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> Teddy Doesnt Care
Crystal Zdunich
Posted: September 13, 2019 11:48 pm

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A Diamond Story

The scene comes into focus and for Teddy Steele it was a long flight from the likes of Aruba to that of Los Angeles, California. He could have been tanning… BLACK PEOPLE DON’T TAN WHAT AM I TALKING ABOUT?! But anyway after speaking to that of Chloe and talking up ways in which him and Diamond could buy out Rose Productions it seemed as if the evil couple were going to go about doing so. Teddy and Diamond walked hand and hand as they walked through the corridors of Rose Productions Movie Studio. Diamond and Teddy stopped when they reached the meeting room as Chloe Martin COO of the studio looked over at the couple. The blonde glanced at the masked Diamond before she turned her attention to Teddy.

“So you are you two really ready to do this?! Remember you don’t need much but if you could somehow find your way to gaining at least 51 percent of the company that would make you majority shareholder and any direction you wish to take the company in will have to go in that direction. My question is are we sure about Crystal not being around to stop what we are trying to do?!”

Teddy smiles as he looks back at the Blonde Canadian.

“Listen Chloe I can assure you that she won’t be getting involved in any of this. Her mind is too focused on recovering from her concussion to even notice what is happening from right underneath her nose. We are going to take this company from her and she won’t even notice until it’s too late. She will have no one to blame but herself for selling some of her stocks in order to fund her little zoo project for her blonde Swedish whore…”

Chloe smiles as she looks at the masked beauty just grinning at her.

“And you seem to be down in Gem Stones… I don’t know if you can really get by on just one Gem Stone….”

Diamond just laughs as she grabs Teddy and begins to make out with him sloppily as an evil grin escapes her lips.

“You think my Teddy gave a flying fuck about any of those three whores?! I am the one that he has had his eyes on. Hell it has always been me and at the end of the day I always get what I want. This movie studio will be no different. As long as Teddy and I stay with one another there won’t be anyone out there who will have the power to stop us…”

Chloe shakes her head.

“And what about Kate Steele… That angry woman will not let this go. She will keep on attacking you two and you saw what she did to Sapphire, Emerald, and Ruby… She won’t stop until she gets her hands on you…”

Teddy looks at Diamond as he slowly looks back at Chloe.

“Let her… As a matter of fact I want her to keep going after Diamond just like I want Bobbie to go after her and anybody who tries to get my boo… Diamond is everything to me and I won’t let anybody touch her or get anywhere near her because she is everything to me. Now before we worry about the actions of Kate or anything else why don’t we just get through this situation first! We have talked about doing this for weeks now and it’s about time we just get through with it already…”

Chloe smiled as she opened the doors to the board room and that is when Diamond and Teddy followed suit. Chloe smiled as Teddy and Diamond took seats as Chloe hovered and glanced at everybody sitting there.

“Hello Rose Productions Board…”

“Good evening Miss Martin why did you call this meeting?”

Teddy smiles as he quickly stands up as he looks at everybody sitting down. He takes a long deep breath as he begins to speak.

“Let me be the one to do the talking. You see Miss Martin here is an amazing asset to this company but I am sad to say that I don’t see this company really going anywhere under the current direction of Mrs. Zdunich. She is all over the place and her daily struggles are causing this fine establishment to really look bad in the public eye. I mean a woman who openly beats on her wife isn’t the type of person that this company should be focused on. Let’s be honest here we can all admit Crystal, Christina, or whatever she wishes to be called this week isn’t doing this company any favors…”

“No disrespect Mr. Warren but I have been on this board from the very beginning and although Mrs. Zdunich can be quite difficult at times she is the one that presented you with a job. It was her influence which actually got you to be in the position you are in now, and we gave you three of our inspiring actresses to join you as this Teddy Warren and Gem Stones. Where is the return on our investment? Where is the album you promised us among other stuff… I don’t think you have any room to say anything really…”

Diamond quickly stands up as she laughs and shakes her head in disgust.

“You don’t talk to my man like that. Who gives a damn about the three whores you paired him with? He is making money now! He is one of SCW’s most talked about featured attractions. He is a champion and with me offering my services as a mouthpiece he will go even further. It doesn’t matter if it is in the entertainment or even wrestling world. He will become a serious force to be reckoned with…”

“Amazing… I couldn’t have said it better myself…”

Teddy smirks as he looks at Diamond and makes out with her. The board member however snaps back at him.

“And could you please save that for a room somewhere. We don’t need to see that in here. Mrs. Zdunich would never subject us to such disgusting acts. I wouldn’t be surprised if this Diamond of yours doesn’t milk you for everything you have and makes you buy her everything on rodeo drive…”

Diamond smiles as she looks at Teddy before she looks back at the board.

“Actually ass wipe the real reason why we wanted you along with all of the other board members in this meeting is because Teddy and I are going to be taking over this company. Consider this a takeover! We have been working on acquiring some stocks so we could become the majority shareholders. The only reason why Crystal is even relevant is because she sits on her stocks and she holds a lot of the voting power but if we could somehow acquire enough to overtake her everybody here would get paid in ways you couldn’t even imagine. Just look at what my Teddy is doing for this company. He is bringing publicity. He is a cash cow and it’s time to capitalize on what he’s been doing… So let’s do the right thing. Who is in the mood to sell?! I assure you if you sell you will keep your position on the board and we won’t change anything about the company… Well there’s only one change we would make…”

Teddy smiles as he looks at Chloe.

“Besides us becoming owners of this company we would appoint Chloe to the CEO of this company. She has taken enough shit as Crystal’s PA and even though she made her COO we all know Chloe was the real brains behind this place. Just like she is the brains behind getting Matt Stone among other important figures in this company’s history.”

“So with that said who plans to sell to my man?!”

Everyone in the room just seems disgusted as they all shake their head.

“None of us are going to sell to you. What you are trying to do is absolutely absurd and despite what you think of Mrs. Zdunich she isn’t that bad…”

However as they sit there we could see the doors to the room opening up and that is when we can see Todd Williams walking through the door. He has a smile on his face as everyone in the room glances at him.

“That’s right it’s your boy Todd Williams and considering it was under my company that established this company I have been holding onto stocks that I would one day pass onto my daughter, but Teddy is my best friend. If it means ruining the life of my ex-wife so be it. I know I have the amount of stocks you need to overtake Crystal so consider them all yours. I just hope your company could continue it’s partnership with that of Willcorp…”

Teddy smiles evilly as he smirks at him.

“Of course it will… It’s going to feel so good to put Crystal out on the street and to make her feel absolutely bankrupt…. It’s a pleasure Todd… Thank you for being my best friend…”

Todd smirks as he looks at him. The board members seem to be in horror as Teddy looks at Diamond.

“Babe consider this your company…After all what’s yours is mine and well… We will rule this together…”

Diamond can only grin in return as we slowly fade out on this image….

On Camera

The cameras come into focus and as they do we are treated to the sight of Teddy Warren on the beach. The beautiful Diamond is right by his side wearing her mask and of course is completely nude with the exception of the Roulette title which she is wearing around her waist.

Diamond: Can you really believe that Fat Bitch was calling me out on Twitter?! And the nerve of her for calling me a side ho… Teddy you know I am nobodies si….

Teddy: Yes I know but you know everyone out there is a bunch of haters. Nobody out there looks as amazing as you do. Nor is there anybody in this company who can wear makeup like I can. Nobody can rock a pair of heels like I can and quite simply nobody out there is me… This is my division. I am the present and future of wrestling and everybody else is merely playing catch up, but as much as I would like to fuck your brains out on this gorgeous beach it seems the idiots at SCW need for me to do this promo for this NON TITLE MATCH!!! So why should I even bother. They book me in the ring with a fucking scrub in the form of Tony Thorn… It’s really pathetic how SCW treats me…

Diamond: It’s absolutely fucking disgusting! We go from having people such as Goth sent your way and of course those in management trying to bury you by putting you against Fenris to having to fight Kedron Williams who didn’t deserve a title opportunity to begin with, and now they are throwing Tony Thorn in your direction

Teddy: It really doesn’t matter honestly. They can throw whoever they want but it still wouldn’t make a difference. Just like you telling the world I will fight whoever it is all the truth. I will fight anybody at any given time because I am a fighting champion and nobody is worthy of being in the ring with me.

Teddy smiles as he continues to speak.

Teddy: How’s it going there Tony. I am so happy you finished filming your promo early and you had o tweet it over Social Media. You act liked I would have paid attention anyway. Truth is I couldn’t give a flying fuck. I am not one to be scared of you. I am a man who has absolutely nothing to lose here. After all this is NON TITLE… I could simply decide to walk out of the match seeing as this is a waste of time or I could take my focus and put it elsewhere like on that of Griffin because Lord knows he has his eyes on me and he won’t let me live, but I guess I need to prove myself so bring it Tony and I will bury you

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