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Christian Underwood
Posted: December 30, 2018 07:40 am

TAFKATPF aka The Artist Formerly Known As The Pink Flamingo
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Post all RPs here!

Word limit: 10k per character per RP period

“To err is human - but it feels divine.”
? Mae West
PMEmail PosterAOL
Posted: January 05, 2019 10:34 am

SCW Royale

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Who would have thought three plus years would have gone so fast? Happy with my career, happy with my championship wins, happy with everything I've done in wrestling, everything I've done in life, yet here I am again, looking down the barrel of a smoking gun, by that I mean Casey Williams right hand.

Have you ever been hit with it?

No? I have and it feels like a cannonball smashing through the stern of a ship, that sickening crunch, that thump of something shattering, then darkness.

Believe me, it hurts...

So why am I putting myself in that firing line again? What would possess me to do this after all these years of not being in the ring, building a successful life for myself outside the ring. I mean I am not the same man I was when I first stepped in to a ring, I'm not the same man I was when I last stepped in to the ring to compete. I had become the cliche of the battle worn warrior with scars that could tell a thousand stories, stories I did not want to tell, nor add to, yet here I was about to give up another part of me, let wrestling claim another part of my soul but why....

For respect...

Did you know who my first opponent was? When I first laced up those boots on a journey with Despayre, to eventually become an AWA Hall of Famer? Correct...

It was Casey Williams.

My first foray in to wrestling was against Casey Williams and Bulldog Bill Barnhart so many years ago, now to sit there and be part of Casey's last ever match was something that I couldn't refuse. It was like being asked by the mafia don to do something. It was truly an offer I couldn't refuse at all.

It was Casey Williams.

That was the draw, that was what pulled be back, although my life is more than different now than it was back then Casey. It's happy...

The scene opens up in the Steven's household. Christmas has been and gone, yet the lavish tree still remained set to one side of the fireplace. My eyes drifted around the room, looking to the ground where my young son Lucas sat contently with a book, his eyes reading the pages by the light of the fire. To the right on a red sofa, the two female loves of my life sat cuddled up - my beautiful wife Odette, a woman that I have spend every day for years falling in love with over and over, and our magical new born daughter Hazel, her bright wide eyes looking up towards her mother as she gripped her finger tightly.

This was something that always warmed my heart, seeing my family content with life, happy, almost living in a magical world where we were the only people in it. In our home was like sanctuary, the outside world simply didn't matter. This was what life had become about to me.

A smile crept over my face as I watched Odette make kissy faces at our baby daughter, a smile breaking over our little girls face as she bonded with the woman who gave her life. My eyes diverted down to our son, holding the book in front of his face.

Lucas was as curious about life as I was when I was younger, I always wanted to know more, I always questioned everything to figure out the ins and outs of everything. It's why I turned to magic so long ago, it was something that always kept evolving, that always gave me new things to learn... Well, when I went on the straight and narrow that was. Lucas had that trait in him, an eagerness to learn, a willingness to learn. Along with his mother's sheer determination, things were bright for him.

My eyes focused on my son as I was a quiical look flutter on his face, before turning to his head to Odette, watching his mother with his little sister, before standing up and moving towards me. I watched every step he took towards me before placing his hand on my knee, knowing my attention was on him, yet making one hundred percent sure.

"Daddy." His innocent voice said to me.

I ran my hand over his head as I looked down at him from upon the two seated sofa I sat on, a warmth in my eyes.

Believe me when I say when you have kids, just hearing being called Daddy is something that brings you a warm heat even on the coldest days.

"What does that word mean?" Lucas asks me.

I reach down to my young son, lifting him up on to my lap and looking at the word.

"It means to fly son." I quickly inform him.

"Like you do in your shows?" Comes another question from the curious young man.

I look across at Odette, her attention is already on her two guys across the room, an unstoppable smile on her face.

We embraced parenthood as a team, we handled it like a team, there was no temper tantrum too big for Odette and I to handle. In a world full of unsure parents and unsteady relationships, we were not something that could be classed as either. Odette and I never stopped learning from each other.

I nod towards Odette, lifting my left shoulder up in a shrug.

I am and have been for years a magician, street for a long time, stage when I had the chance, and could do so while wrestling. I make hundreds of thousands per week still doing it, and Lucas has seen me 'fly' on countless occasions.

"Something like that." I tell him with a smile. "I do have another story for you though. One about a man who wasn't a good man to start with, but went on to be a good man with a good life."

"Can you tell it to me please?" Lucas asks, his eyes almost begging me.

My eyes darted across to Odette, who was already on her feet and moving towards me, bringing Hazel across the room.

"You want to hear daddy tell you a story?" Odette asks the latest addition to our family.

Odette smiles at Hazel before taking a seat next to me on my right as Lucas shifts to my left leg, looking across at his mother, and baby sister. I instinctively put my arm around my wife's shoulder and my son's back, pulling my little family closer together as I look around the three faces around me. My eyes fall silently on Odette.

She truly was something special. The moment I met her, I knew she was gonna be in my future forever, and I knew that somehow, a special bond would form. Years later it's proved to be the truth. She is one of the most special things in my life and although I don't tell her as often as I can, because everyone gets busy, the people on my sofa right now are my world, and moments like this where you can just feel comfortable with them, are priceless.

I divert my eyes to my son, who is eagerly awaiting whatever tall tale I am about to tell him.

"I will tell you a little story of redemption." I tell my son. "A story of how any person can become a good person, and why you should be a good person. It brings you great rewards."

I smile towards my daughter, her innocence seems to fill up the room, before turning my attention back to my son.

"There was this man, many, many years ago." I start. "He wasn't a very good man at all. He ran away from home when he was young and he didn't want to be found. He ran to a whole new country, but he didn't have any money, he didn't have anywhere to live, but he was obsessed with people on the streets. He watched them do street magic and thought to himself he could really use that to his advantage. He thought he was quick enough to make money from it and he was right, he did make money from it, but it wasn't enough to live, so he did something very bad."

Lucas' eyes grew wide as he looked up at me.

He knew his good from bad, he knew right from wrong. Being bad was not an option for him.... Unless it was in the middle of a big temper tantrum and all bets were off then until he tired himself out and knew what he'd done.

"He stole from people to just be able to live." I told my son. "Stole to be able to stay out of the rain, stole to be able to get his ultimate dream."

"What did he dream Daddy?" Lucas asks me softly.

"To be able to move somewhere new and start again, try and be a good person." I say to him.

"Did it work?" Lucas asks.

"No." I bluntly reply. "In fact it was harder than he thought so he found himself in a place where there was lots of money. He tried to be good and earn money, but it wasn't enough in this new place, so he stole again. Every day, more and more he would take money that didn't belong to him. He would put his hands in the pockets of people who looked like he had more than him, until one day, he got caught by a man."

Lucas' mouth opens widely as he looked shocked. I looked towards Odette, listening intently.

She knows who I'm talking about...

"That man could have hurt the thief, or had him arrested but instead, that made took him in and showed him right from wrong." I say out loud. "That man saved the thief's life and put him on the correct path to explain to him what he had done wrong and showed him there was light at the end of the tunnel. He taught him how to work like a normal person and make real money, and then he found his Queen."

Odette smiles towards me.

She knew this story was me all along and part of my early life, hidden by a few misleading words. She knew this was my story of redemption.

"Then what happened?" Lucas asked me curiously.

"Well the Queen showed him that life could always get better." I proudly tell my son. "And that doing good things reap the rewards that we all need. That being a better person gave you a better life."

"What happened after that?" Lucas asks.

"Well the thief became a King, and lived in a palace with the Queen, and they had a prince and a princess." I say as I look towards Odette with a side glance. "And they lived happily ever after."

I run my hand on my sons head.

"The moral of the story." I start to say. "Is to always listen to people when they try to help you, even the worst of us can become good if we just try."

Lucas wraps his arms around my neck squeezing tightly.

"I'm glad you tried to rob Grandpa Synn." Lucas whispers. "Or you would never have met Queen Mommy."

I look at his son with a proud smile as he jumps off his lap, taking his book with him and returning to sit in front of the fire to read quietly to himself.

I told you he was a smart kid.

Odette raises an eyebrow towards me, her smile lighting up the room.

"I reckon he knew who you was talking about the second you opened your mouth." Odette says to me, he head resting on my shoulder.

"I think so too." I agree. "It was nice of him to play along and let me finish the story at least."

"He probably wanted his princess sister to hear the story too." Odette guesses.

Odette and I look down at Hazel asleep in her mothers arms...

Precious moments Casey, the moments I have given up to get back in to proper, full time training to step in a ring with you, moments I have left behind me until the fourteenth of January until things are said and done with us. I know, people think I'm insane to do this, part of me thinks something is not right in my own head to come back and do this but believe me, every ounce of doubt will not exist the second I look you in the eyes. Like the story said, the thief became a king, a king that took himself off the throne, yet a king ready to sit back down for one night only.

You know who I am, you know what I can do.

Are you scared yet?

I think you should have some doubts in your mind. You should know that motivation is only there for you because I'm there for you and like someone pointed out, you've never beaten me in five matches. That's without all the times I beat you in the Asylum, yet this will be our first one on one match we would have had, after years of history, one match where we have gone one on one. The fact of the matter is Casey, I grew as a solo wrestler, I was a World champion Casey, I got used to being in that ring on my own, taking on anyone who felt the need to attempt to come near me to try and pull championships out of my hand. Many fell at my feet, many cracked under the pressure and you will do the same at Inception III.

I'm a professional, I will be a professional to my last match, I won't break I hear you say.

Wrong Casey, oh so very wrong.

You will break at my hands like you have done many time in the past. You will fall at my feet like so many others have done. The respect may very well be there, but you will crumble the second you look in my flashing red eyes. Right now you may be the most confident person in the world, you may be the one sitting there feeling that the omens are on your side and that the universe is pulling for you...

Fuck the universe.

This is two men, one on one, the only time the universe will see this match, yet it has no baring on the fact that even though it's been three long years since I threw a fist in competition, I was then the better man and I am the better man now.

Respect can only take you so far....

Realistically Casey, mentally, you're finished, you've checked out, you've given up and just gonna be there to enjoy the roar of the crowd one last time. You could think the same about me but you'd be mistaken. I'm not there to hear the crowd roar one last time, I'm there to win once again. I'm there to take all you've got and come out the better man. I might be called crazy, or stupid, or even both but I am there to send you off the way that's familiar when we meet across the ring, and by hook and by crook, it will happen.

You know me Casey.

You know that when I speak, people listen, and people listen because they know I follow through with every single word I say and this isn't gonna be any different at all. I will follow through with them all when I tell you I'm not coming back to lay down. I'm not putting my family time on hold for a second to come back and not put in two hundred percent effort. I'm coming back to put an extra win in the right column and to add you to the list of people I've beaten one on one. This is not gonna be all handshakes, sunshine and flowers, far from it Casey, it is gonna be the classic Gabriel returning to remind everyone, including you, just what they've been missing for three fucking years. SCW was creative when I was around Casey, we both know it and that's because I brought it each and every single week.

That has not changed and won't change.

This may very well be your dream ending Casey but it will quickly turn in to a nightmare, it will quickly turn in to something you have no expected. Three years out means nothing to me, there will be no concerns for me. No ring rust, no stamina issues, this will be me of old and trust me when I say you'll be having flashbacks to those days gone by when I was feared by all. Inception will be a blast from the past for you, the fans in the building and everyone sitting at home with their feet up because the real Gabriel is coming back to play.

Are you ready for it Casey?

It's time to start getting ready for it because you can tell by the tone of my voice that this is me from all those years ago, the family man is being put on hold for just a little while for me to come out and be the man that built SCW on his shoulders. Oh yes, I am going there Casey because I was he first champion, I was the man who lead this company and that will be the man you will see across the ring staring at you. I make no bones about it and you will expect nothing less from me. Oh Casey, you will quickly learn that wanting this one, will not give you the fairytale endings.

Now with all due respect...

May God have mercy on your soul.... Because I will not...

Fuck it felt good saying that again. Until Inception III Casey, Until Inception III...

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Casey Williams
Posted: January 05, 2019 05:16 pm

Freight Train Of Pain

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(OOC, goofed up when posting as I thought I had double pasted my rp and only my match focus appeared when I posted, but got ok with Gabriel before editing)

Casey Williams is seen in the living room of his home in Las Vegas, waiting for his kids to come home from school and he has the HGTV show Fixer Upper playing on the TV and he gets a call from Andrew Garcia and Casey mutes the TV before answering the phone.

Casey-Hey Andrew, what is going on my man?

Andrew-Not much, just wanted to check in with you after seeing that you are about to face Gabriel in your final match in SCW ever.

Casey-I am happy to face a familiar foe in my last match, especially where I was his first opponent back in the AWA over a decade ago. I will do whatever I can to get the elusive win over him. I respect him, and I hope he respects me.

Andrew-I am rooting for you, even thought I respect everything that Gabriel has done in this business.

Casey-I appreciate it, and look forward to retiring and focusing on myself and the next chapter of my life.

Andrew smiles at Casey letting him watch Noelle and Drew and before he can respond, Ivan chimes in.

Ivan-Hey Casey, its Ivan. that is great news. Well I am annoyed that we can´t do anything about Lachlan Kane using the Dying Breed name.

Casey-I will talk to him, see if he´d be willing to change the name, explain the situation.

Ivan-We would appreciate it if you did.

Casey-I mean, what are friends for. Look, Noelle and Drew just got home, so I will let you go.

Ivan-Ok, talk to you later.

Casey smiles, and hangs up the phone and greets the kids as the scene fades to black.

Casey is seen standing outside The Hoover Dam Museum in Boulder City, Nevada, south of Las Vegas, host site of Inception III, about to go look around and decides to call out Gabriel, his longtime rival and final opponent.

Casey-Gabriel, long time no see my old friend. We haven´t seen you compete in what, 3 years? It is nice to know that it is you, the man who I faced in your debut match all those years ago in AWA all those years ago, when you and Despayre first came to the company. Now you get to be involved in my final match. Talk about it coming full circle and being bitter sweet. I mean, we know each other so well seeing we´ve faced each other quite a bit, and I know that despite you´re ring rust, you will be ready to go. I mean, look at who is the top champions in SCW, both on the men’s and bombshell side. I know Fenris and Dani trained with you, as did the members of London Underground, and all the men that trained under you that I just named have not only beaten me, but have held or currently hold titles in SCW, which means you still have it, but we will truly see come January 13th at Inception III.

Casey laughs maniacally while looking very confident in himself as he enters the museum and looks around as the scene fades to black.

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SCW Title's held (and reign)
1x Roulette title reign from 05/20/12 to 8/02/12
1x Tag team title reign (w/ Jordan Williams) from 3/18/12 to 4/29/12
PMEmail PosterAOLYahoo
Posted: January 09, 2019 10:43 pm

SCW Royale

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It's what so many get in to wrestling to build, although very few manage to do it and the one's that do sit back and think about it all for the rest of their lives, living on their achievements, living on the fact they used to be someone, that they used to matter. It's wrestling, it's a business where so many take out and not many give back. They win their World championships, get put in a Hall of Fame, appear every now and again and think that is giving back.

Fucking idiots.

We all know the type, the type that think they're a big deal where ever they go, yet we all can see that they had it easy, that they had become a big fish in a puddle. They come in from all over to try and prove they have something good to offer because they were big in a shit box federation in front of twenty people in a barn, and soon come to see they're not that good before rushing off to quit and spreading bad shit about companies.

Those are the types that put every ounce of stock in to their legacies, and run and hide when they see their legacies will get damaged in an ocean.

These are the clowns who take take take and never give back.

I refuse to link that to Casey Williams because we all know win or lose, Casey stuck around, Casey made good on his career in that sense. We know the big man has been knocked down but got back to his feet every single time.

He will give back after Sunday...

But most do not. Most hold up bars telling anyone that wants to listen, who they used to be, who they once were. Wrestling gave them a life, put money in their banks and food in front of them, yet when people found it too tough, the word retirement was bounced around.

Seriously, how many twenty five year olds have you seen randomly retire... especially after losing a belt... Hmmm?

Retire and don't look back, just tell the stories of the past.

You kinda people don't deserve a legacy.

I gave back when I left the ring. No, I didn't retire, the Hall of Fame spot bittered me from wrestling again.

Seriously, who gets in the Hall of Fame after leaving, only to return and wrestle regular? Oh, pretty much everyone.... My bad.

I didn't need to wrestle after that, but I owed a great debt to wrestling, not only because it put money in my bank, not only because it put food on my table. It gave me a family, two families to be exact, my brothers and sisters in The Seven Deadly Sins, but my wife, son and daughter. I owed wrestling a debt, fuck, I owed SCW a debt, so I repaid them.

I repaid them with interest.... I gave back and that is why I will never be the drunk at the bar reminding people I won titles.

My legacy continued without me lacing up a pair of boots...

A dull light shines down on a wrestling ring set up in the middle of my very own gym, just lighting up the ring, the rest of my gym in complete and utter darkness. My footsteps echo through the building as I edge ever closer to the ring. My shadow can be seen in the ring as I pull myself on to the apron, my hands gripping the bottom rope and pulling, allowing me to comfortably roll under the bottom rope. I shuffle to the corner, my back against the turnbuckle as my narrowed eyes look directly in to the ring.

This is the place my legacy continued, not in some city in front of a crowd, far from it. When I stepped away from wrestling, I instantly bought what was an old, disused warehouse before turning it in to a place where dreams get started. I turned this place in to a gym with the help of my wife and of course, Synn - yes, he owns just the smallest piece, probably in case we sell it for millions, who knows, but this is where dreams came to start. My wife and I had a young son, yet we had to be more active. We wasn't the run away on vacation every chance we got kinda couple, we were active. We could be family people and still help another generation of people realize their dreams.

It started with one...

As if a hologram image appears before me, the ring lights up with the hologram of Evie Baang. Evie raises the SCW Bombshell World championship above her head and walks to the corner opposite me, raising the belt higher as she climbs on the ropes.

The Australian with a heart of ice and a temper of fire, Evie Baang. She was the template for each and every person we trained. She was the first to be instilled with what wrestling was all about, what it was like to be a winner. Having someone like Evie to be our first was perfect for Odette and I. She had mental strength like no other. We knew we could push her to her limits and watch her flourish and she did just that. Former Bombshell World Champion, Former Bombshell Roulette champion, Former Tag Team champion, Blast From The Past Winner and on Sunday, could add Mixed Tag Team Champion to her impressive list. Trained perfectly from day one.

The image in the ring changes again to O'Malley with his head down, disappointed look on his face.

O'Malley, the man who had the talent, yet wasn't mentally ready for wrestling. He got in to it for the wrong reasons. I believe he will return someday to the ring and show the world what he was capable off. You can't teach everyone everything, you can not teach people who are distracted, but again, another roster member for SCW.

Another switch of the image occurs as Devona is seen clutching a championship belt to her chest, a proud look on her face.

The success of Devona was out of the blue for many. Not many took her seriously, they thought she was too nice, too respectful, wouldn't cut it, yet she was wrong. This was her life long dream to step in to a wrestling ring and Odette and I helped her achieve that. She worked harder than most people. She gave it her all and was rewarded with the Bombshell Internet championship and she earned it. She was a breath of fresh air in SCW.

The hologram changes to Daniel J Morgan, Osbourne, Charlotte Elliot and Mackenzie Page standing getting advice from Odette Stevens, her hand pointing in different directions, the four listening closely.

A challenging foursome if ever I've seen it. Daniel, Charlotte, Osbourne and Mackenzie had zero wrestling dreams, and I feel maybe little interest in wrestling before they discovered it days before I first met them. They were unmolded clay, waiting to shaped in to something special. There was more than a few sleepless nights as Odette and I tried to come up with a way to maximise their potential. It wasn't sightly to try and turn Osbourne in to a high flyer. Each member had to be tailored differently and we did just that. Mackenzie beat Mikah for fucks sake! That's success alone, but they took home the Tag Championships, the Bombshell Tag championships and the Mixed Tag Team championships... Their star is on the rise to the point I believe any of them can go and capture solo gold.

Another switch of the hologram shows an emotional Dani Weston holding The Bombshell World Championship in her arms, bringing a smile to my face.

Everyone's little sister, the current SCW Bombshell World Champion. I can tell you that every single person in the world was proud to see that little lady with the big heart win that title, toppling Mikah, a woman who could be SCW's biggest bombshell in the history of SCW, to get that championship. Like Devona, everyone thought she was too nice to be a wrestler, she even doubted herself losing her first few matches but the underdog in her wouldn't let her give up. She thought she would never get to the top of the mountain but she got there and she headlines Inception III. She brought what no one thought she had and deserves the spot she's in now.

The hologram of Dani turns in to Fenris looking serious.

Fenris, the man who thought he knew it all, but knew nothing when it came to pro wrestling. Ego would be an understatement, so Odette and I broke him down till he was willing to listen... Shame the man who can seemingly learn a tough language in a day, Ty West, wasn't around at the time, being as he seems to be making Fenris a little soft. Would have made our job a lot easier, yet we managed to get through to him eventually. We showed him the light and showed him what it took to be successful here. A Blast From The Past win and a World Championship doesn't lie.

The hologram of Fenris disappears and I continue to stare towards the center.

Do you see where I'm going with this whole thing? Odette and I never stopped giving back to SCW, or legacies continue through everyone we trained that has signed for SCW. We have given SCW champion, after champion after champion and we're not done yet.

The image of a woman with long platted hair, almost touching the floor can be seen.

We will always give back to what gave us something. We wasn't building our legacies in the ring, but others were continuing it. That's why we will never be those barflies talking about past glories, our glories haven't stopped, our legacy continued without having to lace up a boot... It will continue till the day I take my last breath...

I lift my head, looking deep in to the camera and smile before the lights above the right switch off, leaving the place in complete darkness.

Legacies Casey, the things we leave behind...

I know what you're leaving behind, you're leaving a life time of memories, you're leaving an example that SCW should follow. No matter how many times you get knocked down, you get back up again and you fight. You get back on your feet, shrug it off and go again and again. You eave behind a backstage legacy of not bitching and quitting after a loss.

How many people are gonna bitch after Inception III and quit. I reckon four or five.

You won't be one of them because even if you wasn't hanging up those boots, you'd have just taken this upcoming loss with a shrug and got on with things. That's an example most need to follow because shit, we know it's gonna happen this Sunday. We know this sport well...

Fuck, we even know that Lucien Castle is never gonna even debut in SCW, we're not stupid.

You leave behind that example of seeing this business for what it really is Casey, kudos to you for that. If the rest of SCW could be like you, the staff would have a lot less headaches. That is what you leave behind for people to ignore, but Sunday Casey, we give them something to remember you by even more. I know everyone wants to go out with a bang, everyone wants that show stealing retirement match and that is what you're going to get, it's what you deserve and it's what you have earned and I am going to help you give them that, but let's be reasonable about this, there can only be one winner and I intend it to be me.

I don't use the retired phrase myself, but if this is the last chance I get to step in to this ring, I'm glad it will be against you.

This isn't a love in, far from it, but for the years of work Casey Williams put in to helping build SCW should be remembered, it should be respected, it should be appreciated. If I didn't appreciate it Casey, I wouldn't be stepping back in the ring with you, but I will be bringing it all, my tank is not on empty, it's fairly full, it's like those three years left a hole I know I can fill on Sunday night. There is nothing sweeter than victory Casey, yet you will not taste it this time around. You will never taste it again.

You started my legacy, now I get to end yours.

It will end on a sour note, but I know you won't dwell on that, I know it's not in your nature, but it's been three plus years since I had my arm raised in victory and come hell or high water, this Sunday, it will happen again. My arm will be raised, people will cheer my name, but they won't forget to cheer yours too. The only difference is mine will be because for one last time, I will pin those shoulder to the canvas, I will make a winning return, and put you on the golf course before you know it.

It will be a sad occasion, but a joyous celebration of you, the man that you are, the man who has entertained SCW fans in the past, the present and the future when they look back at your matches, when they look at the career you've had. I appreciate the fact that you have been here through thick and thin. I appreciate that you've help SCW become the place it is today and a place the people who continue my legacy get to thrive in.

You will be a big loss to SCW Casey.

More than people will realize, but all good things come to an end. Everything eventually stops because change is inevitable. You laid the groundwork, it's time for others to continue the good work.

I wish you the very best in your retirement Casey, you have indeed earned it with pride and dignity. You have no retired due to a bad result, you have not retired cause you're upset. You will be retiring with class and grace.

I wish you well my friend...

May God have mercy on your soul.... Cause I will not.

With my promo recorded, it was time to make the short drive between the gym and my own, even shorter when you're in a Bugatti Veyron...

I pulled up to my house, looking towards the front door, I can't help but notice a man pacing up and down outside the door. He raises his hand to knock on the door but stops his hard before his knuckles can strike the wood. The man seems in his own would, not even heard the roar of the engine of the car. I quickly turn off the car engine and open the door, shutting it behind me as I walk towards him and standing behind him.

"Something I can help you with...." I trail off.

The man turns around, instantly recognizable as Aron, Fenris' brother. His eyes look sad and his face puffy.

"Aron?" I can't help but say in a questioning tone. "What are you doing here?"

"I... I...." He responds in a stumbling tone.

"Take a breath." I instruct him. "Then tell me what the hell is going on."

He does as instructed, breathing deeply before looking in my eyes.

"I did something really bad." He mutters out.

"How bad?" I have to ask.

"I told Ty something I shouldn't have." He explains. "And now Kristjan hates me."

I could hear the tremble in his voice, looking at the visibly shaken man. I quickly point to the door.

"Better come in then." I tell him.

And if you want to know what, I suggest you watch Fenris' week one promo. Until Sunday...

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Casey Williams is arriving at the parking lot of Journeys Community Services, located at 401 N Buffalo Dr #210, Las Vegas. He is with his sister Becky, and they get out of the car and head in for his next anger management class.

Receptionist-How may I help you?

Casey-My name is Casey Williams and I have a 10 o clock appointment with Dylan Evans.

The receptionist types his name into the computer and sees that he is scheduled to see Dylan Evans for anger management class. She picks up the phone to let Dylan Evans, know Casey has arrived.

Receptionist-Casey Williams is here for your 10 o clock anger management class.

The receptionist hangs up the phone shortly thereafter and looks up to Casey.

Receptionist-Dylan will be out shortly. Please have a seat.

Casey and Becky sit down in the lobby and wait patiently for Dylan to get them. While they wait, they talk.

Becky-I am proud of you for wanting to get help with your anger. How does it feel that you are about to compete in your final match ever, especially against someone whom you´ve never beat in Gabriel?

Casey-It feels weird, more weird than the other times I have stepped away from the business. I cannot explain the feeling. In terms of getting to face Gabriel in my final match, I am extremely happy to face the man who I shared the ring with in his first match in my final match. I will do everything in my power to get that elusive victory over him and end my career on a high, but if I don´t, I know the better man won.

Becky-I understand where you’re coming from. I am here to support you in any way you may need it, and to help Noelle and Drew, should they need it.

Casey smiles as Dylan comes to the lobby.

Dylan-Come on in Casey.

Casey and Becky both stand up and follow Dylan to the conference room, where the anger management class will take place. Once there, Casey sits down at the table, and Becky pulls out a chair and sits away from the table, and observes everything from a distance. Dylan thumbs through Casey’s file before speaking as the scene fades to black

Casey arrives at the Harrah´s Casino in Las Vegas, site city of Inception III. Casey wants to have a little bit of fun and play some Texas Hold Em as he sees SCW World Bombshell Champion Danielle Weston.

Casey-Hey Dani, what´s going on?

Dani-Not much, I heard you were going to be here and wanted to talk to you for a minute.


Dani-I wish you weren´t retiring. I am going to truly miss having you around the locker room and being my tag team partner and a mentor of sorts to me.

Casey-Even tho we only teamed up in your debut?

Dani-Yes, because as you know quite well, I am not going to be World Bombshell champion forever, even though I want to. I wanted to team with you again.

Casey-I know. I am sorry about that, and I know that Kingingseisha ¨Hitamashii¨Shirasu, one of my former students signed a SCW contract. I can tell him to look you up if you still want to team with someone.

Dani-Could you? Look, I will let you go, I just wanted to tell you how much I will miss you.

Casey-Ok, I will miss you too.

Casey smiles, and hugs Dani before entering the casino as the scene fades to black.

Casey is seen standing outside Ruth´s Chris Steak House inside the Harrah Casino in Las Vegas. He calls out his opponent for Inception III in Gabriel.

Casey-Gabriel, what can I say that I haven´t already said once before. I mean, you know the caliber wrestler I am, that I bring out the best in others, and how tough I am, despite that you have beaten me every time we have faced each other. This time, I have a feeling this time is going to be different. I feel like I will finally get that proverbial monkey off my back and defeat a Hall of Famer and legend here in SCW. There is nothing you can say or do that will surprise me, even with the 3 years you spent away from the business. The Freight Train of Pain is coming to its final destination, and it is with you. Either way, I am looking forward to doing battle with you one last time before hanging up my boots permamently. I hope we can show the world that not only do you can still compete at a high level, that we deserve the spot on the card that we got, over people fighting over titles

Casey smiles as he thinks of the punishment and pain he plans to inflict upon Gabriel before he start laughing maniacally while looking very confident in himself as he enters the restaurant as the scene fades to black.

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