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> Focus
Griffin Hawkins
Posted: June 07, 2019 10:21 pm

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If there is one thing I want to do before a match, it's focus. I trained in the gym for my upcoming match, punching the heavy sandbag. But lately I have been having problems focusing. It's not self doubt or anything like that...but something...different. As if there is something from my past that is unfinished. I hit the heavy sand bags with my boxing gloves and then proceeded to kick them, hopefully shaking this. I then hear the sound of Charles coming in.

Charles Hawkins: And here's the heavyweight Champion of the world, Muhammad Ali Hawkins!

I laugh and stop, I was thinking of taking a break anyway.

Griffin Hawkins: Let's not get ahead of ourselves bro, I'm facing the number one contender, not the Champion.

Charles Hawkins: That's still good, I mean this is huge! Do you know what this will do to you if you win? I mean, you're already the Roulette Champion, but if you pin or submit Kale..the number one contender, your stock will go through the roof! It wouldn't surprise me if you were in line to face whoever is Champion after the Supercard.

I did like the sound of that.

Griffin Hawkins: Well, not gonna lie, my other shoulder is getting pretty lonely..perhaps the World Title would keep it company.

Charles Hawkins: That's the spirit! So are you focused?

Griffin Hawkins: ....Kind of.

Charles Hawkins: What do you mean by "kind of"? Either you are or you aren't.

Griffin Hawkins: It's..kinda hard to explain.

Charles Hawkins: Are you doubting yourself? Like you don't think you can beat Kale?

Griffin Hawkins: I never said that, I am focused on Kale.

Charles Hawkins: Then what is it?...

I wanted to tell him..but how do you explain what's been going on to your brother? He'd probably think I'm crazy.

Griffin Hawkins: ...alright, i'm gonna do my best to focus on the task at hand, and that's beating Kale.

Charles Hawkins: You gonna be focused?

Griffin Hawkins: ...Yeah, I am.

Charles Hawkins: Good..I'll leave you to it.

He walks away from me as I continued to hit the bags...if I could only focus...


What got me unfocused was having the same dreams I've been having since I was a child. They start and end the same as an infant on some kind of stone slab in the hallway of a large castle, covered by a red cloth. Standing over me looks to be a bunch of red hooded figures. A bald man with a long black beard is standing at the head of the platform in some kind of black ceremonial robe. He looked to the others and spoke.

Dracan: The time is now..

I go to speak, but realize I'm an infant and can't really talk. Nothing comes out but baby talk as I look up at this sinister looking man who smiles down at me creepily.

Dracan: Fear not just a few moments it will all be over as you become one with us.

I really didn't know what the hell he was talking about or why I am here. He looks to one of the hooded followers who has what looks to be some kind of dagger...I did not like where this was going. He handed the dagger to the man as he slit the palm of his hand, squeezing blood into some kind of chalice, filling it up. He then makes his way towards me.

Dracan: You can't tempt fate little are about to cross into a realm of darkness that you will experience for an eternity.

I look to the side and see the robed men get on one knee.

Dracan: When one understands darkness, they become ageless, they become deathless, they become powerful. This is the start of a new chapter in your life drink..

Why did he call me Richter, and what was about to happen? It looked to be some kind of sacrifice as he held the chalice to my lips, wanting me to drink. But the sound of the banging is heard on the door followed by shouting.

"In the name of his Royal Majesty, we command you to open this door!"

Dracan: Damn it all! We can't afford to let them spoil our plan!

The door breaks open as a swarm of Knights come rushing in, throwing up their swords as they began to fight with the men in hoods. The head of this sacrifice seemed to have escaped through the window, one of the troops went to go after him, but the leader stopped.

Trevor: Don't worry about him! We have what we came for..the King will be pleased.

The brave Knight picked me up and left the castle with his men. I looked up and saw the Castle in the distance as we rode away on Horseback. The dream felt real..but what could it all mean?.....


The cameras open up at the gym, I'm still pumped up from the training. I sit at the bench, drinking some water before I speak.

"Usually..I'd be in the arena talking about my opponent, what I'm going to do. But this is a different type of thing. I've faced quite a few challengers, a lot of them I have conquered, but before me stands possibly the greatest challenger so far. Kale Smith, a man who has a date with destiny. A man who some claim is the next World Heavyweight Champion.."

I take another swig of water.

"It's not every day I face a contender for the richest prize in our industry. Usually, I'm defending my title against a hungry contender, which I will at Into The Void..but this, this is a huge deal. Why? Because when I returned to this company, I said that my ultimate goal is the become the World Heavyweight Champion. Facing Kale is one step closer to that goal, beating the man who is gonna go on to face Austin James Mercer. A win like that would be a feather in my cap...but I don't see it that way.."

I slowly get up.

"To declare victory over someone like you Kale, that'd be cocky. I don't want to be like all the others who let their guard down and allowed you to pick up the win. A match such as this is anyone's ball game. Two athletes like us who have been on a tear as of late are gonna of us with a win that will give us momentum going into the super card...the other with a loss that he will have to pick himself up from and get back in the game. I respect you and your athletic ability...but I got to make sure that it is I who leaves the hot Arizona Desert with my hand raised in victory."

I then smile, clapping my hands.

"Congratulations finally got what you've been looking for..the Old Kale is dead...according to you. But with all this momentum...will the new Kale's arrogance be his downfall? For you see, you don't realize that too much confidence can be someone's downfall. Travis Levitt held the very title I'm holding, proclaiming he is the best in the world..and when he lost it to me, he began a losing streak. His downward spiral started at London Brawling 2, what's gonna happen if you fail to bring home the World Title? What will happen if you can't make it past me?"

I go to the rack, beginning to lift a weight up and down with my free hand as I go back and sit down.

"Just like returned to this company to take your rightful place at the top. You want to become the World Heavyweight earned your opportunity, and you got a date with destiny. I feel it's a great opportunity for the both of us to show the world why we are the best on Climax, to show Austin James Mercer why he should be keeping a close eye on us as threats to his title. But see, I've been wanting to face Mercer one on one..title or no title on the line, but if I can't face him..I will face the man he is set to defend against."

I drop the weight.

"You want the same thing that I want, that the whole locker room be the man. To be the top dog. It may happen soon at Into the Void. At that same time, I want to prove to Lachlan Kane that I am a fighting champion and I'm a man who never backs down from a challenge. Looks like we both got a full plate ahead of us. Our perspective rivals will be watching this match."

I brush a strand of my hair out of my face.

" title won't be on the line, that kind of disappoints me because if anyone knows me, I face all comers. And defending the belt against someone like you would be match of the night. But even though this isn't a title match, I'm treating it like it is..who knows, we may face off again one day...maybe when you are the World Champion. The possibilities are endless Kale...because this is a big match for the both of us. Two men walk in...only one walks out the champion. Whatever the outcome, we'll both prove our worth to SCW. But I say it's high time...The Aussie gets rocked."

I get up and go to the sandbag and begin punching it as the camera crew pack everything in.

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