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> Amy Marshall...Victim or Stepping Stone?, vs Amy Marshall
Lady Apple
Posted: October 05, 2018 11:49 pm

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A boudoir of white lace and golden oak is where a young woman wearing a white blouse and black pencil skirt can be seen lounging on a chaise longue, a book in her hands as another girl dressed in a jumper and plaid skirt with black doc martins wanders around the room speaking in a low murmur on a cell phone. Although the woman on the chaise appears to be deeply interested in the book in her hands, her eyes follow the mousy woman as she hangs up the phone and then turns to the woman on the chaise and begins to speak.

Ivy the Assistant: Ma’am, I have to say that we have a bit of a problem with how you are speaking about the bombshells in Sin City Wrestling. In the past few weeks you have put down every bombshell on the roster and you have to admit you are painting a rather large target on your back.

Looking up from the book, Apple Coren can’t help but let a smirk quirk the corner of her lips upward. Her eyes sparkle with the comment as she sits up and looks at her assistant who has stopped in the middle of the room. Swinging her legs to the side, she rises a bit more as she offers a smile at her assistant.

Apple Coren: Really Ivy, whatever gave you the idea I even thought the bombshells of Sin City Wrestling could even rise to my level? I mean come on, if one didn’t have confidence in oneself, why would one sign with SCW if not to show the little people that in life as in wrestling, there are champions and then there are hasbeens and god forbid, neverwere. And am I to blame for speaking truth to power?

Ivy the Assistant: There is speaking truth to power and then there is putting people down. I have seen a person that can be so sweet and then there is you that just has an attitude that makes you appear soooo…ugly.

Ivy looks almost physically ill as she says the last word. From the chaise, Apple sucks in a harsh gasping breath as if she had taken a hit to her heart. A well manicured hand rises to rest against her heart as her face falls.

Apple Coren: You think that I am ug…I can’t even say the word. Ivy I am hurt you could think that. After all you have seen me at my worse and my best and no matter what extreme, you have never said I was ug…Hang on, I will get the word out…Ugl…No Ivy you are wrong. I am being truthful when I say that there is no bombshell in that company that can hold a candle to me when I am in that ring. I am confident, I am capable and I am bloody brilliant in that ring. And just because I have that one loss which should not have happened, people are going to look down on me and that is their problem. The only problem I have is trying to get some competition in the ring for that company. Seems that the management wants to push people who really don’t deserve the chances they have been given.

Ivy the Assistant: But ma’am, you are still a newcomer to the ring. You have only had two matches so far and you are one for two. That makes you an average wrestler right now but I am sure that should you have more matches, you will be able to claim that you are as good as you say. Take for instance this coming Climax Control. They have booked you in a match on the weekend.

Ivy looks down at her Ipad that seems like an part of her arm as Apple sets the book on the foot of the chaise and slowly rises to her feet and moves towards the assistant to lay an arm on the shoulder of Ivy to peer over to the Ipad as she gives Ivy a quick look and smile.

Apple Coren: Tell me Ivy, who has management put in my way to wrestle on the weekend? I mean what bombshell will be my win number two?

Ivy the Assistant: The card reads that you will be across the ring from Amy Marshall who had a match for the Bombshell Roulette title recently. Former multiple champion she is.

Apple straightens up and slowly begins to rub her hands together as she starts to pace across the floor of the boudoir towards a large vanity where she leans in to run a finger over her lips then reaches for a small lipgloss that she opens to stroke a colourful smear against her lips. Pursing her lips to spread the make up, she blows a soft kiss at her reflection and turns to once more study Ivy who has raised an eyebrow at he antics of Apple.

Softly humming in a teasing way, Apple taps a finger on the nose of Ivy who leans back from the contact.

Apple Coren: You silly Ivy. Don’t you know that no matter who faces me I don’t see the titles I just see another victim of the skills that I have learned in the ring. I am sure that Amy is more than likely to have some speech about how I am nothing, when we both know she doesn’t even know me like that. Well then, let’s get to work and figure out who Amy Marshall is.

Ivy the Assistant: Of course ma’am, way ahead of you on that. I have taken the liberty to have done some research on all bombshells at Sin City Wrestling. Allow me to pull up the information for you and display it on the screen.

Apple Coren: Ever efficient Ivy, thank you. Allow me to get comfy.

Apple moves once more towards the chaise and reclines on it as Ivy moves towards a large screen and presses a few buttons on it. The screen winks to life to have the image of Amy Marshall appear with diagnostics all around her image. To the side, a scroll of information seems to be streaming, an algorithm that is spitting out numbers and data about Ms Marshall.

Ivy the Assistant: As we can see, Ms Marshall didn’t really start in the wrestling business. She got her start in a rather pornographic way as an “actress” named Roxxxie. Seemed she made videos of sexual exploits and deviant behaviour with all types of partners.

Apple holds her hand up and interrupts Ivy.

Apple Coren : Considering that she is my opponent, make arrangements for me to have my booster shot before I step in the ring with her and have someone prepared with a penicillin shot for after the match as well as a large quantity of antibacterial solution to disinfect myself after I win.

Ivy leans over and taps a few strokes into the Ipad that is on the table in front of the screen. Once she finishes she is about to speak again but Apple has reached for a small dish of candy nearby and pops a small wine gummie into her mouth as she motions with her other hand for Ivy to continue.

Ivy the Assistant: As I was about to say, Amy has been rather successful in the company where she has won all the bombshell titles that have been offered as well as being inducted into the hall of fame which has Apple sit up with a confused look on her face.

Apple Coren: She is in the Hall of Fame?!? I am facing someone that OLD?!? I feel so very sorry now that I have to wrestle and beat someone that is so beyond their prime that they are in a hall of fame. Make a note Ivy, we must send Amy Marshall some flowers in sympathy. Make sure though they are delivered after our match. And have the card read the following…Sincerest sympathies on having been beaten by myself. So sorry for having your story end unhappily ever after…Lady Apple Coren. Yes quite, would be a rather nice touch to a night that is going to be so disappointing for her.

Ivy the Assistant: Of course ma’am. I will get right on that. Now to continue…

Apple Coren: No Ivy, I am rather bored with all the data and statistics and nonsense about Amy Marshall. If you ask me, it is going to be a night that Amy Marshall is going to be trying to make herself relevant after losing to yours truly. Oh and I am sure that her little pawn…no, servant, no not that either. Her little minion that is it, Jessie Salco, her little minion will try to pile on my beating of Amy and Amy might just try to blame the loss on Jessie.

Ivy the Assistant: Well Jessie seems to think that she needs to cause an interference when it comes to matches for Amy. So I would say you are probably right ma’am.

Apple nods slowly as if imparting the most significant information in the world.

Apple Coren: Let me just say to you Ivy, whatever occurs on the weekend will not be the fault of Jessie Salco or any other excuse that Amy will devise to claim that the loss isn’t a loss.

Ivy the Assistant: Yes ma’am.

Apple leans back with a sigh of pleasure as a smirk crosses her face.

Apple Coren: Ivy, I want to be alone for a bit before tonight so be a good girl and go do what you do best and prepare my diary for the weekend and arrange for flights and travel to where the show will be. I have some strategies to plan for Sunday.

Ivy the Assistant: Any preferences milady?

Apple Coren: Preferably the better hotels or if not, then arrange for a tour bus that has all the luxuries. I hope to leave on Thursday.

Ivy the Assistant: At once ma’am.

Ivy heads towards the door after scooping up her Ipad and sending the screen to black. Across the room, Apple has reached for her book and is once more drawn into the story as the scene fades to black.

A low rumble can be heard as an image of a luxury tour bus interior can be seen. Sitting on a captain’s chair in front of a window is Apple Coren, dressed for comfort in a pair of feminine looking chinos and a rather loose sweatshirt with a London Calling by the Clash custom logo over a skin tight black lace leotard. Long dark hair hangs down her back in a long ponytail that curls slightly at the end. Apple looks up into the camera lens of the video camera held by Ivy who is sitting opposite and recording for her ladyship. Apple reaches a hand up to brush at a stray hair before she pulls the ponytail over her shoulder as she begins to speak.

Apple Coren: I supposed that when one has a match as I do at Climax Control, one must definitely talk about said match and one’s opponent. So let me recap for you what will be happening on the weekend. I get to step into the ring with Amy Marshall. Now you may wonder just why someone of my caliber has to face someone of hers. I did wonder that myself until it struck me that I am being tested.

The expression on the face of Apple appears to be serious as she crosses her arms over her chest in contemplation.

Apple Coren: You see, if you had watched last week’s show, you would have seen me make a statement to management about putting me in a match against any bombshell on the roster and that I would succeed against even the best of them. And that should I excel like I know I will, then what management will have to consider is that I am the most logical next challenger for the Bombshell title.

Sighing as if she has taken the weight of the world on her shoulders, Apple brings a finger up to tap against the side of her head as she smiles evilly into the lens.

Apple Coren: That is right, I said that I would dominate and that I would be one step closer to the Bombshell title. Now of course anyone could have been put in that ring but Christian Underwood and Mark Ward put Amy Marshall in my sights as the first stepping stone on my path to the title. I have to say that I am sure they wanted to put someone with skill and charisma and capability against me and sadly, they failed utterly. Don’t get me wrong, Amy is a former champion many times but she is a disappointment if you ask me.

Reaching out of view, Apple pulls a teacup towards her that appears to be full of liquid. Lifting it to her lips, she sips at the contents then gently puts the cup down once more.

Apple Coren: I was sure that when I read that I was facing Amy, it was some sort of initiation hazing ritual for management when they sign new talent. Imagine my surprise when they confirmed that they were serious about having her face me. I tell you, I laughed for at least five minutes before I stopped to think about why they made me face you Amy and I have reached the conclusion that they must think that I am not to be taken seriously.

Apple Coren: First off, let me disabuse you of that idea. My facing Amy Marshall is a wake-up call for the bombshells in general and the Bombshell champion herself. I am taking this and all challenges as serious as a heartattack. And if you don’t believe me, just watch what I am going to do to Amy Marshall this week.

Apple Coren: And speaking of Amy Marshall, my next words are for you. I want you to know that I am not taking this match personal, you are just a roadblock that I have to overcome. But overcome you I will because you see, I don’t see you as my equal so you are just an obstacle that I will remove from my way like one removes a pebble from a shoe. You are a minor annoyance that I will remove and toss aside without a thought. I am sure though that you are going to to put up a fight and make me realize that I am a new person in the ring. Maybe I am but I have trained under the best that the UK has to offer in wrestling and that means that I am not to be taken lightly as I am sure you are. So Amy Marshall, know that when I beat you, I won’t give you another thought as I turn my attentions to the next weak challenge I might have before management realizes that I need to be the number one contender. One needs to start somewhere and it seems that you are my somewhere to start on that road at Climax Control on the weekend.

Apple lets her elbows rest on the arms of the captain’s chair and steeples her fingers before lightly setting them against her lips. Contemplating her next words, Apple smiles and leans forward slightly to speak as if sharing a secret.

Apple Coren: I am going to use you Amy to send a message. My message is simple and easily understood. I am going to beat the bloody hell out of each and every bombshell on the roster until I have the title shot I deserve and then no one will be able to say that I didn’t make my way through the roster to take my place as the bombshell champion. And when I do win the title, all the other bombshells will have to live unhappily ever after that fact. And that is all I have to say about that…Ivy, I am done speaking until Sunday and Climax Control. That night it will be these fists that do my conversing rather than me speaking.

Ivy nods as she presses stop on the recording device. Apple spins in the chair and putting her feet up looked relaxed as she once more sips at the teacup. The tourbus driver calls back that they are nearing some kind of roadstop as the scene fades.

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