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> Shortest title reign of recent memory coming up!
Jessie Salco
Posted: July 12, 2019 09:24 pm

SCW's Heavy Metal Bombshell

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Into the Void VIII ended in another loss for Jessie as Kate made her tap out in the Triple Threat Match Mark Ward decided to ignore the result (at least in Kate’s eyes) and give Jessie a title shot at the next Climax Control, not only that but Jessie was getting first crack at the newly crowned Bombshell Roulette Champion Mercedes Vargas with the former champion Sam Marlowe nowhere to be found (though the fact that Sam Sammi-Saulted onto thumbtacks from the top of the ladder probably doesn’t help matters), will Jessie dethrone Mercedes again?

Outside Regal Cinemas, Primm, Nevada
Friday the 12th of July 2019. 18:00pm

You’d think I’d be training right now, or at the very least planning the trip to Bloodstock now that Code Orange have pulled out, you’d be wrong.

Bloodstock plans will be adjusted as soon as Code Orange’s replacement has been announced and according to Vicky on Twitter, that’s not until next week so yeah, that’s not on our minds right now, as for training, I’ve trained as much as I can for the latest match against Mercedes this Sunday on Climax Control and I needed a rest bite with the only break I’ve had this week being the lunch with Amy and Vinnie.

And then I remembered that a new Marvel Movie was out, don’t worry, I’m not spoiling anything about Spider-Man: Far From Home, both because I’m not a bitch and also because you really need to see it for yourselves.

Much like you’ll have to see for yourselves how I’m going to end Mercedes’s latest title reign on Sunday night.

“Man, that movie was so good.” Jake said as we walked out of the theatre in Primm, Nevada, in fairly spirits after enjoying the film off course. “Especially the part when……….”

“Let’s save spoilers until we’re off camera.” I quickly interrupted him as I motioned to the camera and Jake nodded once he remembered how I had to hastily book promo time due to a brain fart on my part, “Unless you want a mob of angry SCW fans and wrestlers storming our hotel room.”

“Hey at least they’d have reasonable goals, unlike those guys who posted on Social Media about storming Area 51.” Shane pointed out and we shared a good laugh about that, at least no one’s posting about raiding the federal reserve using the same logic yet. “I mean seriously, what next? Raiding the Federal Reserve.”

“Was just thinking that funnily enough.” I responded with a grin as we made our way towards the car, I hopped in the back and the cameraman joined me in the back whilst the boys got in the front. “So what’s the plan now? More training or just head back to the hotel?”

“I say we’ve done enough training for one day, your record against Mercedes is really good after all.” Jake responded as he adjusted the rearview mirror to look at me without turning his head. “We’ll do some catch up training tomorrow and on Sunday before we leave for the show but unless you decide to take Caleb’s route and get some MMA Training done, I don’t see what else you can do.”

“Yeah well, if a female version of Fenris debuts and I somehow piss her off to the extent that Caleb did to Fenris, I’ll keep that in mind.” I responded with a shrug as Jake started to pull out of the parking lot and started driving towards the hotel. “Then again, I think Alicia Lukas is the closest thing we’re going to get to a female Fenris.”

“Only in terms of style, Alicia doesn’t have Fenris’s MMA background.” Shane pointed out before pausing. “Actually, I’m not sure on that.”

“Can’t check her profile, SCW’s website isn’t working.” I responded after I tried to access the SCW site before I shook my head. “Even if there was a gender swapped Fenris on the roster, I know better than to make stupid tweets like Caleb did when I’m sober.”

“You said “when I’m sober” because you knew I’d bring up that time we let you tweet drunk.” Jake realized after he readjusted the mirror and drove off. “And then there’s the dumb stuff you say on SCW TV sober that causes international incidents!”

“That only happened once, not my fault the bosses overreacted!” I protested as I rolled my eyes in response. “Still mad that I never got another crack at Parand and try to get the win back.”

“And that’s all we’re going to discuss on that topic.” Shane responded as he shook his head and I said nothing in response, it wasn’t long until we were back at the hotel and we got out of the car alongside the cameraman. “You want to get your promo done?”

“You know it, I’ll catch up with you guys later.” I responded with a nod and the boys returned to the hotel, I sat on the hood of the car as I got ready to do my promo.

“How the tables have turned, now Kate’s complaining about not getting shots she “deserves”, but in the meantime I have a title reign to end as this Sunday on Climax Control I’m challenging Mercedes Vargas for her newly won SCW Bombshell Roulette Championship and here I thought Seleana was a fluke champion but nope! At least Alicia had Crystal to blame for losing the title to Seleana but you Mercedes? If Sam wasn’t so reckless, I’d be challenging her for the title and not you!”

There I said it.

“Yeah, I watched the Roulette Title Matches, Sam had you dead to rights but because she wanted to end the match with a bit of flair, she became a human pin cushion and you won the title, as for our match on Sunday? It won’t matter what stip the wheel stops on because I’m ending your title reign on the first defense and at the same time, proving that I was right about you being a fluke champion in every sense of the words.”

How did she earn the shot in the first place?

“I’m going to steal your job as SCW’s resident historian Mercedes and take you back to when the SCW Internet Championships were a thing and you defended the title against me at Blaze of Glory, how did that match end again? Oh yeah, I pinned you, clean as a whistle and won the title for the first and last time, and as the saying goes, those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it and this Sunday history will repeat itself.”

It’s that simple.

“We both know that your track record for holding onto the title is about as spotty as Donald Trump’s record with women and whilst I await the “pot calling the kettle black” jokes that will come from Twitter as soon as this promo hits the air, I will say this, whatever plans the bosses have for Summer XXXTreme are going out the window fast and I’ll be the one tossing them overboard this Sunday on Climax Control, as for whoever my opponent is at Summer XXXTreme, thanks for providing me with my first win at the PPV I originally made my PPV Debut at in advance!”

And with that I decided to wrap things up.

“You just won the title Mercedes but on Sunday I’ll prove that it was nothing but a fluke caused by Sam’s recklessness when I beat you for the title, you can try to kill the saint in me but you won’t martyr me as I walk out of the Star of the Desert Arena the new SCW Bombshell Roulette Champion whilst you have this to look forward too Mercedes, shortest title reign of recent memory coming right up! See you in the ring regardless of what the wheel stops on.”

I went into the hotel as the scene fades.

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