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> Cult of personality
Sierra Williams
Posted: November 19, 2019 07:27 am

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Is it, money or women to funny beginnings, tragic endings
I can make a million and still not get enough of spending
And since my life is based on sinnin', I'm hell bound
Rather be buried than be worried, livin' held down
My game plan to be trained and, military
Mind of a Thug Lord, sittin' in the cemetery

Scene One: Can you back it up?
Off Camera
Calgary Alberta, Canada
Last Week

It had been a week since Sierra had posted a pre match promo that seemed to set the world on fire. A verbal beating that seemed to make some people angry, others impressed and some terrified. For the first time since she had lost her half of the mixed tag belts with Lachlan Sierra felt angry and on fire. But she was enjoying herself. And now after winning one of the biggest matches of her career Sierra went back home, walking into her home gym in Toronto. The door opened, her gym bag was slung over her shoulder and instantly the atmosphere felt different.

Normally Sierra would walk in, some would nod in her direction, others would say hello. A common courtesy for someone related to the founders of the gym, her older brothers. But this time, the members stopped what they were doing, all of them staring at her, men, women, veterans, rookies, they all stopped what they were doing. And the applause came. It caught her off guard, she looked around and slowly pulled the hood from her heavy jacket backwards. A smile flashing on her lips as she gave them all a wave and a small nod.

”Thanks guys” She seemed caught off guard and even embarrassed. Very slowly the various members of the gym went back to their routines and drills, Sierra moves over to her locker dropping her bag and taking off the heavy coat before hearing footsteps approaching, she raised an eyebrow looking over to find her brother Diego standing next to her, he slowly leaned to the side against the wall, his bandana tight around his head as Sierra raised an eyebrow. ”What?”

Diego shrugged and made a face before smirking. ”Wasn’t sure you’d be in for training superstar”

Sierra groaned and rolled her eyes closing the locker door before pulling her arm across her body to stretch and doing the same with her other arm. ”Why are you busting my balls? Rico on a lunch break?” She sneered looking around the gym for their oldest sibling, Diego shook his head and moved around sitting down on a bench as Sierra put her foot on it to stretch out her calves.

Diego clasped his hands together before shaking his head with a small sigh. ”Nah. Rico ain’t here, he’s down in Mexico, he’s making out a deal for us to go on a tour…” Sierra raised an eyebrow and bounced on the balls of her feet a little to warm up after stretching. She smiled looking down at Diego with a wink.

”Hey, if you and Rico want to come to SCW I can talk to Mark and Chri-” Diego shook his head and put a finger to his lips, Sierra stopped mid sentence as he stood up and pulled his little sister into a hug, Sierra seemed to freeze a little as various members of the gym stared. She lightly pushed Diego back with a raised eyebrow. ”What was that for?”

”Nothin...just proud of you...that’s all...and also thanks for the offer, but Ric and I will be fine, besides SCW doesn’t have a male tag division” Sierra gave a small nod as Diego gave her a small pat on the shoulder, before walking off he stopped and gave a large sigh. ”Go get that title though need some singles gold..” He held out his fist and Sierra bumped it with a smirk before looking over at a few of the women who smiled and waved at her, she growled and shook her head.

”What y’all think i’m gonna be nice now?....get on the mat”

Promo: Rest in peace Jesse
On Camera
Las Vegas Nevada
Present Day

Tap tap tap tap

The sound of Sierra Williams fingernails tapping on the table in front of her rattled out over and over as her four fingers hit in a pattern over and over.

”What to do, what to do. See last week I cut a promo that set the wrestling world on fire. It seemed like everyone, all of you had forgotten about me. See I signed to SCW with little fanfare but soon the world knew who I was because Lachlan and I made you stand and take notice. See we were the shiny new toys. Management loved us, the fans loved and hated us and our competition begged for us to screw up and eventually we did. Gamer INC took advantage and then ran off because Lach and I said we’d take our rematch eventually. They got so scared they fucking disappeared and made the titles meaningless and I blame every single one of you for that….”

“I blame the fans for believing their lies, I blame managament for not forcing them to simply hand over those fucking titles. Now those championships simply exist and Lachy and I have moved on to bigger and better things…”

“Oh you all didn’t hear?. Lachlan beat Alex Jones, Lachlan is marching to December 2 dismember and towards the SCW world title to snatch it off the mexican meathead and I’m going to the same damn show to take the title off the overrated blond bimbo with the fat ass…”

“I marched into CC 253 and I took what I wanted. I beat Bella Madison as hard as she tried, god bless her. And I beat Sam Marlowe, one of the “legends” of SCW and the bombshells division. And people seemed surprised. That's what I don’t get, so many thought maybe Sam would go on to add another notch to her record, or maybe Bella would be able to win and go on to be included with her fellow SCW rookie Andrea Hernandez. Because again...she’s one of the shiny new toys…”

Sierra scoffs and rolls her eyes, her long red hair looking bright under the light above as she pushes up to her feet pacing back and forth.

”But, last week also seemed to be the moment where the veil of reality that sat between Boobie Dahl's brain and the real world was set on fire and she decided to jump a whole load of us. Now, I don’t care if Boobie wants to jump Bella or Sam or Candy or Alice, or anyone else in this division. But Boobie should know by now, you put your hands on me and start shit with me and I will bring hell with me.”

“But, I have more pressing matters to attend to because unlike Boobie I got into the six pack challenge. Unlike Boobie I didn’t choke like Mama cass elliot on a ham sammich like she did. So, I’m going to give Boobie a pass. But just one. You lay your hands on me again Boobie and I will end your career and send you back to the golden coral greeters podium where you fucking belong…”

“But, that is for another time. See someone pulled out this week and as such I got a phone call asking me to be ready to face Jesse Salco at CC 254, after I travel to the MGM grand for SCU where I will be fighting the entire roster in one night. And I could have said no, see I had the night off but, one, I’m a fighter and two..let’s face it facing Jesse Salco is a night off anyway…”

Sierra pauses for a moment and deadpans the camera before clearing her throat and continuing.

”Look Jesse, at this point I’m not sure what there is left to say. You have had an up and down career in SCW. But right now, as of this week you have now lost 11 matches in a row on Climax Control. 11!, that’s insane. Now, you got a win over Cristina at High Stakes but..come on that doesn’t count it’s fucking Christina Zdunich….. And hey, I know you were looking forward to facing Alice Knight cause even though she’s good she’s not...upper echelon good so you actually had a chance, a small chance but still a chance of beating her. And since I don’t like whipping a dead horse I’ll give you a chance Jesse…”

“All you have to do is meet my list of demands…”

“Number one, leave SCW for a period of six months, nothing less, promise to name your firstborn daughter or any female pet you might have “Sierra”, so I am a constant reminder of your inadequacy. And lastly and this is the biggest one, erect a statue of me, in your living room, that you bow to every know..simple things…”

“See, Jesse you’re just not cutting it and I understand you have it in your head you can still hang. I get that in your heart you believe you can still have this wonderful comeback story where you claw your way up to the SCW bombshells title. But, you got handed a chance on a silver platter and not only did you fail I think Alicia took your heart, your soul and your credibility in the space of ten minutes and if...I didn’t already assume it was LONG gone she would have taken your goddamn virginity too…”

Sierra pauses…

”Cause she fucked you…”

She pauses again and shrugs.

”And the funny part Jesse?. I’m beat up from winning a triple threat match against two women infinitely more talented than you, then being attacked by Big Boobie Buckeye, and I will be going to SCU to take on their whole damn roster and then facing you, I’ll be beat up, under the weather over trained under motivated and still tough enough to whoop your ass. And when it is all said and done Jesse, when you are staring up at those lights atleast you will be able to say , you got beaten by the future SCW bombshells champion…”

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