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> SCU Underground Ep. 40
Tad Ezra
Posted: November 08, 2019 03:14 pm

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Nellis Air Force Base, Las Vegas, Nevada
November 14th, 2019
Segments due November 13th, 2019

SCU Underground Ep 40 will be live in front of the United States Air Force military as SCU teams up with the 99th Air Base Wing to host this event for the

United States Air Force Warfare Center
57th Wing
505th Command and Control Wing
563d Rescue Group
926th Wing
820th RED HORSE Squadron

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Helluva Bottom Carter vs John Blade

The troops are seated in there seats and get to witness an excellent opening match up. As new comer, high flyer Helluva Bottom Carter takes on Big Match John Blade! Crowd favorite John Blade looks to slow down HB Carter. John will have to use his power to keep Carter grounded. Speed vs power which will win this opening bout?

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Ariana Angelos vs Angel of Filth

The Greek Angel, Ariana takes on Angel of Filth. The young rookie got a big win over Denise Andrews and looks to do the same with Filth. The rookie however faces one of the toughest brawlers in SCU. Filth is not afraid to cheat, play dirty, or even injure her opponent. Filth is not about to let a rookie beat her in her second match. All the training done at Go Gym is going to have to come into play for Ariana if she plans on walking out the winner.

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Eyesnsane and Mickey Carroll vs Kingingiseisha Shirasu and Javier Gonzalez

Former Hardcore Tag Team Champions, Mickey Carroll and Eyesnsane will team up for the first time in two years as they take on SCU TV champion Hitamashii and Underground Champion Javi. A big time match up for all four wrestlers. This can go either way as both champions have been on fire as of late. Yet, they have off against former Honor Champion Mickey Carroll and Eyesnsane, a man who has who has held many titles including two world titles in different companies. In a rare twist one can say that the champions could be the undergrounds in this match up.

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Abaddon vs Todd Williams

Todd returns to singles action after teaming with Brittany the last few matches. He takes on Abaddon, Abaddon joined SCU many months ago and targeted Mickey Carroll. Adaddon manages to take down Mickey a few weeks ago and now looks for a new target. Will Todd be that target or will Todd be able to stop Abaddon in his tracks.

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Double Down Tag Team Championship
Fire Dragons vs Le Coven

Le Coven have been waiting a long time to receive a title shot since joining the company. The wait is over. Celeste and Jenifer seek to take the Double Down titles from Mark Cross and Valentina, cutting there reign short. The Fire Dragons may be the crowd’s favorite tag team and most exciting to watch. Exciting is what this match will be as one of two things are sure to happen. Le Coven could be walking out of this show as the new Double Down Tag Team Champions or the Fire Dragons will be ending the undefeated streak of Jenifer Lacroix and Celeste North!

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Merlot Ayano vs Angel Kash

Angel Kash takes on Merlot Ayano. Merlot came close on becoming the TV champion. Angel recently lost her Double Down title. As fun as it was for Angel to be a tag team champion, she made it clear, she wants to get back her Underground Championship. Merlot may not have had a title in SCU just yet but to the fans she is there fighting champion. Expect to see a power hitting match as the crowds number one enemy Angel Kash goes one on one with the crowds champion Merlot Ayano!

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Kawaii Dragons vs Shorty and Jaime Staggs

Jaime Staggs has been around here and there but is now entering the SCU for good as he finally makes his debut. He teams up with Shorty as they take on Winter and Tatsu. The Kawaii Dragons may get along with Jaime and Shorty but when the bell rings only Gift’s Delia Darling and Mercedes Vargas are safe from the Kawaii wrath. Jaime and Shorty won’t be easy on the Kawaii Dragons which means this match can go down the middle or go south real quick!

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Combat Championship Air Force physical fitness test/close combat match
Stewart Mason vs Earl Lockyer

The two Canadian veterans are close friends, served together and now face each other in a singles match. Not just any match but one that will test them to the fullest. They have one minute to do 30 jumping jacks, one minute to do 8 pull ups, one minute to do 25 push-ups, one minute to do 30 sit ups. After that the two will have to run two miles on the running track. Following the fitness test the two will head to the ring to begin the match. Each event won by a wrestler will be rewarded an extra point towards the judging score card should the match reach it’s time limit. The match will have a ten minute time limit. Pin falls will be allowed and the match will have three judges judging it as one long MMA round.

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Combat Championship Last Woman Standing Match
Sister Esther vs Melissa Ruin

Sister Esther defends the Combat title once again. This time she takes on Melissa Ruin who looks to seek singles gold after losing the Double Down titles to the Fire Dragons. Esther seems to have gotten comfortable being champion and doesn’t look to change that soon. Nobility, Ruin Twins and the Good Shepherds will be banned from ringside.

A slight change to the rules because the Combat title is on the line. This is not a hardcore anything goes match. No weapons are allowed. This match is to take place in the ring at all times. Outside of that, anything goes. Only way to win is by medical stoppage.

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Main Event
Underground Championship
Veronica Taylor vs Mercedes Vargas

Tribute to the Troops’s main event is one for the ages. Veronica Taylor swooped in and took the Underground title from Halo Williams. Some that doesn’t sit will with some. Now from all the people she could be defending the title against, It happens to be Mercedes Vargas. A few years ago this match would have been the main event at any SCW Supershow. SCU Underground Champion knows the challenger very well. The two became so hated in SCW that to this day you can hear some of the bombshells hating on what was the Mean Girls. Mercedes continues to be one of the most hated in SCW as Veronica wasted no time becoming the most hated in SCU. SCU and SCW have had a few great inter brand matches over the past year but this match is by far the biggest inter brand match ever!

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