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> SCU Underground Ep. 34 (Card)
Tad Ezra
Posted: September 15, 2019 05:07 am

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Sin City Underground presents: Underground Ep. 34

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Underground Episode 34 is filmed in front of a live audience at the Gold Coast Casino on September 19th, 2019 airing at 11:59pm PST.
Note: All segments must be turned in by September 17th, 2019 11:59pm PST (2:59am EST on 9/18)

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We open the show with what better be an explanation from the new SCU Underground (and Combat) Champion. First of all, we will find out which championship Javier Gonzalez will be keeping. We also look forward to hearing who he anticipates to be his next challenge, all while being interviewed by none other than Dev Khatri.

user posted image & user posted image
user posted image & user posted image

Tag Team Match
Ruin Sisters (Debbi & Stacy) Vs The Fox Brothers

Last week on Ep. 33: Ladies Night, Debbi and Stacy Ruin approached the acting GM, Donna Beauchamp, about not being booked much, and not being booked on Ladies Night was their final straw. Donna heard their complaints, and before they left the office, they were granted a match, but a match they were none too happy about it. They are booked against their friends, the tag team of Mason and Jason, the Fox Brothers. Will the Ruin Sisters end their dry spell, or will the former Double Down Champions find their way back to the top, using this match as a catapult.

user posted image & user posted image
user posted image & user posted image

Number one contendership for the Double Down Tag Team Championships[/u]
Fire Dragons (Valentina and Mark Cross) vs Angel of Filth and Eric Weaver

Last week, we saw Valentina and Angel of Filth teaming up to take on Nobility for the Double Down Tag Team Championships. If you did not watch, then go do that now. We’ll wait. Okay, so you saw that it did not end well, and Angel of Filth was livid afterward, and we hear Valentina had several choice words. GM Tad Ezra has decided to honor Filth’s request for a match, but not in singles action. Mark Cross returns to SCU to resume the run of the Fire Dragons to back up Valentina. But, it does not come easy, as Angel of Filth’s partner is Eric Weaver, the former SCU Combat Champion who feels pissed on and pissed off about the actions of his (former?) stablemate. Two people who are not above winning at any cost, taking on the former Hardcore Tag Team Champions. This will be good.

user posted image & user posted image
user posted image & ???

Hardcore Tag Team Championships
Team Canada vs Mz Holly Wood & ???

With Dahlia being booked for a match later on tonight. The two men of the Team Canada faction will defend the Hardcore Tag Team titles. Holly Wood gets another shot but this time without Catarina as we have not been able to get a hold of her. Holly Wood has made a phone call and informed SCU that she will have a partner with her this Thursday, but who?

user posted image Vs user posted image

Singles Match
Jacob Johnson Vs Abaddon

At Supernova 2, Abaddon shocked the fans when he made his presence known in the Mayhem Survival Match. He took out five competitors, taking one of them with him by helicopter! Talk about making a statement. Now, he makes his official in-ring debut. But, it won’t be an easy win as he takes on Jacob Johnson, a name that has been around in Honor Wrestling and Sin City Underground for years, someone who knows this ring like the back of their hand.

user posted image Vs user posted image

Singles Match
Shelby Holt Vs Halo Williams

Our Underground Champion is in action tonight as she takes on Shelby Holt, the very first ever (Northern Lights) champion. A dominant member of the roster since the beginning of the company, a member of The New Foundation is a threat to anyone, and without the title on the line, Shelby is likely wanting to grab the attention of Tad Ezra by grabbing a win over the champ, to get herself a title match in the near future. However, that is much easier said than done when going against a champion like Halo Williams.

Double Main Event
Crowning the new SCU TV Champions

user posted image Vs user posted image Vs user posted image Vs
user posted image Vs user posted image Vs user posted image

Six Man Ladder Match - Television Championship Match
John Blade vs Kingingiseisha “Hitamashii” Shirasu vs Jerry Cann vs Father Gerald vs Lord Raab vs Dax Beckett

Six big names in SCU. One title that needs a champion. Jerry Cann is a former Hardcore Tag Team Champion. John Blade is a former Hardcore Tag Team and Combat Champion. Dax Beckett is a former Pride Tag Team Champion. Lord Raab is a former SCW Tag Team Champion, SCW Roulette, SCW Internet and SCW World Heavyweight Champion. Hitamashii and Father Gerald are big names, but men that are on the rise. Any of these six would be a great inaugural champion, but the question is… who will it be?

user posted image Vs user posted image Vs user posted image Vs
user posted image Vs user posted image Vs user posted image

Six Women Steel Cage Match - Television Championship Match
Torielle Jackson Vs Merlot Ayano Vs Alexis Staggs Vs Chanelle Martinez Vs Dahlia Rotten Vs Denise Andrews

Much like the men, we have six women who are excellent options for inaugural champion. Why is this ending the show? Because of all of the combustible elements inside of the ring. Merlot Ayano and Alexis Staggs just had their one on one match at Summer XXXtreme, and the fans want more. Chanelle Martinez and Torielle Jackson are former tag team partners who have had an underlying desire to beat the fuck out of one another. And speaking of Chanelle, she was called out by Dahlia Rotten, part of the Hardcore Tag Team Championship stable. The match will take place, but not this week. And The Duchess of Las Vegas thrown in there makes this main event quality, so throwing a title up for grabs will likely bring out the violence. Who’s going to take the cake?

All of this, and so much more on 9/19/2019 for Underground Episode 34
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