hell yeah.

Roxi – Alright, I’m going to go change, and watch the rest of the show, you should too. Scouting trip, in case it’s one of these teams. I think it will be. Just watch, take notes if you have to. We’ll meet up and talk about this afterwards. Okay?

Caleb – Yeah. Yeah, I’ll see you soon.

{Roxi taps Caleb on the shoulder, departing and leaving him to nod and eventually walk toward the males locker room. Roxi enters and showers and changes before getting on her phono and face-timing with Keira.}

Keira – Hey.

Roxi – Hey.

Keira – Good job out there.

Roxi – Thanks, I appreciate that. How’s he been?

Keira – He’s playing with his toys right now. But otherwise, he’s been good.

Roxi – And the food?

Keira – What?

Roxi – Do we have any left?

{Keira rolls her eyes.}

Roxi – I’m serious.

Keira – Oh be quiet, I can manage without you for a few days.

Roxi – And after a few days?

Keira – That’s up in the air.

{Roxi smiles and nods, chuckling as Keira does as well.}

Roxi – What am I going to do with you?

Keira – Love me?

Roxi – For now.

Keira – What’s that supposed to mean?!

{Roxi shakes her head, still with a smile on her face.}

Roxi – Nothing.

{Keira stands up, and begins walking into another room.}

Keira – Nate? Come here baby…

Nate – Okay, Mama!

{Nate runs into the room, and sits down besides Keira.}

Keira – Who is that?

Nate – It’s Mommy!

Roxi – Hi baby!

Nate – Mommy is okay?

Roxi – I am, baby. I am okay. I miss you. Were you a good boy today?

Nate – Uh-huh.

Roxi – You were? Did you take a nap today?

Nate – No…

Roxi – No?

Nate – I not tired!

Roxi – I know, you’re becoming a big boy now.

Nate – A big boy!

Roxi – Yeah! You’re going to be big and strong, right?

Nate – Uh-huh! I’m big!

Roxi – You are big! Let me see those muscles!

{Nate raises his arms, not quite getting the double bicep pose down pat, but close enough.}

Roxi – Big and strong!

Keira – Ooh… the battery is dying…

Roxi – Okay… Nate, you be a good boy for Mama, okay?

Nate – Okay!

Roxi – I love you!

Nate – Love you, Mommy!

Keira – Go to the bathroom and wait for me, we have to give you a bath and get you ready for bed.

Nate – Okay, Mama!

{Nate scampers away as Keira turns back to Roxi.}

Keira – He’s a goof.

Roxi – Wouldn’t trade him for anything.

Keira – Not on your life.

Roxi – Anyway, gotta run, got to finish watching the show, and get an early read.

Keira – Take care.

Roxi – I’ll see you soon.

Keira – I love you.

Roxi – I love you too.

{Roxi exits the face time app, and proceeds to finish watching Climax Control on the screen in the locker room.}

That is one hurdle cleared.

Still three move to go.

I like to think that Caleb and I worked pretty well together two weeks ago. We did what many people thought was impossible. I said before when I returned for this, it was my intention to just be here for show. No, I intended to make an impact upon coming back, and I did. And while advancing in a tournament like this, out of the first round no less, is a task in itself, moving to the semi-finals, and then the finals, is a whole other game.

I made it once. I had a great partner in Gabriel, and if not for a slip up on my part, I think we have won the whole thing. I still hope there are no hard feelings between Gabriel and myself, at least I know there’s none of my end. After all, having a good partner is a great advantage, but I’m a firm believer that teamwork is what really wins out at the end of the day.

I look across and I see a bunch of people who are unhappy with who they got as a partner for this, and never even really bothered to make it work, and as such, they are on the outside looking in. Having a great partner is all well as good, but that’s only half the battle. You can’t really make only rely on that. It’s why I’ve taken the time to really take Caleb aside and put it in his head as far as I can, that just because we’re not the favorites, or because nobody thinks we can win, that we should pack it up and not even bother to try. No, we’ve done more than try, we’ve bonded and I’ve made a few friend, and based on his performance a couple of weeks ago, I feel that I can trust him. Which is a lot more for a lot of these teams.

Looking around, does anyone really want to get to know their partner? I mean, that’s what good teams do. I may not be traveling with Caleb, and we may not speak only about this tournament, but that’s a step in the right direction as far as I’m concerned. I didn’t really know Gabriel, but then again, he’s a pretty mysterious guy as it is, but I still feel that if I had taken that step prior, that maybe we could have worked well enough to win the tournament itself. But, I didn’t, and we didn’t. So, I’m learning from my mistakes. So, maybe by… for lack of a better term, taking Caleb under my wing, we can make a lot more noise in this tournament than anyone ever expected. I see these teams just saying “I’ll do my thing, you do yours” at best, and just relying on talent to win the day. This is the opportunity that I’ve spoken to Caleb about. Not to just be here, not to just take part, but to actually cement the fact that this is a wide open thing. Favorites go down quickly. Things can happen. This is unpredictable. And that’s why being a unit rather than two individuals is for more preferable in this.

But we got through one obstacle. And that’s more than a lot of people thought. What’s it going to be like when we knock off Devona and Alex Jones then? I’m sure they’d like to do the whole thing where the clock strikes twelve and we turn into the proverbial pumpkins, but Caleb and I have our sights set on bigger goals.

To quote one of my favorite movies, Major League:

“I guess the only thing to do know, is to win the whole thing.”

No doubt that Alex and Devona have their sights on it too. Because they are supposed to. Alex and Devona are super talented. There’s no denying that. If any team out of the 16 was to be considered favorites, this would be that team. You would expect Devona and Alex to walk through everybody. They are the ones standing in the way, because there’s always that team, always that person. Any sport, any walk of life. The people you expect to walk away with everything.

And Caleb and I, are cast in the all too familiar roles, as underdogs. Spoilers.

We’re going to do, what we have to do.

I just hope that Gabriel isn’t too upset, when his student loses to one of his former tag partners.

{It the next week and Roxi has once again visited Caleb, who is jamming in his garage. Roxi again walks in and speaks with him.}

Roxi – How’s it going?

Caleb – Good. Good.

Roxi – So, did you do what I asked? Did you watch the show?

Caleb – I did. And then the card came out. Fucking Alex Jones.

Roxi – Rough history?

Caleb – Not exactly the most successful if you catch my meaning…

Roxi – Got the best of you a few times, I take it?

{Caleb shrugs, and a scratched note as his hand accidently hits his guitar.}

Roxi – Gotcha. Well, you just have to remember what I said.

Caleb – I really don’t want to deal with Alex Jones.

Roxi – Not too many people do. For various reasons. But that’s not going to change anything. People win and lose all the time in this business. Yeah, Alex has gotten you a few times. That’s good.

Caleb – Good? Not sure how it’s exactly… “Good.”

Roxi – Because right now, I bet his licking his chops. He thinks this is going to be a walk in the park. You know it, I know it. He thinks this is just going to be like every other time. And you may not like it, but you have to take advantage of it!

Caleb – Well, I mean.

Roxi – No. You don’t have to mean, you have to feel.

Caleb – Feel?

{Roxi stands up and takes a seat behind the drum kit.}

Roxi – I want you to think about Alex Jones

Caleb – Trying to give me nightmares.

Roxi – How does just the name, Alex Jones… feel to you?

Caleb – Like weight.

Roxi – Good, he should. Now, follow me.

{Roxi begins playing the drums, but just the base drum. Pressing it rhythmically with her foot. }

Roxi – You feel it? That’s Alex Jones.

Caleb – I… kinda do…

Roxi – Listen, and follow.

{Roxi keeps the steady pace, until she taps twice fast the base drum, and keeps that going.}

Roxi – It’s starting to build.

{Caleb starts pacing, his hands clenching into fists, in and out, as he begins to nod. Roxi takes one stick, and after the two kicks of the base drum, hits the snare, once.}

Roxi – There it is.

{It’s the familiar noise. Boom-boom-clap. Boom-boom clap. Boom-boom clap. Boom-boom clap. Boom-boom clap. Caleb is partically jogging he’s getting so pumped up.}

Roxi – Alex Jones…

Caleb – Making big noise.

Roxi – He’s a big man… but..

Caleb – I’ll be kicking his ass all over the place!

Roxi – Sing it!

{Caleb grabs his microphone and yells into it.}

Caleb – We will! We will! Rock you!

{Roxi hits one last Boom-boom clap. Caleb turns, as if mesmerized.}

Caleb – Holy shit that was cool!

Roxi – Music can do that to people.

Caleb – I knew it could but…

Roxi – Listen… Like I said before, we’re not even supposed to have made it THIS far, let alone beat Alex Devona. They’re counting you out, counting me out, because Alex has gotten you a few times, and Devona’s the new next greatest thing. I’m old news and you’re a loser. We shouldn’t even show up if you listen to everybody else.

Caleb – You really think…

Roxi – No, I KNOW you can beat Alex Jones, and I can beat Devona. Because nobody else is going to. You just remember how good it’s going to feel to get your hands on Alex and punch him in his face. Remember that he doesn’t think you belong in the same ring. But guess what? Even if you guys wrestled 100 times and he beat you 99, that still leaves one time. Why not make it this time?! Why not just eliminate Alex and move on. Let’s keep the good times rolling!

Caleb – Hell yeah!

{Roxi and Caleb embrace and then shake hands.}

Caleb – Thanks for this.

Roxi – We can do this, Caleb. We WILL do this. I’ll see you Sunday.

{Roxi then departs, and Caleb begins playing more Queen as the scene fades.}

So, this is an odd one for me. On one hand, Devona is a huge fan of mine, and that is always flattering and a great means of a confidence boost for someone like me. I really enjoy getting in the ring with people that I know, and I know I can expect the best from. I am super excited to step into the ring with someone who, despite not being around for a very long time in many ways, still has amassed a incredible record and a cult following for being a good as she is. Devona is an amazing athlete, she is at the top of her game, and she is phenomenal at everything she does. So yeah, When I told Caleb we had our work cut out for us, I wasn’t saying it to spook him. I said it because it’s a fact. I just hope Devon never calls herself something like “She-nom” or something equally silly. The point is, I don’t throw praise lightly, I like to encourage, sure, but to do what Devona has done, in such a short time, is nothing short of incredible.

But on the other hand, she’s the opponent. I won’t go as far to say it’s like looking in a mirror, because that’s just not true. I never want anyone, fan or not, friend or not, to try and do the things I do, wrestle like I do, none of that. Because I want people to be themselves. Don’t come to me with a handful of comic book references to try and make it seem like we’re the same. I wouldn’t want that. I don’t want that. I don’t want anyone to be the next Roxi Johnson. I want people to be themselves. My career is splattered with failures and missteps. All I’ve tried to do is come out of those things having learned and become better because of it. Maybe it’s a lost art in this game, but I’ve tried to make it my goals. And maybe, being a role model that I get labeled with at times, encourages that. And I’m proud of that. But that doesn’t mean I don’t expect the best out of my opponent, friend or foe.

No, I’ve always prided myself on trying to be the best out of people. And that’s what I want from Devona. Her best. Not a fan, not friend, I want an opponent inside the ring. Outside of it, all that is well and good and greatly appreciated and noted. I have heard Devona say this was a bucket list item, and I’m flattered. It’s cool to hear that, especially after seeing all these people labeled as “top 10” wrestlers in the world, and my name wasn’t mention. Not that it bothers me, because I don’t need to be a top 10 wrestler now, I want to be a top 10 wrestler all time. That’s really what it’s all about. And I’ll say it here and now: Beating someone like Devona, will make me feel like I’m making headway for that goal. Devona isn’t the next me, she’s the first Devona, and that is tough enough.

She’s got the record, she’s got the skills, And on paper, maybe a couple of years ago, this would look a lot closer than it is, but I’m not out of the game yet. I’m not past any primes or holding on to faded glory. No, I’m looking to make all new accomplishments happen. And beating Devona and Alex Jones, that’s a feather in my cap, I will be damn proud of.

Now, I’m going to do my damndest to make that a reality.

Devona, the pleasure of this contest, is all mine. I sincerely thank you for the match that we are about to have. You have a bright future ahead of you.

Despite my sincerest attempt to make it slightly dim on Sunday.

Underdogs for the win!

{The scene switches to Roxi and Keira at home, as Nate lays sleeping in his bed. It’s late at night, and It appears Roxi and Keira are going to turn in for the night, but Roxi opens the closet door, looking for something else, when she notices, her superhero costume in the back in the closet. She looks over at Keira, who is about to lay down on the bed.}

[color=yellow] Keira –

Roxi – It’s been a long time.

Keira – We don’t need that life anymore.

Roxi – You are the person who is always seemingly looking for a fight. So… let’s find you a fight.

Keira – It’s late! What if Nate wakes up?

Roxi – You don’t think you can do this anymore, do you?

{Keira arches a brow and folds her arms.}

Keira – And what’s THAT supposed to mean?

Roxi – Look, if you want to stay here, fine, but the house can be on lockdown, and we have the recording just in case. Besides, Chris is just a phone call away.

Keira – It’s 11 at night!

Roxi – She’s down the street, practically neighbors.

Keira – I can’t believe you want to leave our son home alone to fight crime.

{Roxi stops, and thinks of something to say, but nothing really comes out.}

Roxi – That’s… a fair point.

Keira – Face it Rox, we don’t NEED to be out there anymore, and what’s more, we shouldn’t be out there with Nate being so small. I’m always worried if he wakes up and we’re not here. He’ll freak out!

Roxi – Look, we’ll take turns. I’ll go out first, and if after a while, I’ll come back, check around, see if anything’s wrong, and then be right back here, and then, if you want to, you can go out. That way, at least one of us, is here.

Keira –

Roxi – Deal?

Keira – Ugh… fine. But don’t be gone too long. I mean it.

Roxi – Yes, dear.

{Roxi dons her superhero gear, and exits their house, flying up and around on her patrol.}

This never gets old.

{Roxi flies and begins doing tricks, amusing herself as she patrols, looking for something, anything to do. Finally, she hears an alarm ringing at the local diamond store.}

Roxi – Uh oh.

{Roxi swoops into action, and lands outside, kicking the door in.}

Roxi – Hey!

{The goons all turn, and stare at her.}

Roxi – I should have a funny quip, for this moment, but… I don’t. So, you can come quietly, or there will be trouble. Please pick trouble.

{The goons turn and begin to flee, dropping the jewels they were going to take, and running for the hills. Roxi gives chase, only to have the goons, back right back into the building. }

Roxi – Missed me that much, huh?

{The goons realize they are surrounded, as Keira kicks in the other door.}

Roxi – It’s not your turn!

Keira – I got tired of waiting.

Roxi – Cheater.

Keira – Eh, sue me.

{Keira and Roxi are soon apprehending the the goons as the police show up. Roxi and Keira watch from a nearby rooftop as they are arrested and hauled off in the cars.}

Roxi – You know, I totally could have handled that.

Keira – I know. I could have too.

{From behind the both of them, a large plum of smoke begins to appear, It’s not any normal smoke, it seems to simply engulf the entire area, around Roxi and Keira, who turn, startled by this strange phenomenon.}

Roxi – Smoke?

Keira – Careful… I don’t trust this one bit.

{A voice bellows out from the smoke.}

Voice – I come in peace.

Roxi – Heard that one before….

{The smoke then changes shape, into the form of a humanoid, only with glowing purple eyes, and a shiny silver suit.}

Roxi – And… you are?

Humanoid – I am… the Traveler.

Roxi – And you have traveled… to Earth.

Keira – So, if you wouldn’t mind telling us what you’re doing here, unless you want to be punched for it? Please pick punched.

Roxi – I already did that.

Keira – How was I supposed to know?!

Traveler – Please, if we could dispense with this, I bring an urgent message from my home planet.

Roxi – What is it?

Traveler – It seems that you two have been chosen to defend this planet from invasion.

Roxi – Oh really?

Keira – Was there like a raffle?

Traveler – I am unaware of such an event. But I know that your race is going to be tested, and you must represent it. You and a handful of others.

Roxi – We’ll just get some other heroes, and be fine.

Traveler – No… only you two, you are the only speciality humans that can participate. The rest… you must choose.

Roxi – What? Why?

Keira – We can’t risk others lives!

Traveler – This is the only information I am allowed to give. I must return now. When it is time, you will be summoned.

Roxi – By who?

{The Traveler does not respond, he instead turns back into smoke, and disappears as quickly as he came. Roxi looks at Keira confused.}

Roxi – What was that all about?

Keira – We need to inform the guild about this.

Roxi – You’re right.

{Roxi beings to float into the air, headed towards the guild’s HQ.}

Keira – You had to pick tonight!

Roxi – What are the odds that an alien from another planet would tell us we need to save the earth?

Keira – … We’re superheroes… so … very high.

Roxi – Fair…. Look, I’ll let everyone know, you go back in case Nate wakes up.

Keira – I’m part of this too!

Roxi – Fine, fine. Come on, let’s go!

{Roxi and Keira head off as the scene fades.}

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